California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
March 21,1849 

Movements Towards California

The schr. Willimantic, Capt. Rogers, sailed on the 17th inst. from New London, for San Francisco, with the following persons:--

Abbott, William A., Killingly
Chamberlain, George M., Killingly
Champlain, William H., Killingly
Chapman, Charles, 1st mate, New London
Congton, George R., New London
Darling, Ebenezer, Killingly
Griswold, Henry, Lyme
Grisworld (Griswold ?), Roger, Lyme
Hall, Black, Lyme
Hyde, Isaac, Killingly
Jerome, James, 2nd mate, New London
Maynard, William, Lyme
Migell, Charlton, East Lyme
Minor, George R., New London
Mitchell, Smith, Killingly
Rogers, Richard J., captain, New London
Seagrave, Milton A., Killingly
Smith, F.B., Lyme
Smith, Robert B., 3rd mate, New London
Whitman, Russel B., Killingly
Young, Henry, New London


The following is a list of the passengers of the brig Arabian, Capt. Slemmer, which sailed from Baltimore on Friday morning, 16th inst., for California, via Talcahuano:--

Bowman, Jonathan, Zanesville, OH
Brown, Sheridan H., OH
Brush, Albert, MD
Campbell, Andrew, Baltimore
Chambers, Cornelius C., OH
Constant, Israel D., IL
Foulke, Charles, Baltimore
Gardner, Frederick M., PA
Gray, Benj. J., Chambersburg, PA
Hall, Charles F. , Baltimore
Hill, Dr. Joseph H., and servant, Baltimore
Hooker, James P., OH
Johns, Samuel P., Virginia
Lincoln, Miss Laura, Virginia
Lincoln, Miss Susannah, Virginia
Lincoln, Wm., and lady, Virginia
Marston, Henry P. (?), OH
Middleton, Lewis G., OH
Peterson, Wm. M., Kent county, MD
Re_a__r, David, Lancaster, PA
Riote, Peter V., IL
Samuels, Oscar G., Providence, RI
Shuter, James, Baltimore
Stall, John B., Montgomery county, MD
Strother, Wm. R., Virginia
Trall (Trail ?), T.M., Montgomery county, MD
Verplanck, Robert W., OH
Watkins, Mr. , Baltimore
White, Thomas, and lady, Virginia


Mr. Henry Allen, and four others from Port Washington, and his brother, Richard Allen, of this city, left to-day in one team, and James Alexander, wife and family, Judge Haskell, and Mr. Quigley, in another. They are well prepared with neat and substantial wagons, good teams, and sufficient supplies for their journey. They go by the way of Port Independence. Two other teams, we are also informed, leave to-day. Joseph Camack, Harris Seymour, G.J. Denny, George Wilmot, E. Richie, left at 9½ o’clock, all well and in fine spirits. Mr. Y. Ashley leaves soon to join them at Independence. This company is called the Badger Company. [Wisconsin, March 6.]


The bark Lagrange, Capt. Jas. Dewing, sailed from Salem for San Francisco, on Saturday afternoon, 17th inst. She belongs to, and carries out, the Salem California Trading and Mining Company, composed of the following persons:--

Salem & California Trading & Mining Expedition


Bartlett, Jos. L.
Bogardus, H.B.
Bovey, Nicholas
Brown, Charles E.
Brown, Wm.
Clapman, Eben
Couch, Daniel
Dakin, John H.
Dewing, Joseph, captain
Flowers, Thomas B.
Francis, Anthony
Fuller, Edward
Gilman, P.
Gordon, O.A.
Harris, Geo.
Leavitt, Wm. P.
McCloy, John
Nichols, D.A.
Pitman, John H.
Prin_e (Prince ?), Moses
Robbins, A.
Sibley, Wm. M.
Sinclair, William
Stewart, James
Story, C.R.
Symonds, B.F.
Teel, C.C.
Tuttle, H.A.
Vincent, J.K.

Bray, Daniel
Brown, Henry, 3rd
Delap, Nathan
Dole, Chas. A.
Elliott, Spaulding
Hanson, Isaac
Harrington, A.
Harrington, R.
Merrill, A.W.
Southwick, Edwin
Whipple, Joshua J.
Woodbury, B.F.

Additional members:
Austin, Mr. Richard H, Salem.
Ballen (Ballon ?), F., Rockport
Batchelder, John R., Lynn
Begardus, W., NY
Butman, John, Beverly
Cone, J.W., Lynn
Dodd, Wm. W., Gloucester
Elliott, Augustus, Boston
Howe, James, Beverly
Kemp, Jos. C., Lynn
Keyser, Samuel, Newburyport
Kitfield, A.E., Manchester, MA
Morgan, Wm. F., Gloucester
Newell, A.C., Lynn
Osgood, Capt Nathaniel, Salem
Putnam, W.T., Boston
Saunders, Levi, Gloucester
Souther, Wm. A., Boston
Story, Franklin, Manchester, MA
Ware, Addison, Boston
Weeks, Charles, Meredith, NH
Weeks, Hoyt, Meredith, NH
Wilkins, Wm. W., Middleton
Woodbury, E., Gloucester

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