California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
March 18,1849


The Colony Guard, a company organized in this city, under the command of John McNulty, M.D., took their departure on Friday morning, in the 7 o’clock train, for Philadelphia, on their route to California, via St. Louis, Independence, and South Pass. The company is composed of twenty-five picked men, well armed and provisioned, dressed in the United States Army uniform. The principle on which they are organized is perfect equality, the captain no better than the private, except in his official capacity. They are high principled and moral men. They hold sacred individual rights, and will recognize the Sabbath and the rights belonging to it. The company is composed of the following members :--

Fowler, N.H., 1st lieut.
Glynn, James, 2d lieut.
McNulty, John, Captain

Abbot, _.
Alsop, _.
Ball, Wm. S
Bucklin, D.W.
Burrill, C.D.
Coker, Edward
Conklin, Charles
Fenshaw, S.R.
Hendal, J.
Hudson, J.
Jacobus, C.T.
Ludlow, _.
Patterson, J.
Peelor, N.
Pelham, _.
Riker, A.
Robinson, W.J.
Rouke, J.
Rouke, W.
Sands, W.S.
Sherman, W.H.
Vanrance, _.

The New York and California Aurelian Association, per bark Susan, Capt. S.B. Lothrop, sailed on the 16th for California. Names of members, viz:--

Anthony, Edwd. G.
Bassett, Darius
Bellow, Chas.
Braynard, Samuel
Close, J.A.
Dillingham, Wm. S.
Dunn, John R.
Ellis, D.W.
Field, J.R.
Gates, J.L.
Greene, Edwd. R.
Hess, R.L.
Johnson, Edwd. F.
Lothrop, Franklyn
Lothrop, S.B.
Lupton, John
McCottee, D.G.
McIlvaine, J.
Patterson, J.
Rankin, John C.
Rusk, George
Sawyer, O.V.
Seaman, W.V.
Sweetser, Henry C.
Wilson, D.G.

The bark Clarissa, Capt. Baldridge, sailed on Saturday, the 17th inst., from New York for San Francisco, California, with the “Excelsior Association,” twenty in number, owners of the vessel, with a complete outfit, implements &c., the provisions ample for two years. The following is a list of the members:--

Members of Excelsior Assoc.:
Babbidge, Benj. K.
Berrien, J.L.
Biglow, A.J.
Bradford, Seth
Frost, William C.
Gates, Horatio S., M.D., of Yonkers, surgeon
Gill, Horatio B.
Hoyt, H.
King, Elijah C., president
Mills, Nathaniel R.
Mountfort, Joseph
Nelson, James, secretary
Payson, Lewis
Rigney, James, treasurer
Robins, G.W.
Seaman, Wright, assayer
Thompson, Alexander
Van Orden, David T.
Wheeler, Silas

Austin, Joseph, and lady, NY
Campbell, G., NY
Hazen, John, Brooklyn
Lawrence, G.W., Meredith, NH
Lester, Eli S., Tallahassee, FL
Perdee, F.F., Elmira, NY
Selover, Abraham B., NY

The following passengers sailed in the brig Dr. Hitchcock, Capt. Elwell, for Chagres:--

Batchelder, G.H.
Blake, E.F.
Buffington, J.M.
Clark, J.Q.L.
Conners, J.
Cook, D.G.
Crackburn, J.
Curtis, O.S,
Cushing, J.
Dean, P.
Eddy, J.C.
Fisher, G.A.
Fuller, Dr. J.B.F.
Gould, G.
Gushee, F.A.
Hall, J.
Hathaway, C.W.
Hathaway, E.D. & B.W.
Hathaway, E.V. & V.
Hazelton, _.
Howland, T.G.
Hubbard, C.H.S.
Lawtall, I.
Lusher, J.B.
Lynde, J.D.
Macy, _.
Macy, _.
Monroe, G.W.
Morris, J.
Porter, A.G.
Southard, L.
Spink, C.C.
Staples, W.B.
Steere, G.S.
Steteson, W.
Stetson, B.
Sweet, J.B.
Tibbets, D.
Tilton Mr.
Tilton, E.S.
Walker, C.B.
White, J.
Winslow, H.H.

The ship Salem, Captain Thomas A. Eldridge, sailed on the 13th inst., for San Francisco. She took out the following passengers:--

NOTE: there is no identifying name for this association.

Benedict, John J., Treasurer
Griswold, Josiah, Director
Higgins, Joseph D., Secretary
Kirk, John L., Director
Oviatt, Lyman B., Director
Riell, Henry E., President
Waterbury, William H., Director
Wethered, T.W., Director

Ahrens, George H.
Aylward, Thomas
Baldwin, Snedeker
Barnum, Eder
Barton, William H.
Barton, Wm. H.
Bempe, Anthony
Bennett, Abraham B.
Benwell, John
Blacklege, John
Blair, David S.
Bowers, James J.
Brady, George W.
Brady, George W.
Brady, John, Jr.
Bridgeman, John F.
Burbank, Paul D.
Campbell, James
Clement, Jacob
Clowes, Thomas H.
Coburn, Thomas
Coles, _.
Coles, _.
Colgan, John C.
Cooper, John B.L.
Cooper, Thomas
Cortelyou, William H.
Craney, Owen C.
Curren, Owen
Currie, Joseph S.
Cushman, William
Dodge, John R.
Doherty, J.
Doxey, Joseph
Doxey, Wm.
Earle, Henry
Eastbrook, John
Eastmond, Charles S.
Eddington, Alexander
Elder, William P.
Elder, William P.
Estanos, James
Everson, James
Falconer, John W.
Fisher, John F.
Foster, John
Friend, Engle
Friend, Frederick
Gable, Henry F.
Garufi, Ferdinando
Gedney, Robert
Gillies, Robert
Golden, Peter
Gray, John, Jr.
Green, Jesse B.
Griswold, Josiah
Hall, Henry
Halsey, Isaac S.
Halsey, Philetus H.
Harpffner, Louis
Hatfield, George R.
Healy, John
Healy, William
Henraty, Patrick J.
Higgins, Joseph D.
Holmes, Erastus
Johnston, James W.
Johnston, Wm. T.
Jones, Gidley
Joynt, Orem
Joynt, William
Keefe, Charles M.
Kehoe, John
Kenny, Thomas B.
Kirk, John L.
Klaber, George
Kraft, Henry
Lecomte, Vincent M.
Libricht, Frederick
Lindsey, William
Lowe, Meredith W.
Ludlow, James
Machine, George
McDavitt, James
McFall, Thomas
McGee, B.
McGee, James
McNally, Henry
Merch (March ?), William
Miller, Arthur
Mount, Timothy
Muller, John
Muller, Thomas J.
Myers, Henry V.
Norton, Malcolm J.
Noyes, Samuel F.
Nutting, Oliver
O’Connor, Thomas
O’Neill, Hugh
Ourdan, Joseph J.P.
Overheiser, Wm. L.
Pine, Isaac
Pitman, Amos S.
Potter, Martin
Pracy, George
Prindle, Lewis G.
Provan, John
Queripel, Charles
Rafft, Andrew
Raynor, Andrew B.
Rese, Walton
Richmond, Josiah A,
Richmond, Zephaniah, Jr.
Riell, Andrew B.
Roach, Robert
Ross, John
Ryan, John
Scranton, Chauncey B.
Serme, Elijah
Shair, Furnes
Shaw, William R.
Shute, Peter
Smith, George
Smith, Peter B.
Spotti, C__ar (Casar ?)
Stebbins, Henry A.
Steinle (Steinie ?), Christian
Sylvester, Belatt
Taylor, Lawrence P.
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Thomas
Thomas, Thomas
Tomlinson, Wm. A.
Turre, Paul
Vanderbilt, John H.
Wadhams, Moses C.
Wadhams, Norman
Wallace, Archibald
Webb, Nelson
Weeks, Phillips
Wegge (Weggs ?), William
Wiley, Samuel R.
Wood, Edward N.
Wortman, John
Additional passengers:
Masden, Mr., lady and child
Miller, John
“…and eight other ladies, wives of eight of the above associates.”


The schooner Harriet Neal, Captain Johnson, cleared at Boston on the 12th inst. for Chagres, with the following passengers:--

The Massasoit Mining and Trading Association
Albe (Able ?), Dr. Alanson, President, Boston
Baker, L.L., Boston
Baldwin, C.T., Boston
Brown, L.P., Boston
Bussell, J.S., E. Kingston, NH
Carter, H.M., Waterbury, VT
Dunbe, A.T., Boston
Dunn, Charles P., Boston
Goodell, Iretus, Lower Waterford, ME
Gould, A.W., Roxbury – director
Hanscomb, Wm. S., China, ME
Hatch, A.D., Boston
Holbrook, Charles M., Watertown, MA
Judkins, J.B., Secretary, Boston
Lathrop, J.F., Boston
Loring, S.C., Braintree
May, H.B., Boston
Osgood, Captain, ME
Parcher, R., Morristown, VT
Peters, S.P., ME
Ray, G.W., ME
Root, Ira C., Boston
Sanderson, Edw., Boston
Shepard, B.T., Wilmot, NH-- director
Stearns, D.W., Ware, MA-- director
Story, A.B., Concord, NH
Story, L., Concord, NH
Thaxter, E..B., Boston
Tyler, L.T., Boston
Weare, George F., Cambridge-- director
Winder, Edward, Boston—director

The following is a list of the passengers in the schooner Horace, Capt. Randall, which sailed from New Bedford for San Francisco:--

Benson, Ebenezer, New Bedford
Brown, Joseph B., Nantucket
Cornell, James, Dartmouth
Crosby, Cyreneus, New Bedford
Edwards, Charles H. , New Bedford
Fellows, Samuel, New Bedford
Fuller, Joseph, New Bedford
Grinnell, John C. , New Bedford
Gurney, Samuel B., Sandwich
Hathaway, Rodolphus W. , New Bedford
Maguire, James, New Bedford
Nightingale, Ellis, Sandwich
Nye, Ansel B., Sandwich
Perry, Daniel, New Bedford
Randall, David, captain, Mattapoisett
Scott, Charles, Sippican
Skiff, Ebenezer, Sandwich
Smith, Stephen, Sandwich
Thomas, William, Dartmouth
Watkins, Joseph, New Bedford
Wordell, Sampson S. , New Bedford


The South Bend Register, of the 1st inst. says:-- The emigration from Terre Coupee, in this county,to the gold washings of the Sacramento, started this week. We have been furnished with their names as follows:--

Averill, Dr. J.
Curtis, Wm.
Eaton, Dr. J.
Frazier, A,H,
Needham, John
Pierce, Charles
Shuffier (Shuffler ?), R.
Spencer, P.G.
Stebbins, _.
Towner, _.
Winkler, C.

Another team will start soon with William Garouette (Garonette ?) and Roland Benson, making 13 in all.


The Cincinnati Gazette, of the 13th, says: The Califoroian (sic) Mining and Trading Company, of Cincinnati, composed of young and enterprising men, left this city, Saturday night last, on board the steamer Bay State, for California, via St. Louis. They will probably go as far as Independence, Mo., on this boat. The names of the members of the company are as follows:--

Anderson, J.W.
Bell, Christopher
Bell, John
Benedict, J.D.
Bird, J.
Bishop, T.A.
Colter, A.A., book-keeper
Cook, R.W.
Diver, W.B.
Eberle (Eberie ?), Chas.
Els_ner (Elstner ?), J.
Fosdick, G.W.
Graham, J.
Graves, N.
Grove, A.F.
Guilford, G.J.
Hamlin, F.
Harley, J.P.
He_m (Helm ?), H.
Johnson, A.
Johnson, J.
Jones, Samuel T., Secretary
Kerr, W.
King, J.
Kinsey, A.G.
Kinsey, David, Treasurer
Kinsey, T.W.
Letter, G.W., Board of Finance
Levering, J.H., President
Long, C.
Martin, George
Megowan, R.L.
Mohr, C.
Moreland, F.
Nixon, A.B.
Norman, W.B., Vice President
Pearson, J.
Perry, A.T.
Probaceo, H.
Rogers, L.M., Board of Finance
Ruffner, H.
Scott, David
Stokes, E.A.
Talbert, Jos., Board of Finance
Urner, H.
Urner, P.K.
Voorhees, A.S.
West, M.
Whitehead, S.
Wilson, W.
Withington, Sam

The steamship Globe leaves this morning for Brazos Santiago, with the following list of passengers, among which is Colonel Webb’s party of “California Emigrants”:--

Complete passenger list at: steamship Globe

The steamship Alabama, Capt Windle, left here on Friday, 2d inst., for Chagres, having on board Col. Weller, Commissioner for running the boundry (sic) line with Mexico, his suite, assistants, field men, &c., numbering in all some thirty men. The following gentlemen formed Col. Weller’s suite:--

Chamblin, Dr. E.K., Surgeon
Emory, Col., Chief Topographical Corps.
Gray, Mr., of TX, Surveyor
O’Donnell, Capt., Quartermaster
Robinson, H.H., Secretary
Weller, C.L., Clerk

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