California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
March 16, 1849

Movements for California.

Steamship Crescent City.—The steamship Crescent City, Capt. Stoddard, sailed yesterday afternoon, at half-past one o’clock, for Chagres. Among her passengers will be seen Mrs. Col. J.C. Fremont, and child, Mr. Jacobs, son-in-law of the Hon. Thomas H. Benton, Col. G.W.Hughes, who goes to the Isthmus as Engineer-in-chief on the Panama Railroad, for Messrs. Howland and Aspinwall, and a number of other distinguished personages. The annexed list exhibits a larger number than has heretofore gone in any steamer for Chagres:--

Adams, C.
Adams, D.J.
Alden, L.
Allen, J.
Allen, W.H.
Allerton, F.
Andrews, T.
Archer, R.B.
Arent, Francis
Ashley, H.
Austin, _.
Ballard, F.
Barkalou, M.
Barner, W.
Barnes, H.A.
Barry, E.
Bartlett, J.
Bass, J.
Beckwith, J.S.
Beel, James
Beemer, Jos. S.
Bell, Jos., and lady
Bennett, W.H., and son
Bentsell, C.
Bercham, W.
Billings, B.
Blair, M.R.
Boyd, F.S.
Boyle, J.
Brewster, T.S.
Broman, A.
Bullock, J.
Burns, T.
Burrell, R.G.
Burtill, M.M.
Callahan, M.
Camp, Edward
Campbell, A.
Carmichael, S.P.
Carpenter, C.
Carpenter, J.G.
Case, W.
Chamberlin, L.
Chandler, W.H.
Chapman, H.S.
Chapman, J.
Chapman, J.B.
Chittenden, J.H.
Clark, B.W.
Clark, John
Clark, M.B.
Clute, S.
Coffrey, N.
Colburn, W.
Colby, J.
Cole, G.H.T.
Collins, C.
Collins, F.W.
Comra (?), N.
Cook, A.
Copeland, G.
Cornell, J.
Cornish, A.
Crooker, O.
Cross, L.
Cud, D.W.
Culver, M.
Cushing, H.S.
Dall (Dell ?), J.H.
Davis, S.
De Gram, C.
Diderer, D.
Dillan, J.
Dillon, H.N.
Dix, Thomas
Dow, J.G.
Dow, James R.
Drummond, L.C.
Dunnels, S.
Fairchild, D.
Fairchild, M.D.
Ferguson, D.H.
Field, N.G.
Fisin (Fisim ?), J.
Flinn, S.
Foot, F.L.
Foote, Isaac
Ford, _.
Fremont, Mrs. Colonel J.C., child and servant
Frick, A.W.
Fuller, C.
Furguson, George
Galvin, Jno.
Gardner, H.C.
Gaze, S.
Geer, A.W.
Gibbs, C.D.
Gibson, W.S.
Gilkey, L.B.
Gordon, James
Goshine, D.J.
Gosier (Goster ?), J.W.
Grannils, B.
Gray, Samuel C., and lady
Gridley, J., Jr.
Griffith, D.T.
Gruley, J.P.
Hale, A.
Hale, G.
Hammond, A.
Hammond, D.
Hammond, D.D.
Hanford, J.
Harris, John
Hartness (Martness ?), S.A.
Hastings, S.W.
Hawley, G.
Hay, D.
Hays, S.L.
Hiscox, T.F.
Hitchcock, F.B.
Hodgkins, W.
Hoggart (Heggart, Haggart ?), J.
Hokins, F.W.
Holden, W.H.
Hopkins, E.W.Bosworth, R.C.
Hopper, J.S.
Hosmer, A.
Hotchkiss, Ira
Howison, E.M.
Hubbell, D.
Hughes, Col. G.W., engineer-in-chief on Panama Railroad
Hulem, G.
Hunt, B.
Huntington, C.P. (Collis Potter Huntington, one of the "Big Four" who built the Central Pacific Rail Road which became the western portion of the first transcontinental railroad.)
Hutchinson, A.E.
Hutchinson, B.P.
Hutchinson, H.
Irvine, T.
Jacobs, Mr.
Jefferson, T.H.
Johnson, William
Jones, B.
Jones, R.
Jones, S.
Jordan, J.W.
Joslin, E.C.
Kemp, W.L.
Kinna, T.
Kittridge, J.
Lampier, J.
Lanfair, J.R.
Latonville, C.W. (This passenger is actually Cornelius Wyckoff La Tourette. Typo was made in original published list. Contact: Joan B.)
Lawrence, J.C.
Lewis, W.E.
Lewis, W.E.
Lincoln, M.H.
Loughnane, M.
Lufkin, J.
Mack, D.
Malby, J.
Mapes, M.D.
Mattier, A.
Mattier, L.M.
McCall, J.
McClan (McClun ?), B. (S. ?)
McGoven, J.C.
McIntosh, C.H.
McKinster, W.H.
McManis, J.
Merrihew, J.
Metcalf, W.
Miller, J.
Mills, Theo.
Miron, H.
Molloney, J.
Morrell, R.
Morris, W.K.
Mulholland, J. Thomas
Murray, G.W.
Noble, F.
Norton, M.S.
Parkhurst, D.
Parnish, S.
Patrick, R.
Patton, S.
Paul, C.W.
Payne, Dr.
Pendleton, _.
Pope, J.
Poter, Charles H.
Preble, S.W.
Prime, P.R.W.
Proper, L.
Putney, H.S.
Quick, R.
Ramsdell, W.
Randall, J.F.
Raymond, L.B.
Recter, Nicholas
Rector, P.
Rees (Ross ?), R.
Reidman, J.C.
Rice, T.T.
Richardson, J.M.
Richmond, H.I.
Robins, H.R.
Robinson, H.M.
Rockwell, Charles J.
Runyon, D.A.
Runyon, J.
Russ, Wm.
Sabine, E.R.
Sanders, O. (C. ?) R.
Santill, O.
Sarbour, G.R.
Scott, J.
Seldines, Rev. T.
Shafelt, S.
Shaw, P.
Shearer, W.M.
Shipperd, W.H., and four friends
Simpson, J.
Simpson, Wm. H.
Skinner, T.A.
Smith, Edgar
Smith, H.
Smith, Julius
Smith, M.
Snow, _.
Spooner, E.C.
Spoor, M.
Starr, R.R.
Stearns, J.E.
Studley, L.J.
Sullivan, J.
Sullivan, J.
Sutherland, W.
Sutton, W.R.
Swart, S.
Swift, J.
Taggart, E.
Talbot, J.B.
Taylor, H.
Thomas, W.H.
Thompson, L.M.
Thompson, M.
Thompson, T.S.
Thornton, S.
Throckmorton, J.A.
Tidmah, H.
Tooker, H.E.
Trimbly, D.T. and W.W.
Trout, W.
Trout, W., Jr.
Tuttle, E.
Tuttle, E.
Tyler, T.B.
Upham, W.W.
Vanderburgh, C.
Waite, E.G.
Walker, R.
Walker, S.T.
Wallis, S.
Warboss, T.A.
Wathins (Watkins ?), C.J.
Weber, C.
Wells, J.
Westbrook, F.E.
Westfall, C.H.
Westfall, L.
White, W.B.
Whitmore, P.A.
Whitney, A.
Whitney, H.A.
Wilcox, T.N.
Wiley, Abm.
Williams, C.
Williams, J.H.
Wilson, W.
Winslow, E.L.
Wirantz (Winantz ?), A.
Wolverton, H.S.
Wood, W.
Woodward, N.
Worden, C.H.
Yaylor, H.


The following passengers sailed on the 10th inst., in the schooner Viola, from Norfolk, Va., for Chagres :--

Cornick, Dr. W., Pricess Anne
Herrington, Cleare (??), Norfolk
Loudon (London ?), H.F. , Norfolk
Mitchell, _., Norfolk
Murphy, Charles, Richmond
Paul, Horatio, Norfolk
Paul, John, Norfolk
Paul, Owen, Norfolk
Watkins, Dr. C., Portsmouth
Woods, Hugh P. , Norfolk

The bark J.G. Colley, Wm. Smith, master, Jacob Bryant, 1st officer, Matthew Noland, 2d officer, and a crew of 12 men and boys, sailed from Hampton Roads on Sunday, 11th, for San Francisco, California. The following is a list of her passengers :--

Battaile, T.G., Sussex county, VA
Bromley, C.C., Norfolk, VA
Bunkley, Wm. J., Norfolk, VA
Capron, C.C., Norfolk, VA
Carlive, Wm., county, VA
Cousins, Dr. W.E., Sussex county, VA
Cousins, Henry, Sussex county, VA
Dowdy, Wm., North Carolina
Edwards, O.E., Norfolk, VA
Holden, Wm., county, VA
Jetz (?), F.W., E. City county, VA
Jones, Geo. F. (E. ?) county, VA
Kellain (Kellam ?), James S., Accomac (Accomack) county, VA
Kinsey, J.H., North Carolina
Kirby, W., Norfolk, VA
Langley, John Robert, Norfolk, VA
Lindsay, D.C., North Carolina
Malbon, J.C., Norfolk, VA
McLean, John V., Norfolk, VA
Mussey, M.R., county, VA
Phillips, Charles, Portsmouth, VA
Scott, Robert, Norfolk, VA
Sinclair, Robert, Gloucester county, VA
Smith, J.M.M., New York
Thomas, Joel, Portsmouth, VA
Williamson, H.W., Norfolk, VA
Wilson, T.H., Portsmouth, VA
Winfield, B.F., Sussex county, VA
Worrell, Cyrus E., North Carolina

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