California Bound by

New York Herald
New York, New York
March 15, 1849

Movements for California.

Steamship Crescent City.—The steamship Crescent City, Captain Stoddard, leaves this day, at 1 o’clock, for Chagres. Among her passengers are Mrs. Fremont, wife of Col. Fremont, and Mr. Jacobs, son-in-law of the Hon. Thomas H. Benton. A company from New Hampshire, called the “N.H.R.M. Mining and Trading Company,” also go in her. Annexed is a list of their names:--

Adams, Joseph B.
Ashley, J.L.
Berry, Alfred M.
Brown, J.C.
Coffin, A.J.
Coffin, Enoch
Coffin, J.N.
Donnell, Nathl.
Fabyn (Fayba ?), John S.
Gains, George
Goodrich, M.B.
Jackson, Captain J.H.
Jenness, Benj.
Mason, B.F.
Moulton, Ed. J.
Moulton, N.T., Jr.
Norton, Benjamin
Phipps, Robert F.
Pickering, G.G.
Rundlett, J., Jr.
Runnels, Eben.
Runnels, H.
Smith, Samuel
Stokly, George
Wheeler, James T.

The schooner Splendid, Captain Baker, cleared on the 10th instant for Chagres. She took out the following passengers:--

Acorn, H.
Benedict, H.
Bennett, J.
Chadwick, C.S.
Dougherty, C.A.
Dungack, _.
Enslow, J.
Gibbs, M.
Gridley, E. and J.
Hart, E.
Kenton, T.S.
Marsh, J.E.
Marsh, J.W.
Marsh, W.S.
Newton, D.T.
Norwood, R.
Norwood, Wm., Jr.
Peck, Ely
Sadenger, Geo. H.
Shoemaker, J.
Smetzer, W.B.
Storer, Silas
Strong, John
Torrey, S.F.
York, Mr.


The ship Henry Astor, Capt. Joy, sailed from Nantucket on the 12th inst., for San Francisco. The following are the names of all who go out in the ship; the steward and cook are not members of the Astor Company, but go on wages:--

The Astor Company:
Allen, William W.
Arthur, William S.
Barnard, William S.
Bartlett, Edward M.
Bartlett, John R.
Bennett, Edward H.
Blagden, Daniel
Blount, Sylvester D.
Brown, Alexander W.
Brown, Joseph
Bunker, Charles S.
Bunker, George F., 2d
Catheart, Obed B.
Catheart, Thomas J.
Chase, James F., 2d
Chase, John G., 3d mate
Coffin, Alexander F., mate
Coffin, Joseph C.
Coffin, Simeon L.
Eldridge, Reuben P.
Fosdick, Obed, 2d mate
Fuller, Alex. C.
Getchell, Reed
Gibbs, Charles H.
Gorham, Isaiah
Granger, Charles A.
Groves, Charles L., steward
Hight, Wm. T.
Hinckley, Allen C.
Hinckley, Isaac F.
Hinckley, Timothy
Holmes, Watson C.
Hosler, John W.
Joy, Geo. F., captain
King, Samuel
Luce, Stephan
Meader, Alexander J.
Myrick, Charles B.
Nixon, George G.
Perry, Joseph H.
Ray, Benj. F., 2d
Ray, Benjamin F.
Starbuck, William R.
Swain, Edward A.
Sylvester, Robert
Taber, Charles A.
Thopson, Isaac, physician
Warren, Paul, cook
Werth (Worth ?), Gideon
Winslow, George
Woodward, Samuel

Shurborne Mining Company:
Alley, George F.
Coffin, Edward P.
Coggeshall, Charles G.
Coleman, Henry
Folger, Seth
Gardner, Andrew
McCleave, Henry P.
Myrick, Alexander M.
Sturtevant, Josiah
Swain, James F., 2d
“…who have associated themselves together, for the purpose of mining, under the name of Shurborne Mining Company.”

Additional passengers:
Cartland, Nathan P.
Hoffman, Wm. H.
Lewis, george Washington
Mitchell, Frederick H.
Mitchell, Geo. G.
Richter, Traugut B.M.


The following is a list of the crew, and passengers of the schooner Alfred, Capt. Harris, which sailed from New London on the 11th inst., for San Francisco:--

Aldrich, Esek (?), R.I.
Allen, Geo. C., Brooklyn
Allen, Wm. C., Brooklyn
Avery, Elihu, 1st mate, Groton
Bailey, Isaac F., Killingly
Brand, Gurdon, Killingly
Buck, Alexander, Pomfret
Buck, John C., Pomfret
Burnett, John B., Hampton
Cady, Seth M, Killingly
Cady, W.J., Killingly
Comstock, E.E., 2d mate, Lyme
Dorrance, Geo. S., Brooklyn
Graves, James, Killingly
Harris, John L., captain, New London
Harvey, Andrew, Lebanon
Latimer, James B., New London
Matteson, Edward E., Griswold
Matthewson, Wm. W., Woodstock
Payne, Reuben, Killingly
Peck, Charles, New Haven
Pray, W.H., Killingly
Spalding, G.W., Killingly
Stone, Edwin, Killingly
Turner, David, Killingly
Turner, Jared, Jr., supercargo, Mountville
Warren, Moses, East Lyme
Young, N., Killingly


The brig St. Andrew, Captain Paul, sailed from Baltimore on the 12th instant, for Chagres. The following is a list of her passengers:--

[Note: all passengers appear to be from Washington.]
Beach, W.C.
Bowie, H.R.
Bowie, Hamilton
Bowie, J.H.
Browne, James H.
Chauc___me, R.O. (??)
Gruber, Mrs. Ann
Hall, Robert H.
McDonald, D.
Meacham, R., wife and daughter
O’Connor, Dennis
Oldfield, Granville S.
Phelps, Mr.
Richardson, W.
Ring___, C.J.
Shanks, Mrs. Eliza
Spence, John F.
Stevenson, C.P.
Sumwalt, H.A.
Sweeny, Mr., of Washington
Swillinger (??), M.
Wilson, Samuel P.

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