California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
March 9, 1849


Sailing of the Steamship Falcon – The splendid steamship Falcon, Capt. Thompson, though only three days had elapsed since her arrival, was again ready to depart yesterday afternoon, but owing to some slight alterations which were making (made) in her machinery, she did not get off until about ten o’clock in the evening; consequently the crowd that had collected to witness her departure went away about dark without being gratified. It will be seen by the annexed list that she takes out a large number of passengers, considering the time she has been in port:--

For Chagres:
Albright, J.M.
Bailey, R.
Benjamin (Beojamin ?), C.D.
Benjamin, D.
Blaisdell, Samuel, Jr.
Boerst, Charles A.
Bowen, C.
Bristol, _.
Brooks, E.
Bunell, Barker
Childs, S.C.
Churchill, B.S.
Clark, Charles
Clow, _.
Colson, Thomas
Comstock, _.
Coombs, Joseph
Cramer, _.
Crippin, James
Crockett, Amos
Crudden, Daniel
Davis, Geo. H.
Eastman, Dr.
Eddy, _.
Ellis, John
Emery, Samuel, Jr.
England, R.D.
Fletcher, Dr. S.
Folsom, B.M.
Fuller, Jacob E.
Fuller, John
Gifford, C.F. (P. ?)
Gilsey, John C.C.
Gourley, James
Gray, C.M.
Greenwood, Edward
Gregory, Turney
Haight, E.
Hall, George
Hamilton, Alva
Harrington, W.P., Jr.
Haskin, A.E.
Hazeltine, C.B.
Hewlett (Howlett ?), D.L.
Judsen (Judson ?), S.M.
Knight, _.
Langton, S.W.
Lasher, H.
Lewis, Edward
Liscomb, Alex Q.
Luther, D.K.
Mahony, Dennis
McIlvaine, George
McIlvaine, Hugh
McKinstree, E.W.
McKinstree, Major
McMurphy, Wm.
Mery (Mory ?), M.C.
Metcalf, B.D.
Milburn, P.
Miller, J.G.
Miller, Wm.
Newcomb, Daniel
Newcomb, Mrs., children and servant
Newcomb, Wesley
Overton, H.C.
Overton, T.B.
Pease, Harman
Perry, E.M.
Piercy, _.
Plumer, Geo. W.
Prescott, E.
Price, Daniel
Richardson, W.H.
Rowell, W.
Shyrock, S.H.
Singer, W.E.
Slipkine (Slipkins ?) Wm.
Smith, _.
Smith, H.M.
Smith, J.M.
Smith, P.
Smith, W.H.
Smith, Wm.
Staples, Andrew
Steward, Reuben
Stone, Jacob
Sutton, Wm. H.
Swartwout, James
Tate, Thomas T.
Taylor, _.
Taylor, John
Torrance, _.
Trook, J.S.
Tucker, _.
Ulmer, Joseph
Vanalstine, A.N.
Wallis, H.W.
Walworth, H.G.
White, J.K.
Wilson, Albert

The Greenwich and California Mining and Trading Company sailed yesterday for the gold regions, in the bark Palmetto, Capt. Crocker. Annexed are their names:--

Bell, John P.
Bogart (Boger ?), William H.
Brower, Angelo, B.
Brown, William H.
Bryan, Alexander
Burkhead, William H.
Callaghan, John
Cornell, Charles M.
Day, Albert O.
Deith (Delth ?), Jacob
Dent, John
Everett, William M.
Fitzgerald, Peter
Ford, G.
Germond, Caleb B.
Hatfield, Alfred R.
Hubbard, L., physician
King, Henry L.
Lee, Franklin V.
Maxon, William B., Jr., secretary
McClelland, William
McCracken, John
McSpedon, Thomas, treasurer
Mead, William A.
Moyes, J.D.
Mughr, William
O’Meara, Dennis
Penny, Charles
Pettibone, Milo D.
Pugsley, Elias Q.
Pugsley, Elias T.
Rogers, Charles A.
Saydam, James
Schenck, John M.
Simpson, William
Underhill, George R.
Wainwright, John B.
Weatherby, W.
Wilson, Langdon
Wood, Ebenezer
Wood, Joseph M.
Wood, William G., president

The following is a list of names of persons composing the Columbia and Greene County Association, in the bark Mousam, Capt. Walker, which sailed yesterday, March 8, for San Francisco:--

Babcock, J.E., Kinderhook
Bain, M., Copane
Best, E., Kinderhook
Best, J., Kinderhook
Blersron, C.L., Saugerties
Bray, P.D., Kinderhook
Brush, B., Hudson
Burraughs, J.M., Hudson
Cakins, J., Hudson
Carpenter, C.E., New Lebanon
Coffin, S.J., first mate, Hudson
Creocheron (Crecheron ?), P., Hudson
Dawson, George F.P., Hudson
Demmick, R.A., Hudson
Doty, H., Hudson
Dunsbury, R.P., Hudson
Eltning, W.D., Cattskill
Esmonse (?), H.A., Hudson
Freleigh, P.D., Leeds
Fuller, A.A., Hudson
Geary, H.B., second mate, Hudson
Gray, C.Chatham
Hitchcock, C.V., Kinderhook
Hollenbeck, P., Cattskill
Howard, E., Hudson
Lampman, H., Athens
Lees, H.P., Kinderhook
Livingston, W.L.R., Claverack
Madison, J.G., New Lebanon
Markie (Markle ?), C., Copane
Marshall, J.W., Chatham
Mitchell, G.F., New York
Nash, G.A., Vermont
Newman, A.G., Hudson
Onderdonk, P., Albany
Ouderouk (Onderdonk ?), P., physician, Hudson
Pease, Geo. A., Valitia
Purdy, W., Cairo
Riesdorph, F.C., Cairo
Roberts, L.E., Kinderhook
Rousl, P., Cairo
Skinkis, S., Chatham
Smith, C., Cattskill
Spangler, J.G., Kinderhook
Van Bramer, P., Columbiaville
Van Duessen, C., Cattskill
Van Vleek (??), Kinderhook
Vasburgh, S., Copane
Vedder, A., Cattskill
Waldo, Henry, captain, Hudson
Williams, J.C., Hudson
Williams, W., Ghent
Winna, P.A., Cairo
Wittick, Z.B., Monroe county
Worthy, W.F., Hudson

The bark Norumbeag, Capt. Buckingham, sailed yesterday for Galveston, Texas. The passengers in her comprise the "Persifer F. Smith Mining Association,” and they go from Galveston by land to Corpus Christi; from thence they proceed overland to the gold regions. The following is a list of their names:--

Backus, George A., director
Backus, Rodman
Bacon, Wm.
Benjamin, Wm. H.
Bloom, Charles, director
Buchanan, Robert
Demarest, David
Denton, John
Denton, Samuel H.
Denton, Thos. W.
Donnelly, Francis
Dugan, Richard
Fulkerson (Falkerson ?), Cornelius
Goodenough, Samuel, treasurer
Howard, Wm. J.
Hyer, Walter, vice president
Jones, Wm., surgeon
Kisner, David, president
Lansdown, George
Levitt, David
Mahon, Patrick M.
McB__th, John
Monroe, Josiah J.
Morange (??), Myers
Noe, Augustus S.
Perinew (?), Andrew
Pillet, Edward, secretary
Roe, Edwin
Smith, Charles D., director
Thompson, George
Vanderpool, Harding
Warden, Wm.H.
Watkins, Wm. J.
Wilkins, John F.
Young, George
Young, Samuel

List of passengers in the bark Henry Harbeck, Captain T.G. Merwin, for San Francisco:--

First Cabin:
Edwards, Dr. J.R.
Middleton, A.P.
Myrick, Capt. Jas.
Schenck, Cornelius, lady and servant, New York
Smith, Chas D.
Swift, E., lady and servant, Buffalo, NY

Second Cabin:
Barton (?), C.O.
Beane, H.M.
Biddleman, L.
Bouck, H.C.
Burton, H.
C___s, W., and five others
Carmon (Carson ?), Peter H.
Christy, Wm.
Colt, Wm. E.
Dagraff (Degraff ?), S.M.
De_roff (?), Wm.
Degraff, H.P.
Fland___n, J.W.
Ford, C.
Ford, Chas.
Gallup, S.M.
George, Lewis
Goodhall, Jonathan
Hasting, J.S.
Heading, Wm.
Hoffman, Geo.
Howard, Thomas R.
Kennard, J.D.
Kennard, W.F.
Kilburn, W.H.
Lane, Walter
Larkin, J.
Lawrence, John
Magraff, Michell
Maynard, A.C.
McCollum, J.
McConley, H.V.
Mesick, J.
Nellis, A.
Owens, F.H.
Price, C.G.
Ryan, Joseph
Ryan, Thomas
Salisbury, J.
Sedgwick, O.
Smith, B.
Smith, J.R.
Snyder, Wm.
Stickler, J.E.
Street, B.
Taylor, L.
Warner, Peter
Weaver, Benj. F.
Webster, J.N.
Welch, R. (E. ?)
White, A.D.
Worden, E.
Worden, H.
“Also the Mohawk Mining Company, of 23 (28 ?) members.”

“The Henry Harbeck has about 500 tons of merchandise. She also takes out a small steamboat, with machinery complete, for navigating the Sacramento.”

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