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The bark Courier, Captain Gardner, the second vessel of the Dispatch Line to California, left the wharf at one o’clock, on Saturday, amidst the cheers of hundreds of friends and relations of the passengers. The steamer left her below Governor’s Island, and she sailed beautifully down the harbor with a fresh north wind. The passengers were in high glee, being well satisfied with the promptness of the Dispatch Line. The Courier is noted as a fast sailor, and will, no doubt, make a short passage. The following gentlemen went out in her as passengers:--

Cabin Passengers:
Appleton, Dr. H.D.
Appleton, E.D.
Bowman, Mr.
Drumond, Lorin
Howard, Jeremiah
Lohse, Charles
Mills, Henry
Pardee, R.A.
Pride, A.H.
Rechinghausen, Mr.
Simonson, Dr.
Vincent, E.M.

Second Cabin:
Ashman, E.
Barritt, Peter
Barrs, John
Bolle, Mr.
Brown, T.G.
Chase, A.S.
Clayton, John C.
Conice, Adrian
Cooley, Wm.
Cortney, A.N.
Davis, J.
Fields, Leonard
Fisher, C.F.
Ford, Mr.
Ford, W.A.
Fostick, Charles
Gardiner, William B., master (Captain)
Gentlivre, Henry
Gentlivre, Joseph
Gentlivre, Mrs.
Germain, Miss
Germain, Mrs. Josephine
Hammond, William
Hazard, V.P.
Jones, Levi
King, Joseph
Kreig, J.
Kronberger, John
Lederinger, M.
Lipe, G.
Magler, C.
McNeal, Daniel F.
Mitchell, Samuel
Morris, James
Morton, William
Myers, Charles
Nochtingal, H.
Pinkham, P.C.
Renantle (Renantic ?), Pierce
Robinson, O.
Ryan, Charles W.
Sceims (Soeims ?), Samuel
Seybert, F.
Sondsley, Richard
Thompson, Henry D.
Wagner, C.
Watson, Robert
Watson, William
Watts, Francis
Williams, George
Wilson, Rowland C.
Wrighton, Mrs.
Wrighton, Thomas
Yates, E.H.

Annexed is a list of the passengers in the bar Vernon, Capt. McKay, which sailed on Thursday for San Francisco:--

Bessy, Mr. William –Poughkeepsie
Blackburn, Mr. John M. --Poughkeepsie
Church, Mr. Andrew S. –New York
McKay, Mrs. John, and son
McKim, Mr. Alexander
Robinson, Mr. Geo. C. –New York

The schooner Peerless, Capt. Concklin, for Point Isabel, takes out the following passengers for the gold regions, via the Brazos, &c., under the guidance of Capt. Dick:--

____ner (Castner ?), William, Marblehead, MA
Amery (Amory ?), P.B., NY
Baxter, E.K., Cambridge, MA
Blany (Slany ?), N.R., Marblehead, MA
Bregee (Brogee ?), John Anton, NY
Brooks, E.T., Boston
Brooks, L.B., Cambridge, MA
Buchanan, H.H., Buffalo
C_i_ty (Cristy ?), James, Waterbury, VT
Chapman, John, Marblehead, MA
Christy, J.B., Boston
Coughlin, John M., NY
Cragin, A., Marblehead, MA
Curtis, Elisha L., Ballston Springs, NY
Deliber, Peter, Marblehead, MA
Glover, John W., Marblehead, MA
Guesday, Lewis D., and lady, Spain
Heath, Russel, Little Falls, NY
Hobbs, William, Charlestown, MA
Nichols, Stephen N., Charlestown, MA
Parsons, Levi, Herkimer Co., NY
Ross, W.D., Essex Co., NY
Rowan, S.H., NY
Shepardson, N.J., Buffalo, NY
Snow, R.L., Marblehead, MA
Stokes, O.C.T., NY
Van Antwerp, Charles F., Brooklyn, NY
Wormstead (Wermstead ?), Benjamin, Marblehead, MA

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