California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 14, 1849


The schooner J.B. Gager, Captain Halsey, cleared yesterday, for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Bell, John W., Utica
Bulliens, William G., Utica
Courter, James Schenectady
Cunningham, James W., Schenectady
Cunningham, Leonard Schenectady
Givens, Williams C., Schenectady
Killduff, Michael, Utica
Stevenson, John, Schenectady
Williams, Homer, Utica


The following persons sailed from Boston in the bark Lanark for San Francisco, on the 10th inst:--

First Cabin:
Baker, Walter, Dorchester
Hawley, Rev. T.H., Boston
Langley, James A., Salem
Roby, Elias, Boston
Woodbury, Edward F., Boston

Second Cabin:
From Boston:
Allen, Asahel (sic) G.
Baxter, George
Bolan, Chas.
Bolan, Geo. W.
Bradford, Thos.
Bullock, James D.
Campbell, _.
Daniels, Geo.
Daniels, Wm. E.
Darling, Chas. J.
Darling, Eliah, MD, ship’s surgeon
Farnham, Wm. A.
Foster, James R.
Gaskell, Wm.
Hubbard, Dudley
Jarvis, Leonard
Judkins, Augustus B.
Kimball, Sylvester E.
Lang, Charles E.
Lawrence, H.L.
Locke, Thomas S.
McDonald, Ivory
Merriam, Josiah
Miller, Edward
Miller, Wm. W.
Morgan, William B.
Morse, Harris
Morse, S.H.
Nutt, John G.
Otis, Stephen
Parker, J.
Parker, J.W.H.
Pierce, C.
Randall, A.F.
Randall, Andw. W.
Rice, John E.
Rice, Richard H.
Rice, William D.
Seavey, David
Spaulding, Augustus P.
Tileston, H.A.
Tileston, Wm.
Tinkham, Henry
Walters, Hugh
Watkins, Galen H.
Watson, John
Whitcher, Sargent
Whitney, John S.T.
Wilkinson, Levi M.
Wilkinson, Philebas
Woodman, David R.

From Dorchester:
Beals, _.
Beckwith, Henry
Blackman, Lemuel S.
Blanchard, James
Brammell, William W.
Dorgin, John S.
Edwards, John C.
Hebbard, Ezra
Hebbard, George A.
Hebbut, Nathaniel
Howard, William G.
Huntoon, John
Huntoon, Marcellus
Jacobs, Benjamin
Lane, Peter
Moore, Charles G.
Pierce, William A.
Pope, Henry
Pray, George B.
Robinson, Joseph C.
Slas (sic), John
Sloane, Joseph
Worster, Edwin P.

From Roxbury:
Adams, George
Bishop, Frank
Boynton, William
Cook, Peter
Cracklen, Thomas
Davis, John R.
Dourey, John, Jr.
Downing, John
Driscoll, Florance
Erskine, Thomas
Framan, Taley
Frize, William
Haines, Charles
Hall, George W.
Healey, F.P.
Holden, J.C.
Littson, James A.
Moore, Edwin A.
Morbor, Reator
More, John W.
Pierce, David
Pratt, George
Pratt, Henry, Jr.
Read, John
Reed, Augustine
Reed, John, Jr.
Ricker, John G.
Ripley, Marshall M.
Rowe, Solomon S.
Wallace, William C.
Wheelwright, Samuel

From Lynn:
Barry, Wm. H.
Clark, Chas. G.
Coswell, John
Malcon, Benj. H.
Todd, Charles

The brig Col. Taylor, cleared at Boston, on the ________ for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Atwood, Henry
Bacon, H.
Carpenter, A.D.
Driver, David, Beverly
Gore, Benjamin, Boston
Hawes, Gilbert T., Beverly
Nourse, Joseph P., Beverly
Spaulding, Charles
Stephenson, R.M., Boston
Upham, C., of Chelsea
Wallis, Thomas
Webber, Ebenezer S., Beverly
Weeks, George P., Lynn
Wilder, Lucius M., Boston
Woodsides, E.G.


The following persons were to sail in the bark Toure, Capt. W.H. Low, on the 3d inst., from New Orleans, for San Francisco:--

Bidell, Mr.
Biskell, W.W.
Carter, Thomas M.
Charles, George
Cochran, Dr. J.L.
Cody, Dr.
Davidson, Thomas S.
Edwards, William
Gafeney, John
Goverau (Goveran ?), Mr.
Hardy, John
Hart, L.A.
Merran, Michael
Miller, Thomas
Morran, Peter
Murphy, James
Pendergast, F.H.C.H.
Roberts, Simson T.
Ryan, John
Schowl, Michael, lady and two children
Simond, Angust (August ?)
Smith, W.W.
Stevens, Lewis A.
Stevens, W.J.
Viosca (Vlosca ?), James, and lady
Westendyke, P.E., and lady

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