California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 13, 1849

The Emigration to California.

The following passengers sailed on the 9th inst., in the bark S.L. Crowell, Captain Lewis, for Chagres:--

Allen, W.
Baker, F.
Bisbe, B.
Bosworth, S.
Boynton, A.
Boynton, M.
Bradbury, A.
Chenery, N.
Clark, E.C.
Cogswell, J.P.
Cook, S.D.
Cushing, C.E.
Dodge, A.
Fish, J.
Gardner, B.
Giddings, J.W.
Gill, E
Haswell, W.
Hodges, H.J.
Hubbard, M.
Hubbard, M.N.
Jones, J.M.
Keney, H.R.
Lathrop, C.L.
Lyman, F.
McKindley, J.G.
Merrick, P.R.
Miller, J.W.
Moore, W.G.
Nicoll, G.
Perkins, C.
Perkins, J.B.
Phelps, G.B.
Prouty, J.
Read, C.
Red, S.
Rice, B.
Richardson, A.
Richardson, M.
Robinson, E.
Smith, J.F.
Sprague, N.
Starkweather, C.G.
Tower, N.
Van Norden, A.
Wood, J.D.
Wright, O.

Sailed, also, in the brig Cameo, for San Francisco:--

Members of the Franklin Company:
Andrews, M.
Craig, A.H.
Craig, John L.
Cromwell, E.C.
Duboise, James
Howell, R.H.
Knight, Saml.
Parks, George A.
Stafford, Saml. S.
Wainwright, Charles


The following are the names of the passengers who sailed on the 9th inst., from Boston, in the ship Duxbury, for California:--

Andrews, Wm. E.B.
Bacon, R.C.
Bernard, Charles A.
Critcherson, John, Jr.
Dowling, John
Keith, Stephen M.
Kendrick, Samuel
Reiser, Christian
Reiser, Kilean
Sargent, Francis L.
Skillings, Charles
Smith, Otis F.
Upton, C.A.
Way, Henry
White, James M.

Additional passengers:
Adams, J., Salem
Bailey, Charles, Charleston
Bartlett, Thomas P., Lynn
Bolgton, George, Manchester, NH
Bowler, Colonel J.T., Lynn
Brierly, John, Amesbury Mills
Brierly, Rev. B., Grafton
Burdell, Doctor, New York
Burns, John S., Ashland
Carr, Charles G., Wet Newbury
Carr, William M., West Newbury
Clark, J.M., Lynn
Clark, John A., Lynn
Clements, Richard, Charleston
Coates, George W., Lynn
Colby, Theodore H., Lowell
Colson, S., Lowell
Cooper, Thomas, Dorchester
Crosby, L., Lynn
De Coster, Wm. H., Charleston
Dunn, Charles, Dover, NH
Dunn, Cyrus, Dover, NH
Elvgelbecht, Henry, Plymouth
Fenby, O.B., Lynn
Frazer, John N., Portland, ME
French, H.R. Dover, NH
Gallegherand, Michael, Roxbury
Gardiner, William, Salem
Glade, Henry, Plymouth
Harper, William, South Braintree
Hastings, William _., East Cambridge
Hayes, Thomas, Beverly
Heath, Moses, Charleston
Howard, Daniel, Jr., Lynn
Howe, Nathaniel E., Charleston
Hudson, Nathan, Hingham
Kenney, Daniel R., East Cambridge
Kimball, A.J.,Grafton
Kinney, Mr. and Mrs., Roxbury
Le Sand, Henry, Grafton
Leavitt, Ezra, Jr., Hingham
Litchfield, Chas., East Cambridge
Loring, F.C., Charleston
Loring, H.P.C., Charleston
Loveland, H.S., Concord, NH
Lunt, P., Charleston
Malsby, Robt. K., Roxbury
Mansfield, Lorenzo, Saugus
Manson, Horace, Dover, NH
Marshall, Albert, Charleston
McDonald, James W., Roxbury
McLeod, Roxbury
McNeil, Daniel, West Cambridge
Merriam, J.A.,
Miller, Isaac, East Cambridge
Moor, James M., Lawrence
Moore, M.T., Lowell
Moore, S.C., East Cambridge
Morris, Andrew, Lynn
Muroe, Wm., Dorchester
Nuden, Gardiner B., New York
Nutter, Valentine, Dover, NH
Ogden, Jonathan, Watertown
Pierce, Daniel M., Lowell
Putnam, C.F., Walpole, NH
Rand, George W., Littleton
Reeve, Frederick, Plymouth
Remick, Jacob Dover, NH
Schrewrs (sic), John, Plymouth
Shed, Edward D., Charleston
Smith, A. Sidney, East Cambridge
Stanley, O.B., Lynn
Stewart, William, Cambridge
Thomas, R.B., Portsmouth, NH
Trevitt, S.R., Brookline
Underwood, Isaac., Jr., East Cambridge
Vickery, Gilman, Dover, NH
Vickery, William Dover, NH
Weeks, S.F., Salem
Wentworth, Joshua J., Cambridgeport
Wheelright, Lot, South Boston
Whipple, Stephen P., Cumberland, RI
Wood, A.A., Holden
York, Jeremiah, Dover, NH

Ho! For California.—

The fine schooner Rialto, of 80 tons, a very superior vessel of her class, fully equipped, with mining utensils, &c., and provisioned for two years voyage, took her departure from Holmes’ Hole (Martha’s Vineyard) on the 7th inst., destined for the gold regions. She is manned by a joint company, consisting of sixteen men, most of whom have formerly been engaged in the whaling business, all residents of Holmes’ Hole. They go with the best wishes of those they leave behind, and bid fair to return amply rewarded for their enterprising exertions. Annexed is a list of their names:--

Chace, Abraham
Daggett, William F.
Denham, Rev. George
Dillingham, Zenas, captain
Downs, Charles, captain
Hursell, Richd.
Luce, George
Luce, Sirah
Luce, Warren
Manchester, George B., captain
Merry, Benjamin
Merry, William, captain
Robinson, John
Robinson, Thos.
Smith, Alphonso
West, Benjamin

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