California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 27, 1849

The Emigration to California

The brig Isabella Reed, Capt. Rogers, sailed on Saturday last for Vera Cruz, with the following passengers:--

Arbuthnot, Samuel
Baker, Henry
Beaudrieau (Beaudreau ?), J.G.
Chapdelaine, Louis
de Redoya, Jose
Dennis, J., Canada West
Dunn, William J.
Else, Charles
Emmans, Nicholas
Fowler, Thomas H.
Ganz, Herman
Harrison, Samuel
Hibbard, A., Montreal, L.C.
Hilley, Samuel
Hopkins, C.T.
Innis, Charles H.
Ketchum, Charles
Lamery, Andrew
Landsberger, Nathan
Leary, John
Lesher, David F.
Lewis, David
Magary, Theodore
Markwith, Ira
Martel, P.N.
McCutcheon, Thos.
McGuire, L.
Meeker, Jabez N.
Morrison, Michael McKay, Toronto
Mount, T.V.
Nelson, H.W.
Newhall, Samuel W.
Pfotzer, George
Pollock, William J.
Ross, Samuel
Scarlett, Lt., Geo., Canada West
Scott, James W.
Scott, Wm.
Solano, Joseph
Trotter, Dr.
Truere, F.
Van Orden, Isaac L.
Warren, William H.
Watson, Horatio H.
Whipple, M.
Whitehead, Francis C.
Winchester, H.
Woodbury, John H.

The bark J.A. Jesurum, Capt. P.W. Reid, went to sea on Saturday, bound for California. This vessel was purchased, and fitted out with eighteen months provisions, by fifty-five shareholders, at an expense of $22,000. She carries out the New York and California Trading and Industrial Association, with the following officers and members, viz:--

Akin, Cyrus D.
Barstow, John F.
Brower, Abram, Jr.
Bucklin, John W.
Burke, Loren
Carey, Egbert
Case, Charles
Champlain, Albert H., President
Clark, John W.
Colvin, Jacob, Director
Cornell, Birdsall
Deen, Horace
Deen, James S.
Depeyster, R.V., Supercargo
Durand, Calvin B.
Ellison, Charles
Furken, James Henry
Gale, Herbert C.
Gibbs, James, Treasurer
Higgins, William
Hogan, James, Director
Jaques, Alonzo
Jaques, Mortimer
Joyce, William
Judson, Stiles
Kaler, John
Kling, John F.
Knapp, Francis A., Vice President
Lewis, Robert, Director
Lord, George F.
Mahan, George W.
Manning, Lewis, Chaplain
McBride, Irwin, Director
Mixters, James
Moran, Isaac A., Secretary
Morris, Crowell E.
Morris, John E., Director
Myers, David
Palmer, Melancthon (Melancthon, Melanethon ?)
Perry, H.B.
Peterson, Arthur S.
Reid, Francis
Reiley, Alexander
Rosenfield, Julian A.
Seimon (Selmon ?), James
Sloan, John, Director
Smith, John
Speight, Henry N.
Stivers, Lafayette
Suydam (Snydam ?), John T.
Van Siclon, William H.
Voris, Harvey
Wells, Jacob L.
Wetmore, James
Wilkinson, Charles
Wittrie (Wittrle ?), Egbert


Messrs. Jesse Timanus and Fitzpatrick, well know citizens of this place, started for California on Monday. A party of ten, including toe of the Messrs. Moses, are waiting, we learn, for navigation to be opened, when they, too, will be off. The company of fifty, of whom we made mention some days ago, which includes Messrs. Joseph Talbot, Wm. B. Norman and others, are maturing their preparations for the overland route; and an additional company is proposed to be formed, under the auspices of Lieut. W.S. Schenck, of the Navy. – Cincinnati Enquirer, Feb. 21.


The fever prevails at the Island, and has carried off Mr. Crawford, John S. Dan, Joseph Gardner, Mr. Hill, and Mr. Carter, to the gold land.

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