California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 26, 1849

The Emigration to California

Our Philadelphia correspondent writes that the ship Levant, Capt. Moses Hoyt, belonging to the Aspinwalls, will go down the river on Monday (this) morning, in tow of the Rappahannock, bound for California. She has on board the frames of ten houses, a launch thirty feet long, eight boats of smaller dimensions, and the hull, cabin, boiler, engine and propeller of a steamboat, belonging to the Pacific Adventurers’ Association, the members of which form the great bulk of her forty-nine passengers. Two entire families go out, comprising two females and eight children.

First Cabin:
Esby, Mills B.
Feltt, Cleanthes, M.D.
Kennedy, Elias D.
Slosman (Slesman ?), Geo.
Steinberger, Dr. Justus D.

Second Cabin:
Pacific Adventurers’ Association—

Adams, John Q.
Bailey, Amos N.
Bartling, Edward
Beates, Harman
Bell, Amos J.
Boyer, Jesse
Cheeseman, Elijah
Clements, John
Conroy, John
Cress, Edward
Cummings, Edward
Dillin, Owen E.
Durney, Francis M.
Durny, A.F.
Epplesheimer, Daniel
Giats, Kesy
Gibb, David
Gilbert, Curtis J.
Glanding, John W.
Grabenstine, John
Hagy, Wm.
Hampson, Joseph
Hellings, Nathan
Houston, Albert
Huston, Edward
Irmly, Dr. John, wife and two children
Kelly, John D.
Knight, Charles C.
Lawche (Lawshe ?), John
Lindenmuth, Theo.
Loughead, James, Jr.
McDaniel, David
Paine, S.W.
Parroto, G.
Porter, James
Potter, Isaac
Price, Samuel
Reigart, Henry M., Jr.
Roberts, Edwd. D.
Schultz, John H.
Snyder, George R.
Stewart, Alex.
Stroud, Robert
Swayne, A.R.
Thornbury, Caleb N.
Wandell, James
Whitecar, W.L.
Wilkinson, Morris R.
Yeager, Jacob R.

Forward Cabin:
Bradshaw, Ira
Green, Francis M.
Jones, J.
Louderback, D., wife and 6 children
Malony, J.H.
Patton, J.L.
Robb, John
Walls, W.

Her freight list is seventeen feet long, and the value of her cargo is estimated at two hundred thousand dollars.

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