California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 23, 1849

The Emigration to California.


List of passengers in the bark Bogota, Captain Thomas, for Chagres, sailed yesterday:--

New York Union Mining Company:
Adams, H.P.
Bement, George
Berry, A.J.
Bramhall, J.H.
Burns, Peter, steward to company
Complin, William L.
Cook, S.H.
Ferris, G.
Fress, J.M.
Gaston, William, servant
Havens, H.W.
Hines, M.L.
Holcomb, F.
Holman, T.
Huntington, E.F.
Lewis, J.B.
Morse, J.F.
Mulford, S.P.
Newman, L.F.
Shears, William
Sidell, A.H.
Sloane, William J.
Starr, A.M.
Starr, G.L.
Starr, L.M.
Underhill C.
Von Schmidt, J.H.
Vosburgh, P.

Duchess County Mining Company:--
Amhurst, William
Barnes, William L.
Baxter, Dr. William
Bloodgood, George
Churchill, Alfred
Churchill, John
Graham, Bernard, supercargo of bark
Noyes, Jno.
Philips, Edgar
Tanner, _.
Tanner, Ruben
Ways, Abraham

[This is the corrected passenger list for the Nautilus from 2-22-1849.]

The list of passengers by the bark Nautilus, Captain Wilson, which we published yesterday, was incorrect. Annexed is a correct list:--

Abbot, A., Greenbush
Barney, E.S., Schenectady
Barrett, J., Catskill
Barton, H.H., Schenectady
Bennet, E.N., Lowell, MA
Bennet. S.D.N., Troy
Birdsall, S.C., substitute
Bromley, C.R., substitute
Butler, W.S., Albany
Carlow, W.H., Catskill
Castleton, J., Nyskyuna
Cheney, E.S., substitute
Clark, A., president, Amsterdam
Clark, Dr.
Cole, J., substitute
Cooney, J., substitute
Cornwall, E.H., substitute
Courtright, W.H., substitute
Disabelt, A.H., substitute
Drake, I., Troy
Finnigan, J., Albany
Fox, T., substitute
Gorhem, J.S., Albany
Gray, L., Bennington
Gregory, E., substitute
Hasford, W., Albany
Hastings, J.W., Nyskyuna
Holmes, H.P., substitute
Holton, J.S., Troy
Howard, W., Bouckville
Jones, D.E., Schenectady
Lewis, P.V., substitute
Lyons, J.S., Schenectady
Malroy, C., substitute
Marcellus, N.A., Schenectady
McCammon, J., treasurer, Albany
McNaughton, Alex. W., physician, Albany
Mills, Mr.
Mitchell, J.D., substitute
Neill, William, Sandy Hill
Nillis, J.S., Catskill
Noonese, J., Albany
Pacey, E., substitute
Packard, R., substitute
Pangburn, J.L., Albany
Peck, S.C., Clifton Park
Rasekrans, S.P., Catskill
Reagles, C., Schenectady
Rupertberger, H.
Sammons, B.W., substitute
Skinner, Wm. P., Brownsville
Staily, R., substitute
Stevens, J.H., Albany
Stiles, C.S., Albany
Streeter, A.C., Burlin (Berlin ?)
Sweet, S.S., substitute
Van Booskirk, I., Cooperstown
Van Booskirk, M., Cooperstown
Van Loun, C., substitute
Van Rensselaer, C.
Van Wranken, M.J., Nyskyuna
Villard, P.G., substitute
Walcott, C.H., Catskill
Wallace, I., Greenbush
Wallace, T.J., secretary, Hoosick Falls
Waller, C.C.
Wells, S., Albany
Westinghouse, E., substitute
Wilbur, A.P., Nyskyuna
Willington, J.C., Albany
Winne, E.G., Nyskyuna
Wisner, W.C., substitute

The bark Belvidere, Captain Barney, will sail on Saturday for San Francisco. She is owned by the Cayuga Joint Stock Company, and is provisioned for three years… The following names compose the party:--

Allen, H.D.
Barker, T.L.
Barnes, N.
Barney, Samuel
Bawger, John P.
Cain, James F.
Cane, Daniel
Choate, John
Clark, Harvey S.
Davis, Josiah
Eddy, W.M.
Eeles (Eales ?), James W.
Everts, W.
Farrand, W.D.
Finch, Eugene L.
Fisher, P.W.
Fitch, H.
Fitch, Nelson
Forbush, R., Jr.
Fullman (Pullman ?), G.W.
Gardner, J.M.
Glover, W.A.
Godfrey, G.K.
Graves, H.T.
Graves, T.P.
Haight, A.J.
Hall, H.C.
Herring, M.
Hewitt, Volney
Holmes, Franklin
Hunter, Thomas
Jenkins, J.W.
Jenkins, Wm.
Jones, Edward
Kellogg, J.G.
Lum, D.C.
Lyon, Moses Y.
Lyon, W.S.
Markham, Ather (Arthur ?)
Mason, L.
Mead, G.L.
Mills, F.A.
Mills, S.D.
Moss, Charles H.
Munson, Oscar D.
Nelson, J.C.
Northrup (Northrop ?), A.B.
Ogden, W.A.
Paige, S.A.
Patty, Robert Y.
Penson, N.S.
Phelps, A.F.
Preston, George H.
Putnam, C.S.
Remington, M.L.
Richardson, D.C.
Richardson, G.W.
Rundle, John T.
Sayles, E.S.
Scott, M.B.
Shepard, Isaac, Jr.
Shepard, W.W., president
Stark, Wm.
Stearns, Edward J.
Stearns, J.H.
Stevens, Benj. D.
Stewart, Charles H.
Stow, John B.
Stratton, A.W.
Strong, Asa
Suits S.D.
Travis, J.D.
Tuttle, W.W.
White, E.
White, George H.
Woodin, S.B.

The following persons sailed yesterday, 22d inst., in the brig Brothers, Captain Cornelius Soule, bound for San Francisco:--

Members of the Association:--
Arman, William C.
Cozzens, Davenport
Hedley, Peter A.
Hubbard, John H.
Milledolar, Dr. Jno. L.
Mootry, Thomas, Jr.
Myers, Edward R.
Patton, Thos. B.
Smith, Norman
Thompson, William J.
Thorp, Richard A.
Van Brunk, Rutger N.

Davil, G.L.
Jackmays, J.
Keepse, Jos
Kelley, Jas. G.
King, Jos. I.
Lyman, Wm. H.
Macgee, M.
Naumoaller, Chas.
Pigott, E.S.
Stelle, J.P.
Strang, Giraud
Westeil (Westell ?), Geo.


The schr. J.W. Herbert cleared at Boston on the 21st inst. for corpus Christi. She takes out the following passengers:--

The Essex Mining and Trading Company, as follows:--
Waters, Wm. C., president
Brooks, Thomas, vice president
Grush, Benjamin S., treasurer
Hale, Joseph, secretary
Prince, Warren director
Chipman, E.M. director
Warner, Wm., director
Parker, David E.
Cox, William E.
Danforth, Henry
Horton, Jere
Huntoon, David C.
Dommick, M.
Dresser, Galem
Taylor, Lewis E.
Merriam, Greenleaf P.
McCloy, Robert
Hewes, James, Jr.
Copeland, George W.
Newhall, Allen B.
Low, Gideon
Symonds, William Allen
Nelson, Joseph G.
Blaney, Jonathan, Jr.
Fowler, Henry, cook
Kelcy, Isaac, steward

The following persons accompany the expedition:--
Boyden, Charles F.
Foster, George
Jones, Stephen
McGaffy, J.
Robinson, Charles
Todd, George C.
Walton, John C.


The following were the passengers on the bark Anne, (before reported), which sailed from Bristol, R.I., on the 18th inst., for San Francisco:--

From Taunton:
Chase, Dr. J.B.
Corey, Wm. B.
Crafts, John
Crossman, C.H.
Dean, George W.
Evans, R.H.
Fales, H.W.
Gardner, C.
Goodman, J.F.
Graves, Dr. S.W.
Hamlin, J.C.
Hathaway, M.L.
Hodges, C.H.
Larchen, E.M.
Leonard, F.E.
Leonard, J.B.
Lothrop, C., 2d
Peterson, E.
Presby, B.F.
Richmond, Charles
Richmond, Edward
Richmond, Henry
Smith, J.
Sullivan, M.
Tisdale, J.
Washburn, J.
Wilbeur, W.

Additional passengers:
Adams, J., Rehoboth
Babbitt, N.M., Dighton
Babbitt, Wm. C., Dighton
Blanchard, G.W., Boston
Briggs, Simeon, Berkley
Brown, Seth, Somerset
Chambers, James, Providence
Clarke, Edward, Providence
Comes, J.H., Boston
Comstock, John, Providence
Crane, George, Berkley
Easterbrooks, Allen, Bristol
Easterbrooks, Horace, Bristol
Eveleth, D., Cranston
French, O.E., Berkley
Gibbs, Joseph, Somerset
Glynn, Michael, Providence
Haley, _., Bristol
Hathaway, J., Dighton
Hathaway, Peter, Berkley
Hathaway, Wm., Dighton
Keene, A.H., Sandwich
Martin, George H., Bristol
Newbury, T., Stanton
Noyes, G.W., Charlestown
Perry, Albert, Providence
Robinson, C.F., Raynham
Shove, A.G., Berkley
Washburn, J.N., Stanton
Williams, H., Easton


Quite a number of persons left the city yesterday on their way to California. The brig Perfect, Captain Townsend, took her departure last evening for Chagres, with the following passengers on board, who take the Isthmus route to California:--

Amy, _.
Beetomen, _.
Bird, M.
Bowling, R.
Bowling, Thomas
Brackett, T.
Callehan (Callahan ?), J.
Collins, _.
Conn, A.O.
Crosby, J.D.
Davis, B.F.
Drummond, J.C.
Fleming, M.
Foster, H.G.
Gwiney, John
Hicks, S.A.
Higley, E.
Hurst, _.
Jones, M., and servant
Kelly, J.
Maynadier, H.
McQueen, T.J.
Milmore, J.H.
Morton, T.
Murphy, R.W.
Nolan, M.
Nolan, W.G.
Otey, _.
Park, T.P.
Powers, _.
Puckett, H.S.
Reed, J.M.O.
Reed, John, supercargo of the brig
Richards, William
Richardson, Samuel
Rivard, J.
Rogers, A.D.
Sloan, W.B.
Spain, _.
Spain, F.J.
Stalling, M.
Stidger, H.
Van Tayl, O.W.
Wiriun, _.

[N.O. Crescent City, Feb. 14.]

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