California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 21, 1849

The Emigration to California


List of passengers sailed in brig Mary, Capt. J.K. Hayes, for San Francisco, via Lake Nicaragua, as members of Gordon’s California Association:--

Adams, George
Allen, J.J., Honesdale, PA
Ameridge, George, Phila.
Baldwin, Roger S., New Haven, CT
Baquer, A.T., Pottstown
Beecher, George, New Haven
Bitting, Franklin, Reading
Blake, Charles T., New Haven, CT
Bowers, Wm. N., Sullivan Co., NY
Bownson, Wm., Reading
Britton, Joseph, NY
Brown, John W., New Haven, CT
Bruce, J.J.A., NY
Cardoza, J.N., NY
Copperthwaite, Leman, Philadelphia
Crittenden, A.F., Phila.
Dale, John
Deene, Charles, Reading
Dennis, Hiram, OH
Dennison, Wm. F., Sullivan Co., NY
Donneghe, James C., M.D., New Haven, CT
Doolittle, H.P., Hartford, CT
Doolittle, William G., Hartford, CT
Doors, W.C., Jr., NY
Dorr, Ezra, West Stockbridge, MA
Doughton, John, Reading
Drury, Charles, Albany, NY
Dudgeon, Enos, Reading, PA
Dudley, Charles P., Chesterfield
Dudley, William L., Chesterfield
Duncan, Henry, Belleville, NJ
Egner, William, Philadelphia
Ery, _.
Evans, Dr. John F., Pottstown
Farnmam, W.W., Bangor, ME
Fielding, Thomas, Belleville, NJ
Fisher, Aug., Reading
Fowler, Bernard, NY
Freas, Lorenzo M., Phila.
Gibson, George M., Great Barrington, MA
Gilbert, Levi, NY
Gordon, George, lady and child, president
Gormon, Richard, Sullivan Co., NY
Greene, Henry E., Albany, NY
Haight, Bernardus, NY
Hall, Henry Howard, Brooklyn
Halse, A.W., Orange Co., NY
Hardenburg, D.W., Sullivan Co., NY
Harrison, Joseph S., New Haven
Hawkins, Charles J., Cayuga Co., NY
Hawkins, M.S., Phila.
Hayes, C.H., Bangor, ME
Hitchcock, George B., NY
Hunt, D., Phil.
Jarden, Robert M., Phila
Jervis, Pert, Orange Co., NY
Jervis, Smith, OH
Jolley, M.H., Pottstown
Keyser, E. Tyson, Phila.
King, Charles M., Germantown
Leavenworth, Wm. C., Reading, PA
Logan, H.C., Philadelphia
Martin, Jacob L., NY
Martin, John L., Pottsdam
Maupay, William A., Phila.
McEwan, James D., OH
McKeige, Barnett, Pottstown, PA
Meyer, Philip, Phila.
Monkhouse, Col. Thos. A., NY
Newman, J.V., West Stockbridge, MS
Nichols, Elisha, Syracuse
O’Byre, Patrick (???),Albany, NY
Pellett, Charles B., N. Haven
Perry, Geo. F., Sullivan Co., NY
Phillips, Henry H., NY
Porter, Charles B., Belleville, NJ
Potter, Charles A., NY
Potter, Francis E., NY
Powell, W.J., New Haven, CT
Priesh, J.E., engineer, Philadelphia
Priestly, David L.
Priestly, John W., Phila.
Prindle, S.L., OH
Reid, George W., NY
Reilly, J. Henry, Phila.
Rogers, George W., Albany, NY
Saurman, Abner, Phila.
Schofield, David B.
Seymour, D., Syracuse
Smith, F.P., Brooklyn
Smithey, J., Gloucester, NJ
Snyder, Charles F., Philadelphia
Soule, George, OH
Steadman, Charles, Phila.
Stebbins,Wm. C., Reading
Sterrfet, J. Martin
Stillman, J.W., and lady, Charleston, SC
Stillwell, G.W., Reading
Stratton, A.N., Sullivan Co., NY
Stuart, John, Reading
Taylor, Charles L., Philadelphia
Thompson, W.H., NY
Tooker (Teoker, ?), Dr.
Turnbull, Dalmickle, Reading
Tyler, Edwin, New Haven, CT
Umberfield, George, New Haven, CT
Van Riper, Peter M.
Wallace, William, Philadelphia
Welsh, Alfred
Wilcox, Albert, New Haven, CT
Wood, Samuel S., Westchester Co.
Young, Warren L., Phila.
Young, William, Belleville, NJ

The following is a list of the passengers in the steam propeller Hartford, Capt. Lefevre, which sailed yesterday at 12 M. for San Francisco:--

Andrews, Thomas
Benton, S.M.
Billings, Timothy
Birge, T.A.
Bradford, E.
Briggs, E.S.B.
Camp, H.
Carrigan, M.
Carrigan, P.
Carrigan, P.
Chapman, J.B.
Cleaveland, Dr.
Corning, F.
Corsen, Captain
Dart, Benjamin
Dobson, William
Farland, M.M.
Flinn, J.
Gayen, J.H.
Hebrew, James
Hodge, Justin
Holkins, William J.
Hough, E.
Hudson, A.B.
Huntington, James
Jones, C.
Kelly, J., Jr.
Kink, Dr. J.
Kipp, Samuel
Kraft, H.
Low, James B.
Malony, R.
May, Rev. Wm.
Morgan, C.H.
Murther, E.
Nicholson, A.A.
Nodine, _.
Phelps, P.T.
Pliss, George
Potter, William
Randall, C.
Roberts, W.A.
Rogers, William
Russell, C.F.
Skinner, J.D.
Snow, Elias
Taylor, _.
Van Orden, Leander
Wallace, J.
Weed, Joseph
Winters, _.
Wolvin, J.G.
Wright, H.W.
Yerks, _.
“and three others.”

The brig Empire, Capt. Baxter, sailed on Monday for Vera Cruz. The following is a list of her passengers:--

Ackerly, O.F.
Allen, J.H.
Amblers, N.H.
Berry, A.B.
Berry, F.H.
Berry, G.H.
Blackman, O.P.
Bogardus, M.
Bomolet, M.
Booth, A.
Briel, John
Brown, B.
Buckley, W.H.
Cateman, J.
Comstock, H.O.
Crumly, D.D.
Curtis, M.
Dexter, J.C.
Dodge, H.L.
Dodge, S.
Elyred, J.T.
Fenner, R.
Fowler, J.O.
Gibbon, O.
Gill, E.
Gilman, J.
Glover, D.
Goodrich, G.M.
Gould, W.H.
Guitian, J.B.
Gurrett, J.G.
Harlow, E.E.
Harrington, W.C.
Hasbeck, C.C.
Hawkins, T.
Hayward, H.
Hopkins, R.
Hunter, R.C.
Lawrence, S.
Logan, J.
Lynde, A.N.
Martin, Jos.
McConnell, S. and T.C.
Mitchell, W.M.
Moon, D.
Northrop, D.B.
O’Grady, W.H.
Ostram, W.S.
Peterson, J.
Pierson, G.W.
Rearm, P.
Sauer, M.
Saxton, H.B.
Sellick, A.D., and servant
Sherman, A.P.
Shores, W.
Simonsfeld, W.
Stanton, J.B.
Stanton, J.W.
Stone, P.
Wedam, S.
Welch, G.R.
Wellington, S.C.
Wingertz, S.


Rev. F.P. Tracy, formerly of Concord, N.H., is about starting for California, with a company of workmen. He will hold some quasi relation to the government at the gold regions.”


“A company of twenty gentlemen from Ohio, headed by ex-Governor Shannon, arrived in this city on Friday evening, en route for the gold diggings in California. [Balt. Clipper, Feb. 19.]


“The following gentlemen from Cincinnati have joined the company under the charge of Colonel Webb:--

Browning, Lieut., U.S. Army
Harrison, Wm. H., Jr.
Robinson, Richard
Simpson, Alex.
Van Buren, A.H.
Walker, W.W.

The members of the company are to meet at New Orleans, and proceed by the overland route.”

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