California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 19, 1849


Among the passengers who sailed to Panama, on Saturday last, for San Francisco, was an association of eight gentlemen. They are

NOTE: Ship not named. However, these names appear on the passenger list for the SS Panama that departed New York City, February 18,1849.

Capron, Edmund G.
Ellet, Charles
Frey, Joseph M., MD
Green, Charles C.
H_er (Hyer), John G.
Hoyt, Josiah
Judah, Charles D.
Mitchell, Corence G.

They comprise the Adelphi Company. It is needless to say that they are abundantly supplied with arms, provisions, camp equipage, tools, apparatus, &c.


The ship Ward Henry, Capt. Church, cleared at New Bedford on the 16th inst., for San Francisco. She takes out the following passengers:--

Alden, James M., Middleborough
Beomer (??), James H. , Fairhaven
Bisbee, George D. , Fairhaven
Brown, Charles R., New Bedford
Church, John, captain, Fairhaven
Coe, Jethro S., Little Cornston (?)*
Coe, Joseph, Little Cornston (?)*
Delano, George, Fairhaven
Durry (??), John, Fairhaven
Eldridge, William C. , Fairhaven
Gray, Charles H., Little Cornston (?)*
Hammond, James, Jr. , Fairhaven
Je__ey, Enoch, Jr. , Fairhaven
Kenuie (??), Benjamin S. , Fairhaven
Lawrence, James P., 2nd mate, Falmouth
Oakley (?), George F. , Fairhaven
Rogers, Mason, Rochester
Ruggles, William, Rochester
Sherman, Allen, New Bedford
Smith, Lorenzo, Little Cornston (?)*
Sparrow, Josiah, Rochester
Surray (?), Peter, New Bedford
Taber, Joseph S. , Fairhaven
Taylor, Edwin W., Little Cornston (?)*
Taylor, William, Westport
Wilcox, Frederick, Fairhaven
Wood, Henry B., New Bedford
Wrightington, Ezra, 1st mate, Fairhaven

*Might be “Little Compton.”

The schooner Paragon, Capt. Haley, cleared at Gloucester on the 15th for San Francisco. She takes on the following passengers:--

_ain (Bain ?,), Arthur, of Gloucester
Grover, George, of Gloucester
Holliday, William H., of Boston
Law (Lew ?), A., of Essix
Williams, Jason, of Gloucester

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