California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 17, 1849

NOTE: If you are researching this edition of the New York Herald on microfilm, the masthead date in incorrect. The editor/printer forgot to change the date from 2-16-1849 to 2-17-1849.

The Steamer Orus.

At a meeting of the passengers of the steamer Orus, off Chagres, held on January 13th, 1849, the following resolution was unanimously adopted, and that a copy be presented to Captain B.W. Tucker, and the same to be sent for insertion to the New York Herald and Courier and Enquirer.

“Resolved, That we, the undersigned passengers of the steamboat Orus …on our passage from New York to Chagres…present our thanks to Captain T., wishing he may gain the highest success in the profession to which he is an honor."

Chapin, Chas. E
Conway, A.B.
Geist, J.W.
Hall, John
Hinsdale, Geo. S.
Holbrook, S.F., Jr.
Holmes, J.L.
Jansen, John
Mack, August
Mack, Theodore
Mack, Albert
Martin, Esek. H.
Pratt, Wm. H.
Tomlinson, O.M.

The Emigration to California.


The third of the Pacific Mail Line of Messrs. Howland and Aspinwall, the steamship Panama, will leave at 10 o’clock this morning, for Rio Janeiro, Valparaiso, Callao, San Blas, Panama, San Francisco, &c., &c.

Annexed is a list of her officers:--
Davis, Samuel, 1st assistant engineer
Everet, T.C., first officer
Griswell, John S., 3d officer
Jones, Owen, carpenter
Lomree, George, 1st assistant engineer
Mackilvaine, J.M., purser
Murphy, Daniel, chief engineer
Porter, David D., Lieut. U.S.N., commanding (Lieut. David Dixon Porter, U.S.N.)
Taylor, _., 3d assistant engineer
Toems, Robert, surgeon
Van Buren, T.A., 2d officer
Winshop, Thomas, 2d assistant engineer

Listed passengers:
Colton, G.Q.
Gatchel, A.S.
Herrick, H.
Houghton, A.P.
Perry, Jas. T.

The schooner Mary W., Captain Baker, sailed yesterday for San Francisco. The Algonquin Association, of New York, went in her. The Association comprises the following gentlemen:--

Arnold, James H.
Baker, John _.
Briggs, John G.
Buckelew (Buckslew ?), John
Cathcart, Jos.
Coe, Geo. W.
Cunningham, James B.
Davis, Joseph, assayer
Hagan, Lewis
Hart, E.P.
Houghton, Wm.
Hout__ing, A.J.
McRisch (?), Farland
Myers, Benjamin
Palmer, Theo. G.
Phelps, Noah A., Jr.
Randolph, E.F.
Randolph, Geo. F.
Rencrick, Chas. G.
Seymour, John S.
Smith, Chas. W.
Soloman, Wm. H.
Stont (Stoun ?), Isaac J.
Strong, George E.
Swinson, Gustavus
Thomas, Peter R.
Thorp, J.W.
Wright, Charles H.
Young, Jonas M.

The Henry Lee sails today for San Francisco and the Gold Region. She has been purchased and fitted up by an enterprising company of 125 from Hartord and the vicinity, who go out in her… The following are the names of the ship’s company:--

Adams, Albert
Arnold, George W.
Bacon, Leonard H.
Bates, Fordyce
Bishop, Elias
Bissell, J.V.
Boiles, Franklin
Buckley, James
Buckmister (Buckmeister ?), William A.
Buraham, George S.
Burke, William A.
Burnett, Henry
Bushnell, W.E.
Case, Henry
Childs, L.L.
Chrisolm (sic), Colin
Colton, A.
Cornish, S.
Cotton, George
Crane, E.T.
Dewey, George W.
Dickinson, William B.
Dole, George C.
Dougherty, C.K.
Drake, O.M.
Ellenwood, T.B.
Ely, B.F.
Erwin, Thomas S.
Farnham, George
Filley, T.M.
Fisher, Charles F.
Fisher, George H.
Francis, Titas P.
Fuller, Homer
Fuller, Horatio
Gardnier, William H.
Gilbert, John R.
Gilman, John
Godard, Jerome
Goodrich, E.W.
Griggs, H.O.
Griswold, J.A.
Hale, Matthew
Halkitt, David
Hall, Asher
Hall, J.L.
Hamilton, James P.
Hamilton, Lorenzo
Hamlin, L.H.
Hart, Eben
Hart, John H.
Hart, Matthew R.
Havers, H.T.
Hawkins, H.A.
Hitchcock, Doctor E.D.
Holebrook, Caleb M.
Holebrook, E.
House, W.B.
Howlet, Charles
Hutchinson, J.C.
Jaqua, J.H.
Judd, H.G.
Keith (Kelth ?), Lewis
Keith, Fredom (sic)
Kellogg, Giles P.
King, George T.
Knox, David
Ladd, J.F.
Latimer, John T.
Lemay, James
Lester, A.J.
Lucas, C.D.
M’Clure, P.
Mallory, A.H.
Marsh, Frederick
Marsh, S.K.
Mason, John C.
Mather, E.P.
Maynard, Seldon
McClintock, William B.
McKinstry, Lee
Mills, Oliver W.
Mills, Styles E.
Moody, E.
O_eo_t, J.B.
Osborne, D.W.
Otis, A.L.
Otis, Samuel F.
Parker, Rev. O.F.
Parsons, J.R.
Peck, W.S.
Penfield, Austin A.
Prindle, Henry
Ranney, Geo. C.
Rice, John S.
Rice, Manuel S.
Rich, A.C.
Russell, J.W.
Saunders, O.W.
Smith, Charles P.
Smith, Jared W.
Smith, Joseph
Squires, S.F.
Starkweather, A.S.
Starr, J.B.
Stoughton, H.
Stuart, William H.
Sumner, S.P.
Sweetland, J.N.
Vail (Vall ?), Captain David P., master
Watson, J.L.
Webster, George G.
White, Benjamin F.
Wilcox, Anson
Wilcox, F.C.
Young, R.

The bark Guilford, Captain Thorp, sailed on the 15th inst., for Chagres; with the following passengers:--

Backus, P.
Belden, A.
Bliss, E.
Conklin, A.B.
Crow, N., and son, Walworth
Curtis, J.R.
Curtis, P.
Green, H.
Harris, N.B.
Holmes, J.C.
Jones, W.
Kilborn, T.C.
Mason, H.G.
Miller, J.E.
Moffat, J.L.
Mount, J.
Nokes, John
Perry, P.H.
Pike, N.
Sandford, Wm.
Scranton, J.A.
Shaw, R.
Slosson, W.H.
Smith, E.H.
Smith, John
Strange, W.
Taylor, C.
Taylor, W.
Ward, S.H.
West, _.
Whitcomb, M.
Wilson, J.B.
Wilson, T.

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