California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 16, 1849

Movements for California


The Schooner Gazelle, Capt. Courier, cleared at New Bedford on the 13th inst., for San Francisco. Annexed is a list of her officers and crew:--

Merrill, Mr. John, supercargo
Heywood, Erastus W., clerk
Currier, Joseph C., master
Howland, Frederick S., 1st mate
Akins, Daniel B., 2nd mate
Small, Saml.
Potter, Leander
Wodell, Eli
Chambers, William E.
Smith, Robert S.
Bowles, Justus W., seaman
Howland, Nathaniel, steward
Coggeshall, John H., cook


The following are the passengers in the Eudorus, from Frankfort, for San Francisco:--

From Bangor:
Alford, A.
Blanchard, Captain L.
Boynton, Thomas
Bridges, W.H.
Burnham, J.J.
Buxton, E.S.
Dickey, D.L.
Dunbar, M.B.
Gibson, David
Godfrey, A.
Holland, C.T.
Hutchinson, J.F.
Martin, James S.
Mullay (Mallay ?), James
Nowell, R.
Stacy, W.T.
Swett, James
Taylor, S.R.
Warren, G.A.
Wiggins, R.

Additional passengers:
Bixby, G.F., of Athens
Butler, N., of Ellsworth
Dunbar, G.W., of Boston
Dunbar, W.H., of Boston
Gordon, John, of Oldtown
Gray, H.H., of Oldtown
Martin, G., of Ellsworth
Moor, C.V., of Oldtown
Soule, William, of Hermon

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