California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 11, 1849

Ho! For California

The following passengers sailed, on Friday, in the ship Morrison, Capt. Spaulding, for San Francisco:--

Adrian, William
Adriance, Henry D.H.
Anderson, A.
Anderson, James
Bailey, Gilbert
Bartine, Isaac
Bawley, Curtis
Becker, Thomas
Becker, Zadeck
Benham, Thomas L.
Berry, R.K.
Blinn, Huron
Blondell, John
Bond, J.E.
Bond, William
Booth, Albert
Bowman, Henry
Briggs, Horace
Bullock, Daniel
Burger, Peter
Cannon, George W.
Carolonnier, John
Castner, James
Castner, Joseph
Cloyd, Warren
Coffin, A.H.
Corson, Williamson
Craney, James
Crichton, William
Cromwell, Walter
Curtis, Charles P.
Daniels, Ephraim
Decker, Isaac
Decker, James
Donnelly, Peter
Emmett, John P.
Fairweather, Aaron
Fenton, Charles H.
Fisher, Tryon
French, Ebeneser
Gage, Amos
Green, James B.
Green, John, Jr.
Hall, A.H.
Hayes, Benedict
Hickox, F.
Hiffert, Charles
Hill, Peter
Hoffman, C.
Hurd, T.W.
Irving, Dr.
Jenkins, James B.
Jenkins, Robert
Lake, Charles G.
Larraway, M.D.
Lawrence, Augustus
Lewis, John
Lockwood, D.A.
Long, Edward
Magnus, Theodore
Marshall, Daniel H.
Mason, Caspar
McGinnis, Patrick
McKinnon, A.C.
Mesercau (Mesercan ?), Peter, Jr.
Meyers, Andrew
Moffat, William S.
Morris, A.C.
Mullens, Timothy
Nelson, George
Nicoll, Leonard, D.
Nicolls, _.
Nicolls, _.
Olmstead, Frederick
Osborn, J.B.
Page, Vincent M.
Passmore (Pasemore ?), H.
Pearce, Joseph B.
Pond, R.L.
Potter, Charles
Price, Bartholomew
Robinson, B.H.
Sands, Henry
Schieffelin, Alfred
Schieffelin, Jacob
Schieffelin, Master E.G.
Shed, Charles D.
Sheppard, E.S.
Small, William E.
Smith, J. Sterritt
Spring, Dr. E.
Steven, William
Stevens, Melton R.
Story, William F.
Twitchell, Charles
Van Deventer, John
Walker, Joseph
Warbasse, John S.
Warner, G.W.
Wendell, Peter

The following passengers sailed on the 5th inst., in the bark Keoka, Capt. Maguire, for San Francisco:--

Adee, Daniel
Adee, Wm. M.
Biggs, _.
Bostwick, T.M.
Burchard, W.C.
Burritt, Lyman
Chapin, C.W.
Chapman, Z.M.
Condee, J.M.
Corrigan, John P.
Davids, C.L.
Davis, G.W.
Dwinell, Luther
Fanning, Z.D.
Green, Israel
Hahn, Wm.
Hall, William
Houpt, Dr. C.J.
Humphrey, James E.
Kay, T.B.
Keeler, A.T.
McCoy, B.T.
Milford, Thos.
Reynoulds (Reynolds ?), L.
Seymour, George W.
Smyke, Mr.
Terry, E.A.
Van Blarcom, J.D.B.
Warner, J.M.
Weeks, Moses
Weston, E.P.
Weston, E.P.
Whiting, C.H.
Willard, W.M.
Young, Wm.

Passengers on the ship Sabina, sailed from Sagharbor, L.I., for San Francisco, on the 7th inst:--

Hatch, C.A.
Howell, C.W.
Howell, Geo.
Mills, J.K.
Rogers, Horatio
Rogers, N.B.
Seeley, Chas.
Wood, T.J.

Names of the stockholders who go out in her:--
Burnet, Geo. H.
Case, Jos.
Conklin, Jedediah
Cook, John H.
Dimon, Nathan
Dodge, John L., MD
Edwards, Andrew
Field, J.K.
Glover, Daniel B.
Glover, Thos. J.
Green, B.R.
Green, Chas. N.
Green, Hy.
Green, John H.
Halsey, Edw. W.
Halsey, S.B.
Halsey, Sam’l B.
Halsey, Wm.
Hand, David
Hand, David H.
Hatnes, Wm. C.
Herrick, Geo.
Herrick, Jas.
Hildreth, Albert
Horton, Salter S.
Horton, W.T.
Howell, Chas.
Howell, Peter H.
Ishum, Edwin B.
Jagger, Albert
Jagger, Austin
Jagger, Lewis
Ledlow, John
Ludlow, Aug.
Ludlow, L.
McCue, J.
McElrath, Thos. L.
Parker, David F.
Parker, James
Parker, Wm. W.
Post, Wm.
Post, Wm. H.
Reeves, Jetur
Rhoades, Henry
Ripley, Thos. P., Jr.
Rogers, Albert
Sandford, A.H.
Sandford, Lewis
Sayre, Isaac
Sweeney, Doyle
Tabor, A.J.
Tincker, Wm. W.
Van Scoy, _. S.
Vanvechton, Jno.
Warren, Thos. E.
Webb, Hy
White, Edw. H.
White, Wm.
Woodward, Jno.


The following is a list of the passengers from this port (Newbury, MA ?) in the bark Rodolph, which cleared yesterday:--

Bishop, Wm.
Cantelow , Wm.
Chapman, A.P.
Dickerson, Chas. A.
Dillaway, Jos. B.
Dodd, Chas. E.
Hayden, C.C.
Kent, Geo. F.
McClennan, Isaac
McGuire, Thos. L.
Murden, Lyman P.
Roberts, Thos. H.
Wallace, Geo. W.
Watkins, Andrew

Additional passengers:
Blanchard, Wm. K. of Chelsea
Bradbury, John D., of Malden
Dennison, Ammi P., of Lowell
Eastman, Harrison, of Concord, NH
Hazelton, D., of Lowell
Ke___ (Kelly ?), David B., of Malden
Leach, R.L., of Lowell
Plummer, M.D., of Dorchester
Slater, Wm., of East Boston
Stearns, Charles, of Malden
Stearns, Thomas, of Sudbury
Stebbins, Francis, of West Springfield
Stiles, Edwin B., of Malden
Sullivan, James B., of Chelsea
Whitmore, John, of Hebron, NH
Whitmore, Jonathan, of Alexandria, NH
Wise, Daniel P., of Malden
Wyman, Rufus P., of Woburn

In the Emily Bourne, from New Bedford for San Francisco:--

Alm, Robert B., of Boston
Rotch, Horatio H., of New Bedford

And a company consisting of the following persons:--

Barnaby, James E., of Taunton
Bristol, John, steward
Castle, Wm., cook
Christie, Warren M., of Wareham, 2d mate
Crossman, Joseph C., of Wareham
Delano, Obed, of Mattapolsett, 1st mate
Keith, Philander, Jr., of Wareham
Kennison, Joseph L., of Fairhaven
Potter, Wm. R., of New Bedford, master

New Bedford:
Ashley, Reuben
Beaton, Joshua
Buckley, James
Dwight, Leonard
Jones, Samuel C.
Lincoln, A.
McKenzie, Robert M.
Tompkins, Andrew T.
Wood, James

(Copied by the NY Herald from the Boston Traveler, Feb. 9, 1849)

In the Tremont, from New Bedford for San Francisco:--

Booth, Francis
Briggs, Adoniram
Cushman, Charles D., of New Bedford
Ellis, Chas. P., of Plympton
Leach, Ebenezer, of Plympton
Lewis, James H., of Fall River
Pierce, Samuel L., of Saco, ME
Ruggles, Caleb F., of Roxbury
Simmons, Geo. A., Jr., of New Bedford
Weaver, Jno. T., of Fall River
Western, Jno. E., of Lynn

From Middleborough:
Armington, Edward R.
Hucket, Edward W.
Nelson, Aumaria C.
Orcort, Alpheus
Pierce, Henry
Pierce, William S.
Pitts, Abner, Jr.,
Record, Issac W.
Sekell, John Albert
Sekell, Joshua T.
Sekell, Moses H.
Tucker, George W.


The following persons recently sailed in the Anne, from Bristol, R.I., for San Francisco:--

Blanchard, Geo. W., Boston
Comer, John H., Boston

[A complete passenger list for the bark Anne was published in the New York Herald, 2-23-1849.]

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