California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 10, 1849

Movements For California

AN OVERLAND EXPEDITION TO CALIFORNIA – The overland expedition to California, which has been organized in this city (New York), started on their journey on Thursday afternoon last, under the command of Col. H.L. Webb and Mr. John W. Audubon. When they arrive at the mouth of the Ohio, Col. Webb will assume command, and military discipline is to be enforced on the march and while they remain in California. Annexed are the names of the company:--

NOTE: This is a particularly difficult list to transcribe. Some are “best guess” on the name.

Audubon, J.W., Esq. (Biography)
Ayres, Venancio
Barclay, Wm. B.
Beechman, Jacob H.
Benson, Leffert L.
Benson, Robert, Jr
Black, John A.
Bloomfield, John J.
Borden (Bordon ?), Hamilton J.
Brady, H.
Brady, John
Caversley, John P.
Clements, James B.
Coombs, Fred. S.
Cree, William J.
Davis, Gerandus P.
Delaney, John
Demon, Luke
Doubleday, Ulysses
Ely, Joshua, Jr.
Emetile (???), James I.
Gordon, Henry
Graham, A. Clason (?)
Graham, A. Spencer
Graham, Montrose Charles
Hall, Thomas J., Jr.
Haven, Langdon H.
Hinkley, Limon F.
Hudson, David
Hutchinson, William A.
Kearney, D.
Keshow (Kashow ?), Israel
Lambert, Edward A.
Lambert, J. Robert
Lambert, J.S.
Lambert, John B.
Lambert, Joseph
Lee, Augustus F.
Liscomb, Samuel H.
Liscomb, William H.
Mallory, Henry C., Esq.
McCusker, Peter
McTown, Andrew J.
Meleasor (Melensor ?) (??), William D.
Nevis, Andrew M.
Osgood, Edward W.
Plumb, John H.
Powell, Emmitt
Rogers, J. Kearney
Sherwood, James W.
Sherwood, Richard W.
Shipman, Aaron T.
Silvers, Daniel A.
Sloat, Lewis W.
Steel, George C.
Stevens, John
Stills, Henry
Stivers, William D.
Tallman, Harman
Tone (?), John H.
Trask, John B.
Valentine, Chas.
Valentine, Matthew B. (H. ?)
Valentine, Thomas B.
Van Buren, George F.
Walsh, Nicholas J.
Warner, James
Watkinson, Joseph S.
Webb, Col. H.L.
Webb, Edward C.
Webb, Watson
Weledsley (??), Gilbert B.
Whittlesey, Edward W.
Williamson, Isaac E. (H. ?)
Winthrop, Francis B.
Wood, George

The following is a list of the passengers for California, via Chagres, in the brig Samson, Captain Wheeler, which sailed 9th inst.:--

NOTE: This is a particularly difficult list to transcribe. Some are “best guess” on the name.

Anderson, Dr. M.
Ballou (Bullou ?), John
Barkeloo, John
Belden (Bolden ?), Robert H.
Brewster, R.E.
Brown, Mason
Burnbam, Richard
Chapman (?)
Comstock, Wm.
Cox, J.D.
Cummings, Charles H.
Davis, J.T.
Deney (Doney ?), S.P.
Fayran (Payran ?)
Frederick, Charles R.
Frost, James
Glasier, George G.
Green, E.C.
Hamilton, J.H.
Harris, A.G.
Harris, Dr. Stephen R.
Haynes, J.P.
Hazzard, R.M.
Headrick, A.G.
Heath, John
Herrence, Richard D.
Herrick, E.H.
Holt, Wm.
Hunt, S.L.
Irvin, Wm. S.
Kelsey, H.W.
King, G.M.
Lee, Benjamin F.
Lockman, C.
McCarty, Robert
McIlvain, Wm.
McKnight, O.
McN__t, James
McNulty, William
Patrick, _. G.
Patterson, Jas.
Patterson, H.
Penniston, Charles
Pomroy, Charles
Pugh, J.W.
Pugh, Jonathan
Randall, C.H.
Randall, J.W.
Richardson, J.G.
Schmidt, James
Scott, Wm. H.
Sharp, George
Sharp, Henry
Tobin, David M.
Tobin, J.M.
Topping, E.G.
Tryon, F.
Van Dyke, Dr. M.H.
Webb, David
Welden, James H.
Westervelt, John A.
Wood, P.W.
Woodman, Moses


The bark Pleiadas, Capt. Post, and the brig Emily Bourne, Capt. Porter, cleared at New Bedford on the 6th Inst., for San Francisco. The Pleiadas took out the following passengers:--

All passengers from New Bedford.

Hammond, William
Pierce, Bradbury
Remington, Thomas
Vincent, Ambrose


[Charleston Courier, Feb. 5 (1849)]

“We understand that a party of young gentlemen of enterprise,, energy and character, are to leave our city this day for California. Their route will be to proceed from this city to New Orleans by railroad—from thence to Port Lavacon (?), in Texas, by steamer—then to San Antonio de Bexar (?) by stage. Here they will obtain mules to convey them first to Chihuahus (?), and from there to San Francisco. The following are the names of those who leave:--

From Charleston:
Cripps, John S.
Edgerton, S.F.
Edmonston, James N.
Miot, Alexander
Miot, John M.
Priolean, J. Ford, MD
Wagner, William H.

Gasadorff, E., of Germany

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