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New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 9, 1849

Movements for California

The New Brunswick bark Isabel, Capt. Bremen, sailed yesterday for San Francisco, with the New Brunswick and California Mining and Trading Company, comprising the following persons – Dr. Taylor, Mayor of New Brunswick, being president:--

Abdill, David
Annin, Wm. V.S.
Berien, John H.
Boyce, Charles D.S.
Brewer, John R.
Brewer, N.R., commander
Castner, William P.
Caywood, James M.
Caywood, Michael
Conover, William
Cook, James
Davis Peter
Dayton, Jeremiah B.
Dunham, John C.
Edmonds, Robert M.
Elmendorf, Peter D.
Fisher, Philip V.
Forman, James
Grant, J.R.
Hardenberg, James R.
Hoagland, Martin
Kellum, Wm. C.
Kirkpatrick, James
Letsen, Thomas
Low, Bergen H.
Low, Randolph
Marsh, Wm. F.
Martin, George D.
Martin, George H.
Outkirk, Peter
Pyatt, Thomas H.
Reamer, George W.
Riley, Albert
Rowland, William
Sillocks, Gabriel
Sinclair, R.S., mate
Skillman, Theodore
Spader, James V., secretary
Stout, Charles S.
Suydam, John F.
Swayne, David
Taylor, Augs. F., president
Van Deveer, J.H.
Van Middlesworth, John W., treasurer
Van Nuis, John, Jr.
Vangleson, Isaac E., vice president
Vliet (sic), William V.

The schr. Col. Fanning, Capt. Kitcart (Kifcart ?), sailed on Wednesday for Brazos Santiago, with the Eagle Mining Company, of Hartford, Conn. Annexed are the names of the members:--

Bartlett, M.
Boyce, P.H.
Callihan, B.
Chaffee, C.
Connor, J.
Harper, P.A.
Hoffman, F.
Houghton, M.
Howe, B. (E. ?)
Howe, H.H.
Hunt, M.
Jones, A.
Lynch, F.
Ostrander, H.
Parsons, A.M.
Perry, P.L.
Raditch, Marco
Reynolds, M.
Searle, A.A.
Stillwell, H.C.
Travis, C.
Travis, N.C.
Trim, D.L.
Valentine, William
Wetsell, William H.
Wilkes, J.C.
Wormouth, E.

The ship George Washington, Holdredge, sailed on Wednesday, for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Adams, C.
Andariese, E.
Apley, _.
Baldwin, _.
Barnwall, H.
Bates, L.
Beers, J.D.
Behrmann, F.
Bell, _.
Bennett, D.
Bennett, F.
Bonnet, A.J.
Bothan, L.
Brennan, _.
Briggs, _.
Campbell, _.
Carvill, _.
Coltart, R.
Coltart, W.
Comstock, C.H.
Comstock, E.H.
Curry, _.
Curry, Z.
Cutter, T., Jr.
Dimon, Dr. T., surgeon, Utica, NY
Dobbie, A.M.
Emmet, J.L.
Emmet, T.H.
Eves, W.
Ewalt, _.
Fisher, J.
Ford, _.
Frisby, A.H.
Furniss, G.
Gardiner, _.
Goss, _.
Grimmolin, _.
Guy, _.
Haley, _.
Hallen, A.
Hallen, S.
Harrington, _.
Henshaw, _.
Hutchings, _.
Hutchinson, H.
Jack, J.
Kieffer, G.
Kieffer, L.
Kniffen, _.
Lawrence, _.
Leddy, P.
Leonard, _.
Lockwood, _.
Mahoney, _.
Matterson, _.
May, _.
McKenzie, J.
Merrill, D.
Merritt, _.
Newbury, _.
Newell, W.H.
Palmer, _.
Pomroy, _.
Pray, W.
Purdy, E.H.
Purdy, L.
Reichard, _.
Rogerson, _.
Rouse, _.
Sayre, _.
Shaw, _.
Smith, S.
Smith, T.
Spencer, _.
Steere, _.
Stettinius, J.S.
Stettinius, J.W.
Storrs, W.
Sweeney, _.
Thomas, _.
Thompson, _.
Tidy, T.
Timm, _.
Van Courtland, A.B.
Vancleet, _.
Vanzaun (Vanzann ?), _.
Vermehr, Rev. Dr., lady, 4 children and nurse
Warren, _.
Weaver, _.
Williams, L.
Wilson, _.
Wright, A.J.


The brig Acadian, Capt. Cunningham, cleared at Boston on Monday last, for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

NOTE: There are two listings for the Acadian published on this date. Additional information is added in red.

Barker, A.H. (Abner H.)
Barker, Benjamin
Blake, E. (Ephraim)
Brown, L., Jr.
Hutchins, Charles
Mitchell, Alexander J. (Alex H.)
Mitchell, Wm. H.
Rhoades, Jacob
Taylor, H.R. (Henry R.)

Additional passengers:
Adams, A. Davis, of Roxbury
Carlyle, William B., of Lowell
Cunningham, T.B., captain (Theodore B.)
Hebard, W.H., of N. Bridgewater (William H.H.)
Holbrook, Daniel P., of Roxbury
( Kaskell, Washington L. )
Wells, S.P. (Sam’l. P.)
White, Caleb E., of E. Randolph

The Holyoke Mining Company, which started from Northampton for California, by way of the Isthmus, on Monday, consists of the following passengers:--

NOTE: name of ship not given. However, two of the passengers are found arriving in San Francisco on the S.L. Crowell.

Allen, William S.
Bisbee, Barton
Chenery, Richard, President
Clark, Edwin C., (son of Allen)
Hodges, Horace I.
Hubbard, Marshall
Lyman, Frederic
Prouty, John
Starkweather, Charles G.
Tower, Nathaniel
Wright, Ozro C, (son of Zenas)

Additional passengers:
Baker, Francis, Wilbraham
Bosworth, Samuel N., Westfield
Bradbury, Andrew, station master on the Connecticut river railroad, at Northfield
Cushing, E.C., Perkinsville, VT
Fish, John, Westhampton
Hubbard, M. Hash, Williamsburgh
Marrick, Pliny H., Wilbraham
McKindley, J.G., Chatham, NY
Phelps, Frederick B., Belcher Town
Reed, Dr. Samuel, Greenfield


The Montgomery Journal of the 1st inst. says: A company of noble hearted and gallant fellows started from this city last night, on the steamer Montgomery, for California. If anyone can win success in that land of the golden harvests, they surely deserve it. The following is a correct list of their names, occupations, and residence:--

Albright, G., blacksmith
Bennett, A.A., carpenter
Bibb, P., clerk
Boyd, D.M., Tailor
Cowles, S., clerk
Curtis, J.L., saddler
Davidson, J., merchant
Gimdrat, Dr. A., physician
Knapp, T.B., clerk
Linn, E., surveyor
Paul, J.H., clerk
Smith, H., shoe merchant
Soates, J.H., merchant

Additional passengers:
Clock (Clook ?), D., commission merchant, of Mobile
Farley, Dr.
Sims, Lieut. John L.

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