California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 4, 1849

The California Fever

The bark Bonne Adele, Capt Tezequel, sailed Friday for Panama and California, with the following passengers:--

(This is named the "Bonnie Adele" in the New York Tribune, 1-31-1849. Names in RED are additional names and/or different spellings taken from from New York Tribune list.)

Barnes, Lewis, Brooklyn Barm, Lewis
Beck, A., NY
Beck, M., Germany Beck, Maximillion
Boyer, Henry, NY
Brect, George, Whitehall Brett, Mr.
Cassidy, J.W., NY Cassidy, John W.
Charane, August
Chavenne, J., Switzerland Charane, Joseph
Chevenne, A., Switzerland
Coe, L., Germany
Collins, Samuel, Yonkers Collum, Samuel
Copeland, W.E., Rochester
Corson, Lewis, Raimbeau, France
Crandall, J.T., Whitehall Crandall, John T.
Dailey, John, Yonkers Daily, John
Demarest, Edward, Rome
Doncourt, Jos., NY
Dudgeon, S., NY Duggin, Samuel
Ellard, G., Brooklyn Ellard, George
Ferle, Mr.
Ferris, E.D., Whitehall Ferry, E.D.
Flynn, E., Williamsburgh
Fries, L., Germany
Froellcher, F., Germany Froelicher, Frederick
Garren, Herman
Garretjon, J., Holland Garritson, John
German, Francis, Germany
Grant, C.H., Holland Grant, Charles H.
Griffon, Egan, Switzerland
Harcourt, H.D., MD, S. Island
Hawley, Levi, Hartford
Herring, W., Germany
Hodge, John
Hunter, John
Jacobs, A., Brooklyn Jacobs, August
Johnson, R.J., Williamsburgh
Jones, G.R.
Jones, H.A., Connecticut Jones, H.H.
Kacherene, Henry
Keeler, Frederick
Laflin (Laffin ?), Ozzin (sic), Whitehall Laflin, Orlin
Laughran, C.A., Rome
Maurer, H., Germany Mauren, Frances
Martin, R.S.
McAdam, P., NY
McCormack, Thomas, and brother, NY
McCoun, C., Whitehall
McGonegal, D., NY
McGraw, Phillip
McMahon, W., NY
Muller, Mrs., Germany
Nash, G.S.
O’Gara, M., NY O'Hara, Michael
O’Toole, _., and son, Rochester
Patton, H.H., Hartford Patten, H.H.
Peysenecker, H., Brooklyn
Pickering, Mr.
Prediger, Lewis, Germany
Ratles, N.
Remais, L., Germany
Requere, A., NY
Reseque, James, NY
Robadeo (Robadee, Robadre, Robadro ?), C., Brooklyn Robadee, Charles
Roff, P.W., S. Island
Rogers, H., Germany
Rutledge, Barret, NY
Sauger, Michael, Keepsberger
Saunders, Stephen, Rome
Schmellenberg, T., Holland Schmelenberg, Mr.
Scoville, H.A., Whitehall Scofield, H.A.
Sherlock, Edward, NY
Silenze, G., NY Silence, George
Sinickson, Mrs., New Jersey
Smith, Wm.
Steeny, John
Taffe, Joseph, Ireland
Thompson, John
Van Praaz (Van Praag ?), Joseph, Holland
Walker, Joseph, Germany
Waugh, Joseph, Vermont
Weagener, C.F., Germany
Whiting, R.B., Hartford
Whitney, Mr.
Willis, W., NY
Woodford, J., Brooklyn Woodford, Jacob
Woods, Thomas, NY

The Pawtucket Chronicle of this morning says:--
The Pawtucket Overland Association, a company formed in this town to hunt for gold in California, has left for that distant region. They are expected to sail to-day from New York for Vera Cruz, in the brig Columbia, a vessel chartered by them for the purpose. They will proceed overland from the latter city. The association consists of the following persons:--

From Pawtucket:
Carrique, Richard
Carrique, Richard, Jr.
Dexter, Nathaniel
Harris, Wm.
Hill, Asa K.
Hodges, H.B.
Humphreys, John B.
Lee, Nehemiah W.
Lefavour, Thomas W.
Perry, Geo. W.
Perry, Horatio N.
Perry, John A.
Pitcher, Geo. W.
Randall, John
Rawson, Wm.
Saunders, Samuel
Stone, Jos. B.

Other persons:
Alen, Wm. H.
Ashley, James
Brady, Philip
Danforth, Charles
Draper, Milton, of Attleborough
Franklin, W.A.
Hamilton, Ebenezer, of Central Falls
Humphreys, A.N.
Joseph, Enos, of Central Falls
Lawrence, Paul
Pearce, Galen
Roundville, Joseph
Tillinghast, John W.
Wrigley, Wm., of Norton

"Number of members: 31.”

The bark Suliote, Capt. Simpson, sailed from Belfast Me., on the 30th. Ult., for California. In the following list will be found the names of her passengers:--

From Bangor, Maine:
Bartlett, E.W.
Carr, Wm. B.
Cram, R.B.
Day, Joseph, Jr.
Decrow (sic), A.R.
Fitts, George C.C. (sic)
Hall, R.S.
Hanson, Joseph
Kirkpatrick, Alfred
Leavitt, Joseph
Pattengill, Stephen
Peck, S.T.
Peirce (Pierce ?), S.O.
Pollard, John
Pratt, John
Raynes, A.E.
Short, Samuel S.
Short, Wm.
Straw, L.S.
Thomas, Prince
Webb, Charles
Webb, Elisha
Webb, John
Webb, Peter L.

Other passengers:
Bean, Andrew, of Brooks
Bradford, Benjamin, of Lee
Brown, A.G., of Orono
Brown, B.H., of Orono
Burrell, Augustus W., of Waldo
Burrill, G.C., of Unity
Crabtree, George T., of Camden
Cusac, Joseph, of Camden
Dinsmore, Thomas, of China
Dudley, G., of Hampden
Dudley, J., of Hampden
Dyer, Joseph P., of Camden
Farrow, Thomas, of Belfast
Follansbee (Fellansbee ?), Fisher H., of Camden
Gamble, A., of Orrington
Granwell, Lot, of Oldtown
Griffin, Benjamin, of Belfast ("late editor of the Belfast Republican"; from New York Herald, 2-5-1849)
Griffin, William, of Boston
Hall, John F., of Boston
Hubbard, A.J., of Waterville
Johnson, Aaron, of Stillwater
Merrill, Curtis, of Belfast
Patterson, Freeman, of Belfast
Sherman, Joseph, of Lincolnville
Torry, Wm. L., of Belfast
Weeks, Wm. H., of Unity

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