California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
February 1, 1849

HO! For California


Annexed is a list of passengers in the ship Orpheus, Captain Freeman, which sailed on Tuesday, for San Francisco:--

Adlesdorfer, E.
Adlesdorfer, Zachary (listed twice)
Ahrens, J.F.
Allen, Selden H.
Armstrong, B.
Austen, C.E.
Avery, B.P.
Baldwin, Noyes
Baldwin, S.F.
Balus, Edwin
Bampton, R.L.
Barnes, W.H., Jr.
Barnum, W.
Beaman, T.
Bennet, S.G.
Bigley, G.
Blakeslee, Edwin
Blorvelt, A.
Bogardus, J.P.
Bogart, J.E.
Brady, J.
Brien, Abraham
Briscom, C.W.
Brown, C.
Brown, George W.
Bryant, J.
Burger, E.G.
Burr, E.
Burring, J.
Campbell, Neil
Cannon, W.
Cavily, E., and wife
Chilver, J.
Church, Munson
Clark, George
Claughby, J.
Cole, S.
Collier, W.E.
Contrell, C.
Cox, W.
Crawford, D.
Crowell, W.H.
Daley, Henry
Davis, D.
Davis, Shadrach
de Cagigas, Benito
Decker, A.B.
Dennis, James
Dick, W.
Dickinson, C.
Dillon, P.W.
Disbrow, D.C.
Dodge, Augustus
Douglass, T.
Dowd, F., and wife
Duffin, John
Duffy, P.F.
Dunham, W.
Duryea, W.H.
Edmonson, W.
Ellsworth, E.B.
Everingham, Samuel
Ferguson, D.
Ferguson, J.
Ferris, T.H.
Finley, R.
Fowler, A.
Fowler, Jno
Francis, W.B.
French, J.S.
Fry, W.
Fuller, W.
Furman, Z.B.
Garvey, M.
Gaskins, G.M.
Gidley, D.
Girvin, C.
Graves, F.O.
Guigi, F.
Handford, Levi
Hannam (sic), Bartholomew
Hannum (sic), James
Hart, T.
Harvey, C.
Hitchcock, A.W.
Hll, J.A.
Hooper, E.
Hopkins, J.A.
Horton, B.P.
Howard, E.D.
Hull, E.
Jacobs, J.
Keathy, James, and Sons
Kelly, W.S.
Kennis, P.
Kershaw, J.
Kidder, E.G.
Kidder, H.A.
Lander, George L.
Leahman, J.
Letts, Ed.
Levesque, A.
Lorati, Joseph
Ludlow, Peter G.
Lusk, R.
Maffet, W.B.
Mandeville, S.F.
Manser, J.B.
Mansfield, C.H.
Marratt, E.G.
Mason, J.
Mazetti, Joseph
McDivit, W.
McDivit, W.S.
McEwen, L.
McManus, P.
Meachar, George
Merrifield, W.
Metcalf, J.T.
Miles, J.
Miller, C.M.
Montgomery, J.
Mores, L.
Mumpeton, J.
Murphy, H.
O’Neil, F.
Palmyra, G.
Parker, J.
Parsons, F.C.
Patterson, W.S.
Payne, W.
Peregoy, C.E.
Pickett, W., and family
Polhemus, J.
Pollard, C.J.
Prescott, H.
Quimby, J.A.
Raymold, J.A.
Richard, George
Riggs, J.
Rockett, Francis H.
Russell, D.H.
Ryerson, H.O.
Ryertson, J.H.
Sampson, George
Schuyler, N.
Seikles, G.
Shafer, W.H.
Smith, J.R.
Smith, Samuel B.
Sparks, G.M.
Speir, J.P.
Spurr, G.S.
Spurr, J.
Sumner, H.
Taylor, J.
Taylor, T.B.
Tice, P.
Tucker, A.G.
Van Dulen, E.G.
Van Tyne, A.
Vanderbilt, Oliver
Vandewater, W. (listed twice)
Vandyne, J.
Walsh, James
Waring, S.C.
Welsh, J.
Wheeler, C.
White, W.
Winney, J.
Yarwood, Marcus S.
Zoble, N.

The following is a list of passengers sailed in the brig Withrop, Capt. Laincke, for Chagres:--

Bonny, Geo.
Byers, John
Clark, James
Cleaves, Joseph H.
Day, Jacob
Denniston, H.
Denniston, H.P.
Galusha, E.B.
Galusha, E.E.
Galusha, J.J.
Hanghwoat (sic), J.
Jenkins, Wm. H.
McFarden, A.
McFarden, David
Mentz, James
Mentz, Wm.
Mercer, M.L.
Nicholls, John
Norman, P.
Poyrtt (sic), David
Prescott, William
Roberts, Henry
Stanage, P.J.
Treadway, Jos. G.
Van Camp, A.

NOTE: additional passengers were listed in the New York Herald on February 2, 1849. A complete passenger list for the bark Mara was published on February 3, 1849.

We understand that in the bark Mara, which sailed yesterday with a company of 150, for California, by way of Vera Cruz, there was a company of young men, called the Island City Mining Association. Their plans being so good, we give a short abridgement of them. 1st. They join into a stock company, for mutual protection and benefits; they carry out about $400 worth of implements for the purpose of mining, smelting, and refining the precious ore; they have bound themselves by a constitution and by-laws into a regular brotherhood; and we have no hesitation in saying, from the respectability and good habits of the young men, that they will do as well as any company that has gone to that country. We give a list of their names below:--

Bates, William
Corbesier (Corbester ?), William
Dayton, Oscar V.V.
Dickie, Charles P.
Erwin, John
Gantz, George
Gill, Dr. R.T.
Hebbard, Alonzo
Hodgkins, Senard R.
Hurd, Brittan E.
Jenkins, William
Lockwood, Albert
Millward, Joseph
Mulford, Lewis A.
Negbower, Lewis
Passage, Henry
Platt, Edwin M.
Platt, Joseph M.
Preston, A.
Taylor, Henry W.
Van Yorks, James


In the list of the passengers in the ship South Carolina, for San Francisco, which sailed on the 24th January, the name of William Van Wyck was omitted.

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