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New York Herald
New York City, New York
January 31, 1849

Movements for California


The new brig Sarah McFarland sails this morning for San Francisco, having on board the members of the Pacific Adventurer’s Association, passengers and crew.
Of all the companies who have sailed from this port, we know of none that has been better organized, or is composed of stauncher men, as the party who sail in the Sarah McFarland. The president of the Association, F. C. Bennett, Esq., is a gentleman of excellent business habits, general intelligence, and one who is admirably fitted to carry out triumphantly the objects of the company; and the physician, Dr. Hatch, stands high in his profession, and all the officers of the Association are young men of good standing and sterling ability.
Mr. Fenno, the popular tragedian, is a member of the Association; and if energy of character, intelligence and industry are of value, he will aid materially in the success of the enterprise.
The Association are owners of three-fourths of the vessel, and charter the other fourth; they have three years provisions, mining utensils, gold washers, assay machines, and every other article necessary for their purpose. Among the members are blacksmiths, carpenters, assayers, some old trappers, and an experienced minor from England.
Capt. W.T. Richardson, the able commander, has twice doubled the Horn, and is admirably seconded by Capt. Allen, who has consented to act as mate; they will make as short a passage as any on record.
Below are the names of the Association. We wish them a prosperous voyage, large profits and a safe return. --

Ackley, J.F.
Allen, Theodore, Mate
Ball, George
Bell, T.L.
Benedict, Martin, Jr.
Bennett, F.C. (Board of Directors; listed twice)
Bennett, F.C., President
Bryan, Benj. F.
Bush, J.F.
Chatterton, R.M.
Clews, E.G.
Combes, J.C.
Crane, Oliver
Curtis, S.J. (Board of Directors; listed twice)
Curtis, S.J., Treasurer
Dutton, Walter
Fenno, Augustas W.
Gerard, Daniel, Jr.
Glass, Schenck
Hall, Chas. A.
Hall, Edward, Bookkeeper
Halse, Henry L.
Handlin, Jas. L.
Hatch, Dr. Jethro, Vice President
Hawley, John S.
Jenkins, W.C. (Board of Directors; listed twice)
Jenkins, W.C., Secretary
Jordan, Emory N.
Kells, Charles E.
Kells, Wm. F.
Latham, Thomas
Lee, G.W.
Maguire, Geo. Board of Directors
Middleton, D.B.
Porter, Edwin, Jr.,
Prevost, C.T.
Richardson, Captain W.T.
Slade, R.S.
Starr, Wm. W.
Stephens, Freeman
Swift, Chas. A.
Swift, Philo M.
Wood, J.H.
Work, Geo., Board of Directors

Sailed from New York on Jan. 29 (1849)—The brig Endora, Captain Matthews, for Chagres. Taylor’s Mutual Association having chartered the above vessel, take as passengers the Cortez Mining Band of Newark, N.J., together with a number of gentlemen who are under the protection of the former Association. Among the list of passengers are members of wealthy and respectable families:--

Ackerson, J.W.
Alley, William S.
Bentley, George
Burrows, William
Buss, Abram
Cammen, William D.
Caviline, C.
Dally, Richard
Dickson, John
Donelly, P.
Dupignac, Alexander T.
DuPont, John H.
Edgar, P.
Field, David
Freeman, William
Hall, J.
Harris, Elisha A.
Hawarth, E.
Johnson, Thomas H.
Lindskoy, H.O.
Lott, Silas E.
Lull, William
Lux, Frederick
M’Donald, Alexander
Marston, John
Meeks, Washington
Murray, John
Murray, Samuel
Patterson, Thomas
Payton, Josiah
Peters, James
Powles, Henry
Regna, David
Riggs, A.
Scott, Henry
Sheppard, Alstone
Smith, A.
Steedman, John
Stevens, Anson O.
Stevens, G.B.
Taylor, William S.R.
Underhill, Gidney
Van Houten, James
Van Houten, John
Westerfield, David
Wykoff, Simon J.
Young, John


Annexed is a list of passengers sailed yesterday in the schooner John Castner, Captain Somers, for California, via Brazos St. Lago:--

Adams, Wm. P.
Arnold, Henry
Baggby, B.A.
Baldwin, J.K.
Barker, B.F.
Bennett, William C.
Bonnard, F.A.
Briggs, Charles
Briggs, J.C.
Brooks, Stephen S.
Brown, Bennel H.
Brown, Charles
Buckingham, B.
Burke, Edwin W.
Cameron, J.
Cauldwell, Seth
Chole, M.
Clark, A.B.
Clark, Sandford S.
Cogswell, L.T.
Craven, George
Crocket, Frederick
Darling, H.
Dodge, A.H.
Doherty, J.
Ducan, Charles P.
Dunbar, Wm. A.
Feeny, E.G.
Foet, F.E.
Fondo, M.B.
Fowler, Jos. M.
Glass, D.S.
Green, Alancen
Grover, Luther
Handsen (Handson ?), Wm.A.
Harding, Captain F.
Hedges, Joseph, Jr.
Herron, P.
Holles, J.H.
Holten, Ira
Houghton, Daniel
Hunt, F.F.
Hunz, Samuel L.
Jeffreys, Edward
Kercher, Henry J.
Kurtz, W.M.
Levy, M.
Loverich, E.
Luce, Israel
Lucky, Robert
Lutteroth, Dr.
Manard, Edward
Manard, J.S.
Mason, W.
McClochy, James
McFarland, Peter
Minel, J.A.
Mitchell, John J.
Monk, P.
Montgomery, John H.
Morehouse, Noble
Morris, N.B.
Newhouse, N.
Newland, J.P.
Nichols, N.C.
Nichols, N.C.
Phelps, J.O.
Pons, James B.
Reynolds, William
Richards, J.H.
Robertson, Dr. F.K.
Scofield, James
Searls, Moses
Shephard, Thomas
Sinclair, D.W.
Sizer, Daniel
Slocum, W.S.
Smith, John
Smith, John D.
Stanford, Henry
Stone, Albert
Taylor, Dr.
Terry, A.
Warner, Soloman S.
Whittemore, Reuben W.
Wilson, Henry


The following is a list of the passengers in the ship Trescott, Capt. Mallory, which sailed on Wednesday last fron Mystic for San Francisco:--

From Mystic:
Amsbury, A.
Amsbury, H.N.
Appleman, Hiram
Appleman, Noyes N.
Barber, John
Chesebro, Henry D.
Clift, Horace
Denison, Wm. H.
Ingraham, Horace
Mallory, Jas.
Patrick, D.B.
Williams, Dr. R.

From Stonington:
Brewster, Capt. C.O.
Chadwick, S.
Church, Wm.
Stanton, Chas. H.
Forsyth, Geo. D.
Davis, Chas. H.
Smith, Sidney
Pendleton, J.
Wheeler, N.H.
Burch, _.
Steven, _.

From North Stonington
Brown, S.P.
Hewitt, A.M.
Hewitt, Wm.
Phillips, T.C.
Randall, P.M.

From Norwich:
Carpenter, G.W.
Coit, R.G.
Devotion, John L.
Faulkner, Wm.
Hooker, A.D.
Hopkins, Hardin
Manning, _.
Marble, Geo. A.
Northrop, W.A.
Prentice, _.
Prentice, John
Sherman, O.
Talcott, _.
Talcott, H.
Warren, George
Whitaker, H.W.
Wilkinson, W.W.

Additional passengers:
Avery, A., Winham
Gates, Thos., Worcester
Hazard, Dr. A.D., Providence
Low, S.B., New York
Shaw, _., New York
Van Buren, _., Nedw York
Wood, T.N., Westerly
Woodmanson, J.S., New York
And 16 others not listed.


The following men of Havre de Grace and its vicinity, have left to join Jim Gordon’s California Association, shortly to start from New York:--

NOTE: all of these men may have been from Port Deposit.

Boyd, Joseph C.
Brown, H.N.
Wright, William
Pennington, Joseph
Courtney, John F.
Edgar, Edward J.
Carver, Henry P.
Michael, Jacob O.
Gilmer, H.W., of Port Deposit

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