California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
January 30, 1849

The Emigration to California


Annexed is a list of passengers by the pilot boat Wm. G. Hackstaff, Captain White, which sailed yesterday for San Francisco –

Fitzgibbon, W.E. –New York
Hogg, C.M. –Lockport, New York
Lewis, Robert W. –New York
Nye, Cornelius, Jr. –Maine
Oliver, John E. –Malden, Mass.
Simmonds, Alexander --New York
Todd, A.H. –New York

The following are the passengers sailed in the schooner C.G. Scull, for California via Brazos: --

Bleakely, Elijah
Card, Stephan
Cole, D.M.
Field, J.E.
French, William
Furguson, William
Gardner, P.G.
Geffry, Thomas
Hamilton, G.W.
Kinzely, P.B.
McCloud, Alonzo
Rice, D.
Sanders, Benjamin
Shelman, George
Smith, John P.
Temple, Seth
Ward, Allen
Whiten, George
Whiten, Samuel

These sailed about a week ago.


The following is a list of the passengers in the ship Hopewell, which sailed on the 26th instant from Warren, R.I., for San Francisco:--

Aldrich, Charles B.
Allen, William F.
Andrews, Daniel P.
Angell, Theodore S.
Batebeller (Batobeller ?), William
Bennett, Joseph
Bowen, George T.
Briggs, Lucius
Briggs, Wanton, jun.
Brown, Jeremiah W.
Brown, Stales
Burbanks, Caleb
Butts (Butte, Batte, Batts ?), William D.
Carder, James B.
Carr, T.B.
Carrison, H.
Chase, Edward E.
Child, Charles M.
Cole, Thomas (vicinity of Providence)
Corey, Andrew J. (vicinity of Providence)
Cullough (Callough ?), William M.
Dawley, Clarke (of Providence)
Dodge, Ezra
Dooley, Morris J. (vicinity of Providence)
Eddy, John E. (vicinity of Providence)
Field, Lewis P.
Fiske, Philip M.
Gardner, Edw. F. (vicinity of Providence)
Gardner, Francis B. (vicinity of Providence)
Grinnell, Moses (vicinity of Providence)
Grinnell, Stephen (vicinity of Providence)
Harris, Henry (of Scituate)
Hathaway, J.M. (vicinity of Providence)
Hattersley, Thomas (of Manville)
Hendrick, William S. (vicinity of Providence)
Herr, Charles
Hidden, Charles (vicinity of Providence)
Holmes, Jacob T.
Holmes, John B. (of Slatersville)
Horton, N.B.
Johnson, Edward
Kinecom (Kinecom ?), George
King, George W. (of Cranston)
Knowles, Isaac
Lawton, Perry (vicinity of Providence)
Levett, William K.
Luther, Joseph
Luther, William J.
M’Donald, Harley
Manton, Benjamin D.
Mason, Beriah (vicinity of Providence)
Medbury (Melbury ?), Christopher (of Seekonk)
Palmer, Thomas D. (vicinity of Providence)
Partee, Seth (vicinity of Providence)
Peckham, Thomas C.
Pierce, Darius (of South Kingston)
Pierce, John B.
Pierce, Thomas C.
Pierce, Warren
Pratt, Alfred W. (vicinity of Providence)
Pratt, N., Jr.
Randall, George W.
Rathbone, Anthony A. (of Johnston)
Razee, Jesse (Jease ?)
Reed, Fras. (vicinity of Providence)
Reed, Thomas J. (of Blackstone)
Reynolds, Nicholas G.
Reynolds, Robert T.
Robins, Talmadge G.
Ross, Daniel V., 2nd
Seabury, Corn. (vicinity of Providence)
Seabury, Cornelius (vicinity of Providence)
Silver, William J.
Simmons, James D.
Simmons, John B.
Slocum, Asa A. (vicinity of Providence)
Slocum, E. (vicinity of Providence)
Smith, Edward
Smith, George H. (of Stonington)
Smith, Robert (vicinity of Providence)
Smith, William (vicinity of Providence)
Spencer, Edwin
Surgens, William H. (vicinity of Providence)
Sweet, Albert (of Taunton)
Sweetser, Charles
Thompson, George W.
Thurber, William H.
Tift, Whitman
Tompkins, Samel
Treadwell, Henry T.
Tripp, A.G.
Turner, Samuel B.
Varney, Andrew J. (of Woonsocket)
Vaughn, Christopher
Vinton, James (of Pawtucket)
Warner, Thomas
Waterman, A.
Waterman, G.G.W. (sic)
Weeden, George A.
Weston, D.H.
White, Franklin, Jr.
White, John H. (of Easton, Mass.)
Williams, Joseph P.
Windsor, Edgar B.
Zurlinder, Jacob

NOTE: The Hopewell passenger list was also published in the New York Herald on January 19, 1848. Note that some names differ in spelling.

The following are the names of a company of men, who are going out from Providence in the Hopewell, for California. They take with them the frame of a house, provisions for a year, all sorts of farming utensils, and everything which will be necessary for a successful expedition: --

Burbank, Caleb
Butts, W.D.
Carder, James B.
Carrison, Henry
Cole, Thomas H.
Field, Lewis P.
Horton, Nathaniel B.
Manton, B.D.
Mason, B.A.
McDonald, H.
Peckham, Thomas C.
Pierce, J.B., --Kingston
Pierce, Thompson C.
Pierce, Warren S., --Warren
Reynolds, R.T.
Robbins, T.G.
Ross, D.V.
Silver, W.J., --Providence
Simmons, J.B. --Seakook
Smith, George H.
Thompson, Geo. W.
Vaughan, Christopher
Wes_on, Dan__ H.
Williams, Joseph H. --Stonington

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