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New York Herald
New York, New York
January 28, 1849

The Rush to California.

The following are the passengers in the schooner Decatur, which will sail to-morrow for San Francisco. They compose the Empire Association:--

Blacknence, D.W.
Blank, W.T.
Coats, James
Delatour, A.
Donohu, J.
Elliot, Doctor A.G.
Grey, B.J.
Griffith, C.C.
Griffith, W.H.
Hart, S.S.
Ilister (Histher ?), S.
Kendall, J.
Lovell, Mr., first mate
McGunigle, J.B.
Morrill, Captain J.C.
Osborne, Milo
Rees, T.G.
Riritt, John
Shellenburg, A.
Smith, Joseph
Sperting (Sporting ?), Mr.
Sweet, B. (R. ?), T.
Toble, M.A.
Van Tastoll, J.T.
Walker, A.J.
Winter, P.R.

The bark Phillip Hone sailed yesterday for San Francisco, with the following first class passengers:--

Baker, Mr.
Benedict, Dr. _.
Bunker, F.R., lady and servant
Gleason, Mr.
Goodwin, Edward O.
Gould, Dr.
Graham, Mr.
Kelly, Mr.
Patterson, J.H.
Tuckler, Mr.
“…and 48 in the second cabin.”

The bark Azim, Capt. Dunham, sailed yesterday, for California, with the following passengers, viz:--

Austin, C.S.
Bamfield, John F.
Birdsall, Wm.
Bishop, Wm.
Brady, Francis R.
Branard, Silas W.
Brennan, Thomas W.
Bullock, D.D.
Cornell, R.G.
Dennis, J.B.
Dennis, Wm.
Dibble, Phyler E.H.
Dunham, Wm.
Dusenbury, S.N.H.
Earl, Robert
Errickson, Peter
Ewin, Seth T.
Gillis, G.S.
Gillis, H.W.
Gray, Jacob M.
Grisson, Henry
Henderson, H.L.
Howell, James
Hunter, Chas. E.
Kentfield, George
Kentfield, John
King, John F.
Law, J.F.
Leach, John
Loudon (London ?), W.H.
McNeill, John
Mooney, Thos.
Morassy, Wm.
Pettit, John
Reed, John H.
Renoud, George F.
Ripkey, John
Russell, Edwin C.
Sandford, W.H.B.
Shepard, Charles H.
Shepard, George
Smith, G.N.
Talbot, Burthuel H.
Vallotton, Alfred C.
Waring, Amos
Weed, Theodore E. (Contact: Carole Weed)
White, Thomas
Witherall, Marcus M.

The following passengers sailed in the brig Mary Stuart, for California:--

Dauchy, G.K.
Edgerton, Geo. O.
Gilbert, Allen
Glover, Eliphalet
Gookin, Mr.
Humphrey, Mr.
Lyman, Kansom
Raymond, Mr.
Teller, R.M.
Turner, J.M.

Bark Eliza, Capt. Clark, sailed yesterday for California, with a full cargo, consisting of merchandise and mining implements to the amount of $60,000. The following is a list of her passengers:--

Bark Eliza

Adams, J.W.
Agratla, J.
Arthur, Mrs.
Beck, J.
Blackman, E.
Bodine, G.G.
Bonhill, R.W.
Botsford, M.
Brisco, G.
Browne, B.F.
Burrell, W.
Cartwright, H.P.
Clark, J.
Clarke, W.F.
Deys, _.
Dick, J.
Dimon, F.
Erwood, H.
Foster, _.
Griffin, Mrs.
Hendrickson, J.
Jackson, N.L.
Jamison, James C.
Jamison, John E.
Jaques, S.B.
Kettell, J.
King, F.
Lafore, James
Pierson, W.S.
Poun, G.
Roberts, S.
Rogers, J.
Sherman, A.
Smith, A.J.
Somers, E.B.
Stroll, J.
Wolfe, Benjamin

Annexed are the passengers in the brig Victory, Ryan, for San Francisco:--

Cantry, W.S.
Cills, S.H.
Dubois, M.V.D.
Graham, H.
Hamed, J.A.M.
Hammond, Levi
Heffoch, John
Jenks, Fred.
Jenks, Isaac
Lanning, John
McKenzie, A.
Miller, Benjamin
Miller, Wm.
Nesbit, Geo.
Riley, Michael
Thomas, P.W.
Walsh, Albert
Walsh, Edwin
Warban, Edward

The ship Pharsalia, cleared at Boston, on Thursday, for California, with the following list of passengers:--

Bailey, Samuel, Saco, ME
Bailey, Thos. W., Scituate
Bangs (Bange ?), Michael, Lubec, ME
Barstow, William (surgeon), Roxbury
Bemis, Henry L., Brattleboro
Brackett, Alfred B., Newmarket, NH
Bradford, A.H., Duxbury
Bradley, Henry O., Worcester
Bradley, Thomas, Boston
Brown, Richard, Boston
Bulloch, L.L., Boston
Burgess, N.B., Kingston
Butler, William, Henniker, NH
Calef, E.W., Boston
Calson, Willis, Boston
Chamberlain, John, Quincy
Clough, Alfred W., Hopkinton, NH
Coffin, G.B., Boston
Colburn, E.R., Boston
Cole, M.W., Biddeford, ME
Corey, Calvin, Boston
Cottrell, John, Fall River
Cowing, Saml., Boston
Cox, George, Boston
Craigue, P.A., Boston
Craigue, S.W., Boston
Cram, George H., Boston
Cram, George W., Boston
Crane, Abel, Boston
Crane, Lemuel T., Lubec, ME
Crowningshield, Charles P., Boston
Crowningshield, J.C., Boston
Crusoe, Robinson, Juan Fernandez
Derby, J.C., Boston
Doggett, W.G., Boston
Dorr, Charles S., Boston
Dudley, H.E., Lawrence
Duff, Francis, Boston
Duff, James, Boston
Durgin, Leonard D., Sanbornton Bridge, NH
Eaton, John, Boston
Edw__ddings, C., Baltimore
Elkins, W., Concord, NH
Emerson, S.B., Boston
Flint, Henry W., Boston
Follansby, Cutting, Sanbornton Bridge, NH
Follansby, P.M., Sanbornton Bridge, NH
Fowle, Edw. G., Boston
Fowle, Wm., Lawrence
France, N.A., Kingston
Freeman, F.A., Boston
French, Josiah, Providence
Ganley, Jas., Boston
Gerrish, Newell, Sanbornton Bridge, NH
Gilbert, G., Boston
Glidden, John, Boston
Glidden, R.W., Boston
Goddard, John, Worcester
Griggs, Charles D., Brighton
Hamlet, Albert, Pembroke, NH
Hammond, J.C., Boston
Hanson, Luman W., Boston
Hauson (Hanson ?), James, Haverhill
Haynes, Benjamin, Jr., Charlestown
Haynes, William, Boston
Jefts, Eldridge G., Waltham
Jenks, Peter, Boston
Keeley, Roger, Boston
Kennedy, William B., Boston
Kettell, W.G., Boston
Keyes, G.B., Brattleboro, VT
Kneettle, P.H., Lowell
Lahr, J.L., Boston
Larkin, B.L., Concord, NH
Lewis, Webster, Boston
Littlefield, James, Boston
Locke, D.M., Dalton
Locke, S.M., Dalton
Lord, Augustus, Kennebunk
Loring, C.F., Boston
Lougee, J.W., Concord, NH
Lucas, M.B., Dorchester
Macomber, E.H., Boston
Martin, John, Lubec, ME
Martin, William, Lubec, ME
McClure, Alexander, Boston
McClure, Charles U., Boston
McGregor, Jonas, Lubec, ME
McKenzie, J.D., Boston
Messanger, M.S., Boston
Moore, Joshua, Biddeford, ME
Murray, Charles, Concord, NH
Nelson, I.M., Charlestown
Norris, S.B., Boston
Noyes, William H., Boston
Olds, Franklin, Boston
Osborn, Wyman, South Boston
Perry, O.H., Boston
Peterson, Samuel, Castine, ME
Pettes, A.H., Boston
Phelps, William G., Boston
Piaff (Plaff ?), J., Boston
Pierpoint, Robert R., Rutland, VT
Pike, B.F., South Boston
Putnam, Joseph, Boston
Reed, Henry, Boston
Reed, Micah, Brookfield
Reidell, J.A., Boston
Reynolds, George H., Fall River
Reynolds, William M., Fall River
Rice, George W., South Braintree
Ricketson, John, New Bedford
Riddly, Alonzo, Boston
Rogers, C.B., Boston
Rogers, E.C., Boston
Russell, Lyman, Boston
Simonds, J.F., Charlestown
Staples, Charles P., Boston
Stockwell, Emmons R., Boston
Stone, F.A., Boston
Strong, Samuel, Boston
Sweetner, Amos, Roxbury
Taylor, J.P., Dalton, NH
Taylor, James, Wiscasset, ME
Towle, James, Saco, ME
Trephethan, Benjamin, Boston
Vinal, W., Woburn
Wallace, A.R., Boston
Waters, G.W., Castine, ME
Watts, Thomas W., Lubec, ME
Wentworth, Nelson, Boston
Whiton, A.G., Boston
Williams, Albert, Boston
Witham, Moses, Fall River
Wood, P.B., Portsmouth
Younger, Robert, Lynn

The brig Mary Wilder cleared at Boston on Friday, for San Francisco, with the annexed list of passengers:--

Adams, Halsey D., Smithfield, RI
Atwood, Jabez, Guilford
Babbitt, Wm. W., Pawtucket
Beck, Mr., Boston
Brown, G.W., Cranston, RI
Bugbee, L., Boston
Bunker, L., Boston
Bunker, William A., Pawtucket
Calvin, Andrew L.P.
Case, Edwin S., Guilford
Case, W. C. (O. or G. ?), Providence
Chase, H.A., Pawtucket
Coverdale, Henry E.
Edwards, Solomon R., Northampton
Farnum, Darius D.
Flanders, Nathan, Boston
Flint, Earl, M.D.
Gilliland, R., Cumberland, RI
Goff, Daniel H., Cumberland, RI
Graves, Amos, Jr., Marblehead
Kelley, Moses G., Blackstone, RI
Lapham, Scott, Woonsocket, RI
Larrabee, John, Woonsocket, RI
Lord, John C., Boston
Nichols, Benjamin, Boston
Pierce, George, Woonsocket, RI
Pierce, Henry, Portsmouth, NH
Plummer, John H., Portsmouth, NH
Saunders, Joseph S., Portsmouth, NH
Scott, Adelbert, Blackstone, RI
Scott, Malcolm S., Blackstone, RI
Sibley, Darius A., Woonsocket, RI
Skinner, W.L., Pawtucket
Slocom, E.H., Sutton
Smith, Hy J., Durham, NH

The brig Almena also cleared at Boston on Friday for the same place [California], with the following passengers:--

Bates, _., Boston
Crocker, Gideon H., Barnstable
Darling, Elijah S., Waltham
Derby, Jos. O., Waltham
Downs, William C., Plymouth
Eastman, Francis H., Waltham
Edwards, Philander, Leicester
Eldridge, Ephraim, Plymouth
Fogg, Edward G., Braintree
Forestall, George W., M.D.
Latham, Harrison W., M.D.
Francis, C., Boston
French, C., Boston
French, Charles, Boston
Garfield, John C., Waltham
Harrington, Joshua, Brighton
Hill, Benjamin, Salem
Hill, Kimball, Boston
Holman, Anderson, Waltham
Houghton, Cornelius, B., Waltham
Lawrence, Charles C. Falmouth
Lincoln, John C., Plymouth
Munroe, William W., M.D.
Richardson, Augustus G., M.D.
Skinner, Geo., Lynn
Story, Joseph, Essex
Tweed, John H., Waltham
Walcott, George, Waltham
Whittier, Cyrus T., Chelsea
Winsor, Hiram, Duxbury

The following passengers sailed on Thursday, from Boston, in the schooner Boston, for California:--

Barry, John
Bond, Thomas
Bradley, Edwin
Callius, Nathan
Clark, Howard
Cole, Jas.
Craig, Oliver W.
Dunham, Isaac W., M.D.
Fiske, Philip
Fredericks, George
Guile (Gulle ?), Joseph
Hale, George D., Jr.
Hardy, Dexter
Hathaway, Lysander
Higgins, Asa
Kimball, Charles P.
Manning, Charles B.
Merrill, Charles
Morrison, Samuel
Noyes, Hy.
Poole, William W.
Powers, Warren W.
Pratt, Enoch H.
Pratt, William, Jr.
Shurtleff, Benjamin, M.D.
Shurtleff, Harrison J., M.D.
Wallace, William H.
Ware, Orlando
Welsh, Bradford H.

[Springfield Republican]

The Hampton Mining and Trading Co. met at the American House, Thursday afternoon. This company originated at Westfield, but comprises individuals from several other towns. The members were busy during the afternoon in completing their arraignments, and intended to leave last evening in the southern train for New York. From this port they propose to ship their heavy baggage around the Cape, and take passage themselves for Matamoras. Thence they intend to go up the Rio Grande to Point Isabel, and strike across the country on foot. The following are the names of the company:

Adams, W.P., Spencer
Arnold, Henry, Westfield
Barker, B.F. , Westfield
Bottom, H.D., Hinsdale
Briggs, Chas. , Westfield
Brown, Wm. R. , Westfield
Bugbee, B.N., Springfield
Burke, E.W., Chicopee
Clapp, O.B., Hinsdale
Clark, A.B. , Westfield
Clark, S.S., E. Granfield
Collins, R., Chicopee
Craven, G., Spencer
Dodge, Allen, Chicopee
Dunbar, W.A., Spencer
Foote, F.E. , Westfield
Fowler, Jos. M. , Westfield
Green, A., Spencer
Grover, Luther, Westfield
Harding, Captain J.F. , Westfield
Hedges, Jos., Jr. , Westfield
Hendrick, S.A., Chicopee
Hodge, A.H., Spencer
Houghton, Daniel, Chicopee
Houghton, O., Greenfield
Mitchell, Jas., Westfield
Putnam, H.D., Hinsdale
Robertson, F.K., Spencer
Sinclair, D.W., Springfield
Sizer, D., Springfield
Smith, J.D., Greenfield
Stone, A., Spencer
Trask, W.W., Stockbridge
Warner, S.L., Westhampton
Whitmore, R.W., Spencer

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