California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
January 27, 1849


The ship Tahmaroo sailed Thursday for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Allen, W.H.
Anderson, T.
Andrews, Henry T.
Annin, Miller
Anthos, John
Armfield, W.W.
Atwater, J.H.
Atwood, H.
Bassett, Charles
Bishop, J.D.
Bowley, D.
Brinck, J.
Briscoe, John
Brown, J.W.
Budam, John H.
Butler, George
Campbell, Peter
Cassady, J.L.
Christian, A., and wife
Cleveland, W.W.
Connell, Thomas
Corsen, Gurnier
Cruikshank, John
Cruser, Wm.
Culver, B.
Curtis, G.A.
Davis, O.J.
Davis, Theo.
Day, S.H.
Deals, E.
Denniss, Thos.
Devoe, William
Dixon, W.L.
Downes, H.L.
Downes, R.C.
Duvall, A.J,
Eccles, S.F.
Elden, Samuel
Faulder, J.C.
Fernald, Charles
Fink, Henry
Fiske, Frederick
Foote, J.M.
Garnin, A., and wife
Green, Joseph
Haack, P.
Haag, Adam, and friend
Hall, B.F.
Hall, M.
Hall, S.M.
Harris, Thomas L.
Hatfield, Wm.
Hawkins, H.R.
Hawley, E.
Hebard (Hobard ?), E.A.
Higby, D.
Hilmig, A.
Holmes, H.
Hubbell, George
Hubbell, Nicholas
Hunt, Davis S.
Hurd, C., Jr.
Hutchinson, George
Johnson, D.A.
Johnson, James J.
Johnson, S.P.
Kain, James
King, C.L.
Kissam, A.
Kline, J.W.H.
Kline, Lewis A.
Krager, F.
Lake, Henry
Lander, W.P.
Lascombe, James
Lefever, M.
Leslie, R.
Lester, James
Lester, N.
Lewis, E.J.
Libby, J.E.
Love, James A.
Ludington, George C.
Lydecker, Cornelius
Macalryn, Jas.
Magruder, J.H.
Malcolmson, Samuel M.
McKay, Peter
McMahon, F.P., family and brother
Melnaur, D.
Mitchell, William, Jr.
Nesbit, John
Newsen (Newson ?), Wm. G.
Paxton, J.A.
Perrott, J.
Phelps, A.J.
Phelps, E.A.
Porter, Joseph E.
Pray, david A.
Pray, T.
Purdy, Nathaniel
Quinn, William
Rafferty, Thomas
Rankin, Richard
Ring, M.L.
Robertson, R.
Rose, Thos.
Rowley, D.
Russiter, James
Schoting, L.
Sherwood, G.E.
Smith, C.
Smith, David S.
Smith, E.G.
Smith, J.C.
Smith, Richard
Smith, Russel
Smith, S.L.
Snook, George
Snook, Wm.
Snyder, A.W.
Stamon, Henry
Staring, William
Starking, S.
Starr, Benjamin
Stevens, E.E.D.
Stout, J. Wert
Stoutenborough, Chas. H.
Stuart, J.F.
Talmage, W.H.
Tewer, William T.
Thompson, Walter P.
Thompson, Webster
True, A.C.
Trust, W.W.
Tryon, G.G.
Tuttle, John H.
Van Benschoten, H.M.
Van Dyke, John S.
Van Valkenburgh, E.
Van Valkenburgh, H.
Vanderburgh, M.
Walsh, Van Wyck
Wanmaker, Henry
Watson, Daniel
Webb, Frederick
Weed, C.E.
Weisman, Ernest
Welbridge, G.R.
White, John G.B.
Winterton, John
Witherby, D.S.
Woolsey, E.S.
Yates, P.F.

The following passengers sailed yesterday in the bark Marrietta, for Chagres:--

Allison, John
Anderson, B.F.
Andrews, A.P.
Andrews, D.P.
Bacon, Wm.
Baum, L.
Baum, L., Jr.
Beatty, W.
Bedell, C.T.
Benet (Bonet ?), W.W.
Bennett, S.W.
Bourbin, _.
Burns, W.R.
Cheney, F.
Chesebro, John
Clark, J.
Clark, J.G.
Cole, E.
Cooper, G.V.
Cosgrove, H.
Cunningham, D.
Daniels, W.
Davidson, Chas.
Deseng, W.
Dodge, C.F.
Dodge, T.
Edwards, D.A.
Elsworth, A.
Farley, J.F.
Farley, J.F., Jr.
Farley, Wm.
Fell, Wm.
Fowler, W.R.
Freeman, C.
Gordon, E.
Gordon, S.
Gregory, R.
Griffith, T.M.
Hirsch, H.
Houlett, John
Hoyt, A.B.
Izzard, J.
Kearsing, Charles
Kingsbury, H.D.
Knapp, S.B.
Leddy, P.
Leonard, S.E.
Letts, J.M.
Lowrie, T.W.
Major, A.
Mansfield, William
Marshall, J.
Maynard, W.S.
McDonnell, D.D.
McKinnon, J.
Nutting, C.
Patterson, Miss Mary
Perkins, A.B.
Platt, E.R.
Ratcliffe, S.
Reed, J.S.
Rendall, T.
Rose, J.K.
Schmidt, John
Schultz, N.
Shaw, D.
Shepard, John
Sparks, H.
Spear, J.
Spencer, O.
Squire, A.
Starkweather, N.B.
Stoutenberg, F.V.
Swan, G.
Tate, R.H.
Tillotson, R.M.
Titus, Walter
Treat, R.
Underhill, D.H.
Weeks, T.
Wha_tes (Whaites ?), W.N.
Williams, Caleb
Williams, F.W.

The brig Mary Stuart, Captain Tucker, will sail this morning, for San Francisco. She has been purchased by a company of gentlemen in this city, all of whom are of the first respectability and character; and has a complete outfit for two years. The gentlemen who go in her intend, on reaching San Francisco, to establish themselves as shipping and commission merchants. The following are their names:--

Bailey, James K.
Coll, Alvin F.
Edgerton, Edward A.
Leggett, Thomas A.
McDonald, Walter
McNeil, Henry B.
Phelps, Walter, Jr.
Russell, Hiram
Spaulding, J.
Teller, James M.
Van Benthuysen, Garrit
Warren, John E.

The following is a correct list of the passengers by the bark Mezeppa, for San Francisco, which sails this morning:--

Bissell, _.
Brady, Philip
Brown, George
Brown, William H.
Bruckbee, Dr. J.R.
Buck, E.S.
Canneday, J.M.
Colgate, J.C.
Courtois, B.
Crane, W.W.
Evans, Richard
French, Dr.
Gayen, _.
Hallock, _.
Hoyt, A.J.
Hoyt, E.P>
Moore, Francis
Moore, Francis
Parker, _.
Pasquale, B.
Peck, William H.
Ripley, F.F.
Sherry, John
Walker, George W.
Wilson, W.
Worden, Newell
Young, _.

The schooner Laura Virginia, Capt. How, which sailed yesterday morning for San Francisco, carried out the Brooklyn United Mining Company, numbering 12, viz:--

Adams, Edson
Burr, Wakeman F.
Coope (Coops ?), John
Crook, Gabriel B.
Langdon, Edward A.
Lawrence, Robert T.
Morgan, Lorenzo
Rhedd, Richard
Ross (Hoss ?), Cautine (Cantine ?)
Tunstall, Pharoah
Whitlock, Robert C.
Wilder, Joseph W.

Also, the Rockaway Mining Company, numbering 8, viz:--
De_on (Deson ?), Hiram
Fitzgerald, M.
Hier (Hiler ?), M.
Hiler, Daniel
King, J.K.
King, J.M.
Macauley, Frederick
Muir, Robert

Additional passengers:
Bouton, Frederick
Colvin, S. Boston
Connelly, M.
Dunbar, John K.
Ellis, Wm.
Macwithey, Cr. A.A.


The ship Montreal cleared this forenoon, for California, via the Sandwich Islands, with sixteen passengers, eight of whom will stop at the Islands. The following is a list of her passengers:--

Carter, H.A., Boston
Hunnewell, Nathan, Charlestown
Jacques, Francis, Charlestown
Kem, Samuel T., Sandwich, MA
Lathrop, Dr. George A., Carthage, NY
Osgood, Daniel T., Malden, MA
Osgood, Silas, Malden, MA
Pierce, John A., Boston
Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. H.A., Charlestown
Rosseter, E.B., Manchester, MA
Saunderson, Isaac, East Cambridge
Tewksbury, Miss E.B., Charlestown
Upham, George T., Charlestown
Watts, Robert H., Cambridge
[Boston Journal, Jan. 25.]

The ship Duxbury is to sail for San Francisco, on Saturday week. This ship was purchased for $30,000, and will be fitted up for passengers in the best manner, with ventilators, &c. The Rev. Dr. Thornton, of Worcester, goes out as physician, and the Rev. Mr. Brierly, late of Salem, (a Baptist clergyman) proposing to take a sea voyage for his health, has concented to go out as chaplain.

The annexed is a list of the passengers sailed in the J. Goodhue, from Eastport, on the 17th inst. for California, via New York:--

Bishop, James, Eastport
Bradbury, John, Eastport
Elwell, Benjamin, Calais
Gleason, Mr., Eastport
Hay, Joseph P., Calais
Heal, Seth, Calais
Kelsey, Isaac, Calais
Kelsey, Lysander, Calais
Pierce, Arnold, Eastport
Rome, David, Eastport
Trott, Solomon, Calais
Tucker, Henry, Eastport


Yesterday morning we noticed the departure of the schooner G.H. Montague, bound for California; to-day we publish a list of her passengers:--

From New Haven:
Barnes, Randolph
Barnett, Jas.
Beecher, Henry H.
Bradley, Jas.
Curry, Daniel
Dibble, Ransom
Ely, Griswold S.
Gorham, Elihu
Graham, Geo.
Hutchings, Josiah B.
Ives, Warren
Miller, Phineas T.
Monson, H.D.
Montague, Francis M.
Montague, Gordon H.
Montague, Richard N.

Additional passengers:
Baldwin, Chas. F., Cornwall
Baldwin, Elihu F., Derby
Barnes, Andrew F., Southington
Barnes, Seth E., Southington
Bassett, Julius, Derby
Bassett, Wheeler, Derby
Belden, James E., Meriden
Benedict, Joseph T., Huntigton
Buel, John H., Derby
Camp, A.E., Meriden
Clark, William J., Southington
Clark, William, Southington
Coe, Charles C., Meriden
Cook, Frederick, Southington
Daniels, Charles H., Wallingford
Durand, Eugene Derby
Fitch, Joseph B., Maine
French, Edgar, Derby
Griswold, Nathan F., Meriden
Higby, Aaron, Meriden
Hubbard, Thomas C., Meriden
Humphreys, William, Jr.,
Jackson, Abram M., Meriden
Jackson, Jerome D., Meriden
James, Moses, Derby
Johnson, Lewis E., Derby
Jones, John S.C., Southington
Norton, Dennis W., North Madison
Parmelee, Samuel, Meriden
Parmelee, Stephen Ives, Wallingford
Platt, Anson Derby
Porter, Wales S., Cornwall
Robbins, Rossiter, Wethersfield
Rogers, Elizur H., North Branford
Smith, George W., Wallingford
Smith, Robert, East Haven
Wallace, William M., Derby
Woodruff, Sam’l., (superintendent), Southington

The following are the names of the individuals comprising the “Groton California Company,” which sailed in the schooner Velasco, this day, for the “gold coast:”—
[New London Chronicle, Jan. 25]

Avery, James D.
Batty, John
Bray, Wm.
Cary, Ruel
Chapman, Albert
Chapman, Levi
Chapman, Lyman
Chapman, Wm. E.
Chessbrough, John M. L.
Chipman, Nathaniel
Cladman, Reuben S.
Curtis, Mosley
Daboli, Nathan M.
Davis, Daniel
Deane, Henry
Fish, G.H.
Fox, David
Grant, Ambrose H.
Hotchkiss, Fred S.
Huntley, George
Lamb, Giles E.
Lester, John S.
Morgan, B.W.
Morgan, Courtland
Morgan, Elijah B.
Morgan, Osmore H.
Newberry, C.G.
Packer, Mason R.
Parlin, S.A.
Phillips, Wm. O.
Smith, Franklin R.
Stoddard, J.A.
Stoddard, Roman
Stoddard, Simeon A.
Web, Wm.
Wightman, Elisha D.
Wilson, Thos.

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