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New York Herald
New York City, New York
January 25, 1849

The Accounts from the Gold Region


The following passengers sailed for San Francisco, in the brig A. Emery:--
(NOTE: The New York Tribune, January 31,1849: "The following is a list of the passengers on board the brig A. Emery, Capt. John Clay, comprising the "Sacramento Mining Association," which sailed on Wednesday for San Francisco." Name corrections as they appear in the NY Tribune, are in RED, below)

Allen, Jesse
Allen, John
Andrews, G. (Andrews, Geo.)
Bagley, J.M. (Bagley, Jas. H.)
Blancard, H.A. (Blanchard, H.A.)
Brown, Joseph
Brunt, Wm. N. (Brunt, Wm. Neat)
Burns, J.
Carter, P. (Carton, P.)
Cary, D. (Cary, David)
Dewell, George (DeWitt, Geo. M.)
Dodgart, G. (Dodge, Gilbert)
Driscoli (Driscoll ?), D.H. (Driscoll, J.B.)
Drumgold, B. (Donigold, Benedict)
Drumgold, J. (Drumbull, John)
Eastbrook, V. (Eastbrook, Valentine)
Freer, H.S. (Freer, Henry S.)
Furgerson, D. (Ferguson, Duncan)
Graham, F. (Graham, Wm.)
Hanford, T. (Hanford, Theo.)
Hornby, G.A.
Hornby, James
Horton, John
Hudgins, D.G.
Jaimison, A. (Jamison, Alfred)
Jones, David
Jones, J. (Jones, John)
Ketridge, A. (Kittridge, Abel)
Kholar, F.
Kohler, P
Kudgins, Danl. J.

Martin, J.
Maslin, H.
McDonnell, Wm. (McDonald, Wm.)
Mead, A.G. (Mead, A.J.)
Morgan, John
Montgomery, A.C. (Montgomery, A. Crander)
Pote, W.E.F. (Rote, W.E.F.)
Purdy, E.F. (Purdy, Ed. F.)
Reynalds, Lyman (Reynolds, Lyman)
Rockner, Peter
Smith, J.F. (Smith, J. Fowler)
Smith, J.M. (Smith, Jas H.)
Smith, J.M. (Smith, James H.)
Smith, K.W.
Smith, M. (Smith, Martin)
Smith, R.
Thomas, R.W. (Thomas, Robt. M.)
Thorn, L. (Thorne, Leonard)
Thorn, R. (Thorne, Richard)
Tompkins, T.B. (Tompkins, Thos. B.)
Tyson, G.P. (Tyson, G.E.P.)
Watts, G.W. (Watts, Geo. W.)
Wilds, J.C. (Wilds, John C.)
Wilson, John
Wilson, Joseph
Yates, E. (Yates, Edgar)


The ship Capitol, of 687 tons, sailed yesterday for San Francisco from Boston. Her outward manifest is 13 feet long and has 465 articles of entry. It is the longest manifest ever produced at our Custom House. The Capitol also takes out the largest number of passengers of any one ship for a distant port. She is fitted out by Messrs. Harnden. Annexed is a list of her passengers:--

Portland, ME.:

Chase, Moses
Cook, R.
Lander, Charles W.
Moody, Hy. P.
Page, John
Rogers, Chas. P.
Shaw, Elias
Stickney, Jacob, 3d
Thorp, Phillip
Thurlow, Jno. and Jonathan T.
Thurston, Stephen
Titcomb, I.

Manchester, MA:
Allen, J.F. (P. ?)
Dearborn, Thos.
Goodall, L.
Gove, O.W.
Knight, Geo. M.
Lovering, T.H.
Murch (March ?), Charles W.
Rogers, C.H.

Brackett, Henry M.
Buckman, Henry M.
Chatfield, Orrin
Flethcher, S.
Frost, Ephraim
Hayward, B.F.
Hayward, L.F.
Hosmer, Chester C.
Hubbard, W.T.
Migatt, Henry
Potter, E.
Tannatt, G.F.
Warner, James
Williams, Horace Henry

Emory, John
Flanders, Samuel
Gillison, J.P.
Johnson, Sam’l.
Locke, Dan’l.
Morris, Thos. A.
Walker, Henry B.
Whittemore, Benjamin F.

Naumkeag Mining Company of Salem:
Bachellor, W.H.
Brooks, Luther C.
Carleton, Henry W.
Cornforth, Robinson
Dame, Charles A.
Dodge, Geo. A.
Farnsworth, F.L.
Jackson, James
Jones, Geo. W.
Knight, Robert F.
May, Henry W.
McKay, Wm.
Noble (Nobie ?), Austus
Palfrey, Benj. C.
Quint, G.W.
Richardson, Alonzo
Russell, Ebeneser (Ebenezer ?)
Rust, Wm. C., Jr.
Sanborn, James
Smith, Haley P.
Smith, Henry
Wallace, Joseph S.
Ward, Frank
Wellington, Jas.
Woodbury, G.W.

Lewiston Falls:
Beckett, J.F.
Bray, Moses
Gould, L.A.
Merrill, John
Oakes, David N.
Pentley, Joseph
Tibbetts, Temple

Durham, ME:
Campbell, Eben.
Merrill, Orlando
Stackpole, Cornelius
Thomas, Samuel T.

Adams, Jonathan
Currier, Chas. H.
Gary, Geo. W.
Ham, Richard K.
Homer, James
Moore, Francis B.
Perrin, Albert
Sanford, Stephen H.
Wayson, Thomas B.
Wilkins, Chas. B.
Winslow, James

Additional passengers.
------, Benj., So. Boston
Adams, Lewis H., Windsor Locks
Arkcuraft (?), Rich’d., So. Boston
Arnold, Amos E., Bristol, VT
Atwood, Thomas, Abington
Ball, Rufus, East Abington
Bickford, Daniel., E. Bridgewater
Brewster, Chas, Windsor Locks
Briggs, Saml., Smithfield, RI
Burns, George E., E. Bridgewater
Carnes, Nathaniel W.
Chaffill, John A. Worcester
Chamberlain, Jason P., Worcester
Chapman, Justice D., Warehouse, Pt., CT
Chase, A.J., Stoneham
Chase, Albert, So. Boston
Cochran, Chas. W. and John, Boston
Cochran, John, Stoneham
Cunningham, S.D., Boston
Dresser, Moses D., South Danvers
Eames, J.M., Provincetown
Egan, J., Roxbury
Elliott, Marius M., Grafton
Elliott, Samuel L. (Springfield ?)
Ellsworth, G.W., Medford
Fenno, Grafton, Boston
Field, F.W., Quincy
Foster, John S., Salem
French, Tolman, E. Bridgewater
Fulton, Robert, Eaterboro, NH
Gardner, Henry M., Salem
Greenman, Robert G., Boston
Haley, Wm. W., South Danvers
Hardy, William, Natick
Hayden, E.J., Windsor Lock, ME
Hersey, Jacob, Abington
Hobbs, E.J. Salem
Hobbs, W.B., South Danvers
Holden, Wm., Boston
Hone, David, South Danvers
Hooton, E.J., (Springfield ?)
Hurlburt, Henry, Worcester
Johnson, N.D., Woburn
Kimball, Dennison, Grafton
Kittredge, Joseph B., Stoneham
Ladd, G., Danvers
Lasell, _., Boston
Leland, Eleazer, Grafton
Leland, Pardon J., Grafton
Lewis, Wm., Chelsea
Lord, Sidney, Windsor Lock, ME
Lothrop (Lathrop ?), Francis, Lynn
Lurzerder, Geo. D., E. Bridgewater
Lyman, William, Trumbull, CT
Marcy, John C., Windsor Lock, ME
Noyes, J.H., So. Boston
O’Hara, John, So. Boston
Osgood, Robt. H., New York
Otman, Henry, Roxbury
Patch, Leander C., Worcester
Patch, Leonard, Worcester
Patney, A. Edwin, Worcester
Pattee, Rodney, Grafton
Penniman, James F., Boston
Potter, Thos., East Boston
Power, Mr.
Price, Fitz Henry, Boston
Putnam, Sam’l., Newbury, NH
Ratcliff, Geo. K., North Danvers
Ryane, J., and E.C., Newburyport
Sahneider (Schneider ?), F.C., Roxbury
Saunders, James, Windsor Lock, ME
Sewell, N.H., Rutland
Sims, Mr. and Mrs., and child, Boston
Smith, J.C., Boston
Stetson, Adams E. E. Bridgewater
Stevens, Chas. P. Worcester
Still, John, East Cambridge
Stone, M., Rutland
Sturgess, G.B., Portland
Sullivan, Owen, Boston
Sweet, T.P., So. Boston
Taylor, Wm., Provincetown
Thomas, James M., E. Bridgewater
Thomas, Leander, Cabotville
Thurlow, N., Newburyport
Time, W.J., Andover, ME
Tirrell, A., Nashua, NH
Tufts, Alfred, Malden
Von Alstein, Dr. A.W., Worcester
Whitmore, George H., surgeon, Boston (additional passenger added to list, New York Herald, 1-26-1849, edition.)
Wood, Thomas, Abington
Young, J.E., Quincy
Young, James A., Abington


We find that a great many of our citizens are made giddy with the gold prospects held out by the reports we have received from California. The consequence is, that some have pulled up stakes and bent their course to that El Dorado. Yesterday another company left upon the Dr. Franklin for Pittsburgh, en route for New York, from thence they intend to ship. Their names are James Craney, James Anderson, Sterritt Smith and Wm. Crichton.

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