California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
March 2, 1849


The splendid steamship Northerner, Capt. Budd, sailed yesterday afternoon, at her appointed hour, for Chagres. Before 3 o’clock, the time announced for her sailing, thousands had assembled, and, as her moorings were cast off, they made the air ring with their cheers, which were as heartily answered by those on board the steamer. She went down the bay in gallant style, and took with her the good wishes of thousands. It will be seen, by the annexed list, that she took out a large number of passengers:--

Achesen, J.J.
Adams, J.Q.
Aldridge, Charles J.
Allen, John
Allen, Richard D.
Atherton, R.
Barnes, William
Beeson, W.B.
Bell, J.G.
Bell, S.E.
Benton, Saml.
Birdsall, S.
Blanchard, W.D.
Bond, G.M.
Borcheriling (Borcherlling ?), C., Jr.
Bottomley, Wright
Boynton, J.F.
Brinsmade, P.A.
Broadhead, Samuel
Brown, R.
Budd, William
Burt, Belden D.
Calkin, M.
Cassidy, M.
Chapin, George E.
Chelson, H.
Clark, John
Clarke, Julius L.
Cleveland, N.
Cowen, P.H.
Craghan, P.
Crane, Thos.
Cronin, Daniel
Cronise, W.H.
Curtis, G.T.S.
Danforth, William
Daniels, N.G.
Davies, T.H.
Davis, R.M.
De Witt, H.R.
Devoe, G.H.
Downes. S.O.
Dune, Geo. R.
Edwards, H.
Egenbrook, C.S.
Emory, Major
Evans, W.
Fenner, B.
Field, S.T.
Folger, R.B.
Forsyth, H.
Foster, G.W.
Fraser, Alexander
Frost, S.P.
Fry, H.D.
Gates, J.B.
Glen, J.K.
Gorham, C.E.
Hall, E.G.
Hamlin, Frederick
Hayden, C.W.
Hiscox, A.
Hollady, S.W.
Holland, N.
Hotchkiss, James P.
Hoxie, B.F.
Hudson, G.A.
Hunt, Hubbard
Jackson, W.A.
Jennings, O.B.
Johnson, John
Karley, P.
Kerfsot, J.
Keyes, James H.
Keyes, Jerome
Kinney, Jaes
Knecht, J.
Lamb, G.W.
Lambert, H.
Landerer, I.J.
Ledyard, T.C.
Libby, J.H.
Low, F.F.
Lyle, Thomas
Maguire, Doctor, and lady
Mareoha (Marecha ?), Capt.
Matchett, H.
Mayo, S., Jr.
McIlvaine, Mr.
McLendon, William
McQuigg, G.S.
Miller, William D.
Mills, D.O.
Moneni, E.
Muge, B.W.
Murdock, Gilbert
Nooney, J., Jr.
Okeson, D.
Park, Calvin
Peck, W.W.
Phelps, B.S.
Pinney, William T.
Platt, Edward
Platt, Judson
Poirier, J.B.
Powers, D.C.
Pratt, Jotham B.
Pulver, John
Randall, C.C.
Rankin, J.
Richmond, C.C.
Sargeant, J.
Savage, James M.
Schermerhorn, Cornelius
Sharp, John
Sheldon, B.
Smith, H.C.
Smith, J.W.
Smith, John
Smith, Justin M.
Smith, Leander
Smith, T.O.
Snell, George
Stevens, R.J.
Stone, Samuel
Stratton, Francis
Talcott, C.
Tewksbury, D.M.R.
Thompson, H., Jr.
Thompson, M.
Torrey, Midian
Trussell, R.
Upham, C.A.
Upham, G.B.
Vallottin, A.C.
Van Cott, David
Van, George
Vandervoort, T.
Warren, R.
Weisler, J.
Wensinger, F.S.
Werner, George
Westerfield, S.
Whartenby, James
Wheeler, Z.
Whipple, Lieut. A.W.
White, W.M.
Whitney, L.
Williams, S.T.

The brig Abrasia, Captain Atkins, sailed on the 22d for Chagres. Before her departure, the Bible Society of this city presented each of her passengers a Bible. She was sent out by Messrs. Livingston, Wells & Co., and took with her a patent surf life boat, capable of carrying about thirty passengers. Annexed is a list of her passengers:--

Aldrich, Alfre
Appleton, George S.
Appleton, George W.
Appleton, James
Appleton, John
Appleton, Sam.
Atkins, Eldridge G.
Bartholomew, G.W.
Charles, D.J.H.
Charles, H.A.
Dodge, A.G.
Dresser, George W.
Durfee, Alanson A.
Fenton, John
Frick, A.W.
Goodrish (Goodrich ?), Jared
Granger, Erastus
Hall, H.D.
Halsey, G.L.
Halsted, G.G.
Halsted, Walter
Hart, H.
Havens, Isaacker
Marks, G.S.
Norton, Andrew J.
Pierce, Isaac
Porter, N.G.
Purdy, Mr.
Reynolds, Mr.
Smith, Walter R.
Tucker, Edwin D.
Winston, Wellington
Woodruff, P.O.

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