California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
January 24, 1849

NOTE: According to Oscar Lewis, auther of "Sea Routes to the Gold Fields," the Pacific's master was Capt. Tibbets. "Captain Tibbet's despotism, his brutal treatment of the crew, and his callous disregard for the welfare of his passengers were such that the entire company reached Rio determined to square accounts with him." The American Consul in Rio, Mr. Gordon Parks, removed Capt. Tibbets of his command and replaced him with Capt. Estherbrook.

The ship Pacific sailed yesterday for San Francisco, with the following passengers:--

Adams, G.W.
Allen, J.W.
Angre, J.G.
Ascherman, Julius
Barritt, Mathew H.
Beals, Doctor
Bigelow, W.J.
Bingham, H.
Bouton, Hart
Bowen, _.
Brown, D.W.C.
Brown, John B. Ran
Cannon, James L.G.
Cartwright, Mr.
Caswell, _.
Chenry, Frank
Chenry, John
Clark, A.
Cleveland, Dr.
Cook, H.D.
Crane, Wm. H.
Dill, Wm.
Ditton, Mr.
Drake, Jacob
Dunham, John S.
Emmons, Wm. T.
F_mons (Furmans, Firmans, or Emmons ?), Horatio
Ferris, J.S.
Fisk, John S.
Gager, H.
Galusha, E.C.
Galusha, J.J.
Gay, A.W.
Griffin, Jesse
Gu_ck, Richard M.
Gumsey, James
Hale, _.
Hall, Dr. Edward
Hatch, Mr.
Hitchcock, Geo. B.
Hopkins, Ezra
Hopkins, Mark (Central Pacific Rail Road Co., Mark Hokins Hotel, San Francisco)
Hull, Doctor R.B.
Humphrey, C.N.
Ingolls, John, Jr.
Jones, Dr. Henry
Jones, John J.
Jones, Wm. B.
Kellogg, Levi M.
Kingsbury, Dan’l. H.
Lang, _.
Layton, Jordan
Lefferts, Edward W.
Lockerman, Wm.
Marvin, A.S., Jr.
Master, N.K.
Mathewson, E.C.
Matthison, Roderick
Mattoon, Elisha
Mattoon, J.
McKenny, Samuel
Merour (?), Wm.
Miller, E.H., Jr.
Morgan, J.A.
Morgan, N.D.
Nicholson, A.N.
Packard, James B.
Palmer, Benjamin
Pettis, J., Jr.
Pool, J. Lawrence
Powers, Geo. S.
Powers, Teneyek
Read, B.S.
Reynolds, Gilbert
Sahman, Perne Preler
Sapian, Gustave
Smith, Warren S.
Snyder, F.
Spencer, Owen
Squire, Frank
Stacey, Mr.
Stedman, Dr.Brown, _. [This may be Dr. J.D.B.Stillman, the "historian" of the cruise. [Sea Routes to the Pacific, Oscar Lewis, 1949]
Stedman, Francis P.
Strong, B.R.W.
Sulger, Abraham
Thomas, Chas.
Thompson, Samuel
Van Wagner, James
Van Wagner, Underhill
Walden, P.C.
Westlake, Mr.
Wiggins, George
Williams, C.W.

The bark Hersilia also sailed for San Francisco with the following passengers:--

Atwell, R.
Baker, Samuel
Barnes, Thos.
Brastow, Henry [contact: Brian Shaw]
Brewer (Brower ?), G.W.
Buckland, F.
Byxbee (Bixbee ?), W.
Carpenter, Wm. L.
Carr, Samuel V.
Carr, T.H.
Cassel, Thos. Russel
Chassin, A.D.
Clark, S.P.
Congdon, H.B.
Conly, John
Crafts, S.S.
Crocheron, Wm.
Cunningham, S.
Deforest, Wm.
Drake, David
Gardiner, H.C.
Greene, G.G.
Hale, S.L.
Haslan, Henry
Haslan, Thomas
Hegeman, E.B.
Hoyt, Wm. H.
Isbel, Philo
Johnson, N.
Joseph, Mr.
Kilburn, F.P.
King, J.C.
Larned, Wm.
Lewis, William
McBray, A.
Mitchell, F.A.
Morgan, A.
Nelson, B.
Nottage, E.C.
Oakley, L.
Paullson (Paulison ?), P.J.
Rea, Caleb F.
Reynolds, C.B.
Sanger, John A., Jr.
Sawyer, Joseph
Saxton, _., and son
Sherman, John
Stone, J.C.
Sturger, John
Thompson, Wm.
Tyson, D. Nyse (Nys, Nye ?), and 2 sons
Vanaiclur (Vansiclur ?), M.
Van Valen, A.
Wacob, Thos.
Waters, J.
Watt, Joseph
Willis, S.W.
Winelow, _.

The ship South Carolina has gone to San Francisco from this port, with the following prospectors:--

Ackerly, H.A.
Allen, N.E.
Andrews, Mr
Archer, Mr.
Ashfield, A.
Babcock, M.
Bannard, J.
Bea, A.W.
Beach, L.H.
Bearen, J.
Belden, George
Bell, Mr.
Bellship, Wm.
Benton, J.
Bernard, L.
Bingham, E.
Bowen, C.H.
Bowen, Wm.
Brown, F.
Bucklin, R., and son
Bullock, W.
Burr, H.P.
Burr, J.P.
Canan, Jno.
Canwick, Mr.
Carpernter, N.
Carrigen, W.H.
Cary & Co., Messrs.
Cassady, M.
Cassall, C.A.
Clanley, J.D.
Clark, M.
Conroy, John
Coy, Mr.
Cronchnor, Mr.
Cunningham, Mr.
Curtis, H.M.
Danforth, Mr.
Dean, G.
Doctor, J.H.
Dodd, Mr.
Dollin, Mr.
Dubois, W.C.
Edgar, James
Fevit, Mr.
Fleck, A.S.
Fleeter, G.S.
Fullard, W.
Gants, P.W.
Geunge (sic; see "Gounge" ?), F.
Glynn, Mr.
Goodell, O.
Goodwin, Hugh
Gounge (sic; see "Gounge" ?), T.
Haley, J.P.
Haley, John J.
Hall, Captain
Hall, Mr.
Halleck, J.Y.
Harris, A.G.
Haskins, W.E.
Haskins, W.E. (listed twice)
Hayden, E.G.
Hiffard, D.H.
Hodges, J.
Hotchman, J.
Jacques, J.A.
Johns, O.
Johnson, G.
Johnson, George
Johnson, Jno.
Keesing, Henry
Kelley, B.
Kelley, C.
Kellogg, E.
Kenough, Mr.
Killburn, Mr.
Kirchner, Mr.
Laby, W.
Livingston, H.
Lockwood, Mr.
Madden, F.
Madden, Mr.
Malcomb, John
Mallory, Mr.
Matthias, S.A.
McGlynn, Mr.
McGuire, Daniel
McManey, A.
McVean , J.
McVean, C.
Mead, A.
Mead, G.
Messenger, Mr.
Moran, M.
Morehouse, J.B.
Muir, Mr.
Mullen, T.
Murphy, Charles
Norton, L.M.
O’Connor, J.
Palmer, Mr.
Pendel, Warren
Penney, J., Jr.
Power, Mr.
Read, E.P.
Rittinger, L.
Robinson, Mr.
Rochester, S.
Rogers, Dr.
Rooney, J.
Rooney, W.
Scofield, J.
Scofield, Mr.
Shaw, W.G.
Sheldlan (sic), A.
Simmons, G.W.
Simpson, J.
Simpson, L.
Simpson, T.
Smalley, James
Smith, D.C.
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, Mr.
Smith, S.
Snyder, Mr.
Southwick, Mr.
Spaulding, W.
Spencer, G.W.
Spencer, John
Speriss, F.
Stansbury, Dr.
Sterling, C.
Stoller, N.
Stone, Andrew
Street, S.
Stroller, R.
Taylor, G.
Taylor, Mr.
Tilden, Mr.
Upper, Mr.
Van Allen, B.J.
Walden, Mr.
Walls, Mr.
Wardle, Thomas, Jr.
Wells, A.M.
Wells, E.
Wetherill, _.
White, James
White, Mr., and lady
Wilcox, F.
Woodruff, J.
Wright, J.H.
“Total in 1st cabin, 60; total in ship, 163.”

The bark Mazeppa, from New York for San Francisco, takes out—

Adams, Samuel
Bissell, Mr.
Brown, George
Cannedy, J.
Colgate, J.H.
Courtols, B.
Evens, Richard
Halleck, Mr.
Hoyt, Albert J.
Hoyt, Ezra
Kipley, J.F.
Moore, Francis
Parker, Mr.
Pasquale, B.
Peck, William H.
Sherry, Mr.
Wilson, Mr.
Worden, Newell
Wordens, James J.
Young, Mr.
“And others."

“The celebrated Kit Carson, and Moses, the Texas Ranger, will conduct a company to California from Independence, in April next. This offers a fine chance for those desiring to go over the Rocky Mountains safely.”

[From the New Orleans Crescent, Jan. 13.]

“In the general rush to California, we find that many very respectable and enterprising young men are about taking their departure. In fact, the larger portion of the emigration seems to be composed of that class which will certainly confer great benefits upon the country. A party of seven young men arrived yesterday from Illinois, on the Andrew Fulton, bound for San Francisco, by the way of Chagres and Panama. They will leave on the bark Florida. The names are:

Ship/Bark Florida

Bradford, John S.
Cook, _.
Eaton, _.
Mizner, (L. ?). B.
Norse, _.
O’Meara, _.
Roberts, H.Q.

“Mr. Mizner is a step-son of ex-Senator Semple, of Illinois, and a gentleman, from his intelligence and enterprising character, well calculated to make a valuable citizen in any community.”

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