California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
January 23, 1849

VERMONT ADVENTURERS – We take the following from the Woodstock (Vt.) Mercury.

“The Woodstock party for California consists of Capt. Bezer (?) Simmons and wife, Capt. B.F. Simmons and wife, Dr. Hiram White and wife, and Messrs. Titus Hutchinson, Jr., Frederick Billings, Franklin N. Billings, and James B. Pierce. Capt. and Mrs. S. Simmons, Mr. Hutchinson, and Mr. F. Billings will sail in the steamer Falcon, on the last day of February, from New York to Chagres, then across the Isthmus to Panama. On the first of February, the ship Magnolia will sail from New Bedford, under the command of Capt. B.F. Simmons, and with him his wife, Dr. and Mrs. White, Mr. F.N. Billings, and Mr. Pierce. Mr. Charles Spaulding, of Montpelier, and some others from this vicinity are also expected to sail in the Magnolia, which will, of course, go around Cape Horn. She takes out a full cargo of merchandise cosigned to Messrs. Simmons, Hutchinson & Co., a house to be established at San Francisco for extensive brokerage and commission businesses by Capt. B. Simmons and Mr. Hutchinson, with whom is associated Mr. John F. Pope, of New Bedford. The party is not a party of gold hunters; probably none of them will go into the diggings. Capt. Simmons is the owner of a large real estate in and near the city of San Francisco, purchased on a former visit to that country. Dr. White has gone out to practice his profession of medicine, and Mr. F. Billings to establish himself in the practice of the law to which he has been bread.”

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