California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
January 19, 1849

of the
&c. &c. &c.

The brig John Endus, sailed yesterday for San Francisco, with forty passengers, all young men, and all stockholders. She is provisioned for twelve months. Annexed is a list of her passengers:--
(Another list for the John Enders appeared in the New York Weekly Tribune, January 20, 1849. The corrections are entered in RED, below.)

Arents (Arents, H.)
Arents, W. (Arents, Wm.)
Bates, Benjamin
Beecher, H.C.
Bleeker, H. (Bleeker, H.C.)
Chedia, Geo. W. (Chedic, G.W.)
Clinton, Joseph
Cochrane, R.
Cox, Marcus
Demarest, D.
Drake, R.A.
Ebbetts, John (Ebbitt, J.)
Edwards, R.T. (Edwards, Robert T.)
Flavell, Capt. W.E., mate
Ford, D.M.
Grants, Geo. C.
Grant, J.

Hall, H.E.
Hotaling, C.E. (Hotaling, C.K.)
Kingbury, I. (L. ?), trustee
Kingsbury, E._., Captain (of ship)
Kingsbury, E.B.
Klienhaus, D.W. (Klienhanas, D.W.)
Lommason, G.

Lommason, S.

Markley, Levi, jr.
Phyfe, W.D. (Phyfe, Wm. D.)
Pooler, J.C.
Poyfe (Phyfe ?), W.M. (Phyfe, Wm. M.)
Reeves, E. (Reeve, E.)
Reid, James
Rice, John S. (Rice, J.S.)
Rogers, James
Silverthorn, H. (Silverhorn, , C.)
Skiff, W.F.
Smith, T., jr.)
Sommerson, S.
Stoddard, J.
Stryker, Paul
Sullivan, W.
Tarte (Taite ?), John H.
Terhune, C.
Tethope (??), C.
Tuttle, J.A.
Tyack, W. (Tyack, Wm.)
Valean, P.R. (Valleau, P.H.)
Vallean, Samuel (Valleau, S.)
Whittaker, M.
Williamson, A.R.
Young, E.M.

“Forty stockholders at $300 each.”

Passengers by the Eugenia, via Vera Cruz:--
Ae_chimann, Albert
Agnew, Thomas Jefferson
Alden, Henry W.
Allason, Robt. F.
Atwood, John
Barhydt, Jacob
Barker, Samuel
Barlow, Benj. W.
Barstow, Geo.
Batton, Royal
Benton, Elijah T.
Bidwell, Asser C.
Blackman, Henry
Blake, L.L.
Bonnetend (Bonnefend ?), John Baptiste
Boughton, F.A.
Bowly, Geo. H.
Briggs, Manson
Broughton, George S.
Burdick, Dan.
Cable, A.C.
Carpenter, Wm.
Carpenter, Wm. S.
Carr, Horatio V.
Carrell, Edward B.
Chase, Charles A.
Cheney, Seth A.
Clark, Chas. A.
Clock, Hiram
Cobb, Jonathan
Coles, Butler
Cooper, Charles S.
Copeland, Frederic
Copeland, Isaac R.
Cornwell, Joseph H.
Crane, Norman
Cronk, Harmon
Culver, Nath. C.
Dunham, Charles F.
Eld, Edward
Evans, Robt.
Fairchild, Wm. H.
Field, Edwd. G.
Forbes, Ralph J.
Fordham, Robt. B.
Fox, Orson
Fryer, A.P.
Ga_nossett, John
Gardiner, David L.
Garretson, Joseph L.
Gee, Arthur W.
Gibbs, Chas. E.
Gibbs, Cornelius V.S.
Gibbs, Geo. W.
Gibson, Joseph
Giddings, Henry
Gignoux, Cesar
Gladwin (Giadwin ?), William H.
Griswold, Gilbert
Harris, T.J.
Harrison, Henry D.
Hawes, Arnold C.
Hawley, W.
Hempstead, J.M.
Henriques, Joseph
Henry, J. Ward
Hitchcock, Andrew H.
Hoag, Clau__ L.
Hopkins, George W.
Howard, Jas. P.
Hutton, J. Frances
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, William H.
Johnson, Wm. S.
Kipp, George J.
Lafoy, Numa
Lawton, Alfred
Lawton, Franklin
Mandeville, Charles
Mandeville, John D.
Mansfield, B.W.
Martin, Wm. E.
Martin, Wm. Manning
McGay, Jas.
Meredith, S.A.
Miller, Abraham E.
Miller, Israel
Minturn, Lloyd
Mulford, David D., Jr.
Musson, J.
Nessle, Conrad
Northam, E.F.
Nye, Wm. F.
Parmele, Osmer
Peabody, B.F.
Peck, Nathan, Jr.
Perret, Henry A.
Pickering, Thomas L.
Pitcher, C.H.
Porter, Horace
Pratt, Jas. H.
Reimer, Henry
Rider, Lloyd A.
Rogers, Geo.
Rogers, John Warren
Russell, Theodore
Seeley, J.L.
Sharts, F.H.
Simmons, C.M.
Smith, Henry F.
Smith, Wm. C.S.
Stone, Dan. C.
Streek, Wm. S.
Strong, Asaph
Tripp, R.O.
Turner, Arnold
Van Beuren, James
Van Canejhem, Charles
Van Dusen, Wm. J.
Velsart (Veisart ?), Pierre
Voorhees, B.F.
Wadleigh, J.W.
Wheeler, Henry B.
Whitmore, H.M.
Wilbur, Isaac C.
Winant, Raymond
Wing, J.H.
Wolcott, Chas. P.
Wright, Geo. S.
Wright, J.T.
y u_espora, Santiago Magee

In the Neuphar (or “Neumpha”), via Vera Cruz:--

Alexander, John
Baldwin, Richard
Bolton, John H.
Bradley, Cornall
Branch, Joseph W.
Converre, Daniel L.
Crookes, Joseph
Godden, Thomas B.
Graves, Wm. H.
Grosvenor (Grosvener ?), Seth C.
Hamilton, De Witt
Haynes, Sumner S.
Hoober, C.B.
Hopper, Peter J.
Howell, George
Hungerford, Daniel E.
Law, James
Law, Robert
Lees, Isaiah
Marra, Louis
Miller, Stephen T.
Morehead, Robert B.
Nightingale, John
Nightingale, Joseph
Norcross, Charles M.
Perazzo, John B.
Marshall, Alejandro
Phelps, John B.
Price, Wm.
Updike, Charles G.
Wilson, John

[from: Philadelphia, Jan. 18,1849]

Ho! for California -- The New York City Guards -- The New York and Eire Railroad Company.

The Grey Eagle, for Monterey and San Francisco, sailed this morning, with 35 passengers, and freighted with a cargo valued at $120,000. The following are her passengers:--

Bonnell, George B.
Bowen, Thomas H.
Bradley, Frederic
Burling, Wm.
Caldwell, Frank M.
Camm, Wm., Jr.
Carman, Benjamin
Carman, Thomas M.
Davis, Alfred E.
Dobleman, John C.
Dobosque (Dubosque ?), Theodore, Jr.
Dubosque (Dobosque ?), Theodore
Dubosque, Henry A.
Eyre, M.D.
Eyre, M.D.
Gillingham, A.
Halstead, E.
Hartman,, J.H.
Justice, Charles
K_r_haw, Wm. T.
Kern, Thomas R.
Kershaw, Wm. T.
Livingston, C.
Mallory, Edward
McHenry, C.M.
Neall, James, Jr.
Parsons, Dr.
Prinot, H.
Redles, John
Shippen, E.B.
Sm__ey (Smiley ?), James
Smith, J.B.
Thomas, George B.
Thomas, Joseph M.
Thompson, T.H.
Thompson, W.N.
Torbert, Samuel J.
White, George G.
Wright, Thomas

"Messrs. Thomas H. Tingle, Wm. J. Powell, Zadock Purnell, and Kendall B. Taylor, all of the highest respectability, left the town of Berlin, Md., on the 10th inst., for the purpose of joining a company of one hundred, which has been formed in New York, for the purpose of emigrating to California. The association is based upon each member having paid $300 into a general fund, with which they have purchased and provisioned a vessel of good size."

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