California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
January 16, 1849

Ho! For California

The city [Philadelphia] ice boat dragged nine vessels after her down the river this morning, including the brig Osceola, Captain Fairfowl, for California. The passenger list of this vessel comprises sixty-five persons, a few of whom, however, were this morning left behind, and had to charter a steamboat to overtake the brig on board of which their ventures for the gold region were safely stowed. The following are her passengers:--

Arnold, W.
Banks, Col. J.A.
Bassett, William
Beenkin, C.
Beenkin, W.
Bennett, C.D.
Boehm, E.
Borgor, T.S.
Brady, H.
Bunn (Dunn ?), William H.
Butcher, T.B.
Butcher, W.
Cassady, Dr.
Christ, Samuel
Courvoisier, H.
Cowden, J.
Cummings, H.K.
Dekut, F.
Dougherty, J.P.
Dreka, Col. G.
Falls, J.
Fetter, W.
Folwell, J.W.
Folwell, T.J.
Freed, William
Gillingham, H.W.
Good, Col. H.B.
Graham, Dr. W.H.
Guier, Dr. George
Harman, S.K.
Hart, G.W.
Herteman (Hertzman, Hertsman ?), J.
Heyberger, J.
Hill, W.M.S.
Howdege, J.
Hyde, H.
Kellum, J.
Kelly, A.S.
Kelly, C.S.
Kepheldt, Major General J., of Russian Army
Kienhaus, J.P.
Kimmell, J.
Kline, F.
Langton, P.
Lessig, J.A.
Limberg, H.
Macartney, A.
McClelland, J.
McCoy, J.A.
Miller, F.
Moore, J.
Munns, D.L.
Patterson, R.M.
Powell, A.
Pryor, H.
Russell, Col. G.H.
Schoenfeld, Dr. H.
Slaughter, Major J.
Solinsky, Brevet Capt. C.W.H.
Upham, S.C.
Wack, W.
Wainwright, J.E.
Weaver, G.H.
Whelding, C.
Wilson, G.

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