California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
January 15, 1849

The Gold Fever


We have nothing of interest connected with the California emigration to record; the proceedings of the adventurers having been slightly retarded by the inclemency of the weather. Owing to the same cause, a number of vessels, in readiness to depart, were forced to defer their sailing until to-day. The bark Croton, for San Francisco, ready for sea, has the following named persons on board:--

Anson, E.W.
Bingham, A.W.
Black, B.
Blane, W.G.
Browers, W.
Chittenden, H.W.
Cooper, R.
Curry, H.
Dutch, W.
Eames, A.C.
Eames, A.W.
Fitch, A.D.
Fox, C.
Fox, J.
Goodheart, A.
Green, J.H., Jr.
Hall, J.
Hamersley, W.
Holecter, W.E.
Hubbard, E.
Hughes, H.
Hutchings, T.
Hutchinson, _.
Jerome, J.
Johnson, A.D.
Johnson, J.R.
King, C.
Knapp, A.W.
Knight, _.
Knox, J.
Mallerby, O.
McDaniel, D.
Merrifield, A.
Miller, B.
Morrell, A.
Page, J.K.
Porter, T.R.
Rochester, N.
Rumar, J.D.
Russell, J.
Sage, J.
Sailes (Salles ?), G.
Savage, J.
Savage, R.
Schoomaker, H.
Schoomaker, J.
Smith, M.S.
Sterman, D.O.
Thomas, E.
Thomas, Jas.
Trembly, Geo.
Tucker, W.M.
Underhill, J.K.
Van Wyck, A.
Wilcox, Jas.

The Tarolinta, which left on Saturday, took out ….

Barr, J.C.
Barr, Wm.
Brooks, Chas.
Brown, _.
Bryant, G.W.
Bunce, J.M.
Burroughs, C.N.
Chapman, C.E.
Ciniant, P.E.
Cock, W.B.
Cornell, John H.
Cox, Wm.
Depeystar, N.
Devoe, J.M.
Finney, Dr. S.P.
Ford, W.S.
Franklin, E.
Gilbert, G.
Groat, J.D.
Hawlsey, P.S.
Hempsted, B.
Hockman, R.
Howell, J.
Hubbell, A.
Hunt, J.
Hunt, P.
Jenkins, R.
Jerome, F.
Knorr, T.C.
Knorr, W.B.
Langdon, G.
Lawrence, J.P.
Livingston, D.
Livingston, F.
Lock, J.B.
Lowere, S.W.
Lyon, Caleb
McNevin, S.C.
Milland, S.
Miller, N.
Milne, _.
Morehouse, G.T.
Munsell, _.
Munsell, J.
Munson, A.C.
Nelson, S.
Norrross (Norross, Norcross ?), D.
Noyes, J.V.D.H.
Oscan, W. (might be: “Smith, W. Oscan” ?)
Pearson, S.D.
Powers, J.
Poynter, W.P.
Quackenbush, G.
Randall, _.
Ranelyea, Isaac
Richards, J.
Schell, A.
Seymour, G.
Smith, E.C.
Smith, J.C.
Southard, T.
Sterling, D.
Sterling, J.W.
Sterling, R.H.
Stevenson, Amasa
Stevenson, Samuel
Story, R.
Tarboss, _.
Thompson, _.
Thorp, James H.
Thorp, W.D.
Troax, E.H.
Tucker, J.T.
Tyler, S.J.
Vall, _.
Wentworth, J.
Wheeler, G.W.
Winchester, J.
And 9 of the New York Mining Company.

In the steerage:--
Austin, J.P.
Baldwin, M.
Beming, A.
Blackett, W.G.
Coddington, J.J.
Coddington, W.
Conrad, M.
Cook, D.B.
Cox, G.W.
Cox, H.F.
Demitt, A.P.
Dodd, G.W.
Gibbs, S.
Haggen, T.A.
Hogebeom (Hogeboom ?), W.G.
Howe, P.L.
Hyatt, _.
Hyatt, E.
Keeler, R.
Laundergan, J.
Monahan, J.
Newman, J.
O’Brien, W.S.
Paul, T.L.
Pearson, H.L.
Prosser, W.
Rowley, F.
Ryder, D.D.
Ryder, P.F.
Short, J.J.
Short, M.W.
Stevenson, S.P.
Tharkey, W.
Ward, C.S.
Williams, J.
And 3 servants.

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