California Bound by

New York Herald
New York City, New York
December 3, 1848


Steamship Panama, for California.

San Francisco, &c.__

For San Francisco:
Allaire, Ferdinand
Dallas, Stephen J., postmaster
Grayson, Dr.
Johnson, Mr. H.

For Valparaiso:
Felter, Wm.

For Rio Janeiro:
Bond, James B.
Dure, David
MacLean, Hugh
Van Ellen, Daniel

New York Herald, December 27, 1848

The steamship Panama, Comstock, hence for California, returned under canvas, having broken her cylinder and cylinder top on the 6th of December, in lat. 33.27 north, long. 60.43 west, five days out; from which date until the 21st, had high adverse winds; on the evening of the 21st, took a heavy N.E. gail off Barnegat, in 17 fathoms water, which lasted to noon of the 22d, when wind veered to the S.W., and commenced blowing very heavy. At 7 pm changed suddenly to N.W. and blew a hurricane for 7 hours with a heavy sea, moderating on the 23d, leaving a heavy cross sea. Spoke schr. Crescent City on the 15th, and ship Niagara on the 24th, 24 hours from New York. On the 15th, Francis Sartvogli died of pleuri-pneumonia.

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