California Bound by

The Daily Picayune
New Orleans, Louisiana
Ship Passengers for California

NOTE: The following ship passenger lists are copied from microfilmed copies of the Daily Picayune newspaper, published in New Orleans, Louisiana. Every effort was made to make an accurate transcription. If you wish to check the accuracy of a surname, send an email and a check will be made. -------
The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, January 2, 1851.

The steamship Falcon, Lt. Hartstene, commanding, left this morning at 9 o'clock for New York via Havana and Chagres, with the following passengers:(Note: only the Chagres passengers are listed below.)

For Chagres --
Abamy, A.
Abbe, Chas.
Alexander, J.
Anderson, T. S.
Bains, Mrs., and servant
Beam, J., lady and child
Beattey, P.
Bevens, W.
Blackwell, J.
Brickell, A.
Brickell, E., and 2 ladies
Brooks, C.
Brower, J. E.
Brown, J.
Brown, T. A.
Brown, W. T.
Burton, J.
Cann, B.
Church, M. D.
Clemens, Mrs. C., child and servant
Clements, T. A.
Cock, C. W.
Curry, P. T.
David, T. O.
Devitt, W.
Dixon, (Mr.)
Donaldson, W.
Donegan, J.
Donegan, M.
Dresser, R.
Elliott, J.
Elliott, W.
Fallheimer, J.
Ferris, Mr.
Fitzgerald, E.
Fogan, J.
Frisbe, A.
Frisbe, J.
Frisbee, E. J.
Gilbert, D. G.
Gregg, John
Hall, A.
Harman, Mrs. C., and 3 children
Haroney, T. H.
Hartley, W. S. B., and 4 children
Hinkley, A. M.
Hinkley, T. P.
Hudspeth, J. C.
Hyde, (Mr.)
Kelly, Mrs. G.
Kelly, W. W.
Lane, J. S.
Lane, N. H.
Larimer, Mrs., and child
Mellreth, T., and lady Frisbe, Capt. B.
Mitchell, S. D.
Musack, P.
O'Connor, Mrs., 4 children and servant
Owen, N. F., and 2 ladies
Paine, Jno.
Plahta (Planta, Plants ?), M.
Redding, W. H.
Rhoades, J.
Rogers, Dr. J. P.
Rose, J. H.
Rule, G.
Sage, H.
Schofield, Mr., lady, child and servant
Thompson, M.
Tromboten, M. L.
Wallace, W.
White, B.
Wilcox, L.
Wilmoth, A.
Wolfe, B.
Wymans, P. T.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, January 3, 1851.

Passengers. --- Per Steamship Philadelphia.--- The Philadelphia , Lieut. Stanly, U. S. Navy, commanding, which left Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock, had on board the following passengers for Chagres:
Baker, Dr.
Carriere, H., and lady
Cook, J.
Coombs, Frederick
Dunne, Miss Mary
Dunne, Mrs., and child
Edwards, Jno.
Franklin, Mrs., and child
Fuller, Mrs.
Huttorf (see Puttorf ?) , Mrs. L., and child
Louis, Miss
May, P.
Meirhead, Col.
Meyer, Miss
Pleyer, J. F.
Puttorf (see Huttorf ?), Mr., and lady
Rawles, J. J.
Reinhart, H. G.
Roger, A. F.
Rourke, Major
Truas, E. D.
Tucker, G. L.
Wallace, Jefferson
Wallace, Wm. M.
Weil, G.
White, Col. C. A.
White, Mrs.
Worms, A.
Worms, J.
with 246 laborers for the Panama Railroad.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, January 14, 1851.

Passengers. --- Per Steamship Pacific.--- The steamship Pacific, Capt Jarvis, sailed this morning for Havana and Chagres with the following passengers:

(Note: only passengers traveling to Chagres have been listed.)
For Chagres. --

Bartholemew, H.
Bernard, J.
Bernhard, M.
Blanchard, C.
Bowman, P. F.
Clavori, J. J.
Conrey, R., and lady
Cunliffi, W. Y.
Freeland, R.
Glock, P.
Haas, A.
Jacobi, S., and friend
Keyser, J. W.
Kraft, H., and lady
Lasar, E.
Lattle, J. M.
Levermann, B.
Loeb, B.
Lulucaa, J.
Lyans, C.
Merrick, J.
Pengel, C.
Regenburger, H., lady, 2 children and servant
Saling, H.
Sedle, E.
Shwaze, F.
Smith, H.
Sparks, D.
Stern, L., and nephew
Travey, J. C.
Travy, P.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, January 27, 1851.

PASSENGERS.-The following passengers left for Chagres and Havana on board the steamship Philadelphia yesterday morning, at 8 o'clock:

(Note: only passengers traveling to Chagres have been listed.)
For Chagres.--
Barkley, Mr., and family
Benjamin, J., and lady
Bes_ell, C. F.
Boyle, A. A.
Branden, C.
Brown, Mr. J. C., and family
DeGroote, L. A.
Dunbar, Mrs.
Dunbar, W.
Duncan, Mrs. J. C., child and servant
Foresyth, Mrs.
Henley, J.
Henley, T.
Hewlin, _, W.
Hyler, W.
Kelly, S.
Kelly, T.
Kidd, Mrs.
Kincaid, J.
Lawrason, P.
Leoy, J., and lady
Levy, Dr., and lady
Lundy, Mrs. M.
Mauch, John
McLean, J.

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