California Bound by

The Daily Picayune
New Orleans, Louisiana
Ship Passengers for California

NOTE: The following ship passenger lists are copied from microfilmed copies of the Daily Picayune newspaper, published in New Orleans, Louisiana. Every effort was made to make an accurate transcription. If you wish to check the accuracy of a surname, send an email and a check will be made.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, January 2, 1849.

The Crescent City's Passengers for Chagres. The following is a list of passengers who left New York on the 23d for Chagres by the steamer Crescent City:

Arnold, A.
Augustus, George
Backus, C.
Bailey, Morris
Baker, Henry
Baker, Henry D.
Baldwin, William H.
Bandon, A.
Barbim, Alex. H.
Barker, John
Bennett, M. H.
Birch, Jas.
Blood, L. L.
Blook, A.
Bomen, Thos.
Branch, M.
Britton, S.
Bronning, D.
Brooks, Wm.
Browning, D.
Brunner, P.
Buntin, J.
Buntin, John M.
Can, A. C.
Chunsy, F.
Clindleton, W. K.
Clom, A.
Contey, W. E.
Craig, P.
Crosby, C. N. B.
Davenport, J.
DeGrasse, (Mr.)
Donanee, A. M.
Dunbar, C.
Dye, C.
Foster, (Mr.)
Fox, C.
Fox, G. M., Jr.
Fritz, C.
Gallagher, G. G.
Giles, J. H.
Goin, T. A.
Grattan, W. H.
Gray, F. C.
Gray, J.
Griffeth, (Mr.)
Guisse, E. C.
Gureke, Rudolph
Halsey, W. R.
Hardin, D. C.
Hayford, B. A.
Hone, (Mr.)
Hotchkiss, C. A.
House, Amon
Hughes, C. H.
Hunson, James
James, F. E.
Johnson, B.
Johnson, J.
Johnson, M.
Lane, J.
Leonard, Wm.
Litter, Loomis
Livingston, C.
Lunau, J.
Manning, J.
Martin, T.
McLean, A.
Menton, T. R.
Meyers, A. K.
Miller, H.
Mills, L. R.
Morgan, Edward Batters
Neal, J.
Nesbitt, (Mr.)
Penfield, C. S.
Pitkin, Geo. H.
Porter, A. A.
Quick, J.
Quimby, G.
Read, Jos. B.
Read, M.
Rempson, F.
Ridley, W.
Roberts, Mr., and friends
Rogers, D.
Rogers, D., Jr.
Rogers, Jas. F.
Rogers, Leander
Rogers, N. G.
Sewell, W. D.
Shipp, D. H.
Shownell, (Mr.)
Sidney, D.
Smith, F. S.
Spencer, Erastus
Spencer, H. H.
Stan, T. N.
Sullivan, E. H.
Thompson, J. W.
Ticknor, E.
Townsend, C.
Warren, H. A.
Webster, Geo. E.
Wehrman, John
Wheaton, Wm. E.
Wiley, Alex.
Williamson, R. S.
Wilson, J.
Wilson, W. N.
Wood, G. G.
Woodbridge, Edmund A.
Wyman, H.
Yates, George M.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, January 17, 1849.

For California.-- The following is a list of passengers per ship Architect, for San Francisco (arrived in San Francisco, June 28, 1849):

NOTE: The passenger list for the Architect was also published in the New York Herald, January 26, 1849. This was a copy of the original passenger list published in the New Orleans Crescent, January 17, 1849. There are numerous misspelled names. The names in red below are the spellings from the New York Herald.

Amelung, L. F.
Bathwell, Wm.
Bordon (Badon), Robt.
Caldwell, Chas. B., and lady
Carnet (Cornet), J.
Colton, Geo. A.
Converse, J. C.
Cox, M. T.
Crow, John
Danby, L. J.
de Rodrigues (de Roderiguez), Francisco Emanuel
Deacon, W. E.
Diggs (Digges), W. H.
Dizier (St. Dirier), Achilles H.
Dunbar, Jas.
Forshee, P.
Fulton, Sam'l
Griffin, C. B.
Grover, John
Harris, J. H.
Hatch, H. S.
Hawkins, R. G.
Higgins, C. A.
Hitchcock, A. J.
Hopping, T. T.
Hynson, B. F.
Josephs (Joseph), Henry, and lady
King, Dr., lady, and daughter
Knight, C. S.
Lack (Lacks), Mrs.
Larkin, John
Latapa (Latafa), E.
Lawrence, C.
Mardis, S. R.
Milbourne, H. C.
Mills, Thos.
O'Neil (O'Neill), Patrick
Otis, J. M.
Parker, L. D.
Perkins, C. W.
Peterson, E.
Peyton, V. M.
Roland, Mrs. Emily (M.), and 2 children
Rowe, John
Silverthorn, N.
Simunds (Simmons), E. C.
Taylor, Jas., lady, and 2 children
Topping, T.T.
Turner, Thos.
Vance, Jas.
Watson, A. A.
Wilson, J. C.
Woodbull (Woodhull), W.
Woods, H. W.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, January 18, 1849.

For California.-- The New York Commercial of the 6th inst. says:
We perceive that a large deputation from "the upper ten thousand" --the junior portion of it-- has embarked for California this morning, on board the Cristoval Colon.

Mr. Osgood, the artist, is going -- so he told us the other day; and the Boston Transcript announces the approaching departure of Mr. Holden, of Philadelphia, proprietor of Holden's Magazine, and a son of Mr. Holden, the portrait painter.

The schooner Iowa, Howes, sailed from Sag Harbor on the 4th inst. for San Francisco, touching at Valparaiso. She takes out three passengers.

The ship Aurora, Capt. Swain, has sailed from Nantucket for San Francisco, with a cargo of frame buildings and a company of emigrants, mostly mechanics.

The ship Henrico has also just sailed from New York for Chagres, with thirty-five passengers, and the brig New Castle for San Francisco, with eight passengers.

We notice the names of three or four ladies in the lists of passengers lately given -- generally ladies, accompanying their husbands.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, January 19, 1849.

The California Expedition.-- The following requires no explanation from us:

On Board Steamer Fanny, Mississippi River
Sunday, January 14, 1849

Gentlemen-- As promised when with you, I now enclose a list of the names of the members of Company No. 1 Mazatlan Rangers, as they have styled themselves, and you will no doubt see some familiar names among them. It might not prove amiss to have the list published, as it would be a satisfaction to some of the friends of the expedition to learn through the public prints the actual departure of the company. The company consisted originally of forty-eight members. Some of these were unable to go with us on account of various unavoidable and unforseen contingencies, and the steamer sailed with forty-four in all, organized as follows:

Officers-- E. W. Abbott, Captain; P. E. Jordan, Lieutenant; Stephen Burgun, Treasurer; Eugene A. Bancroft, Secretary; James Patterson, Quartermaster; Charles H. Whitney, Commissary.

Privates-- W. H. Alexander, H. B. Atkins, H. Battalia, V. Burgess, Joseph Cortada, E. D. Eaton, John Edwards, Charles Gordon, G. G. Grabill, P. Hale, W. Halsey, J. B. Hewson, S. Hoffman, B. F. Choate, J. M. Hogan, Alexander Hull, J. F. Hunt, John Kidd, Fred. Latimer, C. L. Loomis, J. P. McDougall, D. McIntosh, W. S. Moore, C. A. Morse, John Munro, ---- Pasquiar, Washington Reed, C. O. Richardson, C. J. Schmidt, John Sempkins, J. Smith, Thos. Stackhouse, E. G. Stewart, G. A. Whitney, C. de Pindray and servant.

Surgeon-- Dr. Ogden
Wagon Master-- Waterman
Wagoners-- Ware, Hood, Allard, Le Grand

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, January 28, 1849.

For California.-- Two parties of gentlemen have arrived in this city from St. Louis, since our last evening's paper was published, on their way to California. The Republican of the 21st thus speaks of them:

Seven gentlemen, citizens of this city, left last evening on the steamer Rowena for the gold regions, via New Orlean, Chagres, and Panama, their final destination being the city of San Francisco. The party consisted of Messrs. D. S. Ford, C. H. Francher, Wm. Barlow, T. B. Walker, A. H. Guild, ---- Holbrook, and John S. Robb.

In addition to this company, another, consisting of Capt. Wm. Craine, J. M. Julien, James Anthony, --- Murray, and --- Piper, leaves this morning on the steamer St. Joseph, destined for the same point. These parties, the first regularly organized in this city, go, as we learn, fully prepared to encounter all the hardships and dangers of so long a journey, and what is better, carry with them means sufficient to enter into any suitable or profitable business after their arrival, should they not find that of gold digging as lucrative as they expect. Several of the members of each of these parties are elegantly equipped, having furnished themselves with suitable clothing, blankets, fire-arms, &c. We regret the loss of such worthy and estimable citizens, yet cannot but wish them a pleasant voyage and unbounded success in their adventures.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, February 3, 1849.

For California.-- The following is a list of passengers on the bark Touro, Capt. W. H. Low, this afternoon, for San Francisco, California: (arrived in San Francisco, September 7, 1849)

Bickell, W. W.
Carter, Thomas M.
Charles, Geo.
Cochran, Dr. J. L.
Cody, Dr.
Davidson, Thomas S.
Edwards, Wm.
Gafeney, John
Govereau, Mr.
Hardy, John
Hart, L. A.
Miller, Thomas
Morran, Michael
Morran, Peter
Murphy, James
Pendergast, F. H. (and/or C. H.)
Roberts, Simeon T.
Ryan, John
Schowl, Michael, lady and 2 children
Sidell, Mr.
Simond, August
Smith, W. W.
Stevens, Lewis A.
Stevens, W. J.
Viosca, Jas., and lady
Wertendyke (Wortendyke ?), P. E., and lady

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, February 13, 1849.

FOR CALIFORNIA -- The following is a list of the passengers by the McKim (this may be the Ann McKim), bound for California:

Alston, J.
Austin, David
Baker, F.
Barclay, Mr.
Beard, George
Bowden, H.
Clark, H.
Comper, W. H.
Daney, Francis
Dunn, J. A.
Elkin, A.
Fargo, C. F.
Fischer, A.
Fought, C. M.
Gandy, E. U.
Ganer, B.
Gardner, J.
Gillespie, Wm.
Gillian, G.
Gish, W.
Goodale, Dr. David
Guyal, A.
Harris, Mr.
Hennings, Mr., and lady
Herring, H.
Hommedieu, W. T. L.
Jones, S.
Kearney, D.
Keep, H. V.
Larue, J. S.
Menicher, J. A.
Mitchell, A.
Murphy, Mr.
Osborne, E. B.
Painter, J. P.
Painter, J. R.
Peflom, Mr.
Powell, P. P.
Purnell, T.
Rathbon, Mr.
Robb, John C.
Roberts, T. S. H.
Russell, Mr.
Ryan, J.
Schiffler, F.
Sesbros, J. M.
Shipway, G. O.
Solomon, Mr.
Sperier, Mr.
Steele, Henry
Stewart, Mr.
Swarthout, John
Tanner, J. H.
Tillman, Mr.
Tinoberg, Mr.
Turner, G.
Vallient, E. K.
Vandyke, J.
Wadsworth, J. B.
Watkins, H. P.
Wiggins, Wm.
Wilberham, Mr.
Wood, J. C., and son
And twenty-two in second class.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, February 14, 1849.

Passengers Per Brig Perfect for Chagres.--

Amyx, Mr.
Bertomer, Mr.
Bird, M.
Bolling, R.
Bolling, Thos.
Brackett, D.
Calahan, J.
Collins, Mr.
Conn, A. O.
Crosby, J. D.
Davis, B. F.
Drummond, J. C.
Flemming, M.
Gurney, John
Hicks, S. A.
Higly, E.
Hurst, Mr.
Jones, M. P.
Kelly, J.
Maynadier, H.
McQueen, T. J.
Merten, T.
Milmore, J. H.
Murphy, R. W.
Nolan, Morris
Nolan, W. G., and servant
Otey, Mr.
Park, T. P.
Powers, Mr.
Puckett, H.S.
Reed, J. M. G.
Reed, John, supercargo
Revard, Julien
Richards, W.
Richardson, Saml.
Rodgers, A. D.
Sloam, W. B.
Spain, F. J.
Spain, Mr.
Stallings, Mr.
Stidger, H.
Turner, Mr.
Van Tayl, O. W.
Voster, H. G.
Wirlin, Wm.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, February 14, 1849.

For California -- The following is a list of passengers per steamship Galveston, Capt. Crane, for Chagres:

Ackerman, C.
Albright, __
Alexander, A. W., and lady
Ammon, C. G.
Anderson, W.
Anthony, James
Ayres, J. J.
Badger, J. L.
Bartlett, P. H.
Beard, E.
Bell, Dr. R.
Benedict, (Mr.)
Bennett, (Mr.)
Benson, J.
Bibb, (Mr.)
Blackburn, James W.
Blacow, Robert
Blood, Jos.
Bodenheim, H.
Boyd, (Mr.)
Brown, C.
Brown, H. G.
Bryan, M. T.
Burgoyne, B.
Burgoyne, Wm. M.
Burn, J. D.
Burrus, George W.
Bussy, W. C.
Cabot, (Mr.)
Cadwallader, T.
Cady, S. H.
Chabot, A.
Chinn, Chas.
Clarke, G. W.
Clock, (Mr.)
Coles, R. E.
Cook, J.
Cowles, (Mr.)
Craine, William
Crook, Jno.
Curtis, (Mr.)
Davidson, J.
Davis, Daniel
Dewey, Wm.
Dickison, Lewis
Disborough, D.
Donna, J. G.
Dunning, John
Faber, E. A.
Fish, E. W.
Fitzgerald, J.
Fleisbecker, S.
Fullerton, H.
Fullerton, J. S.
Gantry, __
Gautz, Jos.
Gerald, (Mr.)
Gerrish, J. M.
Gilson, T. W.
Gindrat, Dr.
Gosling, T.
Gray, Thos. E.
Green, Joseph
Greenfield, S.
Hale, Patrick
Hammond, Jos. W.
Hendry, (Mr.)
Henry, W. P.
Hess, A.
Hornbeck, Wm.
Irwin, John
Jackson, T.
Jacobs, S. L.
Jobus, Frederick
Jordan, B. M.
Julian, J. M.
Kendrick, J. J.
Kidd, Jas. A.
Knapp, Thos.
Korngay, Charles
Lander, J. C.
Leese, G. L.
Lemmon, D. J.
Lewellyn, Edward
Lewis, (Mr.)
Lindsley, Rev. S.
Lizard, L.
Lum, (Mr.)
Lyon, L. G.
Madigrove, J. A.
Manning, R. J.
Matlock, Wm. R.
Maxwell, J. J.
McClintock, John
McFarlane, Thos.
McGehee, J.
McLaren, D.
Memper, Michael L.
Miller, Israel
Miller, J. H.
Moreland, J.
Moss, C. E.
Murphy, Jeremiah
Nash, Aaron
O'Brien, Robert
Parker, Joseph
Paro, A.
Paul, S.
Peabody, G. H.
Peves, Clemon
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Thomas
Piper J. Q.
Piper, W. A.
Plume, John V.
Pters, William G.
Renegle, F.
Rich, John
Rieber, R. G.
Ritchie, Daniel
Rogers, Dr. S. W.
Rogers, G. J.
Rose, W. W.
Rostrup, U.
Scharbb, M.
Scott, G.
Scruton, R.
Shaw, Dr. W. A.
Sheldon, O. M.
Simmons, J. T.
Skates, (Mr.)
Smith, Curtis
Smith, M.
Spalding, Eugene
Staught, S.
Stephens, Gilbert
Stutsman, Jacob
Suchwahew, Henry
Talbot, J. A.
Taylor, Jos.
Thompson, J.
Thompson, J.
Todd, Alexander
Truefell, John
Walker, Jas.
Ward, John
Webb, R. C.
Weston, Henry
Weston, Hiram
Williams, E.
Wilson, Wm.
Wise, A.
Wood, D. C.
Wood, J., Jr.
Wood, J.
Woods, David
Yarborough, (Mr.)
Young, T. J.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, March 1, 1849.

Passengers per Schooner Crescent City, for Chagres. --

Anthony, F.
Bolls, G. M.
Bosset, Mr.
Boyd, Alex.
Brown, W. G.
Buckner, (Mr.)
Burres, J.
Butler, C.
Campbell, H. C.
Carnehen, W.
Chase, C.
Chrisman, John C.
Cooper, Alex.
Dart, Jno.
Davis, Jabez Y.
Dawson, F.
Dawson, H.
Deady, Peter
Delony, (Mr.)
Dilliman, Mr.
Dunbar, Montgomery
Earison, (Mr.)
English, (Mr.)
Fane, J. H.
Fisher, John
Folks, F.
Folks, J. L.
Folks, J. W.
French, L. F.
Griffin, S. S.
Henly, M.
Houston, Sam. H.
Jack, Robert
Jacobs, Mr.
Jett, R.
Larrain, S. S.
Lewis, Jabez
Lightman, Joel
Lunas, Chs.
Malone, H. C.
McNeal, H.
Parks, J. C.
Phinney, Wm.
Plelps, N. J.
Scott, J. J. B.
Shaw, John
Smith, H. J.
Smith, M. M.
Somerville, Wm.
Stanton, C. W.
Sunderland, N. P.
Sunderland, S.
Turner, M.
Tyler, Capt.
Walker, David
Wilson, R. P.
Wright, Mr., and family
Wylie, G. W.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, March 2, 1849.

Passengers for California.-- The following is a list of passengers on the steamer Maria Burt, which left for Chagres on Wednesday last:

Albert, (Mr.)
Atkinson, Thos.
Baldwin, Dr.
Baldwin, E. M.
Baldwin, G. W.
Banks, George
Barker, (Mr.)
Bax, L., and servant
Belcher, A.
Bernard, C.
Bornenan, Louis
Bottom, O. D.
Brent, (Mr.)
Critcher, Mr. H.
Davidson, B. R.
Delloos, V.
Denman, H.
Dittoe, L.
Dougherty, J. M.
Dumaigne, J.
Elliott, Sam'l
Ewing, (Mr.)
Faggett, G. W.
Farinfrock, (Mr.)
Fisher, N. L.
Garretson, W.
Gillett, E. P.
Gillett, J. T.
Gilman, W., and servant
Hart, (Mr.)
Haskins, W.
Henderson, T.
Hobbs, Sam.
Howell, J. S.
Hyde, (Mr.)
Ingraham, N.
Kirkpatrick, J. W., and 2 servants
Leveret, (Mr.)
Long, (Mr.)
Lyon, (Mr.)
Martin, J. M.
Masterten, J.
Mattingley, J.
Maydrum, J. S., and servant
McGarity, P.
McKnight, W.
McLaughlin, (Mr.)
McNeal, (Mr.)
Meeks, E. M.
Mennothy, C.
Mitchell, (Mr.)
Mix, Geo.
Moore, J
Mount, T. L.
Neely, P. M.
O'Connor, P.
O'Neal, H.
Parkman, C. B.
Parkman, Thos.
Phelps, W.
Post, N.
Roog, W.
Samuels, Dr. W., and servant
Schuckle, (Mr.)
Sears, (Mr.)
Seaton, H.
Simpson, J.
Smith, H.
Southmaid, J. A.
Stamberough, Mr.
Stambough, (Mr.)
Strode, (Mr.)
Thomax (Thomas ?), S.
Thompson, W.
Watson, J. M., and servant

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, March 4, 1849.

NOTE: A copy of this passenger list appeared in the New York Herald, March 18,1849. With the exceptions of the corrections below, marked in RED, the lists are identical.

Passengers for California. -- The steamship Globe leaves this morning for Brazos Santiago with the following list of passengers, among which is Col. Webb's party of "California Emigrant." The officers of this party are Col. Webb, commanding, J. W. Anderson, second officer, H. W. Webb, third officer, Henry C. Mallory, quartermaster and commissary, and __ Kearney, M. D., surgeon.

Audubon, John W. (Biography)
Ayres, V.
Bakewell, J. H.
Barclay, W. B.
Benson, L. L.
Benson, R.
Black, John A.
Bloomfield, Jno. J.
Bodens, H. J.
Boggs, Biddle
Bornenan, Louis
Brady, H.
Brady, J.
Buckman, J. H.
Caverly, John B.
Cerl, Peter
Clay, Master
Clements, J. C.
Coles, F. S.
Collins, C. S.
Coulthrop, J. B.
Cowden, Henry
Cree, W. G.
Dale, William
Damon, Luke
Davenport, F. M.
Davis, G. P.
Doty, W.
Doubleday, W.
Ely, J., Jr.
Emsley, J. J.
Follen, A.
Friedlander, P.
Gardnier (Gardiner ?), James G.
Graham, A. L.
Graham, C. M.
Graham, E. C.
Grant, T.
Hall, T. J., Jr. Fall, T.W., Jr.
Harrison, W. H.
Haven, L. H.
Hinckley, L. F.
Hudson, David
Hughes, T.
Hutchinson, W. A.
Jack, (Mr.), and boy
Kershaw, Israel
Lambert, E. A.
Lambert, John B.
Lambert, John R.
Lambert, John S.
Landreth, T.
Lee, A. J.
Liscombe, W. H.
Luscombe, S. H.
McCaskney, Peter
McCrowley, A.
McCrowley, G. J.
McCrowley, Robert
McGowan, A. J.
McGowan, John
Metcheyor, J. A.
Metcheyor, R. C.
Miller, (Mr.), and wife
Mitchell, Jas.
Mitchener, Thos.
Mix, A. A.
Morris, J.
Mulner, W. D.
Nevin, A. N.
Osgood, Edward G.
Perry, W. H.
Plum, John H.
Power, E.
Ragsdale, J. F.
Ranney, W.
Reeder, E.
Reeder, J. L.
Rogers, J. C.
Rolfe, J. B.
Scneller, S.
Sherwood, Jas. W.
Sherwood, R. W.
Shipman, A. J.
Sloat, L. W.
Steel, G. C.
Stephenson, A. J.
Stephenson, J
Stevens, D. A.
Stevens, J.
Stevens, W. D.
Sumner, J.
Tallman, H.
Teckett, (Mr.)
Tone, J. H.
Trask, John B.
Turk, Robert
Valentine, C.
Valentine, J. B.
Valentine, N. B.
Van Buren, A. H.
Van Buren, G. F.
Walsh, N. J.
Ward, T.
Warner, J.
Watkinson, J. S.
Webb, Col. L. H.
Webb, E. C.
Webb, Henry W.
Webb, L. S.
Weed, Geo.
Whittlesey, E. W.
Whittlesey, G. B.
Wilson, J.
and seventy-four on deck.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, March 12, 1849.

For Chagres. -- The following is a list of passengers by the brig Major Eastland, for Chagres:

Applegate, Mr.
Baldwin, D.
Baldwin, E. W.
Barnes, Wm.
Belcher, A.
Billings, Dr.
Bodley, Mr.
Brinley, George
Brown, J. R.
Brown, Mr.
Camerden, Michael
Campbell, Chas.
Campbell, D.
Carll, E.
Carter, F.
Castle, J. F.
Chaplin, J. L.
Cleveland, D. C.
Collins, P.
Crandall, Henry
Cressler, J.
Critcher, H.
Cutlett, F. Lynch, F.
Davidson, B. K.
Develle, Benj. F.
Develle, Geo. W.
Donnegan, J.
Dougherty, J. W.
Fagan, Jos.
Fagan, Joseph L.
Fisher, N. L.
Fitzhugh, (Mr.)
Frazee, C.
Gallman, Wm. F.
Gibson, Thos.
Gillet, E. P.
Gillet, J. F.
Gimble, F.
Harbarma, J. H.
Hastings, B. F.
Heird, Spencer C.
Henderson, M.
Hillman, S.
Hoe, F.
Holt, J. S.
Holt, K. F.
Hooff, P. H.
Ingraham, N.
Jarvis, P.
Josephs, Mr.
Keans, W. P.
King, H.
Kirkpatrick, J. W.
Krause, K.
Krause, L.
Lehman, Mr.
Light, Wm. W.
Lindiver, Louis
Lipman, Joshua
Long, L. B.
Lyon, L.
Malett, J. H.
Marten, J. B.
Mason, Mr.
Mattingly, L.
McCarthy, D.
McFee, James
McGookey, Jno.
McKnight, W.
Metcalf, D., and 2 sons
Mitchell, J.
Moberg, H. G.
Moses, Abram
Moses, Jno.
Mount, Thos. L.
Nelly, P.
Nelson, W. J.
Nelson, Wm.
Parkman, C. B.
Parks, J. Cary (Gary ?)
Pope, W. R.
Post, J.
Ray, Benj.
Read, J. M.
Ryan, Michael
Sage, T. P.
Schunkle, H.
Sears, H.
Seaton, H.
Sherwood, G
Small, W. H.
Smith, C. L.
Taggard, J. W.
Tibbat, Mr.
Varney, L.
Vater, Thos.
Watson, J. M.
Weeks, P. W.
White, J. H.
Wilson, C.
Wolby, T. F.
Wydown, Dr. J. D.
Yeager, P.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, March 14, 1849.

A Company for California.-- The Cincinnati Enquirer of the 7th inst. says:
The California Mining and Trading Company of Cincinnati will depart from this city for St. Louis on Saturday next. The company consists of fifty men, and exists for the term of two years. Capital invested to the amount of twenty-five thousand and five hundred dollars. The officers are elected every three months. The present officers are -- J. H. Levering, president; W. B. Norman, vice president; Mr. Jones, secretary; and Mr. Colter, book-keeper. The board of finance consists of five members, in which are included the president and secretary -- the other three are Mr. Joseph Talbert, Dr. Rogers and Mr. G. Letter. They have determined to go on the fine steamer Bay State, which will take them all the way to Independence, Mo., if practicable. (A listing of the members of this Company appears in Louis J. Rasmussen's California Wagon Train Lists, San Francisco Historic Records, 1994, page 3. ISBN 911792-79-1.)

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, March 21, 1849.

Departure of the Falcon. -- The steamship Falcon, Capt. Thompson, leaves this morning for Chagres with the mails for the Pacific. We give a list of her numerous passengers, among whom is Mr. Gray, and several other gentlemen attached to the commission for running the Mexican boundary line.

Passengers for Chagres. --

Abegg, M.
Aikenhead, Wm.
Badger, W.
Bailey, R.
Bates, Gustavus
Benjamin, C. D.
Bethel, John
Birstol, J.
Blacker, William
Blasdell, Samuel
Boorst, Chas. A.
Brooks, E.
Brown, C.
Buckley, J. L.
Burnell, Barker
Carlin, A.
Child, S. C.
Churchill, B. S.
Clark, Chas.
Collins, James
Colsone, Thos.
Comstock, A. M.
Cook, G. A.
Coombs, Joseph
Corsner, Joseph
Cripen, James
Crockett, Amos
Curden, Daniel
Curden, James
Davis, Geo. H.
Dickinson, David
Dickinson, J., and servant
Dickson, Robert
Dixon, Zachariah
Eastman, Dr.
Eddy, G.
Eggers, G. H.
Ellis, John
Emmery, Samuel
Emory,, Frederick, and servant
England, R. F.
Fish, J. W.
Fletcher, Dr. S.
Fluker, O. W.
Folsom, B. M.
Franklin, Dr. John J., physician of the ship
Fuller, Jacob E.
Gardner, G. C.
Gibson, Jno. G. C.
Gifford, C. T.
Gillett, D. E.
Gomley, James
Gorton, George
Graham, J. W.
Gray, A. B.
Gray, C. M.
Greenwood, Edward
Gregory, T.
Gwin, Dr. William M., and servant
Haight, E.
Hall, Geo.
Hamilton, A.
Harrington, W. P.
Hart, Chas. W.
Haselture, C. B.
Haskins, A.
Haskins, J. W.
Hawkes, Dr. J. D.
Hearn, T. A.
Heath, William
Heighton, Joseph
Hendrison, E.
Hensill, S. M.
Hewlet, D. S.
Hickey, P. J.
Hill, J.
Hill, J.
Hooper, G. F.
Houston, J. S.
Hunt, Barry C.
Huntley, John
Ingram, __
Irwin, John
Jergenson, J.
Jones, J. M.
Jones, Wm. K.
Jonnes (Jones ?), J., and lady
Judson, S. M.
Knight, A.
Kohn, Henry
Kones, T. M.
Langton, S. W.
Lasher, H.
Lewis, Edward
Lewis, S. W.
Liscomb, Alex. G.
Lockaday, John
Lockhart, Benjamin
Luther, D. R.
Lyons, Jacob E.
Mark, G. W.
Mayo, Dr. T. H.
McCausland, David
McClure, Alexander W.
McIlvaine, Geo.
McIlvaine, U.
McKinstry, Major
Metcalf, E. D.
Metcalf, John
Milburne, T.
Miller, J. G.
Miller, Wm.
Monte, A.
Moore, Edward
Morateur, A., and lady
Murphy, Wm. M.
Newcomb, Daniel
Newcomb, Mrs. Dr., child and servant
Newcomb, Wesley
Nimrod, Isaiah
Oeanier, J.
Olson, Hans
Overton, H. G.
Overton, T. B.
Parsell, Thomas
Pearce, H. D.
Pearsall, Edward
Pearsall, J. M., and 2 servants
Pearse, Daniel
Pease (may be Pearse ?), Harmon
Pease, H.
Pelton, L. G.
Peug, E. M.
Phinizee, John
Pierce, Wm. W.
Pinson, Daniel
Plumer, G. W.
Pothicary, Yhomas
Prescott, E.
Reinstein, Lewis
Richardson, W. H.
Robbins, Wm.
Robert, Johannon
Rooney, C.
Root, K.
Rowell, Wm.
Schlater, John F.
Schloss, Phillip
Schooley, M. H. L.
Scribener, Theo. H.
Shyrock, S. H.
Singer, W. E.
Smith, Dr. L. C.
Smith, H. M.
Smith, J. M.
Smith, P.
Smith, W. H.
Smith, Wm.
Smith, Wm.
Soher, Dr. L.
Staples, Andrew
Stephens, Wm.
Stewart, Reuben
Stone, Jacob
Studeman, Lewis
Sullivan, James
Sutton, J. E.
Sutton, Wm. H.
Swartwout, Jas.
Tate, Thos. S.
Taylor, J. M.
Taylor, John
Terrence, Wm.
Terry, W. T.
Therrel, J. M.
Tinker, T. P.
Tonny, Benjamin
Trook, J. S.
Ulmer, Jos.
Victories, P.
Walker, Wesley
Wallace, H. W.
Warreth, H. E.
Wetmer, R. H.
White, J. R.
Whiting, C. J.
Whitlinzer, Nicholas
Wilhelm, Frederick
Willougby, W. M.
Wilson, Albert
Wilson, W. O.
Yancy, Israel P., and servant
Young, E. B.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, March 25, 1849.

For California. -- The following is a list of passengers by the bark Montgomery:

Adamson, P.
Booth, Mr.
Brooks, L. H.
Bruns, Frederick
Cook, H.
Currey, John, and lady
Currey, Miss
Dettmer, H.
Edgar, J. T.
Frank, J.
Gahan, George
Gay, John L.
Gay, Master
Gerard, E.
Hohenschild, F. H., and lady
Hohenschild, George
Knoche, J. E.
Liening, J. H.
McMurray, Chs. F.
Meggett, Adam
Perego, Mr., and lady
Powers, J. J.
Schaffer, M.
Stone, Jacob
Webber, Albert

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, March 31, 1849.

For Chagres. The following is a list of passengers on board the brig Perfect:

Allen, H.
Allen, W.
Anderson, (Mr.)
Bates, (Mr.)
Bland, (Mr.), lady and 3 children
Bland, John, and 2 sons
Byrd, (Mr.)
Coyle, (Mr.)
Cregan, (Mr.)
Cunningham, (Mr.)
Du Berthrand, (Mr.)
French, (Mr.)
Gallett, (Mr.)
Gillis, (Mr.)
Gordon, (Mr.)
Hanagan, (Mr.)
Hart, F. W.
Hartwell, (Mr.)
Hersey, (Mr.)
Humphrey, (Mr.)
Kennedy, (Mr.)
Knox, B.
Lawrence, (Mr.)
Lindley, (Mr.)
McDonald, (Mr.)
McKenzie, (Mr.)
Meally, (Mr.)
Moore, (Mr.)
Piffie, (Mr.), and lady
Rich, (Mr.)
Rugan, (Mr.)
Teake, W. B.
Waldren, (Mr.)
Warner, (Mr.)
Watson, (Mr.)
Watson, (Mr.)

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, April 5, 1849.

For California. -- The following is a list of passengers per steamship Col. Stanton, Capt. J. J. Wright, hence to Chagres:

Austin, S. B.
Austin, S. G.
Baker, W. A.
Bennett, Gilbert
Blancher, Mrs.
Bolenhagen, J.
Bridges, J. C.
Brookes, N.
Brown, J. O.
Brown, Wm.
Calhoun, Duncan
Caruthers, J. W.
Caskey, R.
Caulfield, Watson
Chaffin, N. L.
Clarke, R. S.
Crawford, W. W.
Curtiss, T. M.
Davis, Wm.
Ferduson, Aaron
Ferduson, W., lady and 5 children
Field, __
Field, Mrs.
Fisher, J. W.
Frisbey, Jonathan
Gale, Dr. Robert
Golding, E.
Gordon, J.
Haas, A.
Hale, Jerritt
Hale, Nathan
Hancock, J. H.
Harrison, G. W.
Hatch, F. C.
Hendricks, Wm.
Hudson, John
Hughes, J. T.
Hunt, Barry C.
Jenkins, Dominico
Johnson, R. P., and servant
Kinney, J. A.
Kloppenberg, J. D.
Longmade, J. S.
Matossi, Jacob and wife
Mauzey, J. A.
Mawhinney, John
Meconican, E.
Monson, W. L.
Morrison, John S.
Pearson, James
Polhill, A. J.
Richardson, C.
Schlesser, Dr.
Shattuck, L.
Shields, W. S.
Shipley, Wm.
Socier, F.
Somerville, C.
Spaulding, M.
Taylor, E. H.
White, R. J.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, April 13, 1849.

For California.--Passengers per Ship Alhambra, Capt. Coffin. -- (arrived San Francisco, October 12, 1849)

Allen, Dr.
Alvord, Dr.
Anson, Sohn (John ?), J.
Baldwin, Dr.
Banman, (Mr.)
Bennet, Mr.
Bernard, Mr.
Bogart, Mr., and wife and 2 children
Bompars, (Mr.)
Breedy, (Mr.)
Breen, Richard
Brittenham, Charles
Buscholdt, (Mr.)
Carlton, (Mr.)
Chase, John
Chittenden, Mr.
Clark, Mr.
Comstock, Mr., and wife and 3 children
Crabbe, Geo.
Davenport, J.
Fleming, Wm.
Haygarth, Dr. Buxton
Hutchings, Jno.
Johnston, P., and wife
Kimball, L.
Ladd, A. T., wife and 3 children
Lane, Mr., and wife and 2 children
Lee, Dr.
Lehr, George, wife and child
Long, John
Long, Thos.
Mahew, Mr.
Mason, W. W.
May, John
May, R. H.
Menzies, Thomas
Moore, Mr.
Mordecal, Jonas, wife and boy
Moss, Samuel, Jr.
Myers, (Mr.)
Nappert, D.
Phelps, Anthony
Phelps, Gee. (Geo. ?)
Phelps, J.
Phillips, Robert
Redmond, R.
Ricewick, Jno.
Roch, J. C., wife and 3 children
Root, J.
Russell, Samuel
Scott, Capt.
Shell, Charles
Skilling, (Mr.)
Slade, Thomas
Smith, Chas. H.
Smith, Wm.
Stevens, Wm.
Thomas, David
Tillman, Mr., and wife
Toppe, Dr., and lady
Ulrish, H.
Walker, John
Wellers, (Mr.)
Whitcomb, Otis
Wilkinson, Chas.
Wood, A.
Wood, H.
Wood, T.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, April 13, 1849.

For California.-- Passengers per Bark Florida.--

Adie, B., and 3 servants
Alverson, __
Baker, A. H.
Bernard, Capt. Thos.
Besson (?), Capt. H.
Bonaz, A.
Brandis, Dr.
Briggs, A. G.
Brotherston, B.
Brun, L.
Burk, Thos., two ladies and 3 children
Casler, M. W.
Clark, M.
Clift, G. O.
Conroy, D.
Coriell, __
Cox, R.
Cox, S.
Crennell (see also Grennell ?), A.
Cummins, S.
Dennet, J. N.
Donelly, D.
Duncan, M.
Edward, C.
Elroy, J.
Frisby, A.
Gilliam, __
Grennell (see also Crennell ?), S.
Hayden, Louis Z., lady, daughter and servant
Hays, R.
Houston, Dr., lady and child
Johnson, James
Knapp, T. E.
Kuhn, F. M.
Lee, James
Pearson, Dr. A.
Ratliff, A.
Ratliff, B.
Shubank, C., and lady
Shuman, B.
Singh, R. C.
Vanzandt, B.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, April 23, 1849.

Passengers for the Isthmus. --

For Havana.--
Romany, Senora Mercedes, and child
Fernandez, Francisco

For Chagres.--
Bowden, W. P.
Bryant, Wm. P.
Colville, S.
Crane, John
Donohoe, John
Garnett, Major R. S., bearer of dispatches
Hazard, P. F., lady and child
Lewis, J. R.
Loud, John
Montero, J.
Robinson, J. H.
Rynders, J. P.
Shaw, S. W.
Valentine, Whiting
Watson, Mrs. D.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, May 29, 1849.

Passengers per Steamship Isthmus. --

For Chagres
Bradley, Robt.
Corcoran, Wm.
Gallard, Julien
Gobi, Antonio
Greene, Mr. William, and lady
Hart, H.
Howell, B. H.
McCready, Mrs. Irene
Moore, J. S.
Rust, Mrs. E.
Scoofy, Mr. P. M., and lady

For Havana
Roach, Francisco
Trachez, M.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, June 4, 1849.

The following is a list of passengers per steamship Col. Stanton, J. J. Wright, master, hence to Chagres:

Baker, W. A.
Bennett, Gilbert
Blancher, Mrs.
Bolenhagen, J.
Bridges, J. C.
Brookes, N.
Brown, J. O.
Brown, Wm.
Caruthers, J. W.
Chaffin, N. L.
Clarke, R. S.
Field, Mrs.
Fisher, J. W.
Gale, Dr. Robert
Golding, E.
Hancock, J. H.
Hatch, F. C.
Hudson, John
Hunt, Barry C.
Kloppenberg, J. D.
Longmade, J. S.
Pearson, James
Polhill, A. J.
Shattuck, L.
Shields, W. S.
Shipley, Wm.
Socier, F.
Taylor, E. H.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, June 17, 1849.

Passengers.-- Per the bark Florida for Chagres.--

Ackerman, Hy.
Anthony, Thomas
Barnum, W. H.
Barnum, W. L.
Beatty, Saml. G.
Berrall, E.
Berry, Richard
Blandin, Robert
Boyd, A. M.
Campbell, Ebenezar
Canick, James
Chapnay, A. D.
Chaton, M. S.
Cleveland, Richard
Crout, John
Daniels, Peter
Deloch, Charles
Demarest, John
Denredoff (Denrodoff ?), Chs.
Dickerson, W. D.
Ellman, Hy.
Everett, H. C.
Fagan, Mich'l
Ferries, J. W.
Flanagan, Brian
Galloom, John
Grimwood, W. D.
Hastings, Thomas W.
Havermeyer, J.
Holland, Isaac, and brother
Hudson, Thos.
Humphreys, H
Hurd, C. C.
Hutchings, J. B.
Ingraham, H.
Jackson, J. J.
Johnson, Jos.
Jones, Oliver
Jones, Wm.
Katzenbacker, Fritz
Kelly, John
Kingsland, Jos.
Kirkpatrick, Hy.
Livingston, Robt.
Malochee, Francois
Maloney, Patrick
Martien, Wm.
Maxwell, Peter
McGen, Mr.
McMillan, R.
Means, George
Metcalf, Richard
Miller, J.
O'Dougherty, Edw'd
Parker, Robert
Parkinson, E. H.
Poindexter, Hamilton
Pringle, James
Quirk,Jas. H.
Ranlett, Wm.
Richings, Lewis
Roberts, Hy.
Salvadora, Jose
Sanistone, H.
Scheifferstein, Hy.
Sharpe, Peter
Smith, Henry
Spring, Edward
Stebbins, Hy.
Stopnot, Wm.
Titus, John W.
Toca, J. B.
Weeks, Josiah
Wilson, Chas. B.
Woodcock, W. F.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, June 19, 1849.

Passengers. -- For Chagres per steamship Alabama. --

Ashe, J. H.
Bamy, J. M.
Beal, C.
Benny, R. M.
Bourne, J. B.
Brenham, Charles J. (2nd and 4th Mayor of San Francisco)
Brooks, R. C.
Burnham, G. M.
Byrne, Edward
Carter, L.
Caswell, A.
Caw, Jesse D., and servant
Chalaron, J.
Choiscial, C. D. (Correct spelling: Choiseul) (Contact: Kim)
Clark, James, Jr.
Clark, R. E.
Comstock, Peter
Conner, E. B.
Cowan, W. D.
Davis, C. B.
Davis, J. L.
Dupre, A.
Dupre, J.
Edgar, B. E.
Fay, J. P.
Fenninger, R.
Foster, C. E.
Fower, Samuel
Hagan, E. B.
Haight, R.
Harvey, J. M.
Henniman, D.
Herrick, C. K.
Highains, L. J.
Hobbs, John
Houghton, J.
Hughes, Thomas
Jacobs, S.
Jenkins, J. W.
Jordan, R. S.
Jowl, J. W.
Kelly, James
Kennedy, J.
King, R.
Langdon, Samuel
Little, S.
Loughton, J. O.
Low, J. H.
Lowry, R., and servant
Lusk, J., and servant
Lyons, H. A.
Martin, Albert
Mead, John S.
Merrill, Amos
Mitchell, L.
Monger, Wm.
Moore, J. D.
Morris, Robert J.
Morse, A. T., and servant
Morse, G. B.
O'Neill, Patrick
Otis, Edward
Reny, Oliver H.
Richardson, L.
Rielly, Patrick
Robertson, James
Rooney, G.
Rundels, Richard
Shaw, Robert
Small, Robert
Smith, James
Smith, R. W.
Spaulding, Dr. V.
Steller, John F.
Stevens, J. B.
Stewart, E. B.
Taylor, R. R.
Thorn, James
Toll, Robert
Tracy, F. P.
Trast, G.
Walker, Thomas
Wallat, Charles
Walsh, James
Weld, E. L.
Wetsel, Theo.
Wheeler, E.
Whitmore, S. O.
Williamson, O. A.
Wood, O. W.
Wright, Wm.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, June 23, 1849.

Californias at Mazatlan.-- A correspondent writes us from Mazatlan, under date of 19th May, enclosing the following list of passengers to sail that day for San Francisco, on board the brig Hero. We publish the list of names for the information of their friends and relatives at home.

First is a list of an Alabama company from Montgomery:

S. H. Holt, Wm. H. Mabe, Green county; G. W. Holt, A. A. Hagerman, T. E. Brown, J. E. Brown, Orin Potle, George Napier, or (Nafien,) H. Stoddard, and J. P. Vasques.

The following is the list of a New York company:

Capt. B. Ritcherson, A. W. Rapley, John Arients, John Humphry, Homar Benedict, Harris Rockwell, James Duffy, Morgan Obrient, Harris Gushee, R. K. Edgman, J. G. Braton, J. N. Purs, Thomas Humphry, Joseph Lomis, A. W. Domis, C. H. W. John, Loringe Bartlett, C. W. Runlen, A. V. V. Post, G. O. Ostrden, J. G. Dickinson, J. N. Bills, L. R. Brown, Benjamin Lines, Thomas Peake, C. Commiges, George Galagher, J. Joice, R. G. Perkins, Xenia, Green county, Ohio.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, June 28, 1849.

Passengers. -- In the brig Octavia, Capt. Thompson, for Chagres, sailed on Tuesday evening --

Ashburny, H.
Bachet, John
Berry, J.
Blair, Sylvester
Body, H.
Broom, Augt.
Bugby, R.
Burke, E.
Carmelin, Geo.
Clark, E.
Clark, J.
Cornelly, A.
Darley, W.
Edwards, Dr.
Evans, --
Filie, Domingo
Galamane, P.
Garrick, Luke
Grant, Joseph
Hamblin, G. L.
Keenan, Peter
Keiser, Peter
Kerr, R.Blosman, S.
Kick, Thomas
Klein, T.
Langinfelt, John
Lawrid, David
Lewis, M.
Loane, H.
Masetell, W.
Mays, M.
Mays, Mrs., and son
McCraine, L. S.
Nolan, M.
O'Donoho, Andrew
Paul, A. B.
Payne, G. E.
Peabody, Josiah
Perkins, C., and servant
Reynolds, T. L., and servant
Rowland, Mrs.
Rowland, Mrs.
Ryan, Dennis
Ryan, P.
Ryan, Wm.
Saunders, Lafayette
Schultz, H.
Sewell, T.
Sinclair, T.
Snipper, William
Stagg, R.
Stanbon, L.
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, H.
Taillandier, Mr.
Taillandier, Mrs. (the celebrated vocalist, formerly Mde. Cailly, on her way to Valparaiso,) and daughter
Tarquin, J. P.
Taylor, Wm. R.
Terry, D.
Turner, A.
Walker, David
Walker, John
Watkins, Peter
Watts, Philip
Wesley, C.
Westfeldt, C.
Wilson, Paul

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, July 3, 1849.

Passengers. -- Per Bark Madonna, for San Francisco.

Baldwin, B.
Beatty, Z. A.
Beverly, (Mr.)
Black, J.
Black, R.
Black, S.
Blackwell, J. E.
Bowles, J. S., lady and child
Briggs, C. E.
Brookley, G. E.
Burdsall, (Mr.)
Cox, (Mr.)
Donnely, P.
Edwards, Mrs.
Even, T.
Fagan, M.
Fagan, P.
Field, Wm.
Frisbee, (Mr.)
Goff, J. S.
Hamilton, A.
Hermann, H.
Himse, J.
Hunt, C. B.
Kelley, T.
Kennedy, J.
Kung, John
Lamb, C.
Lisley, A.
McCormick, J.
Meezel, A.
Nelson, P.
Parker, A. S.
Perkins, Q.
Peterson, J.
Phillips, Mr. C., lady and 2 children
Raleston, (Mr.)
Rawland, (Mr.)
Schneidan, J. A.
Stickney, D.
Trotter, (Mr.)
Wheeler, (Mr.)
Winn, M.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, July 10, 1849.

The following is a list of the passengers by the brig M. C. Draper, sailed for Chagres:

Austin, Elijah
Ball, John
Bixley, Wm.
Brons, Thomas
Buchanan, Wm.
Burke, J. J.
Burnet, Stephen
Carter, Henry
Cheshire, Wright W.
Coy, J.
Dean, N. C.
Foster, John
Girard, Alonzo
Hargrave, J.
Hayer, C.
Head, T.
Hendricks, T. L.
Horgan, Wm.
Johnson, J.
Jones, Z.
Kean, R.
Kean, Wm.
Kelsey, Wm.
Kemp, Thomas
Kenley, D. S.
Kepper, H. B.
Kiger, O. L.
Lewins, Wm.
Ligon, A.
Linch, James
Lucas, Wm.
Marshall, Wm.
Mason, John
McKay, R. H.
McMorris, C. H.
Miller, John
Moses, R.
Oliver, Samuel
Reynolds, E. C.
Ross, J. W.
Ross, Richard
Ross, Samuel
Rumsted, C.
Sarge, J. D.
Shannon, John
Sinclair, Luke
Smith, John
Stahl, Philip
Stone, John
Teller, T. T.
Tor, Llewellen
Valelz (Valez ?), Peter
Varnock, O.
Warner, John
Weaver, John
West, Frederick
Wheelan, Charles A.
Young, N. A.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, July 10, 1849.

Sailed, June 24, steamer California, for San Francisco, with the following passengers: (arrived San Francisco, October 10, 1849)

Abramson, Jno.
Bourne, T.
Bradley, Bob't (Rob't ?)
Brennan, R.
Brown, F. J.
Bunting, J. H.
Burke, Corn's
Burnside, Jas.
Cole, J. R.
Corcoran, W.
Curtis, L.
Danbury, D. M.
Danbury, G. J.
Dark, D. M.
De Burilien, J.
De Olivera, J.
Denniston, R.
Dillon, Jas.
Doherty, M.
Dormington, O.
Duberbeard, E.
Emerick, E. W.
Emmons, W.
Ford, Edw.
Fountain, Wm.
Frisby, W.
Fullerton, J.
Gaar, O. P.
Galland, Julius
Garman, J.
Gibson, Chas.
Gober, A.
Goodwin, H. L.
Gossir, H.
Graham, J. S.
Green, Wm., and lady
Gurley, R.
Hart, H.
Hartman, Henry
Hayard, P. F., lady and child
Haycock, Jesse
Heart, Jno. D.
Herre, W. F.
Holt, W. H.
Hookey, J. P.
Horrell, B. H.
Horton, Alex. H.
Ingraham, E.
James, E. D.
Janssen, Thos.
Jefferson, T. H.
Johnson, Mrs.
Johnston, W. J.
Jones, J. W.
Keller, Henry D.
Kennedy, W. C.
Keown, Jas. R.
Kiver, Henry
Knight, Jno.
Kohler, Fred.
Lamb, David
Larin, E. T.
Lewis, Jas.
Macondrugh, J.
Malloney, W.
Mantine, Jose
Mariner, C.
McCaffrey, M.
McCready, Mrs.
Meacham, R., and lady
Meade, Capt. R. W., and son
Middlebrook, Chas.
Minor, D. K.
Moore, J. S.
Morse, C. E. G.
Mousillet, A.
Musselman, D.
Oliver, C.
O'Neil, W.
Payne, E. D.
Payne, S.
Peake, W. B.
Perine, Wm.
Perry, H. A.
Polock, P. H.
Price, D.
Rabe, W.
Reade, J.
Rennels, R.
Rhodes, A.
Rust, Mrs. R.
Rust, R.
Schnessler, Mrs. A., and child
Schnessler, P.
Schnessler, W.
Schnessler, Wm., and 2 children
Scoffey, P. M., and lady
Scott, G. W.
Selling, Jno.
Shaw, Jacob
Shaw, Jno.
Smith, Geo.
Smith, Jno. H.
Snyder, G. R.
Spiro, Chas.
Stettinius, Sam'l
Thyler, T.
Tibbetts, H. J.
Trigur, Mrs.
Tucker, F. T.
Viokar, Jno. M.
Walters, S. R.
Ward, Jno.
Warren, W. S.
Weller, Col.
Wheat, A. L.
Whitmore, C.
Whittlesey, E. T.
Zinnerman, Jno. B.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, July 14, 1849.

Passengers. -- Per steamship Falcon from New Orleans to Chagres. --

Adams, Capt. A. W.
Adams, James H.
Adams, John
Anderson, J. G.
Arndt, Jackson
Artiago, Francis
Bedford, J. M.
Blanchard, Eli
Boyden, W. W.
Bradbury, Arthur G.
Brady, John C.
Brodie, S. H.
Brown, Peter W.
Browne, F. C.
Bulwer, Henry H.
Burdsell, John M.
Cable, J. O.
Carman, Benj.
Carpenter, C.
Chase, Samuel
Clark, Reuben
Collins, R. W.
Copp, Wm.
Cotham, C.
Coxetter, L. L.
Craig, Wm.
Crook, Matthew
Cumminds, Williams A.
Daniels, Joseph
Darks, Henry
Delano, C. T.
Delany, W. T.
Dennis, G. K., and servant (servant listed separately)
Dickson, Geo.
Dodge, R. K.
Duff, E. C.
Ferguson, Wm.
Fitch, George K.
Flennery, D.
Ford, Wm.
Foster, Walter K.
Franklin, Stephen
Friend, Th.
Fush, Charles
Gillard, R., and servant
Gillespie, A. O.
Gilliard, Dr. E.
Gorine, G.
Grice, W. W.
Griffith, Geo. R.
Haggaman, J.
Hauley, S. C.
Heydenfeldt, Elcan, lady and servant
Hicks, S. H.
Howard, W. B. H.
Howell, Meshack
Hurst, John S.
Hussey, John
Jenkins, E. J.
Johnson, J. W.
Johnson, Jas.
Johnson, Willis
Jones, J. M.
Jones, James S.
Julian, George
Keller, A. M.
Kelly, Michael
Knowles, James
Knowles, Sam'l
Langley, Chas.
Lewis, Jacob
Lindenberger, T. E.
Livaudais, V.
Lusky, Thos. R.
Lyons, B.
Macombe, J. J.
Maguire, Wm. D.
McCabe, A. J.
McCabe, James W.
McCall, W. B.
McCook, Wm.
McKane, Wm.
McKay, Wm.
McKeen, A. C.
McKinney, James
McMillan, Dr. R.
McQuoid, James
Miesagaes, O. H.
Mitchell, J. V.
Mitchell, R. G.
Moffat, Wm. J.
Moore, Henry
Morgan, George
Morphy (Murphy ?), Duncan W.
Moses, Wm.
Murphy, R. L.
Nash, Jona. H.
Nelson, Peter
Nornens, N.
Oldham, Geo. D.
Pearson, E. W.
Pearson, J. W.
Penny, J.
Petit, Miss
Petit, Mrs.
Phillips, Stephen
Power, W. S.
Ravesies, F. P.
Rawle, E. W.
Reiss, August
Ricks, C. S.
Robira, S.
Silcott, J. E.
Simmons, George
Smile, Wm.
Smith, Erastus
Smith, Jas.
Snowden, L. M.
Snyder, Jacob
Spottswood, N. D.
Stanmire, Wm.
Swift, Mrs.
Tay, Daniel
Taylor, W. B.
Thorpe, Dr. J. F.
Toll, Sam'l
Toole, J. H.
Turcher, James
Turner, J. C.
Turro, Pablo
Victor, P., and son
Vives, Edward
Walter, Dr. Littleton H.
Weld, S. C.
Whitaker, O.
White, Henry
White, J. A. B., and 2 colored servants
Whitmore, A. J.
Wiggans, Wm.
Willisson, Ed. F.
Wilson, George
Wilson, W. W., and 2 servants
Woods, John
and 55 from New York.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, July 20, 1849.

Passengers -- Per steamship Alabama for Chagres. --

Abrahams, John
Adams, John
Adams, Wm.
Allen, C.
Amory, Col. Chas.
Austin, Wm.
Bacheler, R. J.
Ballivy, J. C.
Barker, J. O.
Bosworth, F. W.
Brigman, F. T.
Brown, J.
Brown, N.
Burke, L.
Burns, Hugh
Burts, Thos.
Bush, Geo. M.
Butler, Clark A.
Byron, H.
Ca__n (Calvin ?), Michael
Cahban, John
Calve, N. M.
Cameron, J. C.
Caunagh, Thos.
Cayce, W. P.
Colgan, John
Coney (Couey ?), Frederick
Conner, Chas.
Craft, S. S.
Crawford, J. M., and 2 servants
Davis, Elijah
Davis, R. B.
Davis, Wm.
Dolan, Thos.
Duckworth, Semple
Duff, C. E.
Duncan, J.
Dundas, Charles, and lady
Dunne, Peter
Ellis, Eben
Ellis, Elisha
Eurshed, Thos. E.
Everst, T.
Fagan, Patrick
Fallen, A. J.
Fanten (Fantan ?), A.
Foster, Chas.
Frazier, J. W. K.
Fulton, B. F.
Funk, Wm.
Gorman, Joseph
Green, F.
Harvey, Geo.
Hewes, Thos.
Hobson, John
Hoyt, W. T.
Hunt, Thos., and son
Hunter, Jas.
Jack, C. E.
James, Joseph
Jnnst, Adefiah
Johnson, J. H.
Johnson, J. K.
Johnson, J. M.
Jones, R. W.
Joseph, M.
Jwighter, Wm.
Kauffman, John
Kendrick, Jones J.
Kerkamp, E.
Kijer, John
Kinckly, Otis, Jr.
Kinckly, Otis, Sr.
Lee, Geo.
Lewis, E. G.
Lindeman, John
Macomb, E. C.
Mahan, Dennis
Mahan, Patrick
Mannen, R. W.
Mason, Geo.
McDonald, Alex.
McDonald, J., and servant
McIntosh, Wm. P.
McKane, William
McKay, H.
McLelan, O.
Mencke, Anthony
Millard, Walter
Miller, A. L.
Miller, W. J.
Morrison, D. R.
Murphy, Wm.
Newton, E. L.
O'Dowd, D.
Pausinne, R.
Phillips, Palmer
Porter, King D.
Prince, E.
Reynolds, F. H.
Richardson, E. W.
Ritter, J. B.
Riykoll, W.
Robert, T. S.
Robinson, J. L.
Ruan, James S.
Schlorf, C.
Sewel, Thos.
Shaw, S. B. (R. ?)
Simmonds, B. E.
Slaughter, R. S.
Smith, C. V.
Smith, J. H.
Smith, Wm.
Southnard, Wm.
Sprigg, Thos.
Stafford, D. T.
Stafford, W. M.
Steedly, Jas. P.
Stevens, L. C.
Stevens, Wm. H.
Strawbridge, Geo. E.
Strunsen, W.
Thacker, John S.
Thompson, J.
Titus, E. W.
Tucker, H. R.
Wellman, B.
White, H. C.
Williams, E.
Wilson, J. W.
Wilson, Thos. J.
Wilson, Thos., and servant
Wood, J.
Wood, Michael

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, August 1, 1849.

The following is a list of the passengers by the schooner Iona, for Chagres:

Anthony, Richard
Benson, John
Black, Thomas
Brown, M.
Butler, Samuel
Cardell, Joseph
Chase, Mrs.
Cocke, W.
Cole, Peter
Dye, J. M.
Fellows, Thomas W.
Ferrall, P. R. (B.?)
Gilmore, Thos.
Gregg, Dr.
Griswold, Edw.
Hance, R.
Henning, Paul
Hewes, John
Hottlin, W.
Johnson, Robt.
Johnson, Thomas
Kingsbury, Joseph
Kingsland, Henry
Knight, R. H.
Kyes (Keyes ?), M. C.
Lang, Robt.
Lippincott, Henry
Macey, Alex. R.
McNulty, M.
Mitchell, Isaac
Nelson, Wm.
Newall, John
Norton, William
Patterson, Wm.
Rich, Samuel
Schroider, John
Scott, J. H.
Small, Peter
Smith, J.
Stoddart, Henry
Stoddart, James
Strang, Robert S.
Strohsahl, Amandus
Swell (Swett ?), H. J., and lady
Thomas, Charles
Thompson, Alex.
Thompson, John
Titus, John W.
White, M.
Wilson, James M.
Wilson, Robt.
Wise, James
Wolff, R.
The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, August 25, 1849.

Passengers of the steamship Portland.-- The following is the list of passengers who left this city last evening on the steamship Portland, for California, via Chagres:

Bailey, T.
Baraner, (Mr.)
Baumgardin, (Mr.)
Biby, Dr.
Black, J. E.
Blackburn, (Mr.)
Brown, Thos.
Brown, W. C. N.
Bund, W.
Burr, R. D.
Carroll, Wm. A.
Collins, (Mr.)
Coventry, Wm.
Cunningham, D.
Darby, J.
Dixon, T.
Duffey, F. W.
Dyer, E. B.
Field, R.
Forbes, H.
Ford, C.
Fredricks, J.
Fritz, J.
Fuen, A.
Gall, F. B.
Garson, B.
Gouge, J. M.
Green, W. S.
Griffin, A. M.
Hall, John
Harlins, J.
Harris, T.
Hewitt, H. S.
Hilderbrandt, J.
Hill, George
Hille, J.
Hunton, D.
Johnson, (Mr.)
June, James
Keeling, D. H.
Kelly, (Mr.)
Kinney, (Mr.)
Koffsky, John P.
Kuckenthal, (Mr.)
Lehey, J., and lady
Lewis, (Mr.)
Martin, (Mr.)
McCraw, J.
McDaniel, (Mr.)
McElmore, Wm.
Miller, C. E.
Moore, (Mr.)
Morris, James
Morris, M.
Morton, Thomas
Mullen, J. J.
Mullen, T.
Mulligan, Wm.
Norton, M.
Ostrom, M.
Plummer, Eli
Ringo, J.
Robertson, J. E.
Runyan, A. H.
Runyan, J. H.
Scanlan, (Mr.)
Searey, (Mr.)
Semple, (Mr.)
Semple, C. D.
Semple, John W.
Shedon, E. M.
Slark (Stark ?), Thomas
Smith, C. D.
Smith, D.
St. John, E.
Strange, J.
Totabert, (Mr.)
Travers, (Mr.)
Turner, J. N.
Wales, James
Wales, T.
Wallace, (Mr.)
Wheeler, R. M.
Whitaker, J. M.
White, Philo
Williams, H.
Williams, T.
Williams, W. W.
Willies, (Mr.)
Wilson, J. R.
Woodlief, Col.
Wyatt, G. H.
Wyatt, J. H.
Yates, James
Young, Theodore

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, September 7, 1849.

List of passengers per Steamship Alabama, for Chagres:

Armstrong, James
Baker, J. R.
Belknap, T.
Benson, E. C.
Bently, Michael
Bonniwell, A. T.
Bughee (Baghee ?), L.
Burnham, F.
Cheathum, Col. B. F.
Clark, B.
Connolly, N. O., and two servants
Conrey, S.
Cook, D. M.
Cooley, (Mr.)
Cox, Henry
Crowell, A.
Davis, D. D.
Day, Thomas
Downing, H. C.
Durham, Lewis
Evans, Daniel
Fox, Michael
Freeman, Smith
Freeman, Thomas
Grant, Francis
Graves, S. R.
Guthrie, Allen
Heath, S. F.
Henry, W. F.
Hill, Dr. J. A.
Hitchcock, Luke
Irwin, John P.
Johnston, P. M.
Lynch, M.
Marsh, (Mr.)
Martin, J. K.
Martin, Wm. P.
McCall, G. W.
McCann, J. R.
Mead, J. R.
Meyers, L.Morgan, J.
Mildway, L. J.
Morgan, J.
Morgan, Samuel
Nunn, Hugh, and lady
Parker, Samuel
Parsons, A. J.
Patterson, M. J.
Pendleton, Charles
Perry, Theodore
Pitts, J. H.
Redford, Thomas
Richards, L.
Robbins, James
Sage, A. D.
Simpton, G.
Stone, Col.
Strong, James
Taylor, Richard
Thompson, John H.
Vilas, S.
Walley, (Mr.)
Warner, R. H.
White, Richard
Whitting, W.
Wren, J. H.
Yeatman, J. W.
Yeatman, Wm. F., and servant
York, James
Young, H. A.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, September 13, 1849.

List of Passengers per Steamship Falcon, for Chagres.

Ames, J. J.
Anderson, A. R.
Angell, Nelson
Bemis, O. L.
Blankenship, Felix
Bogert, Dan'l
Bowman, S. H.
Byrne, , J. M., lady and 2 children
Calloway, D.
Calloway, J. N.
Cammack, C. C.
Carr, J. A.
Clark, G. B. C.
Clement, Job
Cohen, H. M.
Cohen, J.
Cohen, J. S.
Conway, E. H.
Conwell, W. H.
Corrone, Edward
Croley, John
Cunningham, Pat'k, lady and 4 children
Davidson, C.
Davis, Dr. O. P.
Davis, Thomas
Deine, Jas.
Delmont, Kale
Doane, John
Dollis, H. C.
Doubit, Jos.
Eaton, Otis
Eldracher, Allis
Fogel, Jas.
Foulke, Jas. T.
Furlong, Benj.
Gardner, David B.
Gift, Wm.
Givin, P.
Gouley, S.
Gray, Henry
Hadoway, Wm.
Hall, John
Hartman, Geo.
Henry, W. L.
Hicks, Thos. E.
Hortman, Henry
Hughes, Jas.
Hyman, P. C.
Johns, James J.
Jones, Wm. B.
Keenary, Mr. And Mrs.
Kimball, Thad.
King, Joseph
King, S.
Kip, Sam'l
Langdon, Constant
Lentell, Jas.
Lincoln, Barney B.
Livermore, O.
Locke, M.
Marsh, H. W.
Martin, George
Martin, James
Martin, John
Mathews, H. O.
McBrown, S.
McElroy, Michael
McLean, Lt. N. H.
Miller, Cornelius
Miller, John
Mills, Wm.
Minaree, John
Morrel, Theo.
O'Neal, Jno. W.
O'Sullivan, Cornelius
Obendorf, Wm.
Pease, V. B.
Peck, Myron H.
Peters, Reese S.
Peterson, Christian
Peterson, H. F.
Phelan, A. J. F.
Roe, Charles C.
Satterfield, Dr. J. C.
Shober, Miss H.
Sidell, F. G.
Skinner, Richard H.
Smead, Wm.
Smith, H. H.
Smith, Myron
Stacey, H. C.
Stanford, J. S.
Stopplebein, C.
Sturges, H.
Tallaman (Tallsman ?), Benj.
Taylor, John
Taylor, Thadd.
Terry, C.
Thompson, John
Turner, A.
Vooris, J. B.
Werlein, Jacob
Wolff, L.
Young, J. W.
Young, Jno. N.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, October 7, 1849.

List of Passengers per steamship Falcon, for Chagres, which vessel left last evening at 5 o'clock:

Adams, S.
Arnaud, Madame
Ashford, G. B.
Barnard, H.
Beisley (Belsley ?), B. S.
Bingham, B.
Blaisdell, J. W.
Blake, C. J.
Bouham (Bonham ?), Mrs.
Bowman, S. M.
Brown, A. F.
Brown, J.
Buck, G.
Calderun, E.
Cameron, P.
Campbell, J. J.
Clark, L.
Clarke, B.
Collins, M.
Comstock, G. C.
Conch, J.
Croft, E. W.
Curtis, J.
Dallam, A. P.
Denian, J.
Dorch, J. D.
Eli, Mrs.
Estham (?), A. E., B.F.D.
Fagan, J.
Fatherel, D. A.
Fish, L. T.
Fitzhugh, W.
Foles, F.
Frazer, H.
Frazer, T. J.
Fullerton, J.
Gable, (Mr.)
Gamble, A. J.
Garvin, W. D.
Gilbert, S. T.
Gilbert, W. P.
Gunam, J.
Gusir, F.
Harris, M.
Hill, M. A.
Holding, J.
Hootsel, J. T.
Horton, R.
Ingraham, W.
Jornbo, W.
Jose, S.
Kehoe, B. T.
Kelley, H.
Kelly, Mr.
Kelly, W.
Kenrick, D.
King, C. E.
King, Mrs., and servant
Kinsey, J.
Kirk, W.
Lambrick, J. K.
Lanahan, B. T. M.
Lester, J. D.
Lewis, S. S.
Lyle, B.
Lyon, E.
Mack, H.
Magee, W.
Malone, E. W.
Marks (?), W.
Martin, J. M.
McCracken, Dr. O. A.
Melbourne, E. L.
Mercer, T.
Messick, E. S.
Miller, R.
Mollony, J.
Montgomery, G. W.
Morgan, W.
Morris, R. P.
Morris, T.
Nolan, F.
Oberbeck, E. W.
Orr, T.
Page, C.
Pearsall, C. W.
Plume, G. W.
Pritchard, J.
Ragsdale, F. A.
Reed, J. W.
Reese, J. C.
Reynolds, T.
Rich, H.
Robb, J.
Ross, Mrs. C. J.
S_eichler (Steichler ?), H.
Saxton, I. A.
Schabel, G. W.
Scott, T. M.
Scott, W. D.
Sherley, R. P.
Sister (Slater ?), G.
Smith, S.
Smith, S. B.
Smith, T. M.
Stenson, J.
Stewart, C.
Thornton, T.
Todd, L. M.
U_te_s, J.
Van Osten, J.
Watson, J.
Weaver, G. T.
Wentworth, B. B.
Wheaton, Dr. S. M.
White, J. G.
White, M.
Willis, W. T.
Zelerback, M.
and 66 passengers from New York, previously reported on the arrival of the Ohio

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, October 24, 1849.

The Ohio and Empire City. -- The steamship Ohio left New York for Chagres, via Havana, and New Orleans, on the 16th inst. She has heavy mail and the enormous number of 450 passengers, whose names follow:

_buno (?), P.
Aaron, E. E.
Abbott, (Mr.)
Abrens, (Mr.)
Adams, (Mr.)
Aguirre, F.
Aill, (Mr.)
Alexander, (Mr.)
Bailey, (Mr.)
Baker, (Mr.)
Baldwin, H. C.
Balfour, D. M.
Ballard, (Mr.)
Ballard, (Mr.)
Barlow, (Mr.)
Bartelle, J. O.
Batelle, T. L.
Bedleman (Bedieman ?), (Mr.)
Belleesa (Bellessa ?), B.
Billes, (Mr.)
Bingham, (Mr.)
Birch, (Mr.)
Blake, (Mr.)
Blake, (Mr.)
Blence, (Mr.)
Bolton, (Mr.)
Boman, (Mr.)
Boyne. (Mr.)
Bradlove, J. W.
Brander, Miss, and servant
Brander, Mr., and lady
Brien, (Mr.)
Brock, (Mr.)
Brown, (Mr.)
Buckler, (Mr.)
Burnam, W. A.
Burnham, (Mr.)
Burnham, (Mr.)
Byron, D. L.
Cain, Mrs.
Calliger, P., and son
Camaraine, Mrs.
Carley, (Mr.)
Carley, Sam.
Caulker, Morton
Chaplain, J. M.
Chase, (Mr.)
Chase, (Mr.)
Chaston, (Mr.)
Chatan, (Mr.)
Chattertoh (Chatterton ?), (Mr.)
Chew, R.
Choisay, C., and party of 2
Clapp, (Mr.)
Clarkson, D. M.
Clemens, (Mr.)
Clements, Miss
Clements, Nelson
Clifford, George, and friend
Cline, (Mr.)
Cokefair, (Mr.)
Conklin, (Mr.)
Cram, (Mr.)
Cushing, (Mr.)
Cuttee, (Mr.)
Cuttee, (Mr.)
Daveina, E.
Davis, (Mr.)
de Alzoba, Y.
De Tereas, T.
Demarie, J. Marsh
Denman, J. B.
Dickson, (Mr.)
Doherty, (Mr.)
Drake, (Mr.)
Duncan, (Mr.)
Duncan, G. C., and party of 4
Duncan, H. P.
Duncan, Mrs., and sister
Dunshee, (Mr.)
Durell, E. H.
Eastman, (Mr.)
Eastman, (Mr.)
Eaton, (Mr.)
Eaton, (Mr.)
Evans, E.
Ferguson, (Mr.)
Fisher, (Mr.)
Florance, Mrs., and family
Flower, (Mr.)
Folsom, (Mr.)
Fosgate (?), (Mr.)
Fouquillo, F.
Freybourg, (Mr.)
Gallagher, (Mr.)
Gallier, Mr., and friend
Gardner, (Mr.)
Gaston, Abiguel
Gaston, Francis
Giddings, (Mr.)
Gill, (Mr.)
Given, (Mr.)
Glidden, Mr., and lady
Goldsmith, (Mr.)
Goodsell, (Mr.)
Goodsell, A.
Gordon, (Mr.)
Gort, (Mr.)
Gould, (Mr.)
Gower, (Mr.)
Greeley, (Mr.)
Green, H. H.
Guinn, T. F.
Hale, (Mr.)
Haley, (Mr.)
Hall, (Mr.)
Hall, (Mr.)
Hall, (Mr.)
Hall, G. S.
Ham, (Mr.)
Hand, S. G.
Harrison, (Mr.)
Harrison, S. J.
Hartley, (Mr.)
Hartloy, E.
Haste, (Mr.)
Henarie, D. N. A.
Hendee, (Mr.)
Hendley, J. J.
Henry, (Mr.)
Hewitt, (Mr.)
Hilbert, W. O.
Hill, J.
Hill, John B.
Hill, Mrs., and servant
Hirchfield, (Mr.)
Hoffman, (Mr.)
Hoogs, (Mr.)
Houghtaling, S.
Howard, (Mr.)
Howell, (Mr.)
Hower, (Mr.)
Hule, (Mr.)
Hyatt, (Mr.)
Jackson, (Mr.)
Jackson, (Mr.)
Jenkins, Hugh, and lady
Jennings, (Mr.)
Jennings, J.
Johnson, (Mr.)
Jones, (Mr.)
Jones, Mrs. G., 2 children and servant
Keeler, (Mr.)
Kelly, (Mr.)
Kelly, A. D., and friend
Knight, John, and lady
Kurcheet, Mr.
Ladd, (Mr.)
Ladd, L.
Lamis, (Mr.)
Laughlin, (Mr.)
Leavett, S.
Leavitt, (Mr.)
Leavy, (Mr.)
Linton, Miss, and friend
Loidaz, D.
Low, (Mr.)
Mahany, (Mr.)
Mann, (Mr.)
Manus, (Mr.)
Marat, (Mr.)
Marks, Mr.
Marsigro, D.
McCarter, (Mr.)
McGraw, (Mr.)
McKinney, (Mr.)
McSpanes (?), (Mr.)
Melvin, (Mr.)
Mercer, (Mr.)
Mercer, Dr., and party of 4
Michel, (Mr.)
Montebelo, (Mr.), and servant
Montgomery, A. R.
Moore, (Mr.)
Morris, (Mr.)
Morris, A.
Muir, W., and lady
Neville, Dr., and lady
Newman, (Mr.)
Niegro, F.
Orteg, C.
Osborn, (Mr.)
Osborne, (Mr.)
Osborne, (Mr.)
Owen, (Mr.)
Pain, (Mr.)
Paine, (Mr.)
Palmer, J. H., and lady
Park, (Mr.)
Parr, (Mr.)
Paylin, Miss
Peck, (Mr.)
Peek, E. B.
Peek, Miss, and 3 children
Peely, (Mr.)
Pender, (Mr.)
Peyton, Balie
Platt, A.
Pope, (Mr.)
Porter, (Mr.)
Porter, R. A.
Prince, (Mr.)
Pringle, Mr., and lady
Pritchard, (Mr.)
Pye, (Mr.)
Randall, (Mr.)
Read, (Mr.)
Reagan, (Mr.)
Rector, (Mr.)
Reed, (Mr.)
Richmond, (Mr.)
Rilltux, Miss
Robb, S.
Roberts, (Mr.)
Robertson, (Mr.)
Rogers, (Mr.)
Row, (Mr.)
Rubeblera, T.
Rush, A.
Russell, J. A.
Sabat, D. C., and lady
Sager, Mr., and lady
San Martin, A. C.
Sargent, (Mr.)
Schiffer, (Mr.)
Shepard, S. P.
Shepherd, (Mr.)
Shermand, (Mr.), party of 6
Shilby, (Mr.)
Simpson, A. P., and lady
Slidell, John, and party of 6
Smith, (Mr.)
Smith, (Mr.)
Smith, Col. M. L.
Snelling, (Mr.)
Spooner, (Mr.)
Sprague, (Mr.)
Squires, (Mr.)
St. Stenway, (Mr.)
Stakople (Stakpole, Stackpole ??), (Mr.)
Steinbergh, (Mr.)
Stell, (Mr.)
Stevenson, (Mr.)
Stevenson, J.
Suzet, Mr., and lady
Syng, C.
Talbot, (Mr.)
Tasker, (Mr.)
Terry, (Mr.)
Thompson, (Mr.)
Thompson, C.
Tidden, (Mr.)
Tobey, (Mr.)
Tobias, E.
Toft, (Mr.)
Treesdale, (Mr.)
Tressel, (Mr.)
Tucker, N., Jr.
Tuttle, (Mr.)
Valls, A.
Van Bentanysen, Frank
Van Bergen, (Mr.)
Van Bergen, J. O.
Van Bergen, J. P., lady, child and servant
Van Haiten, (Mr.)
Van Horan, (Mr.)
Vaughton, (Mr.)
Viles, (Mr.)
Waggaman, Major
Wagnor, (Mr.)
Walker, (Mr.)
Warner, (Mr.)
Waterman, (Mr.)
Waters, (Mr.)
Wentworth, (Mr.)
Wetmore, W. S., and party of 2
Weyman, (Mr.)
Wheeler, (Mr.)
Wightman, J.
Wilkinson, D. L.
Wilkinson, J. R.
Wilson, (Mr.)
Wilson, (Mr.)
Wilson, Miss
Winthrop, Mr., and lady
Withers, Mr., and 2 others
Wood, (Mr.)
Woodcock, L. S.
Woods, (Mr.)
Woods, W.
Wright, (Mr.)
Wright, (Mr.)
Wright, (Mr.)
Wright, Mr.

The Empire City left on the same day for Chagres direct, with 186 passengers.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, October 24, 1849.

Passengers per the ship Dalmatia, Capt. M. H. Folger, from New Orleans for San Francisco:

____, Peter
Broadus, E.
Callen, Daniel
Coleman, James
Cram, John
Doran, Jas.
Engerland, C.
Ewell, Wm.
Faulkner, Geo. H.
Fitherington, D.
Fitzpatrick, James
Flowers, O. L.
Flowers, W. W.
Hammerstone, A.
Harris, Wm.
Hays, S. K.
Henly, Wm.
Hill, Joseph J.
Hoey, __
McLain, Dan'l
McManus, John
Moore, Thomas
Morand, A. J.
Mosby, Benjamin
Mosby, Wade
Mudley, A. G.
Muldey, Michael, lady and child
Murphey, John
Nederman, Charles
Ord, Julious
Piggott, R. N.
Rathborne, G. S.
Resor, Napoleon
Roberts, R. R.
Skelley, Patrick
Thomas, Thomas
Valentine, D. H.
Wade, David P.
Webdell, Harmon E.
Whitaker, Wm. F.
Winslow, Aug.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, November 14, 1849.

Passengers-- per Steamship Falcon.-- The Falcon left this port last evening for Chagres, via Havana. The following is a list of her passengers:

For Havana.-
Casey, E.
Fabre, A. H.
Hays, W. B.
Jacobs, H. H.
Johnson, A. R.
Levillain, N.
Newcomb, D.

For Chagres.-
Able, J.
Alexander, Mr.
Algro, W. J.
Austin, E. L.
Ayres, L.
Benford, J. S.
Boothe, W. M.
Breedlove, J. M.
Brittan, J.
Brosgrave, P.
Brown, Jas.
Brown, R.
Bullock, W.
Busbe, A.
Bustu, J. B.
Butter, Mr.
Clarkson, M.
Cockran, J.
Coleman, J. W.
Collins, A.
Collins, R. W.
Connor, A.
Connor, J.
Conway, R.
Cook, Mrs. S., and child
Crinian, S.
Crooks, S.
Crowell, D. H.
Davis, L. S.
De Wolf, C.
Debour, J. F.
Dehan, J.
Denaman, D.
DeShields, Col. L.
Dickinson, R. D.
Dillon, P.
Doyle, H. M.
Dudley, S. B.
Durkin, M.
Earle, J.
Eastin, A.
Ellis, A.
Ellis, S. C.
Farrier, G. W.
Farrier, J.
Felde, H.
Ferguson, G.
Field, J. C.
Fink, Thomas
Fisher, H.
Flint, W.
Foster, W. H.
Franklin, Dr. J.
Franklin, Dr. J. J.
Franklin, J. C.
Franklin, J. R.
Freeze, E. W.
Freeze, J. A.
Fulton, J.
Gallagher, J.
Gardiner, L. F.
Gardner, C.
Gerard, J.
Gilbert, M.
Goby, (Mr.)
Goldstein, H.
Grace, J. M.
Gribbin, O.
Hanby, J. C.
Hanby, M.
Harby, J.
Harris, B. A.
Harris, E. A.
Hemstead, D. B.
Hill, J. T.
Hill, R. M.
Hitchcock, J. B.
Holmes, Ba.
Hooney, D.
Houston, J.
Humes, J. F.
Hunton, J.
Hunton, J. H.
Hyam, R. D.
Jamison, W. W.
Joiner, W.
Jones, Dr. G. F.
Jones, W.
Joseph, M.
Kaffey, J.
Kelly, B.
Kelly, S.
Kreslein, P.
Lambright, G.
Landindale, J. F.
Landindale, T.
Lepope, L.
Lepsher, J. D.
Lindsay, Mrs. W.
Lindsey, W.
Logan, Wm.
Logaree, P. F.
Lynch, T.
Lyon, W.
Mathews, G. W.
Mathews, P. H.
McCorkle, J.
McCouchie, W.
McDaniel, R.
McDermott, M.
McElroy, J.
McGrath, H. P.
McGurtry, B.
McLellan, C. B.
McMillan, A. M.
Meeks, N. D.
Moore, J.
Moore, M.
Morrell, A. C.
Morris, A.
Morris, A.
Morrison, H.
Newcomb, J. P.
Nichols, J.
Nuland, A. G.
O'Brien, J. S.
Payne, S.
Phillips, J. M.
Pierce, J.
Powell, W. T.
Purpoint, N.
Reonk, J.
Rickesing, W.
Rioncomb, G.
Sanders, (Mr.)
Scott, W. H.
Simons, H.
Simons, W. M. B.
Simpson, Mrs.
Smith, H.
Smith, H.
Stevens, H. S.
Story, N. B.
Streban, J.
Suggre, A.
Sullivan, T.
Talbot, G.
Thornbury, S. E.
Thornbury, W. H.
Tiner, L.
Tivallier, P. N.
Tool, B. L.
Tool, S. C., Jr.
Tool, S. C., Sr.
Towles, A.
Turnbo, (Mr.)
Vail, A.
Vowlee, G.
Warren, Jas.
Wells, Dr. A. C.
Wells, J. B.
Wettman, J.
White, J. S.
Williams, T.
Wilson, G. W.
Wilson, J. A.
Wilson, Mrs.
Wilson, S. H.
Wittman, Mrs. J.
Wright, H. V.
Wright, Mrs. H. B.
York, John
Young, Mrs. D.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, November 15, 1849.

Passengers--Per Steamship Alabama.-- The Alabama left this port last evening for Chagres. The following is a list of her passengers:

Aiken, Wm. R.
Atto, John
Barnum, R. R.
Bell, R.
Bell, Wm.
Bennett, William
Bidwell, (Mr.)
Billings, John
Bradazon, John
Brown, E. G.
Brown, F.
Brundir, H.
Brusche, R.
Buel, Geo.
Burchard, Jacob
Bushaw, Thomas
Buster, J. F.
Caldwell, A. M.
Campbell, James R.
Casper, J.
Caygill, William
Chapman, (Mr.)
Chinger, N. B.
Coffin, Charles
Cohill, R. F.
Cole, Mr.
Collins, C.
Collins, John
Colson, J.
Connolly, J.
Cook, P.
Covington, J. B.
Cowen, L. H.
Cunnery, Wm., and lady
Curvey, Henry
Darrard, G. W.
Darst, R. A.
Davis, J. W.
Dolphin, C.
Doubleday, J. W.
Ellis, (Mr.)
Endicott, N.
Falson, Wm. H.
Field, J. C.
Forsythe, Wm.
Foss, A.
Franklin, J. J.
Frazer, J.
Furguson, C. B.
Gammell, Wm.
Gareney, J.
Gathin, J. P.
Goodright, Mr.
Green, (Mr.)
Green, R. C., and son
Gurst, E.
Hamilton, N. B.
Hanison (might be Harrison), C.
Hanlan, C. S.
Hardner, A.
Harrison, J.
Harvey, M., Jr.
Haskill, David
Hastings, James
Haynes, M. K.
Heer, John
Henderson, A. G.
Henderson, P.
Hermann, F.
Hess, T. B.
Hickock, W. C.
Hicks, C.
Higgins, A.
Hill, R. M.
Hillery, James
Hills, Eli
Hinckley, H.
Holbrook, John
Houston, R.
Hughes, R. B.
Humphyville, J.
Hunt, J. W.
Hunt, Thomas
Hunter, David
Hushman, R. D.
Hutchins, J.
Jackson, J. H.
Jacobs, A.
Jenkins, Thomas
Johnston, D. A.
Judkins, E. W.
Kelly, N. D.
Kelly, S.
Kendall, Dr. A.
Kendall, L.
Kendall, R.
Kendall, W. T.
Kendrick, J. G.
Knight, Ruben
Lacy, Wm. C., and lady
Laird, E.
Laird, E.
Laird, Q.
Lynn, L. W.
Major, Mr.
Marks, John
Markspile, W.
Martin, Wm.
Maunder, John
McCray, S.
McDonald, J.
McGhee, Q. H.
McGill, G.
McKinney, J. G.
McKinney, R. L.
McNeely, P.
Meeker, A. C.
Meeker, C. P.
Meeker, Wesley
Meredith, Samuel C.
Metcalf, M.
Millen, J. C.
Miller, W. J.
Millikin, W.
Moody, (Mr.)
Moody, (Mr.)
Muliene (Mullene ?), John
Northcraft, (Mr.), and brother
Parker, Wm.
Patterson, John
Peirce, Charles
Pelleten, J.
Perry, (Mr.)
Peyton, Hon. Balie, and daughter
Peyton, W.
Platt, P.
Pollard, R.
Pollus, M. L.
Porter, H.
Powell, David
Prefman, Geo.
Prewitt, J. L.
Prunge, Wm.
Ramsey, Charles
Reyborne, A. M.
Ridgely, J.
Rieser, A.
Rivers, R.
Roberts, R.
Rouser, C.
Rowsdee, F. M.
Salman, C.
Scamman, H. C.
Schletur, Charles
Seaman, J. B.
Sennant, R.
Shannon, Jas.
Sharp, S.
Sherman, A. L.
Shump, J. B.
Southford, R.
Sparks, H. W.
Steel, R.
Stevens, Mr.
Stevenson, T.
Stewart, A. J.
Stewart, E.
Stewart, J. W.
Stewart, John
Stewart, Samuel
Stonebrook, S.
Storms, Daniel J.
Syne, Mr.
Tate, Geo.
Tate, Wm.
Taylor, Edward
Todel, H. H.
Trick, J. W.
Tucker, G. L.
Tucker, W. B.
Turkin, Robert
Turner, M.
Vaughan, Andrew F.
Vaughn, J.
Vickey, J.
Vickey, N.
Villie, John
Vincent, (Mr.)
Waddell, Samuel
Waddell, Wm.
Waterman, T.
Watson, H.
Wheeler, James
Williams, John
Williams, Thomas
Willis, N.
Wilson, H.
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, R., and lady
Wilson, Wm. P.
Winter, Henry
Wise, J. H.
Wolf, W. O.
Wolf, W. O.
Wolfe, E.
Wolff, Edward
Woodruff, F.
Young, Geo.
Young, H.
Young, J.
Zitting, N. F.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, November 23, 1849.

Passengers.-- The schooner American, which sailed last evening for Chagres, took the following passengers:

Alexander, Thomas K.
Bacon, Eli
Bader, Frederick
Baldwin, N. S.
Bishop, Stephen
Bliss, A.
Bowman, S.
Bradford, Mrs. Ward, 2 Misses Bradford, & Master Bradford
Bradford, Ward
Casselry, H.
Chick, John
Compton, H. S.
Conyngham, J. W.
Depinet, J.
Divine, V.
Dougherty, H.
Eager, John
Falteno, Wm.
Gage, H. H.
Gasdell, Louis
Hudof, Harmon
Hutchinson, Wm.
Justus, J. R.
Keifer, C.
Kingsleyside, Peter
Kirckgessner, John
Klameyer, F.
Klinger, S.
Leibe, D.
Lingo, Wm.
Lohs, L.
Long, Wm.
Luther, Amos
Macklay, James
Marshall, W. P.
McCafferty, E. W.
Melcher, John
Moore, C. C.
Moore, George W.
Muff, C.
Muller, F. X.
Murray, D.
Myers, J. D.
Neanaun (Neahaun, Neabaun ?), F.
Pianeo, C. (G. ?), C.
Pierce, Robt.
Ranlett, W. H.
Ratliff, J. H.
Rawlins, C.
Rawlins, D. H.
Rawlins, F.
Rawlins, H.
Rawlins, James
Rawlins, O.
Rawlins, P.
Rawlins, S.
Rhodin, John
Smith, R. T.
Smith, Wm. T.
Stark, T. G.
Stotler, Edw. S.
Stump, John
Trater, Louis
Wallow, John E.
Walsh, John J.
Whalley, C.
Wilkins, H. S.
Wilkins, J. J.
Winter, Wm. M.
Witcher, J. E.
Witcher, Mrs. J. E. & "Misses J. E. Witcher"

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, November 27, 1849.

Passengers.-- The brig Major Eastland, Capt. A. V. Wells, sailed last evening for Chagres with the following passengers:

Adair, F. M.
Adair, J. G.
Albey, Benj.
Alderson, E.
Bailey, G. G.
Baker, G. G.
Barnes, B. M.
Barnes, Wm. A.
Bloom, Hiram
Burnett, David
Burris, Oscar
Campbell, John
Carter, Henry A.
Channel, A. S.
Chester, A. E.
Coles, E. S.
Constant, A.
Cunningham, Samuel
Dewitt, Alex.
Dible, Wm. B.
Elliott, C. W.
Fox, D.
Fox, J.
Gerard, Townsend,
Grey, Worthington
Hague, Mrs. Eliza
Hames, T. B.
Hepefouf, Geo.
Hewitt, Jonathan
Hill, Wm. C.
Holcome, J., Jr.
Holmes, Leander
Hubbard, O. G.
Johnson, James
Johnson, John
Johnson, Joseph
Jones, H. M.
Jorses, Francis, and lady
Kences, Jacob
Kent, S.
Kyle, Matthew
Leec, Daniel
Masher, Wm.
Maynes, Wm. P.
Medsker, J.
Miller, Jno.
Moody, J. K.
Moore, Anderson
Myers, Samuel
Nedergall, James W.
Neff, D. C.
Parsons, Nathan
Patterson, J. M.
Pennell, J. C.
Philips, Silas
Plymall, James
Pratt, James
Pratt, P. B.
Prime, G. W.
Raymobd (Raymond ?), James
Reed, S. J.
Rey, Matthew L.
Rourk, Jackson
Shipley, J. T.
Simons, John
Singleton, Alex. R.
Smallman, John
Smith, G. S.
Spang, Francis
Steel, Wm. H.
Sveanton, C.
Sveanton, O.
Tate, J. H.
Tate, S.
Taylor, Joshua L.
Tucker, G. W.
Walter, Wm. R.
Ward, Capt.
White, J. K.
Whittemore, Robert
Whitty, John G.
Whitty, William H.
Willard, Wm. H.
Williams, T. C.
Wincke, Henry
Wobd (Wood, Wold, Wole ??), N. B.
Young, Wm.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, December 6, 1849.

NOTE: The Daily Picayune reported that "The bark Montgomery and schooner Friendship, from this port for San Francisco, had arrived at their destination." Neither dates of departure nor arrival were reported and it was not reported as to which ship these passengers were aboard.

Alraham (Abraham ?), John
Bailey, John
Bailey, Joseph
Bain, W. R.
Bell, Alfred
Bennett, J. A.
Brandt, C. (G. ?)
Briggs, R. W.
Brown, Michael
Brunt, Frank W.
Butler, W. H.
Casey, W. R.
Chittick, Thomas
Cook, R. F.
Cowen, L. H.
Crowell, Geo.
Davis, W. R.
Davis, Wm. C.
Dilles, J. H.
Doubleday, J. W.
Edwards, Richard
Fisher, Charles
Fleaming (Flemming ?), S. K.
Forsyth, W. D.
Fort, B. S.
Foster, Wm.
Fraley, James
Franklin, (Mr.)
Freeland, Alex. G.
Friendly, A. M. C.
Graham, Geo.
Guyger, Oscar
Harris, E. H.
Harryman, Samuel
Haynes, Oliver P.
Henstin, O. W.
Highton, Oliver
Hinton, David
Howard, N. S.
Hughes, Christopher
Huntley, Nat.
Kellogg, G. W.
Kellogg, W. B.
Keser, A.
Lee, G. W.
Lester, John S.
Long, John R.
Lusk, Mr.
Macstopp, Mr.
Maines, James
Maker, A. B.
McCausland, David
McCormick, J. S.
McGlaughlin, R.
McGurry, Alex.
Mitchell, Robert
Mooney, Francis
Muller, Geo. W.
Muller, John
Nelson, W.
Noland, T. B.
Noland, Wm.
Paine, (Mr.)
Park, E. S.
Patterson, A.
Powell, W. T.
Riley, Mathew
Rohde, W. L.
Russell, W. G.
Rutherford, F. A., and servant
Sanders, T. B.
Simmons, W. B.
Slersch, Frank
Smith, R. B.
Smith, Robert
Stevens, B.
Stevenson, P.
Toof, Mr., and son
Trescott, Thomas
Varran, F. C.
Vitzal, John
Welsh, T. S.
Wilkinson, F.
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, R., and lady
Wilson, Robert
Wolff, Wm.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, December 7, 1849.

For California-- The bark Florida, which sailed from this port yesterday evening for Chagres, took the following passengers:

Auld, (Mr.)
Barlow, Wm. L.
Beckham, (Mr.)
Bennett, Peter
Bipp, A. P.
Boggs, Mr., and lady
Boyer, (Mr.)
Brown, J. C.
Canwel, (Mr.)
Castle, E. H.
Chitby, D. A.
Christian, J.
Clapp, Joseph
Clark, M.
Collins, J. W.
Cowle, A.
Curry, J.
De Webber, F.
Dean, John
Elliott, James
Ely, David
Erby, Ephraim
Erkle, Henry H.
Fitzland, Henry
Flash, Jacob
Flournay, (Mr.)
Flournay, P.
Gert, W. H.
Green, Benj.
Harden, G. L.
Hare, J.
Harrall, (Mr.)
Harrison, H.
Hill, J. D.
How, James
How, John
Howder, Eugene
Hudelor, Henry H.
Ireland, Peter
Jacobs, G.
Jamers, H.
Jangaree, Robert
Johnson, Augustus
Johnson, Stephen
Jones, Geo.
Jones, Geo. W.
Lake, Henry
Lake, Wm.
Lammes, (Mr.)
Larghorn, (Mr.)
Lee, Ferdinand
LeLerch, L.
Levy, John
Lore, W. H.
Loring, Eldad
Low, E.
Mannering, N.
McCarty, Thos.
McClure, Saml.
McClusky, Patrick
McKelly, H. C., and 2 slaves
McMuny, (Mr.)
McMuny, (Mr.), Jr.
Moore, A. J.
Mosby, J. H.
Munch, B. F.
Munch, J. T.
Nerfeit, (Mr.)
Nicholas, David
Noble, H. H.
Oliver, R. J.
Orin, Frederick
Patrick, T.
Pessegien, Saml., and lady
Peters, (Mr.)
Peters, S.
Pierce, Lorenzo Don
Piper, M.
Prtesby, Paul
Rice, Banor
Rowland, Geo.
Safford, H. C.
Sampson, J. L.
Sanders, Dr. Robt. B.
Saunders, C. H.
Sears, G.
Silby, T. W.
Simons, J.
Sleesman, John
Smith, Geo. B.
Smith, John
Snodgrass, J.
Speroble, G. W.
Stokes, Thos.
Story, Kewis (Lewis ?)
Thomas, E.
Triles, Peter
Wilson, (Mr.)

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, December 9, 1849.

For California.-- The steamship Telegraph, which left last evening for Chagres, took out the following passengers:

Adams, H. E.
Avery, H.
Ayres, Wm.
Barron, C. A.
Barrow, P. E.
Beatty, Thos.
Bell, B. B.
Bero, S.
Birnham, M.
Black, J. T.
Blum, W. S.
Boffinger, Jno. N.
Bradley, E.
Bridginater (Bridgmater ?), O. D.
Bryan, C. A.
Bryan, M.
Burnett, M.
Carpenter, S. W.
Caskey, Wm.
Caston, A.
Collier, Jas.
Copeland, J.
Cox, B. B.
Crain, J. S.
Creamer, M.
Crite, Wm.
Datin, N.
Dayton, S. C.
Dean, W.
DeHart, S. B.
Dester, J.
Edgar, C.
Edgar, Jno.
Edgar, S. J.
Edgar, Wm.
Finber, Thos.
Flake, J. P.
Gallaway, Jas.
Gardiner, P.
Gause, W. R.
Gibbs, Wm.
Glen, W.
Gray, J. R.
Gray, Y. A.
Griffith, S.
Grinburn, A.
Hamburger, J.
Hamilton, W. C.
Hammond, J. Q. A.
Hans, F.
Hanse, G.
Hernnan (Herman ?), N.
Holmes, A.
Hope, Thomas A.
Howlett, W.
Hudson, H. B.
Hughes, H.
Jennet, J. W.
Johnson, J. B.
Jones, E. B.
Kinney, E. R.
Kraisner, B. F.
Lebright, J.
Lobkell, C.
Lott, L. B.
Ludlow, F. L.
Lyer, Wm.
McCarty, M. J.
McCobb, F.
McGuire, J. W.
McKnight, H. G.
Montgomery, M.
Moore, A. D.
Morris, M.
Noble, Wm.
Owen, H. A.
Parker, A. F.
Patton, R. W.
Payne, Robt.
Penniman, A.
Peoples, Jas.
Peters, F. W.
Petties, Thos. H.
Phillips, Edw.
Pierre, Wm.
Porter, J. H.
Price, Rotts (Retts ?) C.
Randolph, R. F.
Rawley, A.
Rea, F. H.
Redman, H.
Rines, G.
Roark, W. G.
Rogers, John J.
Rosil, S. L.
Sackson (Jackson ?), W. C.
Saumoner, J. A.
Shaw, J.
Sherwood, S.
Sherwood, Thos.
Simpson, Thos.
Stailey, V.
Stevens, E. B.
Sullivan, C.
Sullivan, Thos.
Taylor, E. F.
Taylor, J. H.
Thomas, Alex.
Thompson, F. T.
Todd, L.
Tucker, J. H.
Umgrigh, S. P.
Underwood, A. L.
Wallers, A.
Washer, F.
Wheeler, T. D.
Wildsworth, J. H.
Wilson, G. G.
Wiltzer, J. B.
Woods, T. W.
Wright, O. S.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, December 10, 1849.

San Francisco.-- The following are the passengers per bark Louisiana, for San Francisco:

Archer, Joseph
Armion, R. C.
Armstrong, J.
Balanger, Simeon
Barry, Richard
Burns, W., and lady
Chamberlagne, R. R.
Donovan, Jas.
Fortune, John
Haskins, S. A., and lady
Hatcher, W. H.
Herman, J.
Higgins, John
King, Wm.
Marks, Fred'k
Passin, Leonard
Prehal, J. J.
Roenig, (Mr.), and son
Sealy, Jacob
Thompson, W., lady and 2 sons
Tullop, Mrs. M. E
White, H.
Woods, Alfred
Zimmerman, C
Zimmerman, George

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, December 12, 1849.

For California.-- The Steamship Alabama, Capt. Wright, which left last evening for Chagres, took the following passengers:

Adams, Wm.
Aiken, J.
Allen, M.
Anderson, L.
Applegate, Geo.
Applegate, Lisbone
Arnold, S. N.
Barber, H.
Bawer, Henry
Berryman, Charles
Berryman, L.
Biggs, D.
Biggs, N. B.
Bond, Alfred
Bond, Wm. M.
Burke, Charles L.
Caruthers, S.
Chapman, Joseph
Chapman, S.
Churchman, W.
Cochrane, M.
Cole, C. R.
Collier, Wm.
Conant, A.
Cooper, W. M.
Cox, H. G.
Cozarel, F. W.
Crawford, R.
Crews, Charles C.
Crook, D.
Crook, John
Crook, Wiley
Crosswright, B.
Cutter, R.
Dempsey, James M.
Devan, W. R. K.
Dial, C. H.
Dick, Thomas N.
Dickinson, John
Dudley, J. M.
Duttan, R.
English, E. B.
Fanar, A.
Fanning, Samuel
Fink, Geo.
Fogorty, F.
Gilbert, J. W.
Gillet, A.
Gishwille, M.
Grayson, Capt.
Guinn, W.
Hamilton, Wm.
Hammet, B.
Hawthorn, J.
Height, H. J.
Hertz, H.
Hewes, G. G.
Hutchinson, R.
Jabine, W.
Johnson, B. F.
Johnson, Richard
Joy, W., and servant
Kimball, Moses
Kirk, H. J.
Lassittee, R. L.
Lewis, E.
Lewis, Samuel
Louis, L.
Maize, Henry
Malby, R.
Mansfield, S.
Martin, B.
McBeth, N.
McLaughlin, Isaac
Meff, John
Merchant, W.
Miller, C.
Miller, S.
Mim, Walter
Murphy, M.
Murray, Thomas H.
Nail, R.
Nellis, L.
Noble, Wm. H.
Nurse, W. B.
Ogden, J. V.
Olden, W. A.
Owen, H.
Pearson, H.
Peasley, F. J. C.
Peters, Geo.
Pomroy, C. W.
Powell, John T.
Pugh, Theodore
Quimby, Edward
Read, W. T.
Richardson, J. S.
Risdon, J. M.
Robinson, D. H.
Saunders, S. W.
Scull, A. C.
Sewell, W. M.
Sherman, D. M.
Smith, R. T.
Smith, W. H.
Stonniker, K.
Stover, J.
Straeford, Rich'd
Teegarden, Dr.
Thompson, R. L.
Time, L.
Tompkins, G. R.
Tracer, Wm. M.
Trumuel, T. J.
Turner, John
Vanolist, H.
Vautleburgh, H.
Violet, J. W.
Welsh, Noah
Wilkins, M.
Wilkinson, T. P.
Wilson, J. L.
Yinson, Peter
Yopung, G. S.
Young, A. D.
Young, George E.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, December 16, 1849.

For California, via Chagres.-- The steamship Falcon, Lieut. Hartstein, left last evening for Chagres, via Havana, with the following passengers:

Abrahams, John
Ahnens, Jno. D.
Alexander, Benj.
Alguger, Sebastin
Allen, Larkin
Alsop, Wm., and 2 servants
Anderson, J. H.
Angin, Jas.
Balentine, Samuel
Ball, Dr. Albert
Barnstein, J.
Batemer, John
Bayley, L. C.
Bean, Reuben
Bennett, G. W.
Bennett, Mrs.
Bennett, W. M.
Bennett, Wm.
Benson, A. M.
Benson, W. E.
Bookwell, E. S.
Bovet, Chas.
Bradford, Wm.
Bremgamer, Fred.
Brown, Joseph T.
Bruner, Sol
Bugg, G. L.
Bullett, Wm. M.
Burgun, Anthony
Burgun, John N.
Carson, John
Cathcan, Robert
Chapman, H.
Chedson, Sam'l
Clark, Alpheus
Clark, Jos. S.
Clements, B.
Cole, Merrit
Combs, Francis
Cone, E. B.
Cook, --
Cooper, A. G.
Cox, David
Cruyette, Antonio
Davis, Joseph
Davis, William
Dickinson, Jeff
Dickson, E. L.
Diettman, E.
Diffebach, Thos. B.
Dolan, Wm. M.
Donohoe, S. H.
Dronigole, Phillip G.
Dronigole, W. A.
Duncan, Wm.
Dunlap, L. F.
Dunn, Jas.
Duvault, Sen. Maria, and 3 children
Dyer, Jno. G.
Eades, Chas.
Elsann, S.
Epperson, Thos., and servant
Farrell, Patt, and 2 servants
Fish, M. G.
French, U. L.
Fritz, John
Fulton, Albert
Gadier, Antonio
Glover, Silas
Griswold, Jesse W.
Gullion, W. O.
Harbaugh, L.
Hardin, B. Rowan
Harris, George M.
Harris, Jas. P., and servant
Hassan, Thos.
Hatherson, Alex.
Heath, A.
Hendricks, T. S.
Hines, Dan'l
Hogshead, John
Hopkins, B. F.
Hughes, H. C.
Hulbut, H. M.
Humphreys, Richard
Hutchinson, Thomas
Jayne, J.
Jennings, Dr. Wm., and servant
Johnson, Mrs. Amelia, and servant
Joiner, Jesse
Jones, Jeremiah
Keys, R. M.
Knox, M. A.
Lamkins, Ezra
Lamont, Jno.
Landon, Mark
Landsell, Phillip
Lanier, Francis
Latton, Thos. W.
Leblin, A.
Leblin, Arcia
Lee, Addison
LeMoreau, Julien
Letton, R. P.
Loyd, Robt.
Mansfield, M.
Marks, F.
Martin, Louis
Maston, Thos.
McCloskey, Wm.
McClure, Chas.
McPherson, Andrew
McPherson, William
McVoy, Jos., and servant
Merrill, (Mr.)
Middleton, Wm. J.
Mitchell, Alex.
Montgomery, Amos B.
Moore, E. J.
Moore, Robt.
Moore, Robt.
Mortimer, Miss Blanche
Mortimer, Miss Mary, and servant
Mugel, Fred.
Muichisson, Jno.
Myrick, T. S.
Nerrbauer, D.
Newbauer, D.
Nugent, H.
Nuger, H.
Olney, Andrew
Parker, Wm. S.
Place, Mrs. Capt.
Poole, Harris
Pourceer, Chas.
Proctor, Johnson
Pyvers, Wm.
Read, Thos. D.
Reed, James
Revs (Reys ?), H.
Rhoades, C. V.
Robinson, Mrs. Mary
Roche, H.
Rodrick, Thos.
Rosenbaum, F.
Ryan, Daniel
Sanders, John
Sheppard, Samuel
Simans, W. S.
Simon, L.
Slicer, Hugh
Smith, Cunningham
Smith, Horace
Smith, J. C.
Smith, Matthew R.
Smith, Wm. B.
Snyder, H. M.
Snyder, J. W.
Snyder, Mrs. A.
Spregin, Stephen
Stanley, Wm. A.
Starded, Francis
Stillings, Timothy
Stivers, J. H.
Sweeney, Merritt
Taft, Dr. W. F.
Taft, G. W.
Travers, James
Travers, Jno.
Turner, Samuel C.
Vaughn, O. P.
Waldrup, B. W.
Walker, Wm. S.
Warpeaton, J.
Weisert, Charles
Whitfield, Mrs. Jas. S.
Whitmore, J. A.
Whitmore, R. A.
Whitney, G. O.
Whittinbrock, R.
Wiley, Albert
Williams, Dr. G. W.
Woodson, Richard
Wright, Samuel B.

For Havana.--
Amat, Manuel
Antique, Jean
Blackstone, E. S.
DeBlanc, Mad.
Emdere, M. P.
Ferguson, John
Gaddum, G. A.
Hagumeyer, J. G.
Hehr, G.
Jones, Miss Mareig
Jones, Mrs. Wm.
Lowe, Jas. R.
Mark, Henry
Repart, Marie
Robbins, J. V.
Robinson, H. O.
Roque, Caroline
Schall, C. L.
Stone, H. O., and lady

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, December 22, 1849.

NOTE: The following list does NOT indicate the final destination of the passengers. It is assumed that many of them were headed for California.

The following is a list of passengers by the steamship Ohio, which left New York on the 13 inst. for this port, via Havana. The total number is 455:

Abernathy, A. T.
Acha, (Mr.)
Acrobat Family
Adams, J. H.
Adams, J. S.
Adams, Joseph
Allen, A. W.
Allen, C. A.
Allen, Mr.
Arminteros, J.
Bacon, A.
Bailey, S.
Baker, A.
Baker, J. P.
Baker, P.
Baldwin, L.
Barine, J.
Barker, N.
Barlow, H.
Barnard, J. S.
Barnes, G. O.
Barnes, J. B.
Barney, W. H.
Barney, W. H., lady, mother, 5 children and servant
Barneys, W. H.
Barton, George
Bass, Charles
Batton, B. A.
Batton, W. H.
Beckelus, A. S.
Benjamin, M. D.
Benny, A.
Berry, J
Biggs, J.
Billings, M.
Bingess, S. S.
Blaisdell, J.
Blake, S. P.
Blanchard, H.
Bliss, J. E.
Booth, H.
Bowden, J. O.
Boyle, W. L., and son
Bradley, H. C. C.
Breese, J.
Brewer, B.
Brie, Howland
Brittain, Dennis
Britton, D.
Britton, W. A.
Brown, B., and lady
Brown, J.
Brown, W M.
Brownell, J. M.
Bun, M.
Butler, A. J.
Butler, F.
Cameron, ----
Camp, C. D.
Campbell, Miss and friend
Camps, A.
Camps, A.
Camps, T.
Carroll, O.
Carter, W. D.
Chapeau (Chapean ?), Mrs., and friend, and servant
Chiff, Mr., and brother
Childs, B.
Clark, G. C.
Cochran, W. H.
Cogshall, J. H.
Conally, L. D.
Congore, E.
Conrad, M.
Cooper, Ellison
Cooper, G. S.
Corbiers, C. F.
Cowen, J.
Cowen, Mrs.
Cregin, J.
Crocker, T.
Cunningham, James, Sr.
Curtis, C. H.
Danforth, D.
Davis, M.
Davis, J.
Davis, Mrs., and servant
Davis, W.
Day, J. J., and lady
Day, J. L., and lady
Day, James J., and lady
De La Hanta (Hunta ?), S.
Dearborn, J. W.
Demeris, J.
Denman, K. M., and lady
Denwing, E.
Derell, G. W.
Devereaux, W.
Devine, F.
Devines, James M., and servant
Dillingham, Artemus
Dixie, B. D.
Dodge, B.
Draper, W. H.
Eastman, P.
Eaton, J. B.
Eldridge, D.
Ellis, A. S.
Elms, F.
Emmerts, M.
Entenya, J. B.
Erdman, P.
Erran, E. E.
Espinosa, Master
Espinosa, Sen. Don
Espinosa, three Misses
Eycke, T. Ten
Falins, J.
Fall, A.
Fanner, B. F.
Fanning, Rufus L.
Farendlee, Bond F.
Farnam, J.
Fent, L. E.
Field, Eustace
Filleman, M.
Filly, D.
Ford, J.
Forte, J. H.
Foster, C. C.
Fowler, H. E.
Fram. W.
Franklin, H. W.
Franklin, W.
Fraub, Mr.
Frisbee, L. C.
Fritz, Mr.
Furnace, J. H.
Gage, R. B.
Gammage, A.
Ganning, W.
Gaptells, A. M.
Gerep, F. F.
Gesner, S.
Gilan, F.
Gilroy, J.
Goodman, J. P.
Graham, P. J.
Grattan, H.
Green, P.
Green, T.
Green, W.
Greener, S.
Haight, M.
Hall, M.
Hall, O. S.
Halstead, H. B.
Hampshire, R.
Hand, S. C.
Hanson, C. A.
Hanson, J. S.
Haskell, M. J.
Havens, C. M.
Hazard, O. S. S.
Hazeltine, H.
Hazen, W.
Henriques, W. H.
Henry, G. F.
Herrenaton, T., and lady
Hewitt, J.
Higbee, C. P.
Hill, A.
Hines, John
Hines, W., Jr.
Hoeber, W. A.
Holmes, W.
Holt, Mrs., and daughter
Hows, T. J.
Huelson, (Mr.)
Hulon, N. A.
Hunt, J.
Hunt, J. D.
Hunter, A. A.
Hurley, J.
Hutchings, A.
Hutchings, E. G.
Hutchings, F. A.
Hyder, James M., and lady
Ide, L.
Ingalls, W., and lady
Ingals, M.
Jackson, C.
Jackson, H.
James, E.
Jaques, J. B.
Jefts, J. M.
Jenkins, A.
Jimmey, J.
Johnson, G. S.
Jones, S.
Jordan, M.
Kectanus, Mr., and son (This is probably "Rectanus." See "Mrs. Rectanus and three daughters," below. The Rectanus family stayed in New Orleans until about 1855-1856, then moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi.) Contact:
Joan Lowrey
Keene, A.
Kelene, Mrs. W. E.
Kendrick, M. J.
Kettle, A. J.
Keynon, F.
Kinsman, T.
Kirk, P.
Knowlton, J.
Lanning, M.
Lawrence, N.
Lawson, Mr.
Le Clan, J. B.
Le Cont, J.
Leeds, C.
Lehmkuhl, Mr., and lady
Lehmkuhlss (Luhmkuhiss ?), Mr.
Lenman, Cyrus
Lent, M.
Lester, C.
Lewis, J. R., and lady
Little, W. H.
Lloyd, A. C.
Locke, H. B.
Locke, J. S.
Locke, S.
Lockheart, Mr.
Long, W.
Loveland, Mr.
Lowe, James W., Jr.
Luger, F. W.
Madrigal, Mr.
Manning, S.
Martin, Mr., and 2 servants
Mathews, M.
Mathews, Mrs.
Mathews, S.
McCleere, T.
McCombe, L.
McCoy, W.
McGee, M.
McKenna, J.
Meeker, C. J.
Meigs, R.
Mellen, H. A.
Meltz, G.
Merrick, (Mr.), and son and party of six
Merrill, H. H.
Merrill, J. W.
Merriman, J.
Metcher, J. W.
Mills, C.
Milton, A.
Mohlu, S. W.
Molton, J.
Monlant, Mr.
Monroe, A. T.
Moore, J. B.
Moore, S. G.
Moran, Mrs., and child
Morgan, J.
Morse, James
Morteath, J. H.
Mott, J. S.
Murick, T.
Muzzio, A.
Myer, W.
Nelson, W.
Newberer, J.
Newninger, Mrs.
Nichols, O. T.
Nickerson, J. H.
Nickerson, Joshua
Nuns, C. D.
Nye, D. B.
Nye, F. H.
Olean, S. R.
Olin, F.
Owen, H., and daughter
Packwood, Samuel
Parish, T. G.
Parmelee, T. E.
Parmly, Dr.
Penny, W.
Perkins, G.
Perkins, S.
Perry, M. E.
Phinney, Miss
Phinney, Mrs.
Placide, Mr.
Platt, C. W.
Platt, J.
Plumer, W. H.
Powers, M.
Prudden, C.
Pussman, W. H.
Quint, L.
Raymond, (Mr.)
Rectanus, Mrs., and 3 daughters Contact: Joan Lowrey
Redan, C.
Reed, F.
Reed, G. G.
Rexford, C. W.
Richard, A.
Richards, A.
Riddle, J. L.
Roberts, L.
Robertson, C. F.
Robinson, G.
Robinson, J.
Robinson, L. K.
Roby, C.
Rogers, J.
Ross, J. B.
Russell, D.
Rutz, A.
Safford, N. S.
Salmon, J.
Sandford, A. W.
Sandford, H.
Schaiffe, Trueschander
Schatt, Mr.
Schoeduire, J.
Schwaby, Mr.
Shortill, E., and lady
Simmons, J. H.
Simmons, S., Jr.
Sisson, O. W.
Skinner, J.
Skolfield, C.
Smith, C.
Smith, E.
Smith, J. L.
Smith, L. K.
Smith, Miss
Smith, N.
Smith, W. B.
Snow, W. O.
Spencer, T.
Sprague, Mrs. W. T.
Stanweed, R. G.
Staples, J. P.
Stephens, E.
Sterritt, B. F.
Stetson, Mr., and lady
Stewart, J.
Story, D. C.
Sylvester, A. J.
Tate, W. B.
Teraddle, C.
Thomas, B.
Thompson, Capt. W. T.
Thompson, L. W.
Thompson, Mrs. Capt.
Timmons, N.
Topping, W. G.
Tracy, J.
Trundy, Capt.
Tuffs, J.
Turell, J.
Turner, C. E.
Tuttle, L. G.
Twitchell, B. S.
Ude, John
Upton, T. C.
Upton, W. C.
Vallina, F. D.
Van Valkenburg, S.
Vare, N. O.
Vreeland, J.
Waid, W.
Walker, J.
Walker, J.
Walker, M.
Waterman, J. O.
Watson, J. M.
Weir, E.
Weir, N. J.
Weisse, C.
Welders, R.
Wells, D. W., Jr.
West, Mrs.
Wests, Mr.
Wheeler, E. R.
Wheeler, G.
Whitney, J. M.
Willard, Mr., and friend
Willet, W. M.
Willett, T.
Williams, J.
Wilson, J.
Wilson, J. M.
Wilson, W.
Wisdom, W. H.
Wright, J.
Write, J. D.
Xemenis, Mr.
Young, D., Jr.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, December 23, 1849.

Passengers.-- The brig Mount Vernon, Capt. Talbot, sailed for Chagres yesterday, with the following passengers:

Ball, J. S.
Barr, A.
Barr, J. S.
Blast, Theodore
Boon, E.
Cannon, J.
Chauncey, E. W.
Chopen, Samuel
Church, E. J.
Coleman, O. S.
Conklin, H. S.
Conrey, Phillip
Crozier, Hance
Dale, Peter
Doren, T.
Drew, P.
Eastland, Sherman
Findley, Aug.
Fisk, Adam
Flash, Charles
Golding, Charley
Goodrich, L.
Haskell, Henry
Hatrick, Prosper
Henderson, Z.
Henry, James
Jammison, Henry
Johnstone, James
Jones, Jabez
Kalsoen, Henry
Kennison, J.
Kidder, A. J.
Kidder, J. S.
Langstaff, Wm.
Lathrop, E. S.
Lemons, G.
Lewis, Andrew
Longmaker, J.
Looker, W. N.
Lusk, O.
Lusk, Peter
Madden, Thomas
Maddox, J. A.
Maddox, J. E.
Mahannah, J.
Mattison, Robert
McDonough, M.
Myers, Moses
Parsons, Daniel
Phillery, Daniel
Phillips, Henry
Phillips, Thomas
Pick, Daniel
Pierson, Samuel
Piffin, Oscar
Porter, Thomas
Rickter, Francis
Rooker, James E.
Ryderick, Daniel
Smiley, Robert
Smith, A. A
Smith, J. H.
Springfield, Henry
Springstein, H.
Stanley, R.
Sterine, Wm.
Stropand, Richard
Thompson, Phillip
Wattson, James
Whitemore, F.
Whitemore, H.
Winchester, B.
Wood, O.
Young, Thomas

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