California Bound by

The Daily Picayune
New Orleans, Louisiana
Passengers for California

NOTE: The following ship passenger lists are copied from microfilmed copies of the Daily Picayune newspaper, published in New Orleans, Louisiana. Every effort was made to make an accurate transcription. If you wish to check the accuracy of a surname, send an email and a check will be made.

The search for ship passenger lists in the Daily Picayune was begun with the April 20, 1848 publication date. Although there were rumors of gold being discovered in California, there were no lists located until the article about the Silvie de Grasse, sailing from New York for California, appeared in the Daily Picayune on December 1, 1848. The first list of passengers sailing from New Orleans was published on December 9, 1848, with the departure of the steamship Falcon. The Falcon actually departed New Orleans on December 18, 1848.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, August 16, 1848.


The St. Louis Republican has received the California Star, of the 1st of April, and gathered therefrom the following items:

The Star complains loudly of a duty of 26 per cent, ad valorem, levied upon all goods arriving in the ports of California, from any quarter of the globe, and hopes that the burden will soon be removed.

Information has been communicated to the Star that a large emigration from China may soon be expected there. Some of the "Celestials" had already made their appearance.

California is reported to be a pretty quiet state. For more than a year no disorders had occurred - the native Californians were beginning to mingle with the emigrants, and were gradually turning their attention to agriculture.

The rains had been abundant, and the prospect of good crops was cheering throughout the country.

An immense mine of silver had been discovered in the valley of San Jose, four miles from the town of that name, by Mr. J. F. Reed. The vein is described as being three and a half feet thick, having an uninterupted run east for three miles, the depth unknown. With a few hours' labor several tons of ore were uncovered. It was fine ore, and required but little expense in smelting.

The Star urges upon the emigrants by all means to keep the "Old Road" from the States to California. Their safety and all their property depends upon it. Last season all the companies arrived at the settlements by the middle of October. The fate of those who have taken the "short cuts," it is said, ought to be a solemn warning. The horrible sufferings of those who were overtaken by the winter snows on the California mountains in 1846, are enough to appal the stoutest heart; but even these were not sufficient to deter Mr. Wiggins, with a party of about eight persons, from attempting, last season, a new route across the country to the head waters of the Sacramento. As no tidings of this party have as yet reached us, we are constrained to fear that they have all been the victims of that inhospitable climate, or of the treacherous and ferocious Indians who inhabit the region.

The then population of San Francisco is set down at over five hundred souls - males (adults) 575; females, 177; children, (of age proper to attend school.) 60.

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, October 30, 1848 (Evening Edition).

NOTE: The New York Herald published a passenger list for the ship Silvie de Grasse on November 22, 1848. Said list follows this list from the Picayune.

AGAIN FOR CALIFORNIA-- The ship Silvie de Grasse sailed from New York on the 20th inst. for California (arriving in San Francisco, April 18, 1849):
Brayton, Horatio H. (surgeon 2d Regiment Infantry
Brock (Brook ?), Joseph (Brooklyn)
Burt, Martin V. (New York)
Denison, Mr. (New York)
Ellis, A. Van Horn, supercargo (New York)
Gardner, Lieut. (2d Regiment Infantry)
Hewes, Samuel (Mexico)
Knapp, K. C. (New York)
Martin, Jeremiah (New York)
Noell, C. P. (Mexico)
Samuel, Maurice (Baltimore)
Starr, Jos. P. (New York)
Thompson, J. Quinn, Indian sub-agent for Oregon
Tredenburg, Wm. S. (New Brighton)
Ward, G. A. (New Brighton)
Woodruff, Wm. A. (Mexico)
Woodsides, Jacob (New York)

New York Herald, New York City, November 21, 1848

(For) California -- Ship Silvie de Grasse

Bent, Martin V.
Brayton, Horatio H., surgeon 2d reg reg. Infantry
Brock, Joseph, Brooklyn
Dentison, Mr.
Ellis, Augustus Van Horn, Supercargo, New York
Gardner, Lieut. 2d reg. Infantry, and other detachments 2d Infantry detachment
Hewes, Samuel
Knapp, R.C.
Martin, Jeremiah
Noel, Chas. P.
Samuel, Maurice, Baltimore
Stan, James _., New York
Thomson, J. Quinn, Indian Sub Agent for Oregon
Trendenburg, Wm. T., New Brighten
Ward, G.A.
Woodruff, Wm. A., Mexico
Woodsides, Jacob

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, December 9, 1848. (First and second of five passenger lists)

The steamship Falcon.-- This vessel left New York on Friday, the 1st inst. She reached Charleston on Monday, the 4th. She brought out the following passengers:

NOTE: It appears as if the Falcon did not sail as scheduled. Another passenger list containing all of the below listed passengers (marked with "*") indicates that the ship was delayed until December 18, 1848. Passengers listed for Savannah, Havana and New Orleans, were not transcribed. Additionally, this appeared to be the Falcon's first trip to Central America arriving at Chagres on the morning of December 27, 1848. An article about the trip appeared in the Daily Picayune, January 9, 1849.

For Chagres and California.--
Brooks, Major Lloyd*
Bryant, Chief Justice*
Burch, Wm. S.*
Douglass, Rev. J. W.*
Elliott, Capt. E. G., and lady*
Fitzgerald, Major*
Frazier, Persifor*
Gibbs, Lieut. (aid to Gen. Smith)*
Heath, R. W.*
Joyce, John*
Morse, John*
Peise, W. H.* (Price, W. H.)
Pritchette, H. (collector of San Francisco.)*
Reuben, (Mr.)
Smith, Persifor F., Governor of California, lady and 2 servants*
Stowell, Levi* (Stonell)
Tilghman, W. F.* (Tilgman)
Tyler, Geo. E.*
Voorhees, J. A.* (special Post Office Agent)(Van Voorhees)
Wheeler, Rev. O. C., and lady*
Willey, Rev. S. H.*
Williams, H. F.*
Witheas, (Mr.)* (Withers)
Woodbridge, Rev. Mr.*
Woodruff, E.*

The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, December 18, 1848. (Third and fourth of five passenger lists)

NOTE: The New York Herald of December 28, 1848, published a extensive lists of passengers on the steamship Falcon, apparently naming the additional passengers headed to Chagres and eventually to California. The Picayune and Herald lists are combined below. Additions or corrections from the Herald's list are indicated in RED, and persons listed on both lists are marked with an "*."

For California.-- List of passengers per steamer Falcon, from New Orleans to Chagres, to leave this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from pier No. 1, Lafayette:

Adair, Gen., Collector of the Port of Astoria, wife and 6 children*
Agnew, John O.*
Allen, D. S.*
Anderson, Isaac*
Aspinwall, Benj.*
Bagley, D. T.*
Baldwin, Robert*
Banchor, Eli *
Barry, P.*
Baum, Charles*
Berkel, John*
Berry, John*
Bigley, John*
Blockley, John*
Breeze, Thomas* (Breese, Thomas)
Brien, John*
Bronson, Isaac, Mail Agent of Oregon *
Brooks, Lloyd*
Brown, J.*
Bryant, Judge W. P., Chief Justice of Oregon*
Burch, Wm. L.*
Cain, Edward*
Canby, Major, U. S. A., and lady*
Carter, Peter*
Clarke, Henry G.* (Clark, Henry _.)
Clement Dr. J. Baron*
Coghill, J. Henry*
Crawford, Jno. B.* (Crawford, John D.)
Craycroft, John H.*
Curua, Jesus* (Curna, Jesus)
Davis, W. G.*
Denison, Capt. Lawrence*
Douglass, Rev. Mr. *
Ducros, A. A.*
Dusprat, Auguste*
Elliott, Capt. E. G., U. S. A., and lady*
Elliott, Elnathan*
Emerick, E. W.*
Fenno, Geo. W.*
Field, Forest *
Fitzgerald, Major, U. S. A. *
Frazer, James*
Frazer, Persifor * (Frazer, Persifer)
Freedman, Edward*
Freeland, Thomas*
Furrer, Jacob*
Garr, Andrew*
Garro, John*
Gibbs, Lieut.*
Gilmore, J. D.*
Gilmore, Samuel*
Goodman, M. L.*
Gulliver, Charles*
Harris, Major Arnold*
Hathaway, Luther*
Hayden, Lorenzo B.*
Hayden, Willard W.*
Heath, ------ *
Hendrickson, Jarvis B.*
Heurlin, O. W.*
Hughes, John*
Jenkins, James*
Johnson, Wm.*
Jones, Dr. Wilson*
Jones, Jesse P.*
Joyce, John*
Kelton, William L.*
Kerstein, F. E.*
Keys, John*
Lask, Jas.*
Lask, Lewis*
Lewis, Henry*
Lilly, C.*
Locke, Daniel*
Luckett, P. H.*
Mahoney, B.* (Mahony, B)
Maupin, R. A. *
McAdam, James R*.
McCullough, James* (McCulleeh, James)
McDougall, Capt. J., lady and child *
McKnight, W. S.*
McLoughlin, Alex.*
McWilliams, John*
Metcalf, J.*
Miller, Andrew*
Miller, John B.*
Morse, John*
Murphy, Thomas*
Noble, J. F.*
Norris, W.*
Ogden, Major, U. S. A., and lady *
Ogier, Js. K.*
Ord, P.*
Ord, R. B.*
Pappi, Lewis*
Perritt, Henry*
Peterson, John*
Phillips, J. A.*
Phillips, T.*
Pollock, Lewis H.*
Pottorff, W. H.* (Pottorff, W.P.)
Price, Wm. H.* (Price, Wm. E.)
Pritchett, R., Secretary of State of Oregon*
Ragsdale, E. B.*
Rawling, Albert* (Pawling, Albert)
Rawls, James J.* (Rawls, Jas. J.)
Reed, Thomas H.*
Robbi, Wm.*
Robertson, D.*
Robinson, C.*
Robinson, H. E.*
Rosenbaum, F.*
Rust, R. *
Sewell, W.*
Shafer, M.*
Sherlock, Thos.*
Smart, W. S.*
Smart, Wm. F.*
Smith, E.*
Smith, Persifor F., Governor of California, lady and 2 servants (NOTE: Military Governor of California, Feb. 28--April 12, 1849) *
Smith, Peter*
Stonell, Levi*
Tankred, Michael*
Thompson, Edwin R.*
Tilgman, W. F.*
Toledano, Arthur* (Toledana (?), Arthur)
Toll, Henry*
Toutant, A.*
Townes, John E.*
Tudor, H. L.*
Tunis, Benjamin*
Tunis, Richard*
Tyler, George E.*
Valentine, W.*
Van Voorhees, W., U. S. Mail Agent in California *
Vance, Patrick*
Victor, Pichard* (Victor, Richard)
VonSautn (sic), A. W.*
Waterman, Capt. R. * (Waterman, Capt. R.W.)
Waters, William*
Wharton, James*
Wheeler, Benjamin*
Wheeler, H. Z.*
Wheeler, Rev. O. C., and lady *
Whepley, D. H.*
White, John H.*
White, Thomas F.*
Whitney, W. J., and lady*
Whittier, B. F.*
Willey, S. H.* (Willey, S.C.)
Williams, H. F.*
Williams, Phillip* (Williams, Philip)
Winders, Robert J.* (Winders, Robert R.)
Winston, T. B.*
Withers, R. B.*
Wood, A. B.*
Woodbridge, Rev. Mr. *
Woodruff, E.*
Worthing, William*
Wyse, N. H. *
Zerka, W.*


New York Herald, New York City, November 21, 1848 (Fifth of five lists)

(Steamship Falcon)
Cleared for New Orleans, Chagres, San Francisco, Captain Thompson.

Passengers Sailed
For Chagres and California—

Brooks, Major Loyd
Bryant, _., Chief Justice
Burch, Wm. S.
Chandler, Job
Douglass, Rev. J.W.
Elliott, Capt. E.G., and lady
Fish, J.B.
Fitzgerald, Major
Frazier, Persifer
Fulton, W.J.
Gibbs, Lieut., aid to Gen. Smith
Heath, R.W.
Joyce, John
Morse, John
Peise, W.H.
Pritchett, K., Collector of San Francisco
St_well, Levi
Suydam, John R.
Tighman, Rev. W.F.
Tyler, George E.
Voorhees, J.A., special Post Office Agent for Savannah
Wheeler, Rev. O.C., and lady
Willey, Rev. S.H.
Williams, H.F.
Withers, Reuben
Woodbrigh, Rev. Mr.
Woodruff, E.

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