California Bound by

Daily Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
April 16, 1854

Note: The following "Complimentary Card" was submitted by passengers on the SS Yankee Blade, approaching Panama. The ship arrived from New York on April 14, 1854. Capt. H. Randall was the Master, Dr. Nabs was a surgeon onboard, C. Hewitt was the first mate, J.E. Edwards was the Chief Engineer, and Mr. S.T. Dought was the Purser.

Complimentary Card.

On board the steamship Yankee Blade at sea, April 13, 1854

Arano, T.
Blancheb, Adviano
Concilis, H.B.
de la Pina, Ildefonso Jose
Fletcher, James Cooley
Grant, M.
Jones, John Wm.
Ledsmer, Geo.
Lee, Henry O.
Marin, Luis D.
Moody, J.S.
Nathan, Edward
Newby, Wm. B.
Pares, T.
Pina, J. Santiago
Richardson, Chas. H.
Riche, P. de P.
Weber, E.

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