California Bound by

Daily Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
February 17, 1854

NOTE: The following is a list of persons that signed a "Card" attesting to the pleasant accommodations at the California Hotel, "…situated on the Cruces Road, just midway between Panama and Cruces."

A Card.

WE, the undersigned, traveling across the Isthmus of Panama, feel it our highest gratification to recommend to those who shall hereafter pass this way, Mr. Hyam's CALIFORNIA HOTEL situated on the Cruces Road, and being about the only correct half way house. Being greatly fatigued we were most agreeably surprised to find our host well prepared with good beds and a table so liberally supplied with good things to remind us of the good old dishes of New York. Most cordially do we recommend travelers to pass their night at the California Hotel, and being refreshed by a good sleep, take an early start for Panama.

Albro, S.A.
Burton, W.B.
Corcorat, S.E., and two ladies
Davis, Robt. New York
Fowler, George J.
Gamble, Edw. A.
Garcon, Andrew
Palmer, E.
Poras, Lucy
Sanchez, G.
Smith, Miss Ella Utica, NY
Smith, Mrs. A.E. Utica, NY
Smith, W.H.
Thompson, Catherine
Wood, J.A.
Woolworth, Robert

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