California Bound by

Daily Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
February 2, 1854

Note: Two different lists of passengers that had a pleasant crossing of the Isthmus from Chagres to Panama City. Their signatures attest to the kind treatment they received from J.S. Herman & Co., Isthmus Express.


Bartlett, W.
Bones, J., and family
Butler, C.C.
Cheeney, Joseph
Fulton, Jos.
Garcon, Andw.
Gibbs, A.C.
Hoopes, M.
Matthews, Miss Ellen
Pond, A.M. NY
Richey, Robt.
Sibley, S.H.
Smith, Mrs. A.E.
Tilden, Dr. Wm P


Bancroft, H.
Borwels, H.W.
Brewster, J.H.
Byer, D.
Conroy, J.C.
Hammond, J.F., Asst. Surg. U.S. Army
Hoyt, E.F.
Sanchez, G.
Teachemacher, H.F.

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