California Bound by

Panama Daily Star
Panama City, Panama
February 2, 1854

Distinguished Arrivals.

Among the passengers sojourning in our city, en-route to California, is the distinguished Henry Stuart Foote, formerly Senator in Congress, from the State of Mississippi, and more recently Governor of the same State. It will be recollected by our readers, that Senator Foote was the originator of the celebrated committee of thirteen, which brought in the Compromise resolutions in regard to the admission of California as a sovereign State into the Union. This was at the session of 1850. There was no man who did more effective service, in carrying this great measure through the Senate, than Gov. Foote, or who was a greater friend to the whole Union, proclaiming every where his patriotic devotion to love of country which he held stronger than the behest of party.

Gov. Foote has left the perfidious State of Mississippi, that prefers dis-union and repudiation, to high toned patriotism and unsullied honor. We hope the greatest success may attend his efforts in California, where he goes to practice the profession of the law, and of that, there can be no doubt, of talents of the most brilliant order can be a guarantee. He sails to-day in the steamer "John L. Stephens."

Among the passengers who also came out on the "George Law," and are now in this city, are Major General Wood, of the U.S. Army, who goes to California to assume command of that military district; Major Hardie and wife, Dr. Hammond, U.S.A.; Mr. Teschemacher; Marcus D. Boruck, of the Sacramento Union; Mr. John C. Winans and Miss Winans, of New York; Mr. Bancroft, of San Francisco; Mr. Lee, of the San Francisco Herald; Geo. H. Hossefross, and others, of San Francisco.

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