California Bound by

Daily Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
May 6, 1853

A. Card.

We, the undersigned, passengers by the steamers Illinois and Philadelphia, certify that in crossing the Isthmus, and during our detention in Panama, we have enjoyed good health ourselves, and have observed no case of sickness either among our fellow passengers or the residents of Panama.

Adams, A., Adamís and Co.ís Express
Baannan (sic), S.
Benham, Calhoun, late U.S. District Attorney
Campbell, Thompson, U.S. Land Commissioner
Dameron, W.B.
Filch, Alpheus, U.S. Land Commissioner
Gwin, W.M., U.S. Senator
Hammond, Col. Richard P., Port of San Francisco
Hull, P.P., Editor Whig
Inge, S.W., U.S. District Attorney
Lawrence, J.E., Editor, Times and Transcript
Mickee, E.S.B.
Miller, J.Frank
Montez, Lola
Ofden, E.L.
Weller, John B., U.S. Senator

And many others (not named).

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