California Bound by

Daily Panama Star

Panama City Panama

May 4, 1853


We, the undersigned, passengers per the Illinois, having transported our Baggage through Messrs. WILLACY & CO.'s Express, take this method to express our entire approbation of the manner in which our baggage was transported, both us to dispatch and safety; and do cordually recommend this line to our friends and travellers generally crossing the Isthmus.

Ayres, G.M.
Baley, Capt.
Blanding, L.
Champlin, L.D.
Duval, R.H.
Freeman, J.M.
Hammersley, George
Hammond, E.D.
Hoff, P.H.
Lawrence, J.E.
Loring, Charles
Mickle, George B.
Miller, J. Frank
Ogden, R.L.
Read, N.C.
Wilder, L.J.

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