California Bound by

Daily Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
May 1, 1853

Among the passengers by the Illinois from New York now in this city, are:

Adams, Esq., Alvin*, (from Boston), senior member of the house of Adams & Co.’s Express
Benham, Esq., Calhoun
Birdsall, Dr., Superintendant of the San Francisco Mint.
Birdsall, Miss
Birdsall, Miss
Blanding, Mr. –SC
Bopisco, Mr. –St. Petersburg
Bridge, Samuel, Appraiser General for the Pacific Coast
Bryant, Col., lady and two daughters
Calhoun, Mr. –SC
Campbell, Hon. Thompson, and family
Crown, Lieut, Russian Navy
Fall, John C., and lady –Marysville, CA
Felch, Alpheus, Land Commissioner of California
Freeman, Esq., John, Agent at Sacramento of Adams & Co.’s Express
Gallaer, Mr.
Gwin, Senator, and family
Hall, Mrs., and son
Hammond, Major, Collector of Port of San Francisco
Hull, Esq., P.P., employed by San Francisco Whig
Lawrence, Esq., J.E. Editor of the Placer Times and Transcript
Lewis, Esq., J.A., Editor of the Los Angeles Star
Loring, Maj. -Benicia, CA
Marshall, Hon. E.C., and lady
McCorkle, Hon. J.W.
McDougal, Former Governor, and family
McDougal, Miss
Milne, D.B. –Sacramento
Murray, Mr., West Mariposa Mining Company, London
O’Larkin, Esq., Thomas, and family
Ogden, Esq., R.L.
Richardson, General, U.S. Marshal for California
Richardson, Miss.
Selover, A.A., and lady
Van Voorhies, W.W., Surveyor of the Port of San Francisco
Weller, Senator
Wright, Hon. G.W.**
And other distinguished strangers, en route for California and Oregon.

We are happy to state that all the sojourners in our city are in good health and enjoying their brief tarry in Panama. The Northerner is expected to arrive to-day or to-morrow, and will depart early in the week with most of the Illinois passengers, as well as with those who are to arrive on the Philadelphia, from New Orleans. Some of the parties however, it is not unlikely will remain for the Golden Gate – due about the middle of the month.

*spelled “Alvah” in shorter list published on April 30, 1853.
**appeared in shorter list published on April 30, 1853. Name not originally on this list.

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