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Daily Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
Wednesday, March 30, 1853

List of Passengers on Board the Steamship Independence.

"The following are the names of passengers who left New York for San Juan on the 20th of January on board the steamship Northern Light, which connected with the Independence:"

Abbott, Joel
Aberle, David
Aixon, J.
Argall, Wm.
Arnott, Jacob
Ayres, James F.
Ayres, Mrs. M.S.
Babcock (Badcock ?), Henry C.
Bacos, Wm.
Badcock (Babcock ?), Wm. S.
Baker, Elijah
Baker, Philip
Barker, David M.
Bartoa, Morris
Bason (Dason ?), Wallace
Bateman, W.
Baum, Jacob
Baxter, Freeman
Baxter, Mrs. Freeman
Bean, Hiram C.
Beck, Nehemiah
Bell, Wm.
Bellows, Chas. D.
Bignall, Wm. K.
Bishop, Dan F.
Bloomfield, Mrs. A.
Bochard, John
Bordon, Wallace
Bordon, Wm. L.
Bowen, Alex, C.
Brewington, Rich M.
Brown, Alex
Brown, John
Brown, Witkinson
Bruce, Henry
Buffum, Ed
Burgess, Thomas
Byars, Danl. H.
Caldwell, Jas.
Cameron, Benj. M.
Carmichael, A.
Carter, Peter
Chancey, Micajah
Chase, Walter
Childs, Sandford
Cohn, Emiel Beraharn
Cook, E.G.
Cook, Jr., Z.
Corey, W.
Cox, Peter
Cross, Jas.
Cross, Lewis B.
Crotts, John
Cullen, Chas. E.
Daley, Danl.
Davidson, Sam
Davidson, Wm.
Davis, Geo. F.
Davis, John
Day, Lewis
Dexter, Lewis P.
Dickey, B.F.
Dickey, Mrs.
Douglass, Robt. H.
Doyle, Wm.
Drake, Ezek R.
Drown, E.
Drown, Mrs. E.
Earnhartt, Hy.
Felt, Jas. D.
Felt, Lauen P.
Fessendem, P.R.
Finch, Wm. H.
Findley, David
Fisher, Aaron
Fisher, Chas.
Fleming, James
Ford, Hiram
Freet, Michael
Fuller, Loomis P.
Garrett, Edw.
Gastrell, Thos. M.
Gillis, John
Gilmore, Andrew
Gilmore, C.
Gilmore, Fredk.
Gilmore, Saml. D.
Gittidg (sic), Hy J. Robt.
Gorton, Harvey
Gorton, Jos.
Granniss, Christian D.
Gray, Lemuel L.
Greefield, Hiram S.
Green, Joseph
Greenback, Jos. W.
Guignon, J.
Hale, J.O.
Hale, Oliver
Hall, Chris
Hall, E.N.
Hall, J.F.
Hall, Mrs. C.
Halstead, Joel
Halstead, Sas. T.
Hardman, Lewis
Hardy, Chas. C.
Harvey, F.
Hatch, Mr. R.
Hatch, W.B.
Hemphill, Abram
Holmes, Walt
Howe, Geo. W.
Howland, C.M.
Howland, J.T.
Howland, JohnLight, Jas.
Howland, Mrs.
Howland, S.C.
Imrie, Wm.
Ingles, Geo. W.
Ingles, Mrs. Elizabeth
James, Jos.
Jeffers, Jas. G.
Johnson, Jos. G.
Kimball, Geo.
Kittredge, Aza (Ann ?)
Knox, Rich’d A.
Lackeny, Miss Maria
LaPeer, Geo. W.
Leadley, John H.
Leballister, Wm.
Lewis, Jas. P.
Light, Edwin
Light, Evert
Light, Mrs. Edwin
Lincoln, Alvin
Lincoln, Lemuel
Lincoln, William
Manning, Edw. K.
Masterman, John
Mavin, Ed C.
McCandless, Wm. H.
McDonald, Matthew
Mendoza, J.
Mittimore, Jas. H.
Morris, Geo.
Morse, Wiley
Mosher, Hy.
Mosher, Robt.
Mott, Harper
Moulton, Wm. S.
Muffin, Francis
Muffin, G.W.
Muffin, Mrs. Francis
Murphy, Don (Dan ?)
Murphy, Mrs. Mary A.
Myers, Jacob
Nellis, Edwin
Nelson, Jas. D.
Newell, Edw. H.
Nichols, David
Nichols, James A.
Nolan, L.
O’Neal, Thos.
Orr, Wm.
Owens, David
Parker, Aaron
Parker, Michael
Parmater, Jas. C.
Paterson, Chas. P.
Paul, Sam. S.
Pell (Peli ?), Hy W.
Penny, Andrew
Perkins, George
Pierce, Mrs. Wm.
Pierce, Wm.
Porter, Saml.
Pruden, Saml.
Rearim, Jas.
Reinbolt, Richd.
Reynolds, Alex B.
Richardson, Abiatha
Richardson, Isaac
Richmond, Hy E.
Robbins, S.
Schenck, Ed.
Scofield, Mrs. W.E.
Scofield, Wm. E.
Scott, Allison
Scott, Wm.
Searls, Wm. A.
Seward, A.
Smith, Henry
Smith, Ira
Smith, Isaac P.
Sparhawk, John
Stanley, Lieut. F.
Stauss (Strauss ?), Hy
Steele, J.
Stephens, Sam
Stevens, W.W.
Stevenson, L.C.
Stockdale, R.
Stokes, Wm. G.
Stone, Jno.
Sullivan, Mrs Fanny
Sutton, L.C.
Sweat, Lorenzo
Tallon, Jas.
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, Robt.
Taylor, Simon Timon
Thayer, Cyrus
Thieme, oohn (John ?)
Turner, A.W.
Turner, Andrew B.
Tyler, Caleb W.
Van Sann, Wm.
Vaughn, Thos. S.
Ward, Benj. F.
Ward, Chas. A.
Weatherington, Alex
Weatherington, Jos.
Weaver, Jacob
Weddell, P.M.
Welch, Mrs. Ann
Westhoff, John
Wheeler, Hy
Whitney, Warren
Williams, John
Willoughby, J.R.
Wilsos (Wilson ?), Thos M.
Ziun (Zion ?), H.C.

And 273 in the steerage.

List of those who left New Orleans on the 22nd of January, on the steamship Daniel Webster, which also connected with the Independence:

Abraham, E.A.
Abraham, J.H.
Adler, M.
Allen, J.A.
Allen, J.H.
Andreau, M.
Arnault, Mr.
Barnum, S.
Beaumont, D.W.
Bentiss, Stephen
Berwin, G.
Berwin, M.
Berwin, Merdel
Bonnbee, Miss J.
Bool, C., lady and family
Bracewell, T.
Charles, H.
Clarrington (?), A.A., and lady (probably: Carrington, Arthur A., and wife, Virginia, and children, Julia and Frank.)
Cody, Jasse
Collett, W.
Coote, Mr.
Dean, Mrs. Ann
Dorley, Z.
Dunham, A.M.
Dunham, M.
Elwell, E.
Elwell, J.B.
Elwell, Wm.
Euler, H.
Fdry (??), M.
Fish, C.
Good, C.W., and lady
Greiner, W., and lady
Haber, Mrs. F.
Hatch, J.G.
Hazleman, D.
Holbrook, T.
Hollis, J.F.
Howard, C.W.
Keller, Jacob
Kendall, E.
Kulp, J.
Lemon, Adolphus
Lemon, Mrs. P., and child
Lemon, P.
Maher, Mrs. Julia
McGovern, K.
McLinden, M.
Meyer, D.
Mills, Mrs. M.G.
Mills, W.H., and lady
Miner, T.E.
Murphy, John
Murphy, P.
Peed, W.
Robinson, Peter
Robinson, T., and lady
Robnson, Simon
Rogers, A.F.
Schelley, P.
Schmidt, J.
Seymour, Mrs E.
Siez, Chas.
Simms, P.
Sitter, W.
Somers, S. _.
Spotts, G.W.
Sutton, H.B.
Tarr, D.F., and lady
Tarr, Horace
Taylor, J.J., and lady
Townsedd (Townsend ?), A.
Ventress (Vontress ?), George T.
Watson, Asa
Watson, Elcie
Watson, Elia
Watson, Isadore
Watson, J.S., and lady
Whiteman, Miss B.
Willis, E.
Wood, O., and lady
Zinzer, Mr., and lady

And 234 in the steerage.

“If the report of the number on board these steamers is correct, it was of course impossible for the Independence to take them all on board. Thus the Northern Light enumerates some 220, and adds 273 in the steerage; the Daniel Webster enumerates about 150, and adds 234 in the steerage; making a total of 857 by both steamers. The Independence cannot crown in more than half this number. The presumption is, however, that all of those whose names have been given were aboard, and that the number reported in the steerage was fictitious.”
The Independence was last seen, Feb. 13th, off Cape San Lucas. Several steamers have come up from San Diego recently without any news of her, and neither the Cortes nor Tennessee saw anything of her. The only chance for her safety is that she succeeded in getting into some of the coves on the coast of lower California, between Cape St. Lucas and San Diego.”

The SS Independence wrecked off Santa Margarita Island with great loss of life, February 16, 1853.

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