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Daily Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
February 18, 1853

Steamship Cortes, Bay of San Francisco,
January 5, 1853

We, the undersigned, passengers on the steamship Cortes, on her late trip from Panama to San Francisco, conceive it to be our duty to express our feelings and sentiments in awarding our praises and thanks to the Captain, Purser, and other officers, for the kind treatment which we have received on board said steamer.
Of the Captain, Thomas B. Cropper, Esq., we can only say, that we believe him to be one of the most skilful of navigators, and a perfect gentleman in every respect. The manner in which he has conducted his ship, governed his passengers and crew, while it meets with our approbation, not only demonstrates him to be a perfect master of his profession, but a man of feeling, sentiment, and strict integrity of purpose.

The gentlemanly Purser, Mr. Walter G. Smith, has performed the arduous duties peculiar to his office in the best possible manner, and to our entire satisfaction. Nothing has been omitted; and we feel under many obligations to him for the kind favors he has shown us.

Mr. Healy, the first officer, has, by his own deportment and manly bearing, merited the esteem of the passengers.

The other officers of the vessel we have always found gentlemanly, courteous, and ever ready to perform their respective duties. In conclusion we would say, that the ventilation and sailing of the steamship Cortes are unsurpassed by any other vessel on the Pacific coast. Though death has been among us, and some of our number found a watery grave, we cannot attribute the cause to the lack of good regulations, or want of wholesome food or first rate water, but to sources entirely unconnected with the vessel.

Ames, Mrs. Mary
Ames, Mrs. Mary E.
Archer, Mrs.
Arnstein, J.
Bache, Mrs. E.
Barker, Mrs. R.
Barnett, Mrs. M.
Berry, F.W.
Best, W.H.
Bloome, Mrs. E.
Brittan, S.B.
Brown, R.S.
Burnett, M.
Cook, Edward
Cooper, W.A.
Davis, Mrs. M.A.
Davis, W.H., MD
Derichson, D.
Dorsey, S.A.
Durfee, Wm.
Emerson, M.
Evans, C.P.
Fisher, Zenns
Gibbons, Mrs. Mary
Gilmore, J.C.
Gooderich, W.H.
Grarjar (Grarjan, Grotjan ?), Mrs. Sallie F.
Grotjan, G.W.
Guttiman, Mrs. L.
Haines, Dr. M.
Hanly, O.H.
Hart, Albert
Herrinon, S.J.
Hicks, Barnabas
Hicks, Frank
Hicks, Mrs. R.
Himrod, O.W.
James, J.N.
Jayne, Mrs. Hannah
Jennings, J.O.
Knight, C.
Krako, J.
Lanier, C.J.
Lincoln, M.
Lincoln, Mrs.
Long, Mrs. Martha
Maloney, G.H.
McQuigg, Mrs. A.J.
Mendes, R.
Milatonich, S.
Mitchell, Mrs. Mary
Nunes, Mrs. R.
Nunes, R.
Patterson, C.B.
Paul, A.B.
Petitt, C.
Ransom, S.P.
Richardson, F.
Robinson, Mrs. B.
Runnells, Mrs. Susan
Scott, Mrs. E.
Spencer, W.H.
Stephens, O.
Sternes, Edwin
Stewart, Mrs. Mary
Stockflieth, Fred
Tiiden (Tilden ?), M. B.
Townsend, C.
Turner, C., MD
Wamuugh, M.M.
Warnock, W.O.
Whuite, Mrs. A.
Wie, E. Win
Wigle, Alexander
Williams, T.B.
Wist, M.
Woodruff, A.

The undersigned, steerage passenger on board the fine steamship Cortes, on her present trip from Panama to San Francisco, do with genuine sincerity and pleasure recommend her to the traveling community.
As regards her ventilation and accommodation for steerage passengers particularly, we consider her unrivaled: and the fare of the best description.
Her captain and officers are gentlemen, and have left no means untried to render the voyage a comfortable and pleasant one, which it has proved to be.
To them we tender our best wishes; and to all who are homeward or outward bound, we would cheerfully say, Take the Cortes.

Bice (Rice ?), David
Bolt, M.
Brown F.
Coffy, L.
Cook, F.
Crouch, M.
Edders, J.C.
Ferguson, B.
Forbes, J.
Freeman, J.M.
Fritz, M.
Gavagan, Miss Mary
Hall, S.
Higgins, Isaac
Huff, D.
Keever, H.
Kingsland, A.
Kinney, A.
Lawler, Mrs.
Linery, L.L.
McGrew, M.
McNeele, J.
Merem, John
Romar, Alfred
Roper, James
Ryan, Pat
Sandford, S.
Smith, S.
Thompson, R.
Trotter, John
Trotter, John E.
Walsh, F.
Western, James
Whaling, J.W.
Whellock, R.
Willace (Wallace ?), M.
Windle, R.
Work, Joseph

And fifty others (unnamed).

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