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Daily Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
January 20, 1853

Deaths on the Overland Route to Oregon.

The following is a list of persons who died on the plains while journeying to Oregon in the year 1852. It is prepared by the parties whose names appear at the bottom, who had a station at the Cascade mountains during the last season, and who learned the names of deceased from immigrants as they passed into Oregon.

Allen, H.B. –Mason Co., IA
Anderson, James –Shelby Co., IL
Andrews, Josiah –Pike Co., IL
Arnold, A. –Platt Co., MO
Beard, Thomas –Iowa Co., IA
Bingham, S.M. and Susan A –Platt Co., MO
Bluff, F.M. –Platt Co., MO
Bluff, John –Platt Co., MO
Brown, G.A. –Legrange Co., IA
Brown, Louisa –Cane Co., IL
Buck, Mrs., wife of Denis Buck –IA
Buff, Mary and Elizabeth –Johnson Co., MO
Burgan, Thomas –Platt Co., MO
Campbell, C.R. –Lafayette Co., IL
Campbell, M. –Adams Co, IL
Cartner, Rebeca –Franklin Co., KY
Clayson, John –Hancock Co., IL
Coffee, C.F.C. “Two children of” –Pike Co., IL
Cole, J.W. –Henry Co., MO
Cram, E. –Pike Co., MO
Crow, Christian and Lucinda –Pike Co., IL
Crow, Samuel F. and Susan E. –St. Charles Co., MO
Cuder, Thomas, -Miller Co., MO
Demick, Thomas –Shelby Co., IL
Divers, Elizabeth T. –Pettis Co., MO
Dodson, Rachel –Franklin Co., MO
Dolby, David -Nodoway Co, MO
Dolly, Herrod –Stark Co., IL
Dorety, M. -Pike Co., IL
Dunoway, Mary M. and Emily L. –Pike Co., IL
Dupus, M. –Cass Co., MO
Eagan, L. –Platt Co., MO
Engan (Eagan ?), M., Jackson Co., MO
Evans, Ann –Wapello Co., IA
Evans, R.M. –Platt Co., MO
Evans, T.J. –Andrew Co., MO
Fields, _. (son of Nelson Fields –Mason Co., IL
Finch, Nancy –Jackson Co., MO
Fluver, J. and Rachel –Madison Co., IA
Foster, Thomas –Aleghany Co., MD
Frederick, Sarah F. –Pike Co., IL
Goodel, A. –Knox Co., IL
Hall, Wm. –Cole Co., IL
Harris, Mary and child -Nodoway Co, MO
Hartfield, N. –Platt Co., MO
Hayse (Hayes ?), Henry –Wane (sic) Co., IA
Henderson, Daniel, Mary E., and Middleton –Buck Co., MO
Hill, F. –Monroe Co., TN
Hopkins, Martha –MI
Ingle, L. –Pike Co., IL
Jackson, Mr. –Bay Co., Canada
Jackson, W.E. –Rush Co., IA
James, John –Atchison Co., MO
Johnson, D. –WI
Johnson, Mary and Z. –Lafayette Co., MO
Jones, J., wife and child –Pike Co., MO
Jupiter, John E. –IL
Kellerson, J.J. –IL
Langson, John –Johnson Co., MO
Lewis, David –Platt Co., MO
Lindal, W. –Henry Co., IA
Linsey, John –Jackson Co.,IA
Lister, Walter and wife –Andrew Co., IL
Mathews, Elizabeth, Jane and John –Platt Co., MO
McClaughey, Susan E. and John –Salem, NY
Megan, B.F. –Jackson Co., MO
Miller, Mary –Davis Co., MO
Moore, Malinda and W.J. – Chariton Co., MO
Mooser, Henry –Henry Co., IA
Morgan, Joseph and Levy –Cass Co., MO
Morgan, N. and F. –Stark Co., IL
Newingham, M.N. –Hancock Co., IL
Nider, E.J. –Polk Co., MO
Norton, Henry –Pike Co., IL
Nubblet, Sarah –Ray Co., MO
Parker, Y. –Desmoins Co., IA
Phips, Albert – Mercer Co., IA
Pondexter, Elizabeth –MO
Profts, Mrs. –IL
Prouse, Mary J. –Johnson Co., MO
Ranier, Henry –MI
Risto, E. –McDonough Co., IL
Rives, M. –Lafayette Co., MO
Robinson, F. –Dean Co., WI
Scott, Mrs., consort of J.T. Scott –Trazwell Co., IL
Shan, J.F., son of Jefferson Shan –Andrew Co., MO
Shelley, C.J. –Jefferson Co., IA
Smith, America –Knox Co., IL
Smith, E. –Jackson Co., MO
Smith, Wm. And Mary R. –Taylor Co., IL
Stanton, William –Rock Co., WI
Stay, Arnold –Platt Co., MO
Stephens, Mary –Desmoins Co., IA
Stonnes, Julia D. –Springfield Co., IL
Strode, Thomas A. –Clay Co., MO
Stumbo, Daniel and Carolina –Desmoins Co., IA
Swain, James –Desmoins Co., IA
Taylor, A. –Jackson Co., MO
Taylor, William –Perry Co., MO
Thompson, Mr. –Bay Co., Canada
Tucker, John F. –Jackson Co., MO
Tulley, William –Nabaspa Co., IA
Tupper, Benjamin –Decalb Co., IL
Walker, J. –Pike Co., MO
Whitten, C.T. –Chester Co., IA
Williams, Manuel –McDonaugh Co., IL
Williams, R.B. –Rock Co., WI
Willis, Martha A. –Henry Co., IL
Wilson, John –Platt Co., MO
Wiseman, John –Chariton Co., MO

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