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Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
December 7, 1851 

NOTE: this is all of the information in the article.

Deceased Americans.

The following named persons (American citizens)) have died in this Consular District, with a few exceptions which are noted, since Mr. Corwine, the present incumbent, has been in office, commencing January, 1850.

Of this number, only four were residents of Panama. There are, doubtless, a few others who have died here, and those deaths have never been reported to the Consulate.

The list comprises those who died in the harbor, on board the steamship Panama, in August, 1850, of cholera, as well as those who were landed from that vessel in a precarious state – some 16 in all.

Allen, Henry -New York
Allery, Captain -Newtucket (sic)
Ausborn, Martin -Missouri
Anderson, Briggs -Illinois
Barker, John -Pittsburgh
Bricby, Alvin --Andover
Bannan, G. S. –Mass.
Brown, Benj. F. –N.Y.
Brady, Hugh -Phila.
Brogans, Wm. –N. O. (New Orleans)
Bales, Josua - St. Louis
Comfort, Alex. –N. Y.
Crocker, Chaney B. –Con.
Clark, S. S. –N. Y.
Clark, Silas -seaman, U.S.N.
Clark, An. S. –Delaware
Chase, Isaac D. –Michigan
Coon, Wm. P. –N. Y.
Daily, James E. –Phila.
Dean, Richard -N. Y.
Dean, John W. –unknown
Everts, John -N. Y.
Ellis, Charles B. –N. Y.
Escrror (sic), John - Mass
Eastbrook, S.W. –Phila.
Gordon, James -Vermont
Goles, Dr. H. –Vermont
Goodwin, John -Tenn.
Hutchinson, Alex. –Maine
Hedges, Isaac, G. –Mass.
Hutt, John M. –unknown
Howell, J.M. –Ohio
Harris, Oak R. –Mass.
Hatfield, James -Ky.
Harrage, Henry seaman unkownd
Harragan, Geo. W. –Ill.
Hackett, Jessie -Ill.
Henley, James -N. Y.
Johnston, Norman C. –N. Y.
Jones, Thomas -Maine
Jones, Thomas -unknown
Lee, H. A. G. –Oregon
Lockwood, R. –Con.
McLinchey, John -Ohio
McCourlandi, James -Mass.
McMurphy, James -N. H.
Manchester, Geo. B. –Mass.
Martin, Geo. B. –N. J.
Marshfield, A. –seaman, unknown
Meader, George -seaman, unknown
Mitter, Geo. S. –N. Y.
McAdow, J. A. –at sea, Missouri
Mardell, Nathaniel J. –R. I.
Moore, Capt. F. –R. I.
McArthur, Lieut. W. P. –U.S.N.
Mitchell, Theo. E. –Phila.
Mershfield, Samuel -N. Y.
McAfee, Daniel -Michigan
Marshall, George -at sea, Illinois
Malicanno, Dr. F. A. –N. O.
Mallert, Henry -seaman
Moun, Dr. –Penn.
Olanstead, Hny. W. –N. O.
Ollier, James U. –Boston
Pafi, William -Illinois
Perry, ______ -New York
Priesler, Thomas -Phila.
Parrlin, Albert -A. Y. (?)
Patterson, Hugh -Penn.
Parsons, Peter L. –N. Y.
Ridley, W. W. –New York
Ridgley, Jos. S. –Baltimore
Roper, Dr. Louis -Phila.
Ringgold, Geo. –seaman
Robinson, W. P. –Mass.
Reid, C. –seaman, unknown
Roe, Mitchell -W. City (Washington, D.C.)
Rankin, A. –New Orleans
Reed, James -seaman, unknown
Rogers, Captain Richard -Mass.
Sutton, Geo. –N. Y.
Snyder, John -N. Y.
Stanton, James M. –Illinois
Short, A. A. –Iowa
Sheeter, Joseph B. –N. Y.
Shey, James -N. O.
Thomas, Wm. –Indiana
Taylor, John M. –Iowa
Tracy, Henry -N. Y.
Wiggington, John -Miss.
Weld, John -N. Y.
Williams, Charles -N. Y.
Wainwright, Capt. J. J. –New York
Williams, Dr. –New York
Watson, E. H. –New York
Wolf, Charles -drowned, New York
Warden, Simon G. –Murdered, Boston, Mass.

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