California Bound by

Daily Panama Star
Panama City, Panama
November 14, 1851

NOTE: No indication about when or where the ship landed in Panama.

"The following list contains the names of distinguished Hungarian patriots, who are all on board the United States, war steamer Mississippi:"

Acs, Ged, (Magyar.), Pastor
Ashboth, Alexander, (Magyar.), Lieut. Colonel of the Staff and General Adjutant of the Governor of Hungary.
Belzenszey, Lad, M.P. for MarosVasarhely, in Transylvania, and Colonel of National Guards.
Dnmeter, John (Magyar.), Major of Infantry, and his wife.
Grehenck, _., (Magyar.), 1st Lieutenant of Infantry.
Hareidi, C., (Magyar.), Instrutor of Gov. Kossuth's child.
Hazman, Fran., (Magyar.), M.P. for Buda, and Chief of the Bureau in the Home Department.
Hossack, _., (Pole.), Lieutenant of Cavalry.
Ihalsz, Dan. (Magyar.), Lieut. Colonel of Infantry.
Kalapszu, _., (Magyar.), Captain of Cavalry.
Kosseth, Louis (wife, Teresa, and daughter, Wilhelmena, and sons, Francis and Visocki), Governor of Hungary, aged 47 years.
Kovach, Stephan, (Magyar.), Major of Infantry, and his wife.
Lazio, _., (Magyar.), Lieutenant of Artillery.
Lulley, Em., (German), Officer of Police, wife and children.
Luzakovski, _., (Pole.), Lieutenant of Cavalry.
Nimesh, _., (Magyar.), Captain of Cavalry.
Perezel, Nich., (Magyar.), M.P. of Tolna, and Colonel of Infantry, with his wife.
Prschierriski, Jul., (Pole.), Colonel of Cavalry.
Sijurman, Adrian, (Magyar.), Editor of the Government Gazette, with wife and child.
Spaczek, L., (Pole.), Physician, with wife, child and mother.
Szerengi, Aus., (Magyar.), County Judge.
Szigi, _., (German), Lieutenant of Artillery.
Torock, _. (Magyar.) Captain of Infantry.
Tra'ter, _., (Magyar.), Captain of Infantry.
Wagner, Adrien (German), Major of Artillery.
Waigle, _., (Magyar.) Commissary, Battalion of Foot.
Zorody, Edw., (Magyar.), Counsellor (sic) in Home Department.

"The above forty-six comprise the family of the distinguished exile and his associates and friends who embarked with him. These with the sixteen others, soldiers, Italians and Red Republicans, make up the sixty passengers on board the frigate."

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