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Boston Daily Evening Transcript

Ship Passenger Lists

Port of Boston ..... 1854

1-2-1854 (Monday)

In the Monsoon, for San Francisco, Mrs. E. H. Owen and child, of New Bedford; Messrs. -- Bailey, Geo. H. Hopps, and Jas. M. Alden, of Boston.

2-18-1854 (Saturday)

In the Meteor (Capt. Saml. W. Pike), for San Francisco, Mr. George Sanderman, Mrs. Harriet Sanderman, Miss Emma and Master Frederick Sanderman, of South Reading.

[Per Dave Wells, his great-great grandfather was George Sanderson (not Sanderman) who booked passage for his wife Harriet, son Frederick and daugher Emma on the Meteor bound for San Francisco on February 16, 1854.  He has the original ticket, purchased for $115.90 from the Glidden & Williams Line.]

3-11-1854 (Saturday)

In the Star Light ("new clipper of this port, 1159 89-95ths tons"; Capt. Isaiah Chase, by Glidden & Williams.), for San Francisco, Mrs. Chase (captain's wife); Mr. Aquila Adams, of South Boston.

3-16-1854 (Thursday)

In the Viking ("new clipper of New Beford, 1349 54-95ths tons"; Capt. Zemas Winsor, Jr., by N. Winsor, Jr., & Co.), for San Francisco, Mr. Jas. Smith, of Charlestown.

3-22-1854 (Wednesday)

In the barque Wm. T. Sayward (("new clipper of this port, late of Rockland, Me., 462 31-95ths tons") Jas. W. Sayward, Glidden & Williams.), for San Francisco, Mrs. Sayward (captain's wife); Mr. Ambrose Leach and Mrs. Doran, of East Boston; Mrs. L. C. Bailey, Master S. T. Bailey, Mrs. J. Seavey and Master W. T. Seavey, of Rockland.

5-4-1854 (Thursday)

Clipper Robin Hood (sailed May 3, 1854; Capt. Richard Bearse, Jr., Glidden & Williams), for San Francisco, Mrs. Ellen. Shepherd, Master Geo. B. Shepherd, and Miss Hannah Morse, of Skowhegan, Me.

5-6-1854 (Saturday)

In steamship Illinois, from New York, for Aspinwall, Messrs. Wm. H. Vincent and Howard Cunningham, of Boston.

5-12-1854 (Friday)

In the (schooner) Northern Light (Capt. Hatch, Glidden & Williams.), for San Francisco, Mrs. Hatch (Captain's wife), Miss Lydia C. Chipman.

5-25-1854 (Thursday)

In the Mary Robinson, for San Francisco -- Mrs. Ellen Kirk, Mrs. Abigail N. Kirk and child, Miss Mary Ann Kirk, Miss Mary Williams, Miss Louisa Woodside and three children, and Miss Catharine Powers, of Roxbury; Mrs. Warren Gove and two children, of South Boston.

June 30, 1854 (Friday)

In the Midnight, for San Francisco, Mrs. Asa Walker and son, Miss Mary Lincoln, Mrs. Hatch (captain's wife) and daughter.

July 22, 1854 (Saturday)

In the Empire City, from New York, for Aspinwall, Edmund W. Dana, of Boston.

August 1, 1854 (Tuesday)

In the Whistler (Glidden & Williams), for San Francisco, Mrs. Chas. A. Brown, captain's wife.

August 12, 1854 (Saturday)

In the Ridgvunette (Andrews, San Francisco, Timothy Davis and Co.), for San Francisco, Mrs. Hannah N. Post, Misses Phoebe E. Baker and Harriet V. Baker, of Concord, NH; Mrs. Betsy Perkins and 4 children, of East Bridgewater; Mrs. Andrews (captain's wife) and 2 children, of Bingham.

September 6, 1854 (Wednesday)

In the Jane A. Falkinburg (Chas. A. Falkinburg, N. Winsor, Jr., and Co.), for San Francisco, Mrs. Falkinburg, (captain's wife), Mrs. C. McCleur, Mrs. Ann McCleur, Mr. Jno. McCleur, Mr. M. McCleur, and Master E. McCleur, of Fairhaven.

September 19, 1854 (Tuesday)

In the Flying Fish (Nichols, San Francisco, Glidden & Williams), for San Francisco, Messrs. Geo. Sturgis, J. T. Deny, Geo. Bangs, ---Dalton, Mrs. Brown and 2 daughters, of Boston; 2 Messrs. Briggs, of Maine; Mrs. Walsh and daughter, of Philadelphia.

October 9, 1854 (Monday)

In the Humboldt, from New York, for San Francisco and China, Mrs. A. M. Lunt, captain's wife.

October 16, 1854 (Monday)

In the Winged Arrow, for San Francisco, Messrs. Wm.* Eveleth, --- Watson, and Geo. W. Menns, of Boston; Mrs. Jas. Howlett and 2 children, of Brookline.
* corrected to "Geo" Eveleth in next days newspaper.

October 21, 1854 (Saturday)

In the Lotus, for San Francisco, Messrs. Wm. H. Cunningham, S. Wyllys Pomeroy and Jas. D. Savage, of Boston; F. A. Cook, of Providence, RI.

October 25, 1854 (Wednesday)

In the Southern Cross, for San Francisco, Mrs. T. L. Hutchinson, of Charlestown, Misses Catharine and Isabella Hutchinson, of Boston.

November 14, 1854 (Tuesday)

In the Saracen, for San Francisco, Messrs. Joseph Scholfield, Jas. H. Owens, Mrs. Eliza M. Owens, Mrs. Mayers and child, of Boston; Mrs. G. T. Sproat, of Middleboro, Mass; Mrs. Harriet M. Wiggin and 2 children, of Belfast, Me.

November, 29, 1854 (Wednesday)

In the Spitfire, for San Francisco, Mrs. Arey, captain's wife.

December 9, 1854 (Monday)

In the Reindeer, sailed hence Nov. 29, for San Francisco, H. Richardson and 4 children, of West Acton, Mass.; Miss Smith, of ---.

December 17, 1854 (Tuesday)

In the Charmer, for San Francisco, Mrs. Lucas, captain's wife.

December 18, 1854 (Wednesday)

In the Don Quixote, for San Francisco, Mr. Geo. D. Symonds, of Salem, Mass.

December 19, 1854 (Tuesday)

In the Telegraph, for San Francisco, Mrs. Harlow, captain's wife.

December 27, 1854 (Wednesday)

In the Boston Light, for San Francisco, Mrs. Callagan, captain's wife.

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