California Bound by

Boston Daily Evening Transcript

Ship Passenger Lists

Port of Boston ..... 1853

January 11, 1853 (Tuesday)
"In the Celestial, from New York to California -- Mr. John Simmons, of Providence."

January 14, 1853 (Friday)
"In the Mountain Wave, for San Francisco -- Mrs. Paine, capt's. wife."

January 15, 1853 (Saturday)
"In the Herbert, for San Francisco -- Mrs. Anna Hallet, and Miss Anna T. Hallet, capt's. wife and daughter."

January 17, 1853 (Monday)
"In the Flying Arrow, for San Francisco -- Miss Julia Huntoon, Hy L. Weston, A. A. Morton, Pelham Harlow, of Boston; Mrs. Elizabeth Warren and 3 children, of South Reading; J. W. Hayes, of Gorham, NH; S. J. Weston, Seneca K. Weston, Augusta, Me."

January 24, 1853 (Monday)
"In the Queen of the Pacific, for San Francisco -- Messrs. Chas H. Mayo, _. Kingsbury, Wm. Read, and Mrs. Abby A. Wells, of Boston; Mrs. Buckwell, and Miss Lydia J. Buckwell, of Cornish; Mr. D. T. Daggett, Mrs. Sarah L. Daggett, of New Bedford."

"In the Flying Dart, for San Francisco Wm. H. Babson, Boston."

"In the steamship Ohio, fm New York for California -- Mr. James R. Newton and Olden Hammond."

February 1, 1853 (Tuesday)
"In the Mystery, for San Francisco -- Mr. D. Flint, Crown Point, NY; Mr. W. K. Doe, Mrs. M. Doe, Miss Charlotte Brown, and Mr. B. Hinds, of Benton, Me; Mrs. H. G. Smith, Miss Eva C. Smith, and Mrs. H. A. Burt, of Waterville, Me; Mr. L. F. Long, of Swanzey, NH; Mr. George L. Pierce, of N. Weymouah, Mass; Mrs. H. M. Brown, and Ada L. Brown, of Sandwich."

February 11, 1853 (Friday)
"In the Golden Light, for San Francisco -- Mr. George Cummings and wife, of Gardiner, Me; Miss Elizabeth S. Merrill (Morrill ?), of Yarmouth, Me; Mr. E. P. Dodge, of Salem; Mr. F. Bailey, and Mrs. Ford, of Boston."

February 16, 1853 (Wednesday)
"In the steamships Northern Light and Uncle Sam, at New York for California -- Capt. Thomas D. Lucas, Capt. Childs, and Mrs. A. G. Stanton, of New Bedford."

February 18, 1853 (Friday)
"In the Carbon (Carbou), for San Francisco, Wm. Wheeler, Chas. and Washington Valpy."

February 22, 1853 (Tuesday)
"In the Flying Eagle, for San Francisco, Mrs. H. P. Rogers, Mrs. R. S. Swan, Master Geo P. Rogers, Mrs. Margaret Vila, Mrs. Mary Spinney and Messrs. Josiah A Baldwin, of Boston; Sydney S. Merrill, of Lowell; Mrs. Eliza P. Perkins, of Nantucket."

"In the New York from New York for San Francisco, Mrs. Robinett and 2 children, and 2 Misses Kirbys, of Boston."

March 10, 1853 (Tuesday)
"In the Storm King, for San Francisco, Mrs. Calvin Nutting, Misses Mary S. Nutting, Isabella S. Nutting, Julia E. Nutting, Masters Calvin, Clarence and Walter P. Nutting, Mrs. Mighell Smith, Miss Charlotte E. Smith, Masters Charles M. and Henry L. Smith, Misses Mary Cheever, Mary Craven and Elizabeth Coleman, of Boston; Messrs. Thos B. Badger, of Charlestown; Nathan F. Bryant and Augustus Tufts, of Medford; Mrs. Catharine Walsh, Master Francis Walsh and Miss Mary Walsh, of Quincey; C. C. Perkins, of East Bridgewater."

March 12, 1853 (Saturday)
"In the Brutus, for San Francisco, Mrs. J. B. Brackett, of Lowell; Mr. Lewis Brown, Mr. Nathl. Brackett, wife and 3 children, Misses Sarah Kelley and Harriet Kelley, of Michigan; Mrs. Elizabeth Norwood, son and daughter, of _____."

"In the Venice, for San Francisco, Mrs. Flagg, captain's wife."

March 25, 1853 (Friday)
"In the Competitor, for San Francisco, Mrs. Sophia Lakeman, Miss Sophia Lakeman and Master Heman A. Lakeman, of New Bedford; Messrs. B. Flint King and D Webster, of Danvers; Mrs. Jerusha S. Howes, captain's wife."

March 26, 1853 (Saturday)
"In steamship Illinois, at New York for Aspinwall, Mr. W. H. Vincent, of Boston."

March 29, 1853 (Tuesday)
"In the Beatrice, for San Francisco, Mrs. Rogers, Captain's wife."

"In the E. P. Foster, for Puget Sound, Washington Territory, (California) Mrs. Keller, (captain's wife), daughter and son, of East Machias; Messrs. Edwin Emerson and Edw. Augustus Foster, of Milltown, Me."

April 8, 1853 (Friday)
"In the Saml Fales, for San Francisco, Mrs. Susan Garfield, Miss Susan E. Garfield, Mr. Alvis Garfield and wife, and Misses Ada and Clara Garfield, of Waltham; Mrs. Susan H. Burnham, Miss Eliza A. Burnham and master A. Mason Burnham, of Gloucester; Mrs. Talbot, captain's wife."

April 16, 1853 (Saturday)
"In the Hannibal, for San Francisco, Mr. Calvin I. Crocker."

April 20, 1853 (Wednesday)
"In the Cleopatra, for San Francisco, Mr. Chas. A. Flanders, Misses Elizabeth and Jane Peasley, and Mary Ann Bassett, of Boston; Mrs. Charles Spaulding, Master _. Spaulding, Miss Elizabeth Hunt, and Master Geo Hunt, of Roxbury; Mr. Francis Thayer, of Weymouth; Mr. and Mrs. Saml S. Swasey, and Mr Edward P. Dodge, of Salem."

April 23, 1853 (Saturday)
"In the Jno Land, for San Francisco, Miss Labbattier, of Boston; Mrs. E. M. Josselyn, Miss A. E. Harding and Dr. I. T. Campbell, of South Boston; Messrs. Chas. Page, of Rutland, Vt.; Mr. Isaac H. Thompson, of Maine."

April 30, 1853 (Saturday)
"In the Oscar, for San Francisco, Mr. Otis N. Jones, Mrs. Mary Cook and son, of Boston."

May 15, 1853 (Sunday)
"In the West Wind, for San Francisco, Mrs. Geo. _. Patch, Misses Mary, Susan and Mary Patch, all of St. Louis; Mrs. Elliott (Captain's wife), of Providence."

May 20, 1853 (Friday)
"In the Belle of the West, for San Francisco, Misses Jane Dutton and Ann O'Brien, of Boston."

May 25, 1853 (Wednesday)
"In the White Swallow, for San Francisco, Messrs. M. Rice and E. Murray, of Boston; Wm. Dingwell, Mrs. Isabella and Master Geo. Bullard, of Cambridge; Mrs. Mary Ann Russell, of Salem; Mr. Elisha Holbrook, Mrs. Hobart and 2 children, of Plymouth; Mr. Stephen I. Thayer, of Braintree."

"In the Western Star, for San Francisco, Messrs. Albert G. Thornton, of Boston; C. L. Bowler, of Providence."
May 31, 1853 (Tuesday)
"In the Sabine, for San Francisco, Mrs. Lipscomb and 2 sons, of San Francisco; Miss Southard, of Boston."

June 9, 1853 (Thursday)
"In the Golden Gate, for San Francisco, Mrs. Dagby (Captain's wife)."

June 15, 1853 (Wednesday)
"In the Sunbeam, for San Francisco, Misses Mary Rogers and Elizabeth Collins."

June 20, 1853 (Monday)
"In the Wild Ranger, for San Francisco, Mr. N. D. Chapin, Mrs. Sophia Cady, Misses Elizabeth Jane Cady, Sophia S. Cady and Emma Cady, of Boston; Mr. Owen Adams, of Quincy."

June 30, 1853 (Thursday)
"In the Jno Bertram, for San Francisco, Messrs. Josiah Nickerson and Wm. D. Bowers, of Boston; Mrs. Hester A. Davis and 2 sons, of Lawrence; Mrs. Mary A. Haskell and child, Mrs. Sarah W. Putney, Miss Sarah F. Putney, Masters Henry A. and Edw. H. Putney, Mrs. Silva A. Stevens and Miss Caroline E. Stevens, of Portland, Me.; Miss Sarah A. Scott and Miss Helena Scott, of Yarmouth, NS."

June 21, 1853
"In the Bonita, for San Francisco, Mrs. Rebecca E. Perkins, Mrs. Mary Howe, Miss M. E. Howe, Masters W. _. And G. L. Howe, C. W. Howe, H. P. Howe, Miss Jane Gage (?) and Mrs. Helen A. Whitman, of Boston; Amos T. Smith and Allen W. Jones, of New Boston, N.H."

July 16, 1853 (Saturday)
"In the Whistler, for San Francisco, Mrs. Hannah ___han and child, and Mrs. J. S. Parker, of Boston; Mrs. Mary E. Frazar, Misses Jerusha (?) Frazar, Ann Frazar, Rossetta Frazar, Lucy Frazar, and Frances Frazar, of _____; Mr. Morris C. Blake, of Camden."

July 20, 1853 (Wednesday)
"In the Flying Dragon, for San Francisco, Dr. Wm. H. Jones and Mr. Jno Bryant, of Boston; Mrs. Barnard and 3 children, of Nantucket."

July 30, 1853 (Saturday)
"In the Water Witch, for San Francisco, Mrs. Ann B. Whitton, Chas. F. Whitton and servant, of Dover, NH; Mrs. T. E. Smith, of Portsmouth; Messrs. Wm. Fullerton, Wm. T. Loring and Amory F. Bell, of Boston; Mrs. S. M. Veaxie (Veazie ?), of Rockland."

August 13, 1853 (Saturday)
"In the Northern Light, for San Francisco, Mrs. Hatch, captain's wife; Messrs. _. Anthony, of Uxbridge, Mass; Bryant Gates and wife of Hachias Me."

August 15, 1853 (Monday)
"In the Witch of the Wave, for San Francisco, Mrs. E. G. Cook and Mrs. Mary E. Cook, of Boston; Mrs. G. W. Gilman, Misses Helen and Emma Gilman, of Saxonville; Mrs. Mary S. Doane, of Eastham; Mrs. Mary L. Morton, of Plymouth; Mrs. Andrew J. Gunnison, of Newport, NH; Mrs. Miller, captain's wife."

August 16, 1853 (Tuesday)
"In the Kate Hastings, for San Francisco, Mr. Chas. Galligan, Mary Galligan, Bridget Fox and Margaret Casey, of Boston."

August 29, 1853 (Monday)
"In the Fearless, for San Francisco, Mr. Philip L. Beverly, Mrs. Ruth M. Beverly, Misses Helen, Aurora, Victoria, Josephine and Margaret Beverly, of Lynn; Mrs. Helen Rankin, Mrs. Helen Wallace and child, of Boston; Mr. Joseph Chandler, of Newport, NH."

September 3, 1853 (Saturday)
"In the Matchless, for San Francisco, Mr. Thos. Boemer (Bosmer ?), of Boston."

September 12, 1853 (Monday)
"In the Winged Arrow, for San Francisco, Mr. Cyrus Wilson, wife and child, and Miss Wilson, of Gardiner, Me."

September 13, 1853 (Tuesday)
"In the Ocean Pearl, for San Francisco, Messrs. Moses Greely, of Boston; F. C. Jarvis and Jno. H. Jarvis, of Castine."

September 17, 1853 (Saturday)
"In the Flying Fish, for San Francisco -- Mr. Norton Newcomb, Jr., Mary Jane Thomas, Miss Catharine Donelly (Donally ?), and Mrs. Catharine Hughes, of Boston; Mr. Julius Catlin and friend, of Hartford; Mrs. Sylvia T. Doane, of Duxbury."

September 28, 1853 (Wednesday)
"In the Hindostan, for San Francisco, Hy Osgood Howard, Esq., of Boston."

October 3, 1853

"In the Morning Light, for San Francisco, Mrs. E. D. Knight, captain's wife; Misses Abby Wasgatt and Ellen Wasgatt, of Salem; Mrs. G. Frances and child, of Charlestown; Mrs. Sarah E. Haskell, Misses Elizabeth H. Haskell and Ella Haskell, of Gloucester; Miss Frances E. Stowe, of Standish, Me."

October 21, 1853

"In the Spitfire for San Francisco -- Mrs. Mary B. Goodwin, Miss Mary E. Goodwin, Miss Ellen A. Porter, Boston; Mrs. Hannah Webber, Mrs. J. E. P. Weeks, Master Edward Weeks, Miss Caroline Weeks, Roxbury; Miss Lucy Haley, Miss Emeline Haley, Miss Georgiana Haley, Franfort; Mrs. E. A. McKee, Miss Anna McKee, Miss Helen H. McKee, Master Joseph S. McKee, Miss M. K. Ward, New Haven

October 24, 1853

"In the Star of the West, from New York for San Juan, Nic., Geo. F. Cheever, Esq., of Salem."
October 27, 1853

"In the Saml Appleton, from Norfolk for San Fran., Mrs. Young, (Captain's wife) and child."

November 18, 1853

"In the Don Quixote, for San Francisco, Mrs. Eliza M. Smith, Misses Millara Eugene and Maria Louisa Smith, of Boston; Miss S. M. Nott, of Wareham; Mrs. William Knott (captain's wife) of Kinderhook."

November 21, 1853

"In steamer George Law, from New York for San Francisco, Messrs. Frank Adams, of Boston; I. Coolidge Stone, of Newbury Port."

November 30, 1853

"In the Aurora, for San Francisco, Mrs. Fosanna (Fosama ?) Demlay and Mr. Jeremiah Haley, of Boston; Miss Emaline Atkinson, of Newburyport; Mrs. Olive B. Wilbur, Masters George M., Henry O., James C., and Chas. F. Wilbur, of Fairhaven; Mrs. E. F. Buckham (Bucknam ?), Misses Theresa and Clara Buckham (Bucknam ?), of Lewiston;, Me.; Mr. L. Augustus, of Woodbury."

"In the Telegraph for San Francisco, Mrs. Rollins, Mrs. Battles and child, Misses Kate and Helen Towle, Masters George, Elliha and Edwin Towle, and Mr. D. Gleason, of Boston; Mrs. Armitage and child, and Mr. E. F. Berkee, of Charlestown; Mr. Shubael Davis, of N. Bedford; Miss Maria M. Mack, of Duxbury; Miss Mary E. Crosby, and Miss T. B. Hanagan, of Boston."

December 15, 1853

"In the Romance of the Sea, for San Francisco, Mr. Wm. C. Upton, Mrs. Croswell Bunker and child, Mrs. Hy Fitzgerald, Miss Fitzgerald, Master Fitzgerald, Mr. R. F. Bunker, Capt. Rich'd. G. Swain, Mrs. H. Carleton and two children, Mrs. M. B. Lucas and two children, Mr. Wm. Rich, Mr. Stephen Bigwood, and Mrs. E. M'Lean (and) child"

December 17, 1853

"In the Prometheus, from New York to San Juan, Nic., Mr. Wm. Newdall and wife, of Salem."

December 20, 1853

"In the Eagle Wing, for San Francisco, Mrs. Caroline Moore, of Boston; Messrs. Seth l. and Wm. H. Hope, of Fairhaven; Mrs. Gideon Worth, Masters Thos. and Chas. Worth, Mrs. Sarah Meader, Miss Ellen and Master Joseph B. Meader, of Nantucket."

December 24, 1853

"In the steamship Yankee Blade, from New York for San Francisco, Mr. Cyrus W. Jones and wife, of Boston."

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