Project Name: LA 1872

Project Source: The First Los Angeles City and County Directory 1872, Reproduced in Facsimile with introduction and commentaries, by Ward Ritchie, 1963 (only the facsimile has been transcribed).

Project Manager: Rich Wharff

Volunteers: Donna Becker, Darleen Berens, Judy Bodycote-Thomas, Marie Clayton, Aviva Ernst, Carolyn Feroben, Ron Filion, Cathy Gowdy, Linda Hamid, Sandra Harris, Dale Isaacson, Brie Jackson, Carol Jackson, Joseph Kral, Sharon Kreyer, Jeanne Moody, Marjorie Newton, Jennifer Norman, Dee Sardoch, Kathy Styles, Carole Thomas, Candice Francisco Toth, Doug Urbanus, Betty Vickroy, Sharon Yost, Rich Wharff. Thank you to Nancy Pratt-Melton for loaning this book to TAG for transcription.

Notice: This data is donated to the Public Domain by TAG, 2005, and may be copied freely by anyone to anywhere.

Table of Contents

Los Angeles City

Anaheim Precinct
El Monte Precinct
Gallatin Precinct
San Gabriel Mission Precinct
San Jose Precinct
Santa Anna Precinct
Wilmington Precinct

Los Angeles Official Directory

I. O. O. F.
F. & A. M.
U. O. R. M.
Board of Public Works
Fire Department
First Congregational Church
Police Department
St. Anthanasius' Protestant and Episcopal Church
United States Officers

Los Angeles City
Los Angeles County

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[Note: The names in the directory transcription have been alphabetized by the editor.]



Abbott Wm, furniture dealer, 18 Main street
Abila Balvina, widow, San Pedro street
Abila Caudelio, laundry, 96 Upper Main street
Abila Maria, widow, 12 Main street
Abila Pedro, Olvera street
Abila Y, ranchero, Aliso St.
Adams John, laborer, 6th near Flower street
Adams M E Mrs, 101 Spring St.
Aguilar Antonio, plasterer, Upper Main street
Aguilar Cristobal, Mayor, Upper Main street
Aguilar M, gardener, No. 156 Spring street
Ahila Patricia, farmer, San Pedro street
Alanis Angustia, milliner, 31 Upper Main street
Alavara Marcos, ranchero, 101 Los Angeles street
Albarta Pedro, billiard tender, New High street
Albira J M, miner, Virgin St.
Aldrich D, turder, with Perry & Woodworth, 12 and 14, Main street
Alexander David W, residence Wilmington
Alexander Frank, carpenter, 85 Upper Main street
Alexander Lafrauda, tailor, New High street
Alexander R, 29 Main St.
Alexander Victoria, dressmaker, 111 Short street
Aliso Mills, Aliso street
Allanson H S, bookkeeper, at T H Burdick & Co.'s
Allen & Jenson, cabinet makers, Temple street
Allen G, ranchero, Spring St.
Allen J D, bookeeper, 21 Los Angeles streat
Allen James, Res cor Temple and New High streets
Almersen Ejijaro, blacksmith, 87 Upper Main street
Alvarada M, widow, 66 Los Angeles street
Alvarado Isabello, laborer, 49 Upper Main street
Alverada M Mrs, widow, 59 Los Angeles street
Alverado Francisco, laundry, Virgin street
Alveras Andrea, laundry, Bull street
Alveras Jose, farmer, Alameda street
Amilo J, 26 Upper Main St.
Anderson David, 175 Main street
Andrews Geo, proprietor Bakersfield stake line
Antones Miguel, saddler, Bull street
Arcia Vicente, milliner, Olvera street
Areva Wm, carriage maker, 99 Los Angeles street
Arey A S, carpenter, U S Hotel
Arey E A, carpenter, U S Hotel
Arisa Tula, laundry, Bell St.
Armstrong Edward, barkeeper, Fort street
Armstrong Wm M, Spring St., above 6th
Arow Francisco, farmer, Main street
Aruandes Victor, waiter, High street
Aruandis Guadalope, shoemaker, 45 Upper Main street
Aruandis Wieres, farmer, Kohler street
Asbrand August, corner Commercial and Alameda streets
Asevero L, barber, 42 Main street
Asevero N E, barber, 42 Main street
Attwall Thomas, well-borer, bds U S Hotel
Austin Henry C, Register U S Land office, Temple Block, residence, Fort street, between 2d and 3d.
Avereny Wm, waiter, Pico House


Babcock Jasper, Figaro street
Badill Pedro, 6 Bath street
Baer Abraham, 117 Main street
Baer Jacob, U S Hotel
Bafford P, grocer, 10 Main street
Bain Peter, 98 Main street
Baisr, Thomas, cor New Com and Alameda
Baker Adolph, 38 Main street
Baker Frank, Alameda street
Baker John, 5 Beaudry Terrace
Baker T, New High street
Baldwin Jno M, Temple street
Baldy G. H., Fort street bet 4th and 5th
Baldy John, Fort street bet 4th and 5th
Balensuala Ramon, viniardist, Kohler St.
Balensuela Jaspar, viniardist, Kohler St.
Balensuela Jose, viniardist, Kohler St.
Balensuela Y, viniardist, Kohler St.
Bales Eliza, 8 Aliso street
Ballard P, San Pedro street
Ballestera Teresa, widow, New High street
Ballestero Gertrudes, Eternity street
Ballonis Joaquin, shoemaker, Kohler St.
Ballonis M J, viniardist, Kohler St.
Banning Phineas, res Wilmington
Barbarvedis Lorata, M D, 23 Upper Main St.
Bares Leondas, 8 Aliso street
Barnal Estacio, farmer, Aliso street
Barrelas Felicidad, widow, New High street
Barrellas Francisco, Alameda street
Barrows H D, San Pedro street
Barrows J A, Jefferson street
Barry E G, clerk, res Pico House
Bart Thomas, bootmaker, 33 Main street
Barter Geo W, 15 Spring street
Barthof Frank, night clk, Pico House
Bartley James, Spring street
Barton W G, laborer, New High street
Basquis Abran, laborer, 68 Upper Main St.
Basuelta Filipe, shoemaker, Bull street
Bateman Geo A, New High street
Bath A L, 202 Main street
Batie Charles, mason, 1 Bath street
Batolomu Querole, farmer, San Pedro St.
Bauchet Santos, farmer, 44 Main street
Bayer Joseph, U S Hotel
Bean Edward U S Hotel
Beane Chas E, Editor L A News
Beaudry Predent, New High street
Bebasque X, cor Aliso and Alameda streets
Becke Louis, butcher, 25 Eternity street
Beckley Hensy, 67 Main street
Beebe Chas A, Sansevaine street
Beecraft J, U S Hotel
Beigon Maria, grocer, Bull street
Bell A T, New High street
Bell Horace, Figaro street
Bell James J, Spring street
Benitos Ramon, special police, 58 Main St.
Benjamin S, 1 Commercial street
Benner John, 27 Spring street
Bent & Ralph, skating rink, Market street
Bermuda Juan, brick maker, Eternity St.
Bernal P, farmer, Aliso street
Berossmer August, 1st street
Berossmer Sigeman, 1st street
Berry James, 54 Main street
Bettis Elizzie, boarding house, 216 Main St.
Bettis William R, 215 Main street
Bevis Arthur, 35 Main street
Bewley A, clerk at Post Office
Bicknell James W
Biglow Benjamin, Olive street
Bildarrain M del R, New Commercial St.
Bills Charles, 14 Los Angeles street
Bills Robert, 7 Los Angeles street
Binder Fred, 221 Main street
Blackburn C, U S Hotel
Blow R T, clerk, res Pico House
Blum S, 50 Main street
Bluthardt J, U S Hotel
Bon Pedro, roofer, New High street
Bonhome Romolo, Main street
Booteller Mrs A, laundry, Flower street
Boteller Francisco, farmer, San Pedro St.
Botello Manuel, shoemaker, 15 Eternity St.
Botello Refugio, butcher, New High street
Botiller D, county assessor, Main street
Botiller F, farmer, Main street
Botiller Jesus, farmer, Main street
Botiller Maria, widow, Main street
Botiller P, farmer, Main street
Bottcher Fred, 3 Spring street
Bottcherg W, Los Angeles street
Bouelle A, 7 Aliso street
Bouet Lorata, widow, 11 Upper Main St.
Bowman A J, 15 Fort street
Bowman J, 27 Aliso street
Boxley James, blacksmith, Fifth street
Boxley James, cor Olive and Smith streets
Boylan John, U S Hotel
Brand William, 35 Aliso street
Breer Louiss, 147 Main street
Breeson Joseph, U S Hotel
Breman John, Star office
Breon Frank, laundry, Olvera street
Brial Louis, 54 Main street
Bridge C T, with Griffith, Lynch & Co.
Bridge C, Bella Union Hotel
Brigon Antonio, grocer, Bull street
Briswalter Andres, corner Washington and Main streets
Brode P, 97 Spring street
Brodrick & Reilly, Spring street
Brooks John, 12 Main street
Brown B, widow, Aliso street
Brown C, 35 Main street
Brown J A, 47 Los Angeles street
Brown Mrs Catharine, 61 Fort street
Brown Samuel, Los Angeles street
Bruce Marshall, Jefferson street
Brunning Henry N, Main street
Brunson A, office 29 and 30 Temple block
Bryant Sam J, San Pedro street
Bryaud John, Aliso street
Buchanan J W C, Spring street
Buelna & Co, grocers, New High street
Buelna Dolores, milliner, 27 Eternity St.
Buelna Juan, grocers, New High street
Buendias Francisco, farmer, San Pedro St.
Bull Henry, Washington street
Bumiller Bros, Fort bet 4th and 5th sts
Burdell Felis, hostler, 12 Bath street
Burdick T H, merchant, cor 1st and Ft Sts.
Burib Jacob, cor First and Spring streets
Burke Robert, Fort street
Burns J F, 1st bet Fort and High streets
Burton Caroline C, 129 Main street
Burton M, ranchero, Fort street
Burus John, Lafayette Hotel
Bush C H, Downey's block Main street
Bush C W, New High street
Butler Geo R, 29 Main street
Butler S M, U S Hotel


Cabot C, Bella Union Hotel
Cahen Edmond, 53 Main street
Cahn N, Belta Union Hotel
Cajado Ramon, 60 Upper Main street
Calasa Pedro, Bath street
Caldwell J P, Downey's block
Campbell C P, 1 Upper Main street
Campbell D, 47 Aliso street
Cantuco J, cor Alameda and Eternity stes
Canyas Arena, 42 Main street
Cape Wm, cor Aliso and Los Angeles sts
Caravolcalis R, Eternity street
Carey M, cor Spring and 2d streets
Carey Michael, Fort street bet 4th and 5th
Carisoza M, Alameda street
Carleton J J, 127 Spring street
Carlin John, Pico House
Carlisle John, driver, Anaheim
Carona Soledad, New High street
Carpenter Frank, Spring street
Carressa Rafel, Bull street
Carrillo J J, cor Los Angeles & Arcadia sts
Carson William, Pico House
Cartela Alveria, 5th Street
Carter George, New Commercial street
Casay James, Bella Union Hotel
Cash Samuel, 19 Los Angeles street
Cashion John, 73 Spring street
Cashucio P, 112 Main street
Casirnir Imbert, 15 Main street
Casper Magg, 102 Spring street
Cassidy Patrick, Olive street above 6th
Castella R, widow, Aliso street
Castro G, 19 Upper Main street
Castro Joseph D, 47 Los Angeles street
Caswell S B, 84 Main street
Catalina M, widow, San Pedro street
Causot Louis, 12 Aliso street
Celia E de, offices Temple building
Chadsey Benjamin, Olive street near 6th
Chambers Frank, 69 Main street
Chandler Wm E A, 7 Spring street
Chapman A B, 181 Main street
Chapman Charles, San Pedro street
Chapman Cynthia, 1st street
Chauvin A C, 70 Main street
Chavis Julian east side of river
Chick Hiram, 4th below 7th street
Childs M W, 21 Los Angeles street
Childs O W & Co, nursery, Main and 10th streets
Chipley T L M, Temple block
Chisen Andrew, 121 Main street
Chisholm C, U S Hotel
Clancy Dennis, 191 Spring street
Clancy Thos H, Spring street
Clarke Geo J, Fort street bet 4th and 5th
Clement Victor, with Newmark & Co.
Clifford Patrick, Washington street
Clifford Patrick, Washington street
Clift Wm, driver, San Bernardino mail
Clos E, 3 Upper Main street
Coblentz J, cor Cosa and Los Angeles sts
Cocia Tomasa, Bull street
Cohen Hellman, 178 Los Angeles street
Cohen Isadore, 63 Los Angeles street
Cohen Mrs H, 73 Los Angeles street
Cohn Adolph, 12 Los Angeles street
Cohn B, 176 Main street
Cohn David, 6 Los Angeles street
Cohn Joseph, 1 Upper Main street
Cohn Kasper, Bella Union Hotel
Cohn Louis, 6 Los Angeles street
Cohn Mathew, 5 Los Angeles street
Coleman John, Spring street above 6th
Collens Jeremiah, Figaro street
Collins C, Lafayette Hotel
Collins Jerry, Main street
Colson J W, Aliso street
Cone Patrick, 140 Main street
Conn Henry, cor 6th and Fort streets
Conner J D, cor 6th and Fort streets
Connor Joseph, San Pedro street
Conry Richard W, Market street
Contraries C, Bull street
Contreras Roberta, widow, New High street
Cook J W, Virgin street
Cool P Y, 59 Fort street
Cooney Peter, gas works
Cooney Terence, gas works
Cooney Thomas, gas works
Cooper Clara, 54 Eternity street
Coronel Antonio, Alameda street
Coronel Manuel, Alameda street
Cortis Catalina, Lover's lane
Cota Louisa, Bull street
Cota M, 8th bet Main and San Pedro sts
Cote D, Eternity street
Cottle B, 54 Spring street
Cover Thomas W, Lover's lane
Covett M W, 28 Eternity street
Cox Jacob C, Sansevaine street
Coyte George, cor Main and 1st streets
Craik Wm K, 215 Main street
Crandel A, 20 Aliso street
Crandel A, Los Angeles Hotel
Crawford J S, office 12 Downey's block
Crawford T R, Spring street near 1st
Creama Chas, cor Com & Los Angeles sts
Crimmons John, Los angeles street
Crosby John, 54 Main street
Croskerg Myers, 175 Main street
Crowley John, Pleo House
Cruz C, Eternity street
Cruz Jesus, Grasshopper street
Cruz Mercindo, 88 Upper Main street
Cruz Refugia, 78 Upper Main street
Cruz Santa M G, 13 Upper Main street
Crydir William, Spring street
Cuerbo Rafel, Short street
Culverten John, Olive street above 6th
Cummings, James, New High street
Curry James, 73 Spring street
Curtis L A, New Commercial street
Cuyas Antonio, Pico House


Dabia Teresa, 15 Eternity street
Dalton Edward, Washington street
Dalton George, 14 Los Angeles street
Dalton George, Washington street
Dalton John, drayman, 73 Spring street
Dalton Winald, Washington street
Daly Mrs Sarah, 4 Aliso street
Davarcida Juan, San Pedro street
Davela Andrea, 58 Upper Main street
Davela Ygnacio, 37 Upper Main street
Davidson R C, cor Fort and 5th streets
Davidson Solomon, 2 Aliso street
Delahan Matt, Bella Union Hotel
Delahan Matt, drayman, 73 Spring street
Delavaca Louis, New High street
Den R S, 34 Main street
Dennison W H, Moran's Lane
Des Autels Norbert, Aliso street
Desmond Daniel, 21 Main street
Deviller Oliver, Pico House
Devine Martin, Spring st, bet 5th and 6th
Dias Martha, widow, San Pedro street
Dias Merced, 30 Eternity street
Dodson A M, 122 Main street
Dohs Fred, 100 Main street
Dohs John, 100 Main street
Dolton R H, 29 Aliso street
Domingo Ramunda, widow, 59 Aliso street
Dominguez Adelida, Bull street
Dominguez Dolores, 51 Eternity street
Dominguez Francisca, Wasp street
Dominguez M, widow, 51 Eternity street
Dominguez Ramon, 51 Eternity street
Dominguez Rosario, Bull street
Donahan John, 6 Beaudry Terrace
Doss Edward, cor Alameda and Kohler sts
Dotter John C, 86 Main street
Downey John G, 235 Main street
Downey Patrick, Fort street near 6th
Drachman Philip, 73 Main street
Drakenfeld B F, 7 Los Angeles street
Dryden Anita, widow, Alameda street
Duberdieu Bernado, 24 Eternity street
Ducan Jane, 37 Eternity street
Ducommun C, 56 Main street
Duffy James, 35 Main street
Dunkelberger I R, 9th street
Dunlap J D, 55 Main street
Duprat J W , 69 Alameda street
Dupuy G, 41 Los Angeles street
Durago Y, 11 Commercial street
Durfee Charles A, 14 Aliso street
Dwarte Francisca, 77 Upper Main street
Dyer Thomas C, Lover's lane


Eames R L, Wilmington
Easton J H, Hill street bet 3d and 4th
Ebeling C L, at Caswell and Ellis' store
Ebinger Louis, cor Main and 1st streets
Edelman, William, No. 43 Los Angeles St.
Edgar John, No. 20 Aliso street
Edgar Wm, U S Hotel
Edwards Charles B, cor Main and Alameda streets
Edwards Maria 239 Mrin street
Edwards Miss Catherine, cor Main and Alameda streets
Edwards Mrs L, 1 First street
Egar William, New Commercial street
Elias Celidonia, New High street
Ellis J F, Olive street bet 4th and 5th
Elsasser Jonas, Spring street
Embers Charles, 78 Main street
Engle Henry, 62 Aliso street
Ennis Richard, cor Main and 1st streets
Escalet Madam E, No. 9 Spring street
Estrado Jose, Fort street
Estrado L, 57 Eternity street
Estrado M A, widow, Kohler street
Estrado Teresa, widow, San Pedro street
Evans J, No 15 Downey's Block
Evans Taliesin, at the News Office
Evara Juana, 76 Upper Main street
Evarra Eligio, New High Street
Evarra Francisca, Eternity street
Evarra Jose, Eternity street
Evarra Jose, New High street
Evarra Marcus, Alameda street
Evarra Maria C, Eternity street
Evarra Sevreane, Alameda street
Evarts E W, Alameda street
Everett W W, Short street
Everett Wm F, Eternity and Short streets


Fandorando A, New Commercial street
Farrel Michael, San Pedro street
Farrel Wm, Alameda street
Farrell John, San Pedro street
Fay Samuel, 195 New High street
Feias Josephina, New High street
Fenhart Jacob, 140 Main street
Fenn Chas M, cor Spring and Market sts
Ferguson William, 3d street
Fernandez Francisco, 34 Upper Main St
Fisher Henry, Lafayette Hotel
Fisher John A, Main street
Fitch Oscar, 230 Main street
Flanders D P, 200 Main street
Fleishman Herman, 59 Main street
Flemming William, Olive street above 6th
Fletcher E N, 100 Main street
Flores Bicente, Froling street
Flores Jesus, Eternity street
Flores L C, Los Angeles street
Flores Martine, New Commercial street
Fluhr Chris, Proprietor Lafayette Hotel
Foch Charles, 72 Fort street
Fonck John L, 139 Main street
Fonck John V, 139 Main street
Foot N, Olevera street
Forbes Chas H, 7 and 8 Plaza
Forney C, 86 Main street
Forst Anthony, U S Hotel
Forster F, 28 Aliso street
Foster Dolores, Fort street
Fox Joseph, San Pedro street
Foy S C, 209 Main street
Franck A, cor 6th and Spring streets
Franco Vieteria, Olevera street
Franklin Benj J, 7th street near Charity
Franklin Dewitt C, 42 Temple Block
Freeman George, U S Hotel
Freidlinger T, U S Hotel
French L W, 3d street near Fort
Frink E B, Alameda street
Fritz Julian, New Commercial street
Frochlinger Tharom, 140 Main street
Fuentez Jose M, 29 Upper Main street
Fulton Charles, 47 Los Angeles street


Gahit J H, at Bella Union Hotel
Gallardo Felis, 12 Bath street
Gallmar Robert, Los Angeles street
Ganahl Frank, Pico House
Garcia A, Bath street
Garcia Domingo, New Commercial street
Garcia M A, 84 Upper Main street
Garcia M J, 84 Upper Main street
Garcia Ygnacio, 60 Main street
Gard Geo E, San Pedro street
Garden A L, 52 Main street
Gardner John, 30 Upper Main street
Garfies Louisa, Hill street
Garibaldi Joe, 59 Upper Main street
Garibaldi Lorenzo, 51 Upper Main street
Garrey R, at the L A & S P R R depot
Gaud R, Aliso street
Gautier C, 82 Los Angeles street
Gearey Thos A, San Pedro street
Gelsich V, 13 Plaza
Germain Eugene, 15 Main street
Gerson Charles, Jail street near Fort
Giday James, Alameda street
Gillette J W, San Pedro street
Gilman Albert, Alameda street
Ginoulis Antonio, Aliso street
Glassell Andrew, 166 Main street
Godey Maria A, Alameda street
Godfrey William, New High street
Golden Patrick, Fort street bet 5th and 6th
Goldsmith A, 101 spring street
Goldsworthy James, Downey Block
Goldsworthy John, Downey's Block
Goller John, Los Angeles street
Gollmar Charles, 147 Main street
Gollmar John, 147 Main street
Gomez S, High street
Gomich John, San Pedro street
Gonzales Antonio, 30 Charity street
Gonzales Antonio, Ball street
Gonzales Phillips, 17 Upper Main street
Gonzales R, Market street
Gonzales S, Main street bet 8th and 9th
Goode John, 52 Spring street
Goode Mrs E, 52 Spring street
Goodwin L C, Fort street bet Jail and 1st
Goodwin Patrick, 6th street near Flower
Gould Chas W, at County Clerk's office
Gour Mrs, Hill street
Graff William, 29 Spring street
Graham George, Aliso street
Grant A, U S Hotel
Gray Daniel, 101 Spring street
Gray Herman, Spring street
Gray J B, Spring street
Gray W H, Fort street bet 6th and 7th
Green David, 32 Main street
Green Louis, Flower street bet 7th and 8th
Green W H, 1st street bet Main and Spring
Greenbaum E, 66 Main street
Grelck John, Main street near Jefferson
Griffin Edward, 13 Commercial street
Griffin J S, 158 Main street
Griffith J M, Fort street bet 2d and 3d
Grigalua Miguel, 42 Upper Main street
Grimerson A, 6 Downey Block
Groner Fred, Market street
Gross Mrs N J, Fifth street
Grymes George, cor 1st and Fort streets
Guerrero J D, 3 Los Angeles street
Guilgoy Wm, 8 and 10 Bath street
Guiocohio Antonio, 156 Main street
Guiol Fred, 9 Aliso street
Guirado Secundina, Short street
Guldsteine Sofia, New Commercial street
Gustimante F, 79 Upper Main street
Gustine John, 123 Main street


Haas C H, Main street near Jefferson
Haas Jacob, 14 and 16 Los Angeles street (resides in San Francisco)
Hadley E, 18 Downey Block
Hafuer William, cor Temple and Spring sts
Hahn Adam, 6th street near Olive
Haines R E, 46 Main street
Haley Ramona, 15 Plaza
Haley S, Temple Block
Hall W H, at U S Hotel
Halstead C, at Bella Union Hotel
Halstead W G, with Banning & Co
Hamilton George, Temple Block
Hamilton Sam, 29 Temple Block
Hammel George, San Pedro street
Hancock Henry, office in Temple Block
Happ M, Spring street
Hare M D, New High street
Harkshasen John P, Hill street
Harmen Richard, at the Pico House
Harned M H, Main street bet 3d and 4th
Harper C F, 110 Main street
Harris A, 98 Main street
Harris I, 63 Main street
Hartley Benjamin F, 39 Spring street
Harvey Mrs M A, Fort street
Harvey Mrs M, 159 Main street
Hathaway Chas D, 61 Main street
Hatter Maria Antonia, 69 Spring street
Hauch I, 4 Commercial street
Hawe John, Spring street
Hayward A B, Aliso street
Hazard Daniel, Hill street bet 4th and 5th
Hazard Henry T, Temple Block
Hazard Mrs A M, 3d st bet Fort and Hill
Heinch H, Los Angeles street
Heinzeman C F, cor Spring and 1st streets
Heller Albert, cor Main and 1st streets
Heller Horace, cor 5th and Hill streets
Heller John, cor 10 and Olive streets
Hellman H W, 14 and 16 Los Angeles st
Hellman I M, 162 Main street
Hellman Saml, 95 Main street
Helm Johm, 54 New High street
Hemt William, 20 Aliso street
Heneras Francisca, New High street
Henne Chris, 221 Main street
Henry J W, at the U S Hotel
Herbiger H, 86 Main street
Hereford Mrs A C, 57 Aliso street
Herrman Jas A, cor 4th and Hill
Herwig Henry, 1st st below San Pedro
Hewitt Joshua, at the Pico House
Hicks J D, Spring street near 1st
Higby C C, Main street
Hill Clark, New High street
Hiller Horace, 5th street
Hirbirgir Charles, 6 New High street
Hirch Jacob, 2 Aliso street
Hocking W H, at the U S Hotel
Hoernlein Ernst, cor Main and First sts
Holman W C, Spring street
Holmes A C, 36 Temple Block
Hones J O, Spring street
Hoodan Louis, New High street
Hossman A, 42 Main street
Howard Geo, 13 Temple Block
Howard H S, 13 Temple Block
Howard Jas G, Main street cor 4th
Howard V E, 13 Temple Block
Howell L P, U S Hotel
Hubbard Mrs, First street
Huber Joseph, Main street
Huber Mrs, Main street bet 9th and 10th
Huber W H, 13 Aliso street
Hudson George, cor Main and Arcadia sts
Hunter C W, at the Pico House
Hunter Jessie, 237 Main street
Hunter Thomas, 74 Upper Main street
Hyers R H, 54 Main street


Insinero Refugia, Bull street
Ivory James, 147 Main street
Isert H F, cor 1st and Spring street
Ilarid P, at the Lafayette Hotel


Jackson R E, New High street
Jacoby Charles, cor Los Angeles street
James Alfred, New Commercial street
Jazzo Jose, Olvera street
Jefferson Mrs Sarah, Fort street
Jenkins J, 12 and 14 Main street
Jenks H, 55 Fort street
Johnson Charles, 30 Main street
Johnson J S, Fort street
Johnson Juana, 90 Upper Main
Johnson L A, Spring street
Johnson Maria, Eternity street
Johnson Mrs, 38 Los Angeles street
Johnson Phillip F, 18 Main street
Johnson T J, Spring street
Johnston Albert J, Fort street near 1st
Johnston Charles A, 1 Los Angeles street
Jones Harrison, 44 Temple Block
Jones John, 7 Los Angeles street
Jones John, Main near 7th
Jones Saml, 78 Main street
Jones Walter, 1st street near Main
Jordan A Z, Aliso street
Joughin Andrew, 47 Aliso street
Judd Chas E, Fort street bet 2d and 3d
Juden Thomas, 70 Main street
Junge Adolph, 99 Main street


Kalisher Wolf, 2 Los Angeles street
Katz Benjamin, cor 1st and Fort streets
Kearney Margret , San Pedro street
Keenan Peter, Spring street
Keese David, at Bella Union Hotel
Kehae Thomas, Fort street bet 5th and 6th
Kehoe Thomas, cor Aliso and Garcia sts
Keller Matteo, Alameda street
Keller Michael, at the Lafayette Hotel
Kelly H A, 15 Market street
Kelly Victor J, New Commercial street
Kennedy James, 9th street
Kepp James, cor ? and Fort street
Kereman Peter, 73 Spring street
Kerren Frank, 30 Eternity street
Kerren Richard, 10 Eternity street
Kerross Jesus, New High street
Kershoe B, cor 2d and Spring street
Kewen E J C, Mission San Gabriel
Kidd W H A, Main street near 1st
King A D, at Railroad depot
King A J, office Downey Block
King Henry, 20 Alliso street
Kirchherr G, 5th street
Kirsch George, cor 1st and Spring streets
Kittridge George, at the U S Hotel
Klockenbrink Wm, at the U S Hotel
Knell J D, 127 Main street
Knowels A, 1st street near Spring
Knowles H S, 1st street near Main
Knuk Otter, 3 Plaza
Kohlwhe Fred, at Junge's Drug store
Kohn Henry, Fort Street
Kolsky Adolph, Commercial street
Koru William, at the U S Hotel
Koster Henry, 149 Main street
Kreazyuski Andrew, J. 3 Los Angeles street
Kremer M, 55 Main street
Kuhrts Jacob, 151 Main street
Kuhrts Jacob, Fort street
Kurtz Joseps, 74 Main street
Kurtz Martin, cor Fort and 4th streets


Labouradetto Peter, 72 Fort street
Lachey Mrs M, 69 Alameda street
Lacy Sidney 8 Commercial street
Lander J H, office temple Block
Laramie Charles, 122 Main street
Lardica Pasqual, Bath street
Larsens G, 3 Upper Main street
Larseval Fred, New Commercial street
Larsevel Pedro, San Pedro street
Lastro Philip, Upper Main street
Laughlin Bicente, Alameda sreet
Laughlin Jose, Alameda street
Laughlin Legado, Alameda street
Laughlin Pablo, Alameda street
Laughlin Regaldo, Alameda street
Laughlin Samuel, Alameda street
Laughlin Tomas, Alameda street
Laughuane Michael, 47 Los Angeles street
Laumied F A, 32 Aliso street
Lawlor Institute, 168 Main street
Lazard S, 53 Main street
Leahy Michael, Almeda street
Leahy Thomas, 62 Main street
Leanas Edward, Hill street
Lebza Jeofilo, New Commercial street
Lechler George, Hill street
Leck Lorenze, 192 Main street
Ledyard S H, at Pico House
Leech James, Alameda street
Lehman George, 223 Main street
Lehman Louis, 29 Spring street
Lehman Martin, 29 Spring street
Leibar Joseph , San Pedro street
Lemeire Francisco, New High street
Lemner T, Los Angeles street
Leon Faustin, Eternity street
Leon Ralph, 98 Main street
Leonard Mark, Main street bet 1st and 2d
Leventhal F, 2 Aliso street
Leventhal Joseph, Alameda street
Levequie Louis, Olvera street
Levin Maurico, at Belle Union Hotel
Levy David, 109 Main street
Levy Michael, 1st street above Fort
Levy S, 4 Los Angeles street
Lewin Louis, Los Angeles street
Lewin Robert, Fort street
Lewis Fanby, 66 Los Angeles
Lichtenberger L, 147 Main street
Lipps C C, 26 Main street
Little Robert, Spring street
Littlefield J C, Spring street
Lockwood Geo, at U S Hotel
Long Geo E, Lovers Lane
Lopez Adolpho, 15 Eternity street
Lopez Joaquin, Bath street
Lopez Joseph, 76 Main street
Lopez Juan, Virgin street
Lopez Luis, Bull street
Loring L A, 40 Main street
Losea Edward A, 38 Main street
Louis Peter, 61 Main street
Lugo C J, Eternity street
Lugo J D, Wasp street
Lugo Jose Antonio, Hill street
Lugo Pelar, 25 Eternity street
Lugo Rafela, Wasp street
Lugo Solaldo, New High Street
Lynch S J, Main street
Lyon J H, at U S Hotel
Lyon Walter, 7 and 9 Los Angeles street
Lyons S, Hill street


Maag Caspar, Spring street
Mace W H, 24 Temple Block
Macy Miss Mary, Bath street near Alameda
Macy Oscar, Bath street near Alameda
Madegan Michael, 27 Aliso street
Madegan Mrs Mary, 27 Aliso street
Main David, 7 Spring street
Mallard J S, 7th street
Manning Miss M A, 129 Main street
Manning Thomas, at U S Hotel
Mansia Ygnacia, Olivera street
Mappa Adam G, 10 Jail street
Marbaux Louis, at Pico House
Marcus M, 56 Main street
Maria Jose Santa, Bull street
Marin Alejo, 12 Aliso street
Marquis Sacramento, Bull street
Marshall Wm L, office Temple Block
Martin Jacob, 47 Aliso street
Martin John, Main street
Martin John, Main street near Jefferson
Martin Mary, Main street
Martin Mary, Main street near Jefferson
Martine Sanches, San Pedro street
Martinez Francisca, Olivera street
Martinez Francisca, Virgin street
Martinez Jesus, 81 Upper Main street
Martinez Juan, Eternity street
Martinez Louis, Alameda street
Mascarel Jose, New Commercial street
Mascarel Petra, 15 Upper Main street
Mason Biddy, 1st street below Main
Matfield G H, at Bella Union Hotel
Mathews Richard, cor 2d and Hill streets
Mathews W A, at Railroad Depot
Maumus D, 10 Upper Main street
Mauricio J B, 114 Main street
Mayer Julius, 71 Main street
Mayer Leon, Los Angeles street
Mayet Louis Solomon, Sanches street
McAnany Philip, 22 Main street
McCarty Daniel, Hill street
McCobby Andrew, 29 Main street
McCoy John, cor Hill and 3d streets
McDonald A F, 104 Main street
McDonald A S, 104 Main street
McDonald Jas M, Alameda street
McDonald John, New Commercial street
McDonald T A, San Pedro street
McDonald W F, Spring street
McFadden John, 193 New High street
McGarvey Thomas, at Railroad Depot
McGath Mrs M, Fort st bet 4th and Hill
McGreery Peter, at Bella Union Hotel
McGuire Patrick, 73 Spring street
McHahon Hugh, Commercial Street
McHugo John, Aliso street
McIntyre John, 97 Los Angeles street
McKee William, at Bella Union Hotel
McKenzie K, 28 Spring street
McKenzie Peter, 20 Aliso street
McLaughlin Benjamin, 28 Aliso street
McMahon H, Commercial street
McMann S M, 3d street bet Fort and Hill
McMurray John R, at Lafayette Hotel
McNally T H, 40 Main street
McPherson Wm, office 55 Temple Block
Meagher James, at Lafayette Hotel
Mecoroll Michael, 64 Main street
Medagan Miss Maggie, 37 Aliso street
Meher Patrick, 19 Los Angeles street
Meinzar Wm P, at U S Hotel
Melchart August, Alameda street
Mendres Louis, Spring street
Merando Jesus, 75 Upper Main street
Merando Ramon, 75 Upper Main street
Mercadente Nicholas, First street
Merrill Samuel, Aliso street
Messmer Louis, 23 Fort street
Metrovich John, 106 [Main street?]
Metzker Jacob, 35 Main street
Meyer Eugene, Fort street
Meyer John, 57 Fort street
Meyer Julian, San Pedro street
Meyer Mendell, 5 Los Angeles street
Meyer Samuel, 7 Commercial street
Miles Chas E, Fort street bet 2d and 3d
Milkercan Peter, San Pedro street
Miller Fred C, 47 Los Angeles street
Miller Nicholas, 136 Main street
Milligan Geo E, 9 Fourth street
Milligan L, 147 Main street
Milligan S, cor 1st and Fort street
Millner John, at Railroad Depot
Milton Thomas, San Pedro street
Miner Charles, 55 Spring street
Mirando F, Virgin street
Mirando S, 21 Eternity street
Moiso J, 112 Main street
Monroe James, 38 Main street
Montague N S, cor-Adams and Main st
Montague Rodney, cor-Adams and Main st
Montague Wm H K, cor-Adams and Maim st
Montana Francisco, San Pedro street
Montana Toreva, 21 Upper Main street
Montanza Josefa, 15 Eternity street
Monterola Rafael, Virgin street
Montigo S, 50 Upper Main street
Montijo Manuel, 30 Eternity street
Montour B, 13 Eternity street
Moore J, Main street
Moore James B, 119 Main street
Moore John, New Commercial street
Moore Wm J, New Commercial street
Moralies Filipe, Alameda street
Moralis Teresa, New High street
Moran John, Kohler lane
Morean Chas A, 13 Bath street
Morenhout J A, Fort street near 1st
Moreno Anita, 11 Bath street
Moreno Bautista, Marchessault street
Moreno Francisco, Marchessault street
Moreno Jesus, New High street
Morgan Thomas, 11 Los Angeles street
Mornelli Mrs, 57 Los Angeles street
Morris C C, 7 Commercial street
Morris Francis, cor Hill and 2d street
Morris H, 1st st bet Fort and high
Morris J L, at Lafayette Hotel
Morris John L, Main street
Morris John, cor Hill and 2d street
Morris M, 1st st bet Fort and High
Morris M, Main street cor Pico street
Morsch F, 141 Main street
Mott S H, 54 Aliso street
Mullaly Joseph, Eternity street
Muller George, at Pico House
Mulloy Robert, Main street
Mundell J N, Fort street, bet 3d and 4th
Murat J, 1st street near Los Angeles
Murphy J J, Spring street


Nadeau R, cor 5th and Fort streets
Nand E, New Commercial street
Narveres Antonia, Olive street
Navara Nicolasa, Alameda street
Neidecken A H, Main street cor First
Neidecken Ernst, Spring street cor 4th
Neito Josefa, 1st street below Main
Neito Soledad, 1st street below Main
Neitzke Ernst, San Pedro street
Newbauer H, 56 Los Angeles street
Newmark H, 7 and 9 Los Angeles street
Newmark Joseph, 7 and 9 Los Angeles street
Newmark M A, 7 and 9 Los Angeles street
Newmark M, bds at Bella Union Hotel
Nichols J G, 13 Downey Block
Nordholt Wm, cor Los Angeles and 1st sts
Nordlinger S, 3 Commercial street
Norego Frank, New High street
Norris M, New High street
Northap James, 10 Commercial street
Norton Abraham, 95 Main street
Norton Isaac, cor Main and Requena sts
Norton James B, cor Hill and 3d streets
Norton Julius, 66 Main street
Norton M G, Los Angeles street
Norton M, 163 Main street
Norton M, Nos. 7 and 8 Plaza street
Norton S, 163 Main street
Nottage E W, 21 Los Angeles street
Noyes E W, No. 107 Main street


O’Donnell P N, Aliso street
O’Melveny H K S, Fort st bet 2d and 3d
O’Neil T F, New Commercial street
O’Neill John, 29 Main street
O’Rourke John, Los Angeles street
O’Rourke, Los Angeles street
Ocanya Pedro, 47 Upper Main street
Ogden C C, Aliso street
Ogier Mrs, Fort st bet 1st and 2d
Ohara Thomas, 163 Main street
Oliva Joseph, cor Aliso and Alameda sts
Olivera Loreta, 29 Eternity street
Olvera Agustine, 7 and 8 Plaza
Olvera Charles, 7 and 8 Plaza
Oram Jas F, bds at Lafayette Hotel
Orfila Antonia, 13 Bath street
Orme Dr H S, 74 Main street
Ornedis Angel, 29 Upper Main street
Oropesa Favendo, 33 Upper Main street
Orsinia Refugia, 94 Upper Main street
Ortega Miguel, 1 Eternity street
Ortega Trinidad, Bull street
Ortego M, 35 Main street
Oruela Petra, 7 Eternity street
Osborne John, Main st below Washington
Osborne Rosaria, Fort street bet 3d & 4th
Osborne W H, cor Fort and 4th streets
Otter Henry, 86 Main street
Otterson Thomas B, 8 Aliso street
Owens Robert, 67 Alameda street
Owens W, San Pedro street
Ozterano B, cor 1st and Alameda streets


Padillo Soledad, Bull street
Page Edward, 147 Main street
Palma Mateo, Balt street
Palmer H L, 21 Los Angeles street
Palmer Oscar, cor Spring and Market st
Paloncon Antoine, Olvera street
Parks C T, 2 Commercial street
Parks E D, 2 Commercial street
Parr T, High street
Pasqual N, 120 Main street
Patterson William, Aliso street
Paynter John, 1st st below Los Angeles
Peck C A, 49 Fort street
Peel B L, Spring street near 1st
Peffers Manuel, Hill street
Pena Ramon, New High street
Penelon O, 9 Upper Main street
Peralta Bicenta, 195 New High street
Perez Antonio, Bull street
Perez Francisca, Wasp street
Perez Jose, Alameda street
Perez Leonora, 11 Main street
Perez Maria, New High street
Perry M W, 119 Main street
Perry W H, 12 and 14 Main street
Peschke F W, Alameda street near Aliso
Peusahle Kail, Main street
Phelps E C, bds at Bella Union Hotel
Philburn John, San Pedro street
Phillips Peter, New Commercial street
Phillips Prosper, Fort street bet 1st & 2d
Phillis J, 35 Main street
Pico Andres, 203 Main street
Pico Pio, Plaza street
Picque C V, office Temple Block
Pinckney Redon, San Pedro street
Pitney S H, cor 4th and Hill streets
Plasencia Ygnacio, Wasp street
Polaski Louis, 180 Main street
Ponet Victor, Downey’s Block
Portueskol J W, at Bella Union Hotel
Portugal Adolph, New Temple Block
Potter W K, 44 Temple Block
Potts A W, cor 1st and Alameda streets
Potts J W, San Pedro street
Prager Charles, 5 Commerical street
Prager Saml, 1st street cor Fort
Preuss Edward Jr, 72 Main street
Pridham G, at Overland stage office
Pridham Wm, Main street bet 4th and 5th
Prudhomne Charles, Alameda street
Prudhomne Merced, Alameda street
Pryor Pablo, Alameda street
Puissegar John, 8 Upper Main street
Puissegar Peter, 8 Upper Main street
Purcell John, New High street


Quackenbush Peter H, 39 Spring street
Quddolencia Louis, 35 Eternity street
Querola Nicolas, New High street
Quinn Hugh, 8 Aliso street


Racamus Juan, Marchessault street
Ragelles Jesus, Main street bet 8th & 9th
Ragjio Charles, Eternity street
Ramirez F, office Downey's Block
Randall L, 10 Aliso street
Rapp William, Sanchez street
Raynal Alfred, Aliso street below the Mill
Raynal C, Aliso street near the river
Rebeck Mrs, 142 Spring street
Reeder Thomas, 29 Bath street
Reilly Martin J, Bella Union Hotel
Reim Henry, Los Angeles street
Reinecke George, 94 Main street
Rendon Alexander, 42 Main street
Rendon E, Spring street
Rendon Jose, New High street
Reta Castelia, Aliso street
Revera Dolores, Olvera street
Revera Francisca, Marchessault street
Revera Jose, 22 Upper Main street
Reyes Angel, Main street below 8th
Reyes Maria Antonia, Kohler street
Reynolds John J, Bella Union Hotel
Reynolds W P, 40 Temple Block
Rhodes Harvey, Bull street
Riason C, New Commercial street
Richardson Dr. N P, 14 Downey's Block
Richardson James, Spring street
Rieck M F, under Lafayette Hotel
Riley John, 173 Main street
Rinaldi C R, 86 Main street
Ring Peter, 221 Main street
Ritchie Jas H, Los Angeles street
Rivas Francisca, 21 Main street
Rivera D, 108 Main street
Robards Wesley, cor 2d and Main streets
Robarts John, San Pedro street
Roberts Mrs E S, 4 Commercial street
Robinson N, 37 Aliso street
Robinson W H, bds at U S Hotel
Robinson W W, Alameda street near 1st
Robles Pablo, 80 Upper Main street
Rocha Jesus, 35 Eternity street
Rochobz E, at Pico House
Rodgers John, Bull street
Rodriguez Albert, Los Angeles street
Rodriguez Blasa, New High street
Rodriguez Julian, New High street
Roe Geo W, New High street
Roe Mrs M J, 9 Commercial street
Roe W B, 52 main street
Roeder Louis, Main street
Rogues J, 68 Main street
Romera Clemente, Short street
Romero Concepcion, Bull street
Romero Fastina, Bull street
Romero Manuela, 71 Upper Main street
Root Geo R, 21 Los Angeles street
Rosaria Acedo, New High street
Ross Alexander, 2 Spring street
Ross E M, 216 Main street
Rosseau David, 38 Main street
Roth P N, Lafayette store Main Street
Rowan T E, cor Main and First streets
Rubeck Joseph, 98 Spring street
Ruis Abram, Eternity street
Ruis Catalina, New High street
Ruis Dolores, New High street
Ruis Guadalupe, Eternity street
Ruis Merced, High street
Ruis Semon, 86 Upper Main street
Ruiz Gertrudis, Spring street near 4th
Ruiz Santiago, 12 Bath street
Rumpp John, 1 Upper Main street
Rush Geo D, at American Bakery
Rushed John, with Nadeau
Rushlow E, Alameda near Aliso
Russ J M, 213 Main street
Russeck M, 8 Los Angeles street
Russek Edward, 4 Los Angeles street
Ruth H, San Pedro street
Ruth Wm J, 69 Main street
Ryan M E, at Lafayette Hotel
Ryder B F, 46 Aliso street


Sabichi Frank, San Pedro street
Sacramento S, 1st street below Main
Salarsa Josefa, 5 Bath street
Salasar Maria, 29 Eternity street
Salasefia Juana, San Pedro street
Salcido Bincente, New High street
Salmon H, bds U S Hotel
Sampson Wm, New High street
Sanches Jose, New High street
Sanches R, Main bet 8th and 9th
Sanchez Martine, San Pedro street
Sanchez R, Bull street
Sanguineti G B, Wilmington street
Santos Louis, 95 Los Angeles street
Saratoga Manuel, 21 Eternity street
Sargent R K, Sansevaine street
Savalata P, High street
Schaeffer Henry, Los Angeles street
Schalness Stephen, Main street
Schindler Herman, 96 Main street
Schlessinger Isaac, 8 Los Angeles street
Schneider N, 16 Aliso street
Schubert A W, 30 Aliso street
Schumacher John, 63 Spring street
Schushorn James, 28 Aliso street
Schutz Joseph, 6 Commercial street
Scienz D, 40 Eternity street
Scott John, East side river
Scott Mrs, 170 Main street
Scrimgeom Robert, cor Main and 1st sts
Seaman Isaac C, 21 Los Angeles street
Seebold L, 125 Main street
Seewith Mrs Annie, 39 Aliso street
Septien Jose, 11 Aliso street
Sepulveda Dolores, 24 Upper Main street
Sepulveda Joaquin, 12 Bath street
Sepulveda Ygnacio, 39 Aliso street
Serano P M, 23 Eternity street
Serano Pio, Alameda street
Serrano Raphiel, 27 Eternity street
Serrot Charles, 41 Aliso street
Serva Ramon P, 29 Aliso street
Servano Guadelope, 29 Upper Main street
Servantes Concepcion, 50 Upper Main st
Setia Simon, 38 Upper Main street
Sevado E, San Pedro street
Shamburn Mrs, San Pedro street near 1st
Shannon A M, bds U S Hotel
Shannon B, bds U S Hotel
Shaw, Joseph, San Pedro street
Sheldon R O, 19 Los Angeles street
Shephard Chas J, 46 Main street
Sheridan W B, 6th street near Flower
Shorb A S, cor Spring and Market street
Shuen Edwin, 39 Spring street
Sickles Carmel, New High street
Signoret F, 20 Main street
Silvas Florentine, 82 Upper Main street
Silvas Francisca, New High street
Silvas Teresa, Aliso street
Silvas Trinidad, Eternity street
Simms Char E, cor Spring and Market sts
Slaney Richard, 13 Commercial street
Slaney William, 13 Commercial street
Slater Maria A, 69 Spring street
Slotterbek Henry, Los Angeles street
Smith A, 147 Main street
Smith Aaron, 8 Commercial street
Smith B F, Aliso street near Alameda
Smith Chas, 7 Fort street
Smith E H, 56 Los Angeles street
Smith Geo H, res Jail street
Smith George, Fort street
Smith H M, bds Bella Union Hotel
Smith J F Jr, Main street near Jefferson
Smith J F, San Pedro street
Smith J H, Main near Jefferson
Smith Oscar, at U S Hotel
Smith Oscar, Fort street near Jefferson
Snee Michael, 21 Los Angeles street
Solomon D, 3 Los Angeles street
Solomon Mrs, 53 Los Angeles street
Somerfield Herman, 63 Main street
Somerset Mrs, 64 Aliso street
Sopena Bicente, Aliso street
Soposti Madam, under Pico House
Sotello Juan, 83 Upper Main street
Sotello Ramon, Alameda street
Speed John N. Alameda street
Spencer H H, 12 Los Angeles street
Spiker Mrs Mary, 55 Los Angeles street
Sprague B L, Spring street near 4th
Sprague S, San Pedro street
Springer Chas, bds U S Hotel
Stack Michael, at Railroad Depot
Stanfield Wm, cor Fort and 6th streets
Stanford Fred, office Temple Block
Stanley J Q A, 43 Temple Block
Stanway T S, bds U S Hotel
Stark Catherine, 7th street
Starr Henry, 40 Main street
Stassford Henry, 5 Spring street
Stearns C J, 10 Aliso street
Stearns Mrs A, 30 Main street
Stefenes L, San Pedro street
Stephens D C, cor Spring and 2nd street
Stephenson Mrs H A, 52 Spring street
Stewart John M, Figaro street
Stillwell J P, bds U S Hotel
Stoermer Mrs Ella, High street
Stokes Alfred, 7 and 8 Plaza street
Stoll Henry W, 13 Aliso street
Stoll S, 94 Main street
Stoneberger S, San Pedro street
Strahle Paul, 86 Main street
Suaute Rafael, 48 Eternity street
Sucher Joseph, Spring street
Sullivan Eugene, at the Pico House
Sullivan J, 73 Spring street
Sullivan Jeremiah, 6th street near Aliso
Sullivan William, at Bella Union Hotel
Swaries Trinidad, New High street
Switzer Perry, Aliso street
Sykes Michael, 1st street near Fort


Taafe R, Fort street bet 4th and 5th
Talamantes Rafael, Eternity street
Talbott J A, at the News office
Tannahill Cyrus, 70 Main street
Tapia Mrs C, Bull street
Tate John, at Bella Union Hotel
Taylor H, cor Aliso and Garcia streets
Taylor W M, 38 Main street
Teahan John, Figaro street
Temple Thos W, Temple Block
Teran Jesus, 25 Upper Main street
Thom C E, 216 Main street
Thomas C C, cor Figaro and Jefferson sts
Thomas N J, 237 Main street
Thompson A, Spring street cor 7th
Thompson Antonio, 1st street near Main
Thompson Arthur A, Jefferson street
Thompson Rosaria, 111 New High street
Thomson Herman, 20 Aliso street
Thomson Peter, 61 Main street
Tiffany Geo A, cor 3d and Fort streets
Tighe Thomas, cor Main and Arcadia sts
Tingle John, 84 Los Angeles street
Toberman J R, res Pico street
Toombs Thos, at Railroad Depot
Towers Geo, 118 Main street
Trafford John, office Temple street
Trelles Juan, Bull street
Trille A, Main street bet 8th and 9th
Trudell John, 38 Spring street
Trumper Valentine, 13 Spring street


Ullyard Augustus, cor 5th and Spring sts
Ullyard Edward, cor 5th and Spring sts


Vache E, Aliso street
Vache E, New Commercial street
Vache T, Aliso street
Valdez J M, Alameda street
Valdez Jose, Eternity street
Valdez Julian, 89 Upper Main street
Valdez M V, Bull street
Valdez Maria, San Pedro street
Valdez Mrs M C, Wasp street
Valencia F, Main street bet 8th and 9th
Valencia R, 19 Los Angeles street
Valenzuela M, 44 Upper Main street
Valla Antonio, 116 Main street
Valla Fernando F, High street
Van Allen John, at Lafayette Hotel
Van Gulpen C, 77 Los Angeles street
Vance Fred, 221 Main street
Vance John, cor Main and Adams street
Vandegrasff Mrs M C, Spring street
Vanetes Onofrez, Wasp street
Varala Miguel, 1 Main street
Vassall Ballila, 64 Main street
Vassall F, 64 Main street
Vassalle Arcadia, 64 Main street
Vassalle Roya, 64 Main street
Vejar Juan, Washington street
Vejar Pedro, Washington street
Vick Andrew, 12 and 14 Main street
Victor John, Eternity street
Vignes J M Alameda street
Vignes V F, Alameda street
Villa J A, Bull street
Villa Josefa, Main street bet 8th and 9th
Villa M, 5 Bath street
Villa Simon, 48 Upper Main street
Voght Henry, 1st street below San Pedro


Waite Alonzo, at News office
Waitt Danl Jr, cor 1st and Fort streets
Waldron D V, cor Washington & Main sts
Walfska Louis, 56 Los Angeles street
Walker B F, 6 Market street
Walker Joseph, 17 Los Angeles street
Walter George, Eternity street
Ward J L, cor 5th and Fort streets
Warden C H, 47 Aliso street
Warner A F, 41 Upper Main street
Wartenburg Henry, 2 Los Angeles street
Watson H, at U S Hotel
Weber Fred, at Aliso Mills Aliso street
Weber John, 136 Main street
Weil Jacob, 164 Main street
Weinshank Andrew, San Pedro street
Weisecke E, 81 Los Angeles street
Weixell Jacob, Flower street near 6th
Weldon J H, San Pedro street
Wemberge Chas, at the Pico House
Wendt Charles, 133 Main street
Wentworth John, at Los Angeles Hotel
Westmoreland J B, 69 Main street
Weston E J, Temple's New Block
Weston John, Main street
Whelan Mrs, Fort street bet 5th and 6th
White C, Main street
White Jeff, Aliso street
White Mrs, Aliso street
Wicks Albert, 138 Main street
Widney J P, 202 Main street
Widney R M, Main street near 4th
Widney William, 95 Main street
Wiley H C, 1st street near Spring
Wilkins R H, 19 Los Angeles street
Willhart Mrs, Alameda street
Willhart Ramon, Alameda street
Williams H, 70 Upper Main street
Williams John, 17 Los Angeles street
Williams Joseph, 10 Commercial street
Williams Mrs Jesus, Fort street near 1st
Wilmerding William, at U S Hotel
Wilson G H, 53 Aliso street
Wilson John, 173 Main street
Wilson John, Alameda street
Wilson Peter, cor 1st and Spring streets
Wilson Spencer H, Fort street near 1st
Winbiglow P. Olive street above 6th
Winder John, Hill street
Winebigler David, 7th street
Wingate Gabriel, 40 Temple Block
Winston J B, at Bella Union Hotel
Wohlin George, 12 Main street
Wolf John, 105 Main street
Wolfenstein V, Temple Block
Wolfskill Joseph, Alameda street
Wollweber Theodore, 59 Main street
Woodworth John D, Aliso street
Woodworth Wallace, San Pedro street
Workman E H, 76 Main street
Workman Wm H, 76 Main street
Wright J H, Fort street bet 2d and 3d
Wright J, Jefferson street near Main


Yarnell, Jessie, 1st street near Alameda
Yeary A C, with Banning & Co


Zerga Stephen, 26 Upper Main street
Zimmerman E, Alameda street near Aliso



Adams Abraham Rev
Adams Samuel Rev


Barnes W L, stockraiser
Beardsley J B, farmer
Beardsley N D, stockraiser
Bell William, laborer
Bennett Silas, hotel keper
Blum Simon, Flushman & Co
Brewster Albert, farmer
Brewster Benjamin, wood dealer
Broadhead & Smith, blacksmiths
Broadhead J W, blacksmith
Brunson J C, farmer
Bryant B S, farmer
Bungard D, farmer
Burns E S, constable
Butler A C, wellborer


Cago Edward, farmer
Cecil, J M, saloon keeper
Champion, farmer
Chappell & Keep, carpenters
Chappell J B, carpenter
Chappell William, farmer
Clement Jonathan, farmer
Cooper D, farmer
Cooper James, farmer
Cooper William, farmer
Cramer Samuel, stockraiser
Cramer T J B, farmer
Cubbage Wilford, bartender
Cummings N, farmer
Cummings Robert, farmer
Cuningham W T, stockraiser
Cushing John, farmer


Dameson Charles, farmer
Davis Benjamin, farmer
Dean John, hostler
Dodson William, farmer
Dogherty James, farmer
Dogherty L, farmer
Downes Frank, farmer
Durfee George, farmer
Durfee James, farmer


Edes Richard, farmer
Ellington Thomas, farmer
Elliot S, farmer
Ellis A C Hon
Ellis William, farmer


Fleishman Gustave, merchant
Fleishman Herrman, merchant
Floyd, farmer
Franklin John, farmer
Freer Thomas, farmer


Geiss John, stockraiser
Geller W Dr
Gibson F W, stockraiser
Gray J H, farmer
Green Edward, merchant
Gridley D C Rev


Haddock William, farmer
Hanon J C, farmer
Harris Andrew, farmer
Heath Samuel, stockraiser
Higgins J C, farmer
Hinds J J, saddler
Hoffman, farmer
Hopkins, Hostler
Hopper John, Justice of Peace
Horn A J, Postmaster
Houston Robert, farmer
Hoyt J H, farmer


Jones W L, hotel keeper


Kipp J, carpenter


Lawson J H, farmer
Lee W B, farmer
Lewis D & C, farmers
Lewis David, farmer


Mark G W, farmer
Martin W C, hotel keeper
Mayes T A, physicican
McDaniels A, farmer
McGowan, farmer
McLean Thomas, merchant
Meges E S, physician
Meredith J H, laborer
Metzer Louis, merchant
Mills Edward, express
Mills J J, lawyer
Moody J, farmer
Morse Charles, musician


Neal T M, constable


Orrick George, farmer


Parker William, farmer
Parrish E C, stockraiser,
Peck George, farmer
Penfold Peter, farmer
Penfold Stephen, farmer


Quinn M F, Justice of Peace


Reeves S S, farmer
Riley, laborer
Rodgers James, farmer
Ross P F, clerk
Ross S P, farmer
Rowland Albert, farmer
Russell, lawyer


Sanchez J M, stockraiser
Schlessinger & Green, general merchants
Schlessinger Jacob, merchant
Schneider Charles, laborer
Schwet M, clerk
Sheldon James, farmer
Shelton James, laborer
Shrode, blacksmith
Shumacher R, clerk
Slack William, farmer
Smith Henry, blacksmith
Smith Nicholas, farmer
Snoddy, farmer
Southworth, farmer
Swigart Thomas, stockraiser


Thompson T, farmer
Thompson Thomas, farmer
Thurman J M, farmer
Thurman John Jr., farmer
Thurman John Sen, farmer
Thurman R M, farmer
Tibbets James, laborer
Tibbets Jonathan, freigther
Tipson J E, farmer
Toffelmier L, farmer
Turnbull J, farmer
Tyler T, merchant


Warren George, farmer
Warren Joseph, carpenter
Whistler Michael, physician and farmer
White J, wellborer
Wiggins Thomas J, farmer
Wilson James, farmer



Alexander James, saddler, Main street
Angell R B, painter, Planter's hotel
Angle C C, farmer, Center street
Ashcroft Robert, butcher, Los Angeles street


Baldwin James, blacksmith, Lemon street
Bauber George, bootmaker, Centre street
Benner Joseph, tinsmith, Centre street
Beoge Henry, teamster, Centre street
Beoge Timothy, farmer, Centre street
Blanci Peter, teamster, Centre street
Bremerman Henry, Anaheim hotel, Main st
Brent T, saloon, Main street
Brooks James, blacksmith, Lemon street


Caldaron Abraham, Main street
Canavan, livery stable, Los Angeles street
Carillo B Mrs, Los Angeles street
Clarke J W, Justice of Peace, Centre St.
Clarke P A, stationery & books, Centre St.
Conrad F, Califronia brewery, 7 North St
Counza Charles, carpenter, Centre street
Crook & Sullivan, blacksmiths, Centre street
Crowell Alfred D, telegraph oeprator
Crum Almon, blacksmith, Lemon street
Curtis R D, farmer, Los Angeles street


D'Assonville V, druggist, Main street
Davis G, merchant
Davis P & Bro, merchants, Los Angeles St
Davis S J, Enterprise saloon, Los Angeles street
Dean J H T, barber, colored, Centre street
Dreyfus B, Langenberger & Co, Grocers
Dunn Thomas, farmer, Los Angeles street
Durr C, tinsmith, Planter's otel
Durr Conrad, Centre street


Eymann Amelia, Los Angeles street
Eynan H, farmer, Los Angeles street


Fischer John, Proprietor Planter's hotel


Gardner Chas A, Ed Southern Californian
George Oscar, merchant, Los Angeles St
Gibson Joseph M, livery stable, Centre St
Goldstein Solomon, brewery, Main street
Goodman M & L, dry goods, Main street
Goodman, dry goods, Main street
Green Fred, teamster, Langenberger & Co
Griffin Peter, plasterer, Planter's hotel
Guather Lorenz, bootmaker, Los Angeles St


Hardy D, wine grower, Los Angeles street
Hegerman Doctor, Los Angeles street
Herman Richard, merchant, Los Angeles St
Herman, gen merchandise, Los Angeles St
Higgins W M, Postmaster, Centre & Lemon
Hill Chas, bakery & saloon,Los Angeles St
Hill F A, City Marshal, Los Angeles street
Hill Gaspar, house painter, Centre street


Kalisher M, Lehman street
Kehoe S Mrs, private boarding
Kelly Jacob, wine grower, Los Angeles St
Kenny James, carpenter, Planter's hotel
Cernegerman [Kernegerman?] G, carpenter, Planter's hotel
Kinegeman F, carpenter, Planter's hotel
Kohler August, Justice of Peace, Main St
Kroeger Henry, Mayor, Main street


Lander S, saddler, Los Angeles street St
Langenberger A, groceries & hardware
Langenberger F, bookkeeper
Luedke C, bwt Los Angeles & Lehman Sts
Luedke Oscar, carriage maker
Luedke R, watchmaker, Centre street


Macy, Obed, saddler, Main street
McEntyre Dennis, carpenter, Centre street
McKimey, carpenter, Centre street
Melrose Richard, saloon
Menzel Robert, bakery, Los Angeles street
Merritt, blacksmith, Lemon street
Mielew F E. clerk, Planter's hotel
Miller George, restaurant, Los Angeles St
Mitchell Newell H, Centre near Lemon St.
Mitchell, livery stable, Centre near Lemon


Parker Robert, farmer, Los Angeles street
Payne James, printer, Planter's hotel
Peacock J C, Forman, S Californian
Peterson W, teamster, Langenberger & Co
Polhemus M D, cor Los Angeles & Centre


Rimpan Adolph, clerk, Langenberger & Co
Rimpan F, printer, Southern Californian
Rimpan Theodore, dry goods, Main street
Rolanden A, fruits &c, Los Angeles street
Rust Gustave, laborer, Center street


Schmidt Daniel, laborer Langenberger & Co
Shelly T H, liv stable, Centre near Lehman
Smidth L, wine grower, Centre street
Smith Jason, bootmaker, Los Angeles St
Stawpenbeck C, carpenter, Planter's hotel
Stein Ernest, laborer Langenberger & Co
Steinhardt A W, bookkeeper, Main St
Stewart Philip, blacksmith, Lemon street
Stroebel Max, counsellor at law, Lehman St
Sullivan J, blacksmith, Centre street
Swaine Dr, Los Angeles street
Switzer Charles C, clerk, Los Angeles St.


Westphal J, cooper, Centre street
Wilde Charles, cooper, Lehman street
Wiley W H, livery stable, Los Angeles street



Adams, dry goods and groceries


Benbrook Charles, saloon
Binden D C, farmer
Brown J C, boots and shoes


Campbell Bemuamin
Churchman George E, bartender
Cooper W F, blacksmith


Dawson Thomas Wesley
Dowland John
Dunlap John, Standeford & Co, dry goods


Fowler John, blacksmith
Frankell E M, dry goods and groceries
Frankell M, dry goods and groceries
Frankell S, dry goods and groceries


Geis S W, principal of school
Graham J B, machinist
Gray A E
Groshing, Sarah, assistant teacher


Hanley John, blacksmith
Holliday Daniel, blacksmith


Kress John, wheelwright


Lunford James, blacksmith


Manning P F, carriage maker
Manning W M, carriage maker
McCormack W, treasurer I O O F Lodge
McGarvin John, butcher
McKenny J S, wheelwright


Pollard L C, livery stable


Rivies B A, physician
Robinson L C, Gallatin hotel
Ryan A W, Justice of Peace


Sax John, groceries &c, 10 Mile House
See John, farmer
Shortordge C S, saddler
Standifer W B, dry goods and groceries


Shorb J De Barth, Lake Vineyard
Wilson B D Hon, State Senator



Alveras M, carpenter
Anderson T W, butcher


Banning E, Vice-President L A & S P R R
Banning W, clerk with Banning & Co
Barber William, laborer on wharf
Bradshaw J H, tailor
Brock Charles, watchman
Brown Edward, laborer
Buckman S F, teacher public school


Cardiff John, teamster
Chancey Samuel, laborer
Coin J, carpenter
Collins Ben, engineer, L A & S P R R
Compton George, fireman, str Los Angeles
Cowden Frank, Justice of Peace
Croach Thomas S, barber
Crowley James, blacksmith


Davis George, tailor
Deaver George, Railroad saloon
Denicke C F M, Los Angeles & S P R R
Dogherty Michael, restaurant
Donahoe Patrick, hostler
Downing P H, livery stable.
Drew J, carpenter
Dunston Joseph K, Railroad saloon


Eames R L, clerk, L A & S P R R
Ellsworth O C, clerk


Faaser Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Fields George O, printer
Forman George R, clerk L A & S P R R


Gavitt, Collector of Port
Gordon Charles, laborer on wharf


Hellman Joe, lighterman
Henry Jacob, engineer
Hewitt E E, Superintendent L A & S P R R
Hill B, carpenter
Hill W, carpenter
Hinds George, Wilmington market
Holmes J G, master machinist Railroad Co
Hyman Ernest, general merchandise


Jackson William, cook, Railroad hotel
Jacoby L, clerk
Jacoby N H, general merchandise
Johnston F, watchman
Johnston John, butcher Washington market
Johnston Joseph, carpenter
Johnston Wedt, butcher Washington market
Jones Aaron, carpenter


Keyes O J, clerk
Keys G B, express agent and gen merchandise
Kittridge William
Kyle G S, laborer on wharf


Lacy H, laborer
Laubersheimer, postmaster and druggist
Lion Henry, candies and fruits


Maldine A, laborer
Mann S B, wharfmaster, res Wilmington
Matthews William, sailor
McCrea, clerk, L A & S P R R
McDonald N A, carpenter, L A & S P R R
McIntyre A, carpenter, L A & S P R R
McMahon J E, painter
Meagher Michael, truckman
Millen William, foreman carpenter
Monaghan Frank, brakeman
Montana Jesus, laborer
Morrison John, groceries
Mosher W C Rev, Pastor Presbyterian Church
Moultherpe W H, L A & S P R R
Moya F, groceries and fruits


Newell Robert E, Railroad hotel


Ormsly W H


Pablo P, porter
Paul James, laborer
Phelps E M, laborer on wharf
Polhemus A A, Captain of str Los Angeles
Prideano John, laborer


Rivane T, blacksmith
Rivara L, laborer on wharf
Robinson A, deck hand
Roed George, laborer on wharf
Ross Charles, engineer steamer Los Angeles


Sevenson C, carpenter, L A & S P R R
Smith A, laborer on wharf
Soong Kee, laundry
Sullivan John, brakeman
Sylva A, laborer on wharf
Sylva Joseph P, laborer on wharf
Sylva Joseph V, laborer on wharf


Thompson S C, proprietor Railroad hotel
Thompson Thomas, blacksmith


Van Valkenberg Henry, harness maker
Varela M, carpenter
Vaughan S B, truckman


Warren John, Wilmington bakery
Webb William, laborer on wharf
Wedt William, butcher
Welden G M, laborer on wharf
Welden William, laborer on wharf
Wetzel Martin, fireman
Williams Frank, deck hand str Los Angeles
Wise Albert, bootmaker


Abbott W A, lumber dealer
Ahuente Maria
Anthony Cynthz
Bogde Daniel, farmer
Brooks, carpenter
Brown Richmond, farmer
Bush J J, harness maker
Bush John W, sheep raiser
Bush John, farmer
Casad, farmer
Cole Alfred, farmer
Corrall Jose, farmer
Corrona, farmer
Craim James E, nurseryman
Cruz Manuela, farmer
Dominguez Pablo, farmer
Dominguez Paulina
Dorman L M, carpenter
Dunlap John, farmer
English Louis L, farmer
English Robert, carpenter
English William, farmer
Felis Gordan, farmer
Felis Manuel, farmer
Fitchas Levy, nurseryman
Garnall S, farmer
Green Albert, farmer
Greenleaf E H, farmer
Harden E, farmer
Hickey Alfred, farmer
Hickey Isaac, farmer
Hills J A, farmer
Hirshfield A, merchant
Hope James, nurseryman
Huckaby, farmer
Jesus Maria
Johnson Squire, farmer
Jose Jesus, farmer
King John, farmer
Ladd J M, farmer
Layman Charles B J, farmer
Layman James, farmer
Layman W E, farmer
Lewin L, merchant,
Lopez Joaquin, farmer
Marcus Jose Rosa, groceries
McFadden R, stockraiser
Morero, farmer
Munreal Francisco, farmer
Nimmo B F, saloon keeper
Nimmo J J, saloon keeper
Ortis Jesus, farmer
Parington R E, farmer
Parter G, stockraiser
Pefias Jesus, farmer
Peralta Nieves
Peralta Ramon
Pinney E, contractor
Potts W H, farmer
Price N W
Rodriguez Francisco, farmer
Rodriguez Jeans, farmer
Rodriguez Juan, farmer
Saledo Salvado, farmer
Salter Eugein, farmer
Sanders E, farmer
Sepulveda, farmer
Shrode L K, blacksmith
Shrode, farmer
Smith John, farmer
Spurgeon W G, merchant
Spurgeon W H, merchant
Talkington, farmer
Tedford T J, nurseryman
Tedford W H, nurseryman
Tedford W N, farmer
Tedford W N, nurseryman
Tichener William, blacksmith
Tisler John, farmer
Travis Amos, farmer
Travis T A, farmer
Tresser A R, farmer
Tustin Columbus, farmer
Vance George W, farmer
Vanunabre, farmer
Watson Henry, sheep raiser
Watson Henry, sheep raiser
Watson Johnesson, sheep raiser
Welsh J J, nurseryman
Williams Liddy
Yerba Bienente, farmer
Yorba Marcus, farmer
Yorba Prudencia, farmer
Yorba Thomas, farmer
Yorba Trinidad, farmer


Aldrich John, farmer
Alesalda Francisca
Allaria Manuel, farmer
Allavis J J, farmer
Alvarado E, farmer
Alvarado Jose Maria, farmer
Alvarado Juan de Dios, farmer
Alvarado Juan, vaquero
Alvarado Soledad
Alvarado Ygnacia, farmer
Alveno Espinosa, farmer
Andrews Joe, farmer
Arnett R S, farmer
Arnold W H, farmer
Ballarde N, vaquero
Ballardez Ygnacia, sheep raiser
Barlardez Rafael, farmer
Barlardez Ramon, farmer
Barlardez, farmer
Behn George, farmer
Blake George, merchant
Botillar Adolphe, vaquero
Breserdo G, blacksmith
Burdick Cyrus, stockraiser
Burruel Salvador, farmer
Caldwell T, merchant
Carezosa Francisco, farmer
Carravahales C, farmer
Chacon Manuel, farmer
Chavis J, farmer
Chavis Patricio, farmer
Concrieve, merchant
Connuies Gabriel, musician
Cota S, farmer
Cota Sarafelo, farmer
Duggin Mark, farmer
Dwarte Florentia, farmer
Egan George, merchant
Egan John, blacksmith
England Robert, farmer
Estrado Francisco, farmer
Evara Jesus, farmer
Evara Josepha
Evara Leonard, farmer
Evara Louis, farmer
Evara Ramon, farmer
Evara Ramona
Figaro Josepha
Garcia Juan Jose, farmer
Garcia Juan, clerk
Garcia Manuel, farmer
Garcia Refugio, farmer
Kentano Maria
Kenteno Antonia, farmer
Lago J A, vaquero
Lilly Douglas, farmer
Lopez Antonio
Lopez Cruz
Lopez Santiago, merchant
Lovo Santiago, farmer
Lugo Conception, farmer
Lugo Jose D, farmer
Mancherro Fernando, farmer
Marion John, carpenter
Martine L, farmer
Martinez Francisco, farmer
Martinez Jose, farmer
Martinez Juan, farmer
Martinez Juan, farmer
Martinez Leonard, farmer
Martinez M A, farmer
Martinez Matra, farmer
Martinez Pedro
McCall James, farmer
McKimsey John, farmer
Monroy Joaquin, farmer
Nunis Clara
Oliveras Josepha
Palomares Francisco, farmer
Palomares Thomas, vaquero
Peris Jose A, Vaquero
Peris Tiodocia, farmer
Philips Louis, farmer
Pomer P C, public teacher
Reed John, farmer
Rengal Ramon, farmer
Reno Julio, farmer
Revers Mateo, farmer
Reys Louis, vaquero
Rojar Jose Maria, plasterer
Rosenthal Emil, groceries and liquors
Rowland Thomas, farmer
Rubottom James, barkeeper
Rubottom William, hotel keeper
San Fran Gabriel, farmer
Sepulveda Jesus, farmer
Shropshire John, farmer
Taleranio Ramon, blanket maker
Vejar Francisco, farmer
Vejar Ramon, farmer
Vejar Recardo, farmer
Veria Julian, farmer
Villa Jesus, farmer
Wozencraft W R, public teacher
Wright J W farmer
Wright John, farmer


R. M. Widney--District Judge, 17th Judicial
District, composed of Los Angeles County.

District Court meets at Los Angeles in
February, May, August and November.

Ignacio Sepulveda--County Judge.
James H. Lander--County Commissioner.
B. D. Wilson--State Senator.
Thos. D. Mott--Member of Assembly.
Asa Ellis--Member of Assembly.
Wm. R. Rowland--Sheriff.
Albert J. Johnston--Under Sheriff.
J. M. Baldwin--Deputy Sheriff.
A. W. Potts--County Clerk.
C. W. Gould--Deputy County Clerk.
S. H. Mott--Deputy Clerk.
J. W. Gillette--Deputy Clerk.
C. E. Thom--District Attorney.
E. M. Ross--Assistant District Attorney.
T. E. Rowan--County Treasurer.
W. M. McFadden--Supt. of Pub. Sch'ls.
Geo. Carson--Public Administrator.
F. Lecouvreur--County Surveyor.
D. Botiller--County Assessor.
Joseph Kurtz--Coroner.

The County and Probate Courts meet
every May, July, September, November
and January--six terms annually.

County Board of Supervisors.
Chairman--Hugh Foreman; S. B. Caswell,
A. L. Bush, F. Palomares and
Francisco Machado.

Supervisors meet every month, and from
time to time as occasion requires.

Corporate Officers.
C. Aguliar--Mayor.
H. K. S. O'Melveny--President Common Council.
Councilmen--W. Ferguson, F. Sabichi,
M. Teed, Oscar Macy, T. P. Campbell,
P. Beaudry, Julian Valdez, Wm. Dennison,
E. H. Workman.
Francis Baker--Marshal.
F. H. Howard--City Attorney.
Geo. R. Butler--City Treasurer.
Chas. Smith--Deputy City Treasurer.
John Robarts--City Assessor.
Issac Allen--Pound Master.
E. Neitzke--City Sexton.
Policemen--Jesus Bildarrain, William Sands,
S. Bryant, Geo. Gard, E. Harris, Frank Hartley.

School Trustees.
M. Kremer, Wm. H. Workman, H. D. Barrows.


The City of Los Angeles was founded on the 4th day of
September, 1781, in conformity with the laws of Spain,
providing for the settlement and organization of towns
(pueblos) or municipal communities. The founders of the
town had, mostly, if not all, been soldiers; and, although
relieved from active service were entitled to and continued to
receive pay and rations during the supremacy of the Spanish
Government of California. The settlement consisted of
twelve families. One of the settlers was a widower having
one child, a daughter, aged eleven years. The others were
all married and eight of them had children. The eldest of
the settlers was sixty-seven years old, one was fifty-five and
three were fifty years of age, and one was forty-two and the
others were from nineteen--the youngest, an Indian--to
thirty-eight. The average age of the twelve male settlers
was thirty-nine and two-thirds years. There were eleven
married women, The whole number of children were
twenty-three, only three of which were over ten years old.
Eleven of the children were boys and twelve were girls.
The community numbered in all forty-six souls. Of the
twelve men, heads of families, two were Spaniards, two
mulattoes, two Negroes, four Indians, one Chinaman and one
half-breed (Indian and negro). Of the women, six were
mulattoes and five were Indians. The adults were natives of
Lower California, Sonora and Sinaloa, excepting the two
Spaniards and the Chinaman.

Each family was furnished from the royal treasury, with
two oxen, two mules, two mares, two sheep, two goats, two
cows with one calf, one ass and one hoe, and to the
community the necessary tools of a cart maker. These
articles, inclusive of the live stock, were all charged to the
individuals or the community at a price established by the
Government and that amount was to be deducted, in small
installments, from their pay.

For the town site a parallelogram one hundred varas
long by seventy five in width was laid out. Upon three sides
of this twelve were house lots, each forty by twenty varas,
excepting the two corner lots, which fronting in part on two
sides of the square were of a different figure. One-half the
remaining side of the parallelogram was open, the other half
was for the guard house, royal officers and a granary. The
location of this town site was above or northeast of the
present Catholic Church site. The guard house and royal
building which occupied the west half of the southwestern
side of the parallelogram were on the opposite side of Main
street from Campbell’s store. The four lines of the parallel-
ogram instead of running towards the four cardinal points
were about equi distant between these points. An irrigating
ditch bringing the water from the river passed along to the
east of and in the rear of and close to those lots no the
southeast corner of the square. Thirty fields for cultiva-
tion were also laid out. Twenty-six of these fields contained
each forty thousand square varas. They were, with the
exception of four, which were three hundred varas by one
hundred, two hundred varas square and separated by lanes
three varas wide. These fields were located between the
river and the irrigating ditch and mostly above a line
running direct and nearly east from the located town site to
the river. The distance from the irrigating ditch to the river
across these fields was upwards of twelve hundred varas.
At that time the river ran along by where now stands the
houses of Julian Chavis and Elijah Moulton, and the
easternmost of these fields were close to the river.

It is evident that when the town was laid out, the bluff
bank which in modern times extended from Aliso street up
by the Stearns Mill to the toma did not exist, but was made
when the river moved near the town.

The surnames of the twelve settlers were Lara, Navarro,
Rosas, Mesa, Villavicencio, Banegas, Rosas, Rodriguez,

Camero, Quintero, Mereno and Rodriguez. Subsequent to
the settlement of the town, the river abandoned its bed and
moved to the west side of all the fields and flowed along
where the Eagle Mill now stands, and where Aalmeda [sic] street
is now located. The old fields were either washed away or
covered up with sand by the change of the river’s bed. In
1825 the river again left its bed and made a new one nearly
intermediate between the two preceding ones.

From its settlement the growth of the town was very
slow for a period of fifty years. Its growth was dependent
upon the natural increase of the settlers by additional
soldiers, as they were from time to time relieved from active
service and permitted to make the town of Los Angeles their

About 1836 the town (pueblo) was created a city and
made the capital of Alta California by act of the Mexican
Congress, and the Governor, Don Carlos Carrillo, during his
brief administration made it the seat of the Civil Government.
After the expulsion of Micheltoreno it again became the seat
of Government under the administration of Don Pio Pico, in
1844, and so continued until the emigration, in August, 1846,
of the Mexican authorities upon the occupation of California
by the United States forces.

The corporate limits of the city extend one Spanish
league north, east and west, and one Spanish league and four
hundred yards south from the centre of the plaza. The Los
Angeles river, originally, called the Porciuncula, flows
through the city limits, a little east of the centre, in nearly
a south course. Nearly all the buildings and inhabitants of
the city are upon the west side of the river.

From some undefined cause the growth or extension of
the improved or built up part of the city has ever been in a
southwestly direction. Nothwithstanding that for a period
of sixty years, until 1832, the town was a quasi military post,
the able-bodied male population being on the muster rolls
and performing guard duty by day and night at the guard
house, and field duty whenever circumstances required, the
public square and houses around it fell into decay and ruins,
while the accession was mostly on the southwest of the
original site. This might have been and probably was
caused by the change in the bed of the river, the destruction
of the agricultural fields and the washing out and leaving
the bed of the river so much where the water was taken out,
that the water could not be brought into the original
ditch, and the inhabitants were forced to make new fields in
the neighborhood of what is now San Pedro street. But
whatever may have at first impelled the people to extend the
town southwesterly, its growth in time past has been and at
present is in that direction. Although the value of real estate
is in a great measure dependent upon the facilities for
supplying it with water, still the comparative value of
different parcels is not at all in accordance with their
proximity to the source of the water supply, but the reverse
is the rule.

Nearly all the land within the city limits in the south and
southwestern part, is devoted to gardens, orchards, vineyards
and agricultural fields. The number of inhabitants is about
ten thousand. There are one grammar and six primary public
schools and six private schools, one of the latter under the
control and taught by the Sisters of Charity is a flourishing
institution for the education of girls. The college of St.
Vincent, of which Father Magill is president, has an able
corps of professors and teachers, and is well conducted and
in a prosperous condition.

The whole number of pupils in the common schools is
510, and in the college and other private schools the number
is 350.

The total value of taxable property within the city, in
the year 1870-71, was estimated at $1,372,601. Since that
time the amounts, and especially that resulting from real estate,
has been materially increased, both by the great area of land
put under cultivation and by the large number of buildings
which have been erected within the past two years. This
augmentation in the amount of property cannot fall much
short and probably exceeds one million of dollars.


Politically, the county is bounded on the north by
Kern, on the northeast and east by San Bernardino, on the east
and southeast by San Diego, and on the west and northwest
by Ventura County, and on the south and southwest by the
ocean. Topographically, it is bounded on the north by a
spur of the Sierra Nevada range of mountains, which
branching from the main chain at the San Bernardino eleva-
tion, runs west to the sea which washes its base for a distance
of twenty-five or thirty miles. Its eastern limit is an open
plain and the mountains of Santiago, which is the north-
western part of another spur of the main range of mountains
that branches off at the head of the San Luis Rey and Santa
Margarita rivers in the county of San Diego, and runs
northwesterly about one hundred miles, when it terminates
abruptly against the Santa Ana river. On the south and
southeast it lies along the sea. The Islands San Clemente,
Santa Catalina and others, containing about eleven hundred
square miles, are also within the county. The county
contains, exclusive of the islands, about four thousand nine
hundred square miles of land, of which one-third is moun-
tainous. The other two-thirds adapted to tillage or pasture,
is mostly a plain extending from the base of the mountains
with a slight inclination to the sea. This plain is about one
hundred miles long, with a breadth varying from ten to forty
miles. On the southeast, where the county joins San Diego
County, the mountain of Santiago approaches the sea-shore.
In that portion of the county bordering upon the ocean, from
the line of San Diego County to the high mountains, over
which the line passes dividing it from Ventura County, there
are but two inconsiderable elevations; one a little west of
San Juan Capistrano, the other near to and in the same
direction from San Pedro.

The Los Angeles, San Gabriel and Santa Ana rivers,
all of which have their outlets in this county, are the principal
water courses. The first rises near the western limit of the
county, and after running about fifty miles in a semi-circle,
enters the ocean at San Pedro. The other two have their
sources in San Bernardino County, and traverse Los Angeles
County in a southwesterly direction.

The sites of three of the old Catholic Missions are in
this county. San Gabriel, founded in 1771, is about twenty-
eight miles from and lies a little east of north from the bay
of San Pedro, and is eight miles northeast from Los Angeles
City. During the first quarter of this century, it was the
richest Mission in California. In 1802, the number of Indian
neophytes was one thousand and fifty-seven. In 1835, the
number of horned cattle was estimated at from seventy-five
to one hundred thousand. The herds were spread over the
country from the valleys and elevated table lands of the San
Bernardino mountains to the sea-shore, a distance of eighty
miles. Of horse kind there was numbered seventeen hundred,
and of sheep thirteen thousand. Its cultivated fields, its
vineyards and orchards and its workshops, were on a corres-
ponding scale. The annual cereal and leguminous products
were about four thousand bushels, although its wheat harvest
alone frequently exceeded that amount.

The Mission of San Fernando, situated about twenty-five
miles west of San Gabriel, founded in 1779, was also
rich in cattle, horses and sheep, and was famed for the
superior quality of the products of its vineyards, whether in
the fruit, fermented or distilled state.

The Mission of San Juan Capistrano, founded 1776,
situated near the sea-shore, about sixty miles southeast from
San Gabriel, was possessed of still greater wealth than San

The buildings at each of these Missions were large and
imposing; but being constructed of a material (adobes)
subject to quick decay when exposed to the action of the
elements, their duration under neglect has been brief.
Subsequent to 1833, when the Missions of California had
reached their greatest affluence, the dissipation of the
property of the Missions in this county was rapid, and in a
few years little or nothing of this vast amount of property
was in existence. The flocks and herds disappeared, the
fields were untilled, the scores of workshops were silent and
deserted, the vineyards and orchards uncared for and aban-
doned, and the imposing structures, as well as the consecrated
edifices which had been reared with so much care and cost
of labor, crumbled to decay and into piles of ruins in a space of
time almost incredible.

San Fernando has dwindled to an unremunerative ranch.
San Gabriel and San Juan are small villages, inhabited by
people of all nations and languages, few or none of the
descendants of those Indians by whose labor these massive
piles were built up, those broad fields tilled, those numerous
herds tended and kept in subjugation, those whose muscles
moved the scores of looms and spinning wheels, those whose
brawny arms wielded the sledge and hammer, those artificers
from whose workshops, hats shoes, shirts and blankets, gold
and silver plated spurs and bridles and embroidered saddles,
flowed in continuous streams to the general storehouse, are
now to be found in either of those once hives of industry.

The population of the county in 1870, was, according to
the United States census, 15,309, and the estimated value of
the real property was $7,737,731, and the personal property
was estimated at $3,819,026, making a total of $11,556,757.
Since the taking of the census and the making of this
estimate, the rate of increase of the population has been
augmented, while the large area of wild land which has since
that time been brought into cultivation, thereby greatly
enhancing its market value, as also the very large amount
which has been invested in improvements throughout the
country part of the county as well as in the cities, towns and
hamlets, has largely increased the amount of the value both
of real and personal property.

There are a number of cities, towns, villages or hamlets
in the county, of which Wilmington and Anaheim are the
chief. The former is the present terminus of the Los Angeles
and San Pedro Railroad, and the chief point of embarcation
and debarcation, both for this county and those adjoining on
the north and east, as well as for northern Arizona.

There is a post-office at Los Angeles city, which is a
money order office, and at Ravena City, San Gabriel,
Wilmington, El Monte, San Jose, Anaheim, San Juan Capistrano,
Gallatin, Los Nietos, Compton, Petroliopolis, Santa
Ana and Spadra.


Location on [N]ew High street, Rev. J. J. Wills, pastor.
Preaching every Sabbath, at 11 o'clock A. M., and at 7 1/2 P. M.
Lecture and prayer meeting every Thursday evening at
7 o'clock. Sabbath-school immediately after the mornings

This Church was organized in 1867, by Rev. A. Parker,
who commenced to labor here under the auspice of the
A. H. M. Society, and for some time held his services in the
Court House. The place of worship now occupied by this
Society, was erected and dedicated in 1868. In October,
1868, the Rev. I. W. Atherton became the successor of Mr.
Parker to the pastorate of this Church, under whose efficient
labors it had a steady growth. The present pastor, responding
to a call from the Church and congregation, entered upon his
labors in November, 1871. The Church membership now
numbers 40. The value of the Church property is about

Church officers: J. W. Wills, Pastor and Clerk;
H. K. W. Bent and Joshua Haskell, Deacons; and H. K. W. Bent,
Anson Brunson, Jas. A. Barrows, Jno. C. Brown and Albert
Johnson, are the Trustees.

Sunday-school, H. K. W. Bent, Superintendent, numbers,
at present, scholars and teachers, about one hundred; average
attendance about ninety.


The first service of this Church ever held in Los Angeles,
was in the year 1854, the Right Rev. W. J. Kip, D. D., then
Missionary Bishop of the Pacific Coast, officiating. On
Christmas day, 1864, the Rev. Elias Birdsall arrived as the
first settled clergyman. Mr. Birdsall remained eighteen months.
During his rectorship a parish was organized, and the present
Church building and property secured. The Church at this
time is under the rectorship of the Rev. J. B. Gray, who took
charge November 20th 1870. There are at present connected
with this Church, 35 families, about 100 individuals, and 40
communionists. The Sunday school numbers 13 teachers
(4 male and 9 female) and 110 scholars.


Farmers' and Merchants', Main street, John G. Downey,
President; I. W. Hellman, Cashier. Capital $500,000;
organized 1871.

The Bank, Temple & Workman; Temple Block, corner of
Main and Spring streets; organized 1871.


Postmaster--G. J. Clarke.
Internal Revenue Department--H. Jones, Collector;
W. K. Potter, Assessor; Geo. O. Tiffany, Gauger,
A. G. Mappa, Storekeeper.

Land Office--H. C. Austin, Register; M. Keller, Receiver;
U. S. Court Commissioner--A. Brunson.

I. O. O. F.

LOS ANGELES, LODGE, NO. 35--Instituted March, 1855.
No. of members 100; nights of meeting, every Wednesday;
hall, Downey's Block. Officers: H. Burdick, N. G.;
E. Woodnofe, V. G.; W. K. Craik, R. S.; W. B. Roe, P.S.;
H. Fleishman, T. Trustees: C. Meyer, T. P. Campbell,
D. Shiek.

SOUTH STAR DEGREE LODGE, NO. 7--Instituted March, 1870.
No. members, 60; meeting, first and third Tuesdays of
each month. Officers: S. Benjamin, N. G.; Wm. Pridham,
V. G.; S. Julius Meyer, R. S.; Chas. Gerson T.

GOLDEN RULE LODGE, NO. 160--Instituted July, 1869.
No. members, 90; meets every Friday; hall Downey's Block.
Officers: Wm. Pridham. N. G.; Jos. Huber, Jr., V. G.;
W. W. Robinson, R. S.; C. C. Lips, P. S.; Chas. Gersen, T.
Trustees: S. Benjamin, H. S. Orme,C. A. Kaufman.

ANGELITO LODGE, NO. 195--Instituted January 1st, 1872.
No. members, 20; meets Monday nights; hall, Downey's
Block. Officers: B. Cohn, N. G.; S. Julins, Meyer, V. G.;
P. N. Roth R. S.; S. Nordlinger, T.

ORANGE GROVE ENCAMPMENT, NO. 31--Instituted 1868.
No. members, 60; meeting, second and fourth Tuesdays in
each month. Officers: S. Julius Meyer, C.P.; B. Katz,
H.P.; H. Burdick, S.; T. P. Campbell, F.; G. H. Matfield,
J. W.

U. O. R. M.

LOS ANGELES STAMM, NO. 135--Instituted May, 1868.
No. members, 46; hall, Temple Block, Main street.
Officers: A. Nielcher, O. C.; J.Burchard, N. C.; E. Mack, D.;
A. Stoll, B. C.; A. Brossmer, P.; H. Fleishman, K.;
J. Miller, G. W.: S. Brossmer, R. S.; A. Stoermer, S. F.;
J. Phillips, W.; S. Prager, D. D.G.M.

F. & A. M.

LOS ANGELES LODGE, NO. 42--Instituted, 1854.
No. members, 70; Masonic Hall, Spring street.
Officers: J. F. Burns, W. M.; C. Prager, S. W.;
C. E. Jackson, J. W.; Smith, S.

Instituted, 1870. No. members, 18; place of meeting at
Masonic Hall. Officers: H. S. Orme, E. C.; A. C. Holmes, G.;
J. Q. A. Stanley, C. G.

LOS ANGELES CHAPTER, NO. 38--Instituted; meets at
Masonic Hall. Officers: J. Q. A. Ztanley, H. P.;
F. P. F. Temple, K.; H. S. Orme, S. J. F. Burns, S.;
S. Meyer, T.

PENTALPHA LODGE, NO. 202--Chartered Oct. 14th,1869.
Officers: Frank Lecouvreur, Pastor; William W. Robinson,
S. Warden; C. Wilson Bush, J. Warden; Theodore Wollweber,
Treasurer; James H. Lander, Secretary

LOS ANGELES COUNCIL, NO. 11, Royal and Select Masters.
Instituted, 1872. No. members, 24; hall, Masonic
Hall. Officers, J. W. Bicknell, T. Ill. M.; H.S.Orme,
Deputy Ill; J. Q. A. Stanley, P. C; S. Meyer, Treas.;
H. S. Parcels, Rec; T. E. Rowan, Cap. G; A. W. Edelman, Con;
J. F. Burns, M; J. Lazarovich, S; H. Niedecken, Sen.--
24 members.

A. J. O. K. S. B., PARADISE LODGE, No. 10.
Instituted, April, 1872. No. members, 20; hall, Main street.
Officers: S. Prager, N.A.; S. Benjamin, N.; E. Greenbaum,
A. E.; S. Cohn, A.; J. Cohn, S. P.; B. Cohn, D.D.;
H. Wartenberg, E. A.; B. Simon, Sec; S.Gerson, Treas.


P. Beaudry, President; W. Ferguson; W. H. Dennison,
T. P. Campbell, Oscar Macy.


No. members, 240. Officers: Eugene Meyer, President;
Aug. Bouelle, Vice-President; Jean Marie Vignes, Treasurer,
L. Loeb, Secretary; P. N. Roth, Vice-Secretary. Trustees:
Joseph Rogues, H. C. Penelon, Charles Sarraute, P. E. Clos.

No. members, 75; meeting, first Sunday each month.
Officers: S. Lazard, President; S. Meyer, Vice-President;
L. Loeb, Secretary; M. Levy, Treas. Trustees; I. M. Hellman,
S. Benjamin, A. W. Edelman.

TURN VEREIN GERMANIA. Organized May, 1870.
No. members, 110; Hall, Arcadia Block.
C. C. Lips, 1st Speaker; J. Kurtz, 2d Speaker; E. Neitzke,
Recording Secretary; E. Oldenburg, Cor. Secretary;
L. Roeder, Treasurer; Jacob Farnhart, 1st Turnwart;
E. A. Preuss, Jr., 2d Turnwart; V. Trumper, Zengwart.

Marshal--Francis Baker.
Policemen--Jesus Bildarrain, William Sands, S. Byrant,
G. Gard, E. H. Harris, Frank Hartley.

No. 1, M. Keller, President; E. Harris, Foreman. The
company has forty active members.


John G. Downey. President; M. Keller, Secretary;
O. W. Childs, Treasurer. Directors; Geo. Hansen,
P. Beaudry. Vincent Hoover, M. Keller, O W Childs,
John G Downey, Jacob Weixel.

LOS ANGELES CITY WATER CO. Incorporated, 1868.
Capital, $310,000. Officers: Jno S Griffin, President;
Eugene Meyer, Secretary; I W Hellman, Treasurer;
Charles Miles, Superintendent. Directors:
John G. Downey, W. H. Perry, S. Mott, S. Lazard, J. Bernard.

Officers:--W. H. Perry, President; Wallace Woodworth,
Secretary; I. W. Hellman, Treasurer; S. H. Mott, John Goller,
W. Woodworth, W. H. Perry, I. W. Hellman, Trustees.

LOS ANGELES SOCIAL CLUB. Instituted, January 1st, 1872.
No. members, 47; rooms, Cohen's Block, Los Angeles street.
Officers J. F. Burns, P.; Charles Prager, V. P.;
M. Sevin, S.; S. Julius Meyer, T.; J. Norton, L.
Directors: J. Coblentz, Charles Jacoby, J. Nordlinger,
A. Smith.


The young and prosperous town of Gallatin is situated
about ten miles east of Los Angeles, in the center of the
finest agricultural district in the State. The area under
cultivation is about seven miles square, running from the
Rincon of the Paso Bartolo on the north, to the line of the
Cerritos on the south; and from a point opposite the Ten Mile
House on the west bank of the San Gabriel, to the Canada
Verde on the Coyotes. Every forty acres of this tract is
occupied; and in productiveness, generosity of soil and easy
cultivation, cannot be excelled in this or any other State in
the Union.

The settlement of Gallatin was commenced in 1866. The
first settlers in the immediate neighborhood, were Henry
Hammerton, Andrew W. Ryan, J. G. B Haynes, J. H. Burk,
John See, Geo. W. Cole, R. H. Mayes, Samson Cole,
with a numerous family of sons and grand children, Allan
Neighbors, and his brother-in-law Mr. Hutchinson, John
McElrath, and Wm. Carruthers, purchased their present
handsome homesteads about this time. This year the
proprietor gave a deed of one acre of land for a school house,
and forthwith commenced the town of Gallatin. It now presents
a business-like appearance, and has many fine stores with large
stocks of merchandize; hotels, saloons and billiard tables,
wagon and blacksmith shops, boot and shoe manufactories,
doctors' offices and drug stores, and what is still more
pleasing, it boasts of having the finest school edifice in the
county. The citizens of Gallatin are enterprising, intelligent
and hospitable, and have none of the characteristics of a new
and rude community; they are highly moral and well supplied
with those whose function it is to minister to the spiritual
comforts that lead men to prepare the way for another and
better world. The people of Gallatin and its surroundings,
are substantial good citizens; they are punctual, honest, and
industrious, and are welcome visitors at the store or the bank
in Los Angeles. We cannot but predict for Gallatin a
brilliant future.


The town of Anaheim is situated near the center of the
great Los Angeles valley, about two miles north of the Santa
Ana river, and 27 miles in a southerly direction from the
city of Los Angeles, on the direct road to San Diego.

Anaheim was originally a German settlement. The founders,
about 14 years ago, purchased some 1200 acres of land
in a square form; this was divided by streets crossing each
other at rights angles, separating the land into blocks of 40
acres, each block was sub-divided into two homesteads of 20
acres; in the center of the tract, a considerable space reserved
as a town site, was divided into convenient sized building
lots; each vineyard proprietor had one of these lots besides
his vineyard. At the same time, a large ditch was constructed
for bringing the waters of the Santa Ana river, by means
of which, each lot and vineyard could be irrigated at pleasure.
After overcoming the obstacles and discouragements common
to new enterprises, which severely tried the indomitable pluck
and patient endurance characteristic of the German race, this
settlement is now, and has for many years been a splendid
success. About 900 acres are occupied by bearing vines
producing an average of 15 pounds of grapes to the vine,
yielding 1,000 gallons of wine to the acre. Each vineyard lot
has a neat cottage surrounded by its fruit trees and a profusion
of ever blooming flowers, and each block is fringed and fenced
by an evergreen hedge of willow, cottonwood and sycamore
trees, which now serve to protect the vines from the disastrous
effects of occasional strong winds; but were originally
intended to repel the incursions of mustang horses and cattle,
which have disappeared in consequence of the settlement of
the surrounding land--and the repeal of the fence law.

Some four years ago, Don Abel Stearns sold to the Los
Angeles and San Bernardino Land company, about 180,000
acres of land lying contiguous to the Santa Ana river, partly
in San Bernardino, but principally in Los Angeles county;
these latter included not only all the lands surrounding, but
also all the lands lying between Anaheim and the ocean, a
distance of twelve miles, a gently sloping plain of the most
exuberant fertility with an inexhaustible supply of water at
an average depth of six feet, on which, all deep rooted plants,
trees, vines etc., are absolutely independent of rain and
irrigation in every case where the soil has been well cultivated.
--These lands have been sectionized and are now being rapidly
sold, settled and improved by thriving and industrious
people, producing enormous crops of corn, rye and barley, and
also all the fruits of temperate and semi-tropical climates.

The climate of this delightful valley is mild, healthful and
temperate, free from the extremes of heat and cold; frosts are
rare and the warmth of our unclouded sun is tempered by
our delicious and unfailing sea-breeze. Of climates we have
an infinite variety; on the sea coast it is cool and bracing,
and every mile one advances from the sea coast to the interior,
the temperature increases, and the sea-breeze becomes milder,
so that invalids can in every case select the climate suited to
their peculiar disease. Anaheim and also Los Angeles and
the other towns of this valley, are now the resort of health
seekers, and in a few years will be thronged by invalids from
all parts of the world who will cheer and solace their
declining days, enjoying our delicious climate, and living in
this famous valley in the enjoyment of all the choicests gifts
of nature.


Lexington is located in El Monte Township, twelve miles
from Los Angeles city, on the stage road to San Bernardino.
Surrounded by lands of wondrous fertility, yielding not only
corn and small grain, but also all the semi-tropical fruits, it
has a thriving trade. It has at present a postoffice, several
stores, three hotels, livery stable, a smith and wagon shop, a
bacon curing establishment, and other industries. With an
increase of facilities for freight transportation a rapid growth
may be expected.


Wilmington is a small town with a present population of
some two hundred and fifty inhabitants, located on an
Estuary, twenty-one miles from Los Angeles. During the
late war, it sprang into something of importance by being made
military head-quarters for this department and a distributing
point for suppplies. It is now chiefly important as the
terminus of the Los Angeles and San Pedro Railroad, and a
shipping point for Los Angeles city and back country. Located
some four miles from steamer anchorage, it is approachable
only by a narrow and winding channel, necessitating lighterage
of all freights, and thus imposing a heavy tax upon
trade and commerce. An appropriation has been obtained
from the General Government, and the experiment of
constructing as breakwater near the mouth of the Estuary with
the view of confining the waters and deepening the channel,
thus enabling vessels to reach the wharf at the railway
terminus, is now progressing. Should the experiment fulfil the
expectation of the projectors, the town will increase in
population and assume additional importance.


Compton is a flourishing settlement on the line of the Los
Angeles and San Pedro Railroad, about nine miles from Los
Angeles city. The settlement was originally established by
Mr. G. D. Compton, an ex-Methodist minister, and the land
has been disposed of principally to Methodist families. It
extends over an area of some six or seven miles square, and
contains about four hundred inhabitants, all told. Its
public buildings are of course limited; nevertheless, the
Methodist Episcopalians have a fine frame church edifice,
32x48, capable of comfortably seating 200 persons. The average
congregation numbers about 100. The Rev. A. Bland officiates.
A new school house has been built, measuring 32x40
feet, two stories high, and will accommodate one hundred
scholars, and is adapted for a two grade school. A number
of artesian wells have been sunk near the Railroad depot,
ranging from 60 to 80 feet in depth, and from which fine
streams of good water are steadily flowing. The settlement,
as a general thing, is progressing favorably.

*** end ***